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For things besides the monster classes itself.

Oslecamo's Ideas / Oslecamo's Improved Monster Classes Index
« on: June 28, 2017, 11:22:07 AM »
Index (WIP)

General Discussion

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Feats, Flaws and Traits

As the title says.

Soon I'll be posting a master index with links to the monster classes migrated so far, although it still needs work, in particular several of the Prcs ended up on the same posts as the parent monster and will need to be separated. Also re-adding images and cleaning around the tables and missing links and whatnot. Yay!

Oslecamo's Ideas / Leechwalker
« on: June 26, 2017, 10:25:38 PM »
Awakened Leechwalker

HD: d12
1+1+2+0+0Leech Body, Leech Grab, Wounding, +2 Str
2+2+3+0+0Blood Drink, Vermin Hide, +1 Str
3+3+3+1+1All Around Vision, Parasite Pass, +1 Con
4+4 +4 +1 +1Feeding Constriction, Vermin Hide, +1 Str
5+5 +4 +1 +1Sucking Attachment, +1 Con
6+6 +5 +2 +2Hirudin, Vermin Hide, +1 Str
7+7 +5 +2 +2Parasite Vomit,  +1 Con
8+8 +6 +2 +2Fresh Blood, Vermin Hide,+1 Str, +1 Con
9+9 +6 +3 +3Squirm, Bloodletting,  +1 Str, +1 Con
10+10 +7 +3 +3Straight for the Kill, Vermin Hide, +1 Str, +1 Con
Skills: 2+int modifier, quadruple at first level. Class skills are Balance, Hide, Listen, Move Silently, Profession(any), Search, Spot, Survival, and Swim.

Proficiencies: Leechwalkers are proficient only with their natural weapons.

Leech Body: The Leechwalker loses all other racial traits and bonuses and
 gains vermin traits (Basically immunity to mind affecting effects and darkvision 60 feet) except that it retains an Int score. It is a medium sized vermin with a base speed of 30 feet plus a swim speed of 20 feet. It has two natural rake attacks dealing 1d8+str mod damage each. It can attack with both of them as a standard action or at the end of a charge whitout penalty on the attack rolls.

It also gains a natural armor bonus equal to its Con modifier.

Leech Grab: If the Leechwalker hit an opponent with a tentacle rake attack, it deals normal damage and can attempt to start a grapple as a free action without provoking an attack of opportunity.

Wounding: A wound resulting from a leechwalker's tentacle rake attack bleeds for an additional 1 point of damage per round thereafter. Multiple wounds from such attacks stack. The bleeding can be stopped only by a successful Heal check (DC 10+HD+Str mod) as a standard action or the application of a healing spell. At 4 HD and every 4 HD thereafter the wounding damage increases by 1.

Ability score increases: The Leechwalker gains a permanent +2 to Str at first level and then
+1 to Str at levels 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10
+1 to Con at levels 3, 5, 7 , 8, 9, 10

For a total of +8 Str, +6 Con at 10th level.

Vermin Hide: At levels 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 pick one of the following options. Each can only be taken once unless noticed otherwise.
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Blood Drink: At 2nd level the leechwalker can drink the blood from a grabbed victim with a successful grapple check. This attack deals 1d3 points of Constitution Drain.

At 6 HD it deals 1d6  Constitution Drain.

At 10 HD it deals 2d4  Constitution Drain.

At 14 HD it deals 2d6  Constitution Drain.

At 18 HD it deals 3d6  Constitution Drain.

All Around Vision: At 3rd level the Leechwalker can see in all directions at once. Because of this ability, it gains a racial bonus on Search and Spot checks equal to 1+ ½ HD and cannot be flanked.

Parasite Pass: At 3rd level as a swift action the Leechwalker can fling some of the leeches over its body at a target whitin 20 feet per HD. If it hits as a ranged touch  attack, it deals Blood Drink on the target. The victim can choose to start pulling away the leeches right away, in which case it suffers no Blood Drink but loses their next move action. Flying creatures that lose their move action this way fall to the ground as they lose their balance.

Feeding Constrict: At 4th level each successful grapple check from the Leechwalker automatically deals tentacle rake and blood drink damage. If the victim is no more than one size smaller than the Leechwalker, it heals 5 HP for each point of Con drained. Any excess HP gained this way becomes temp HP that lasts 1 minute, up to 50% of its max HP.

Sucking Attachment: At 5th level the Leechwalker ignores Freedom of Movement effects on its targets, and if they teleport, the leechwalker goes with them. In addition now it can try to grapple creatures of any size, and even if it fails the grapple check, it can choose to remain attached. In that case the victim doesn't count as grappled, but the Leechwalker does. The victim suffers half Blood Drain damage each turn this lasts, and the leechwalker is dragged around if the victim moves. The leechwalker only lets go if it wills it, is killed, or takes fire damage and fails on a Fort save with DC equal to the fire damage dealt.

Hirudin: Leeches produce an highly effective anticoagulant. At level 6 the Leechwalker's tentacle rakes ignore regeneration and disable fast any healing on the target for 1 round.

Parasite Vomit: At level 7 as a standard action the Leechwalker can unleash a torrent of leeches that affect all in a line with 10 feet per HD that deals 1d4 slashing and bludgeoning damage per HD plus affects the victims as if they were hit by Parasite Pass unless they suceed on a reflex save with DC 10+1/2 HD+Con mod (that also halves the damage taken). Once used, the leechwalker needs to wait 1d4 turns before being able to use it again.

Fresh Blood: At level 8 the Leechwalker gains a +2 bonus on grapple checks for each 10% of max HP the target is missing, plus +1 for each point of drained Con the victim has.

Squirm: At level 9 the Leechwalker can pass trough any opening big enough for a regular leech to pass trough,and if it would suffer any ill effect with a duration other than permanent or death, while it has temp HP, as an immediate action it may choose to sacrifice all of its remaining temp HP to ignore that ill effect and use Parasite Vomit (if it isn't currently recharging).

Bloodletting: At 9th level the Leechwalker can use his blood drain in a more benign manner, and remove one ill effect with a duration other than permanent or death from the victim for each point of drained Con.

Straight for the Kill: At 10th level as a move action the Leechwalker can focus its thirst on a single target, making its tentacle rake and parasite pass ignore all miss chances on said target, plus double its Wounding damage against the victim. The leechwalker automatically ignores the first non-permanent ill effect the victim tries to inflict on the leechwalker each round. Only one such selected victim may be selected at a time, choosing a second one ends the effect on the previous. In addition now its abilities can now deal half Con drain to enemies immune to it, or half the amount in Wis drain to enemies whitout Con scores at all.

Oslecamo's Ideas / SRWd20 Mecha Mook
« on: June 26, 2017, 03:33:58 AM »
Mecha Mook

"If I shoot that super prototype down, I'll get a promotion!" - faceless Mecha Mook

The many who apply to mecha schools dreaming of glory. The many that prove spiritless in said schools. The mecha mooks. Given equipment produced by the lowest bidder, without any real talent, those unsung soldiers are still the core of most armies, easy to train and cheap to maintain. Whether used as cannon fodder or seeking to overwhelm the enemy with sheer numbers, they prove that quantity does have a quality of its own.

Hit Dice: d4
Level    BAB    Fort    Ref    Will    Feature
1    1    0    0    0    Squad, Mass Produced Model I, Promotion
2    2    0    0    0    Arsenal I
3    3    1    1    1    Death before Dishonor
4    4    1    1    1    Mass Produced Model II
5    5    1    1    1    Arsenal II
6    6    2    2    2    Death before Dishonor
7    7    2    2    2    Mass Produced Model III
8    8    2    2    2    Arsenal III
9    9    3    3    3    Death before Dishonor
10    10    3    3    3    Mass Produced Model IV
11    11    3    3    3    Arsenal IV
12    12    4    4    4    Death before Dishonor
13    13    4    4    4    Mass Produced Model V
14    14    4    4    4    Arsenal V
15    15    5    5    5    Death before Dishonor
16    16    5    5    5    Mass Produced Model VI
17    17    5    5    5    Arsenal VI
18    18    6    6    6    Death before Dishonor
19    19    6    6    6    Mass Produced Model VII
20    20    6    6    6    Arsenal VII
Skills: 2 skill points + Int per level, quadruple at first level.
Class Skills: Bluff, Concentration, climb, Diplomacy, Jump, Hide, Move Silently, Spot, Listen, Appraise, Intimidate, Knowledge(any), Sense Motive

Proficiencies: A Mecha Mook is proficient with simple and martial weapons, firearms and mechas.


Squad: As the rank-and-file of an army, Mecha Mooks are trained and deployed in groups of five. So 5 Mecha Mooks of level X have a CR of X. Mecha Mooks cannot multiclass. All squad members must take the same race and class choices.

Mass Produced Model: The Mecha Mook was trained by a powerful organization (the details of which should be discussed with the DM), which at 1st level grants him access to a watered down mecha. It has just 1/5 the HP and 1/5 the storage space of a regular Real Robot of the same kind. Its weapons always deal average damage (rounded up) when they hit (but can still crit), and maximize damage rolls against the Mass Produced Model from non-Mecha Mooks.

The organization also pledges to repair non-disabling damage and refuel the mecha on any of it's branches for no cost. The organization can be assumed to have such branches in any stable city where the Mecha Mook could conduct normal business. If the mecha is reduced to 0 HP the Mecha Mook will have to undergo some redeeming quest for a replacement (assuming he makes it back).

As the Mecha Mook grows in levels he gains access to stronger mechas as shown on the table, but he cannot change his choices on mechas.

Promotion: A Mecha Mook that manages to land the final hit on a Mecha that isn't a mass produced model in combat can instantly swap its Mecha Mook levels for Real Pilot levels. The next time he meets an Organizational branch he'll be awarded a regular Real Robot in return for his mass produced model. No more than one member of a squad may be promoted in a battle (any remaining surviving members will be re-assigned to another groups).
Arsenal Edit

Starting at 2nd level, on top of the mecha the organization also freely supplies an array of basic swappable weapons and accessories to further customize his mecha. Refer to the Arsenal list for details. Items from the arsenal list can be swapped at any organization branch while the mecha undergoes maintenance, and  access to new ones is granted as shown on the table.

Glory in Death: Mecha Mooks are expendable and have been taught to accept their ungrateful fates. They gain Glory in Death as a bonus feat at 3rd level. If they already had it, they gain another feat for which they meet the prerequisites.

Death before Dishonor: Mecha mooks never really consider surrender or fleeing as a valid option. At 6th, 9th, 12th, 15th and 18th level the Mecha Mook gains Death before Dishonor as a bonus feat.

Note: Mecha Mooks as PCs
(click to show/hide)

Combining Team (Pilot Feat)

The towering wall right in front of you
The heightening heartbeat pounding your chest
Overcome each one
Even if it is darkness before you

Don't give up because it's a far-off dream
Now, don't turn around and head for tomorrow

Everywhere You Go Someone is certainly waiting for you there
Anywhere You Go Don't hesitate, towards the bright dream
Everywhere You Go Even if hard times await you
Anywhere You Go Don't forget your convictions and move forward!

Prerequisites: Mecha Mook, no Relationship feats between the members.
Benefit: If all squad members took this feat you can now multiclass into Super Pilot. Use normal real robot/super robot multiclassing to determine the Mass Produced Model benefits, except four of the mechas get +2 HP per super robot level and the fifth one gets +1 HP per super robot level. The pilots themselves only gain d4 HD and 2+Int skill points each, and lose the ability to be promoted (they already rose up in the ranks in their own way).

You must spread out the Upgrade points from Super Robot evenly over the 5 Mass Produced Models as well. Mass Produced penalties do not apply to those upgrades, but they count as a single entity for HD limits (so for example if one picks Hyperdimensional storage, nobody else can pick it until they reach 8 HD).

Spirits known, bonus feats and favored maneuvers are granted to the pilot of the Mass Produced Model whose mecha didn't get an upgrade point. All squad members gain the same spirit points, Maneuver and Stance. Plus the Combining Team can now learn maneuvers and stances from the Everywhere You Go school (coming sometime in the future).

In addition, if all the squad members are adjacent, as a swift action they can combine their machines into a single one! The Combined Robot is one size category larger than the biggest mecha used in its combination and gains all of the Super Robot upgrades of its members, plus 5 "temporary" Upgrade Points of its choice that only apply while combined (chosen when they take their first Super Pilot level). Max and current HP are also combined, but use only the best current and max energy, DR, Natural Armor, Dodge and movement speed/modes from the combining members. The Combined Robot also gains all the in-built weapons of the combining members (adapting damage to the new size), but multiples of the same one don't stack, and cannot use more than 1 weapon for every Mecha Mook level it has in any single round. Arsenal space and Hardpoints are combined as well, and the Combined Robot may select any weapons and Accessories it qualifies for and has enough space, chosen when the transformation is done. The Combined Robot no longer deals automatic minimum damage, neither does it take maximum damage. But if it suffers a critical, the full crit damage applies to the Head Pilot (see below). The other pilots are unaffected by crits.

At the time of combination, one of the members must be chosen as the Head Pilot. Use only his statistics for combat. The other pilots can only use Spirits (if they know them). The Head Pilot may be changed as another combined Swift action. If the Head Pilot would be killed, he may use his Glory In Death ability, but then the Combined Robot is left inoperative until another Combined Pilot takes over. Replacements may still be found at return to base.

A Combined Robot consumes ridiculous amounts of energy to hold itself together. The Combined Robot automatically loses 10 energy at the start and end of every turn, and it only recovers half normal energy, including from energy-recovery upgrades, rounded up. If it is reduced to zero energy, it automatically separates into its components. The combination may also be ended earlier as another swift action. Damage dealt so far is spread evenly over the component members, and they're all left at zero energy.

Oslecamo's Ideas / Wild Hunt
« on: June 26, 2017, 03:26:11 AM »
Wild Hunt

Table: Wild Hunt   HD: d8

Level Bab Fort Ref Will Feature
1 +1+2 +2 +0Wilderness Body, Track, Selected Prey, +1 Dex
2 +2 +3+3+0Hunter Initiate, +1 Wis
3 +3+3+3+1Sprite Skin, +1 Dex
4 +4+4+4+1Hounds
5 +5+4+4+1Hunting Steed, +1 Wis
6 +6+5+5+2Adept Hunter
7 +7+5+5+2Ascension
8 +8+6+6+2Hunter Freedom
9 +9+6+6+4Hunting Cry, +1 Dex
10 +10+7+7+4Master Hunter
11 +11+7 +7+4Group Hunt, +1 Wis
12 +12+8+8+4Ride the Storm, +1 Dex
13 +13+8+8+4Focused Mind, +1 Wis
14 +14+9+9+4Legendary Hunter, +1 Dex
15 +15+ 9+9+5Omen of Peril
16 +16 +10+10+5Hunter Eye, +1 Wis
17 +17 +10+10+5Gather the Dead
18 +18 +11+11+6Perfect Hunter, +1 Dex
19 +19 +11 +11+6Hunting Tools, +1 Wis
20 +20 +12 +12+6Immortality, +1 Dex
21 +21 +12 +12+6Heaven's Wrath, +1 Wis
22 +2 +13 +13+7God of Hunt, +1 Dex
Skill Points: 6+Int mod/level (x4 at 1st level). Class Skills (and the key ability for each skill) are: Climb (Str), Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Handle Animal (Cha), Heal (Wis), Hide (Dex), Jump (Str), Knowledge (dungeoneering) (Int), Knowledge (geography) (Int), Knowledge (nature) (Int), Listen (Wis), Move Silently (Dex), Profession (Wis), Ride (Dex), Search (Int), Spot (Wis), Survival (Wis), Swim (Str), and Use Rope (Dex).

Proficiencies: Simple and martial weapons, light armor, light and heavy shields.

Class Features:
Wilderness body:The Wild Hunt loses all other racial bonus and gains fey traits (basically low light vision) plus Darkvision 60 feet. It's a medium sized fey with base speed of 30 feet.

Track: The Wild Hunt gains Track as a bonus feat.

Selected Prey: As a standard action, 1/day per HD, the Wild Hunt points towards an opponent it can detect within 10 feet per HD, and it starts to glow as if under the effect of a faery fire spell. The effect lasts 1 minute per HD, and during that time the Wild Hunt gains a +1 morale bonus to attack rolls, damage rolls, ability checks and skill checks against the Selected Prey, plus an extra +1 for every 4 HD the Wild Hunt has. Also, critical threats against the Selected Prey are automatically confirmed. Only one Selected Prey is allowed at a time.

At 6 HD this ability may be used as a move action.
At 12 HD as a swift action.
At 18 HD as a free action.

Ability Increase: The Wild Hunt gains a permanent +1 to
   Dexterity at levels 1, 3, 9, 12, 14, 18, 20, 22
   Wisdom at levels 2, 5, 11, 13, 16, 19, 21
   For a total of +8 Dex and +7 Wis at level 22.

Hunter Initiate: At 2nd level the Wild Hunt is immune to fatigue, gains resistance to electricity equal to his HD and resistance to cold and fire equal to half his HD. He also ignores adverse wind conditions when firing a bow, including magic ones like Wind Wall.

Sprite Skin: At 3rd level the Wild Hunt gains DR/Cold Iron or Magic equal to 1/2 his HD, and SR equal to 11+HD. At 6 HD this increases to DR/Cold Iron and Magic. It may raise or drop his SR at any time as a free action.

Hounds: At 4th level, in a special 24 hour ritual, the Wild Hunt can summon mystical hounds to permanently aid him. He can have up to 1 Hound per 4 Wild Hunt levels, and they each have a number of d8 HD equal to the Wild Hunt's HD. Their stats are as follows:
(click to show/hide)
Hounds also gain the following abilities when the Wild Hunt gains them from this class: Hunter Freedom, Ascension, Hunting Cry, Adept Hunter, Master Hunter, Focused Mind.

Killed hounds vanish without a trace. The Wild Hunt can replace them by performing a new 24 hour ritual.

Hunting Steed: The Wild Hunt can now use Phantom Steed as an SLA 1/day for every 2 HD it has, except that it has double the normal HP and can be made to look like whatever you want. Observers can attempt to notice that it's an unnatural creature by succeeding on a Spot check opposed by your Hide check.

Adept Hunter: Whenever the Wild Hunt damages an opponent, that opponent is under a Dimensional Anchor effect until the end of the Wild Hunt's next turn.

In addition, the Wild Hunt gains a bonus to Natural armor equal to his Con modifier.

Ascension:The Wild Hunt grows one size category, and can now fly by himself at double his base speed with perfect maneuverability. His Hunting Steed is now huge, and when the Wild Hunt rides it they gain a bonus to their speed equal to the Wild Hunt's base speed.

Hunter Freedom: The Wild Hunt now benefits from a permanent freedom of movement effect, and in addition it ignores the max Dexterity bonus of its armor.

Hunting Cry: At 9th level, as a standard action the Wild Hunt can release a fearsome shout. All in a radius of 5’ / HD must make a Will save DC 10+1/2HD+Wis modifier or be shaken for 1 minute. A successful save renders a creature immune to further Hunting Cries from the same individual for 24 hours, but not from others. The Wild Hunt and his hounds are immune to each other’s Hunting Cries.

At 13 HD this ability may be used as a move action, at 17 HD as a swift action, and at 21 HD it ignores immunity to fear, but creatures normally immune gain a +5 bonus on their saves.

The Wild Hunt may affect a smaller radius with this ability if he wishes, and/or exclude allies from it.

Master Hunter: At 10th level, the Wild Hunt deals extra damage with all manufactured and natural weapons equal to his Wis modifier. He's also now immune to exhaustion.

Group Hunt: At 11th level, when the Wild Hunt selects a prey, his allies receive the same morale bonus. In addition, Selected Prey now lasts 1 hour per HD and the Wild Hunt can have a number of prey at the same time equal to his Wis modifier.

Ride the Storm:At 12th level, as a full round action you can produce a Control Weather effect as per the spell 1/day for every 3 HD you have. You count as a druid for the purposes of this ability.

At 16 HD, you can use this as a standard action.

At 20 HD, as a move action.

In addition, when you use this ability you may also replicate a teleport or plane shift SLA, except that you must end up in an open non-enclosed area, your hounds don't count towards the max number of passengers and the Control Weather effect only manifests in your ending point.

Focused Mind: At 13th level the Wild Hunt becomes immune to mind-affecting spells and abilities, except for morale bonuses.

Legendary Hunter: At 14th level creatures slain by the Wild Hunt cannot be brought back to life except by a true resurrection combined with a Miracle or Wish spell.

In addition, the Wild Hunt gains an Insight bonus to AC equal to his Wis modifier.

Omen of Peril: At 15th level, no good can come from crossing the path of the Wild Hunt. You gain a gaze attack with a range of 5’ / HD. Creatures must succeed on a Will save DC 10+1/2HD+Wis modifier or be cursed as a Bestow Curse spell (only one curse per individual from this effect). Activating it is a standard action, and it lasts for 1 round per HD. It can be ended earlier as a free action and any remaining rounds used later that day (minimum of 1 round used each time).

Unlike normal Gaze attacks, the Wild Hunt can willingly choose not to affect specific individuals without penalty.

Hunter Eye: At 16th level, the Wild Hunt can see much farther than anyone would think. He can use Discern Location as an SLA 1/day for every 4 HD it has, except that this effect can pierce Mindblank effects if the Wild Hunt succeeds on a spot check against the CL or HD (whichever's higher) of the target, but the Wild Hunt only uses its ranks in Spot for this, without any other modifier.

Gather the Dead: At 17th level, the Wild hunt can guide the spirits of those who recently passed away.

1/day as a 10 minute ritual involving lots of dancing and chanting in circles, the Wild Hunt can make all deceased creatures in a 5’ / HD radius rise as spirits. Treat them as the original creatures with 2 levels of the Ghost improved class, except they don't lose racial modifiers. The Wild Hunt can directly control up to twice his HD of spirits (including ghost levels) and have them fight and perform deeds for him, the remaining risen spirits simply follow the Wild Hunt at distance moaning and lamenting their demises, never fighting or providing any benefit or penalty.

Those spirits do this for 24 hours, after which they depart to the afterlife. They cannot be brought back except by true resurrection + Wish or Miracle.

Perfect Hunter: The Wild Hunt now ignores all miss chances from any source, he takes no range penalty for firing too far away and can do as many range increments as he wishes. His ranged weapon attacks have basically infinite reach as long as he can spot the opponent and has valid line of effect.

Hunting Tools: Weapons wielded by the Wild Hunt automatically gain an enhancement bonus equal to 1/4 his HD. This bonus can be used to replicate specific weapon enhancements like returning, vorpal, holy, speed, etc. If a weapon leaves the Wild Hunt's hands it returns to normal at the end of his turn. This ability doesn't allow the Wild Hunt to further enhance already enchanted weapons, but he can temporally "overwrite" a weapon's enhancements with Hunting tools for something specific. So for example if a 19th level Wild Hunt has a +5 frost spear and finds himself facing an epic troll, he can turn his weapon in a +3 flaming spear (total of +4 enhancement) to bypass his regeneration. Activating this change is a free action but may only be taken once per round per weapon.

Immortality:At 20th level the Wild Hunt stops aging and is immune to all aging effects.

In addition, if the Wild Hunt would be killed by any effect he rises 1d4 rounds later when his initiative arrives, automatically standing up from prone as a free action. He retains all taken injuries, but isn't hindered by them in any way. So a Wild Hunt decapitated by a Vorpal Blade would keep fighting headless, probably holding his head under one of his arms, while a disintegrated Wild Hunt would fight as a cloud of ash taking humanoid shape. This is purely visual and doesn't provide any bonus or penalty.

All spells/abilities/effects are removed from the Wild Hunt when it raises and he's restored to full HP, but if he's killed again within one hour then he stays dead for good.

If one hour passes after immortality is triggered the Wild Hunt's wounds heal naturally and he can resurrect again if killed.

In addition his DR can now only be bypassed by cold iron and epic.

Heaven's Wrath: At 21st level the Wild Hunt can now use his Selected Prey and Ride the Storm abilities at will.

His Hunter's Cry ability now makes opponents frightened on a failed save and shaken on a successful save.

God of Hunt: The Selected Prey bonuses now are untyped (as thus stack with other morale bonuses). Wild Hunt attacks automatically bypass all DR, regeneration, and bonuses to AC derived from spells and Su abilities on its Selected Prey (including but not limited to any and all deflection, sacred, and insight bonuses).

In addition, Selected Prey stricken by the Wild Hunt must make a Fort Save equal to 10+1/2 HD+Dex modifier or be slain (or destroyed on the case of non-living enemies).

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Oslecamo's Ideas / Will-O'-Wisp
« on: June 26, 2017, 03:01:01 AM »

Table: Will-O’-Wisp   HD: d8
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Class Skills: (8+Int Mod, x4 at first level) Bluff, Diplomacy, Disguise, Intimidate, Knowledge (Arcana), Knowledge (Planes), Listen, Search, Spot, Survival.

Proficiencies: Will-o'-Wisps are proficient with their Shock ability.

Class Features:
Translucent Body: The Will-o'-Wisp loses all racial traits and features, and gains the Aberration type and traits, along with the [Air] subtype. It is Small size and has no land speed but has a fly speed of 30’ (good maneuverability).

The Will-o'-Wisp gains a Deflection Bonus to its AC equal to its Cha mod.

Will-o'-Wisps lack the ability to perform fine manipulation, but can partially meld objects into their own body to carry them and perform simple actions like pulling levers and pressing buttons.

Will-o'-Wisp can use their body as either a head+neck slot or a body+belt slot. The Will-o'-Wisp can wear more magic equipment by having it crafted in the form of ethereal orbs that float around them like ioun stones, but said custom equipment costs double the normal market price.

If it multiclasses into an arcane or divine casting class it can count its Will-O'-Wisp levels as levels of that class for the purposes of CL and learning new spells and gaining new spell slots.

Shock (Su): The Will-o'-Wisp may make a melée touch attack that deals 1d8 electricity damage. This ability may be used with iterative attacks. Damage increases by 1d8 / 5HD the Will-o'-Wisp has.

Weapon Finesse: Lacking anything resembling real strength, Will-o'-Wisps learn to use their agility to impressive effect. They gain Weapon Finesse as a bonus feat.

Stat Boosts: At levels 1, 2, 4, and 5 the Will-o'-Wisp gains +1 Dex. At levels 3 and 6 it gains +1 Cha.

Deter Magic (Ex): At second level the Will-o'-Wisp gains Spell Resistance equal to 11+HD+Cha Mod.

Barely There (Ex): At third level the Will-o'-Wisp starts to lose its solidity. It now has a permanent 20% miss chance, and may become invisible (as the Invisibility spell) 1/day/HD. This miss chance is a displacement effect, and doesn't stack with any other miss chances except those granted by cover and from its own invisibility ability.

This invisibilty cannot be overcome by magic effects like see invisibility, purge invisibility, and similar, but still can still be detected through blindsight and other such senses.

To the Skies (Ex): The Will-O'-Wisp's fly speed increases to 50’ (perfect maneuverability).

Extinguish (Ex): From fifth level the Will-O'-Wisp's miss chance increases by 10%, and by an additional 10% for every 3HD it gains from now on, up to 90% miss chance.

It may also now choose to become invisible as the spell Greater Invisibility, though it may still mimic the normal Invisibility spell if it wishes.

Nullify Magic (Su): At sixth level the Will-O'-Wisp becomes the bane of Mages everywhere. It becomes immune to any 0th, 1st & 2nd level spells that allow spell resistance, except Magic Missile.
For every additional 2HD it becomes immune to the next level of spells, assuming they allow Spell Resistance to apply. It is never immune to the Maze spell, this is an exception in the same way Magic Missile is.

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Done by Kobold-Bard from GITP

Oslecamo's Ideas / Winter Wolf
« on: June 26, 2017, 02:57:27 AM »
Winter Wolf

Table: Winter Wolf   HD: d10

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Skill Points: 4 + Int mod / level (x4 at 1st level ). Class Skills: Balance, Handle Animal, Hide, Intimidate, Jump, Listen, Move Silently, Spot, Survival, Swim.

Weapon & Armor Proficiency: Proficient with its own natural attacks.

Class Features:
Winter Wolf Body: The Winter Wolf loses all existing racial traits and gains the Magical Beast type (basically, Darkvision 60ft and low light vision), and the [Cold] subtype (cold immunity, fire vulnerability). The wolf is a medium sized creature with a natural bite attack that deals 1d6+1.5 x Str mod damage. The wolf also gains 50’ base land speed and natural armor equal to its con modifier. The wolf may not use weapons or manipulate objects, as it has wolf paws, not hands. The winter wolf gains a +2 bonus to Spot, Listen, Hide, and Move Silently checks. The wolf gains a +4 to survival checks when tracking by scent and its bonus to hide checks increases to +7 when in an area of snow or ice. All the skill bonuses increase by +1/3 HD.

Wolf Trip (Ex): A wolf that hits with its bite attack can immediately attempt to trip as a free action without a touch attack. The target is not allowed an attack of opportunity and may not react to a failed trip attempt.

Scent (Ex): The winter wolf gains the Scent ability, as per the SRD.

Frostbite: Any target hit by the winter wolf's bite must make a fortitude saving throw (DC 10+1/2 HD+Con modifier) or be fatigued until they heal the damage. At 8HD, this no longer allows a saving throw.

Ability Score Bonuses: The winter wolf gains a +1 to str at levels 2 and 4, and a +1 to con at levels 3 and 5.

Freezing Bite (Su): The bite attacks of a winter wolf deal 1d6 extra cold damage, as if they were frost weapons. Every 3 HD after gaining this ability, the damage increases by 1d6.

Cold Cunning: Whenever the Winter Wolf attacks a flanked enemy, they must succeed on a Fort save with DC 10+1/2 HD+Str mod or become fatigued. If they were already fatigued they become exhausted.

Freezing Breath (Su): The wolf gains a breath weapon that deals 1d6 cold damage per HD in a 15ft cone (Reflex save for half damage, DC 10 + 1/2 HD + Con mod). Using this is a standard action and after use, it may not be used again for 1d4 rounds. At 12 HD, it becomes a 30ft cone.

Growth: The wolf becomes increases in size by one category (long).

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Contributed by Frog Dragon from GITP

Oslecamo's Ideas / Wyvern
« on: June 26, 2017, 02:52:48 AM »

Wyvern   HD: d12
1+1+2+2+2Wyvern Body, Poison, +2 Str, +2 Con, -2 Int
2+2+3+3+3Wings, Scent, +1 Str, +1 Dex
3+3+3+3+3Long Tail, Circle, +1 Str, +1 Con
4+4+4+4+4Full Wings, Improved Grab, +1 Str, +1 Dex
5+5+5+5+5Growth, Careful Hunter, +1 Str, +1 Con
6+6+5+5+5Sweep, +1 Str, +1 Dex, +1 Con

Skill Points 4+Int per level
Class Skills: Climb, Jump, Hide, Intimidate, Listen, Move Silently, Sense Motive, Spot

Proficiencies: The Wyvern is proficient only with its own natural attacks.

Wyvern Body: The Wyvern loses all other racial bonuses, and acquires Dragon traits (basically Darkvision 60’, low light vision and immunity to magical sleep and paralysis effects). Wyverns are medium sized dragons with 20’ base speed, a bite natural attack dealing 1d10+Str damage and a sting secondary natural attack that deals 1d4+1/2 Str damage. The Wyvern has wings, but they're too weak to do anything for now. Wyverns have a racial bonus to Spot equal to ½ their HD and Natural Armor equal to their Con. Wyverns have no limbs capable of fine manipulation.

Ability Score Increase: The Wyvern gains +2 to Str and Con at every level, but a -2 Int penalty. The rest of the levels, the Wyvern gains +1 Str, plus +1 Dex at levels 2, 4 and 6, and +1 Con at levels 3, 5, 6, for a total of a total bonus of +7 Str, +3 Dex and +5 Con at sixth level.

Poison: Whenever the Wyvern hits with its sting attack, the target must make a Fort save (DC = 10 + ½ the Wyvern's HD + its Con bonus) or suffer 1d4 Con damage as both the initial and secondary effects. For every 6 HD, the poison's initial and secondary damage both increase one die step. This poison damage is in addition to the sting’s normal damage.

At 10 HD, the poison can affect creatures normally immune to it, but they gain a +5 bonus to their saves. If they don't have a Con score to be damaged, the Wyvern's poison deals Wis damage instead.

Wings: Wyverns of second level or higher can use their natural wings to transport themselves about the battlefield. The Wyvern may fly at a speed of 60’ (poor maneuverability).

Scent: At second level the Wyvern gains the SRD Scent ability.

Long Tail: At third level the Wyvern's tail reach doubles.

Circle: At third level, the Wyvern can make a number of attacks of opportunity per round equal to his Str mod, and 5’ steps provoke attacks of opportunity from the Wyvern.

Full Wings: At fourth level the Wyvern's wings have become strong enough to let it fly without restrictions. While flying, the Wyvern can use two Talon attacks, which deliver 2d4+Str damage each.

Improved Grab: At fourth level, a Wyvern hitting an opponent with his talons can start a grapple check as a free action. At 8 HD this ability ignores Freedom of Movement effects.

Growth: A fifth level Wyvern grows one size category, gaining +1 to Natural armor.

Careful Hunter: At fifth level, the Wyvern's sharp hunting instincts allow it to keep just out of his prey's sight. It gains a racial bonus on Spot checks equal to half his HD, the Fly-By attack feat (if he already had it, the Wyvern can swap it for another feat he qualifies for), and can hide without actually having anything to hide behind, even in the sky (normally involving positioning itself against the sun).

Sweep: At sixth level, as a full round action, the Wyvern can fly up to his speed and deliver a full attack at any point during that movement, but then must wait 1d4 rounds before doing so again.

The Wyvern's wings also become strong enough to fight, each dealing 1d8+half Str mod damage.

Oslecamo's Ideas / Xixecal
« on: June 26, 2017, 02:21:15 AM »

Level Bab Fort Ref Will Feature
1 +0+2 +0 +2 Glaciar Body, Breath Weapon, +1 Str, +1 Con
2 +1 +3 +0+3Glaciar Skin, Rend, +1 Str, +1 Con
3 +2+3+1+3Ancient Senses, Winter Companion+1 Str, +1 Con
4 +3+4+1+4Growth, Cold Magic+1 Str, +1 Con
5 +3+4+1+4Freezing Cold, +1 Str, +1 Con
6 +4+5+2+5Fast Healing, Winter Magic, +1 Str, +1 Con
7 +5+5+2+5Glaciar Endurance, Wasting Cold, +1 Str, +1 Con
8 +6+6+2+6Crushing Trample, +1 Str, +1 Con
9 +6+6+3+6Glaciar Magic, +1 Str, +1 Con
10 +7+7+3+7Dire Snowstorm, +1 Str, +1 Con
11 +8+7 +3+7Unholy Thoughts+1 Str, +1 Con
12 +9+8+4+8Regeneration, True Sight, +1 Str, +1 Con
13 +9+8+4+8Stomp, Ice Plates, +1 Str, +1 Con
14 +10+9+4+9Ice Mountain Magic, Channel Winter, +1 Str, +1 Con
15 +11+ 9+5+9Dire Winter, +1 Str, +1 Con
16 +12 +10+5+10Eternal Glaciar, Crushing Blow, +1 Str, +1 Con
17 +12 +10+5+10Ice Break, +1 Str, +1 Con
18 +13 +11+6+11Apocalypse Magic, +1 Str, +1 Con
19 +14 +11 +6+11Glaciar Wrath, +1 Str, +1 Con
20 +15 +12 +6+12Toppling Mountain,  Abomination, +1 Str, +1 Con
21 +15 +12 +6+12Glaciar Power, +1 Str, +1 Con
22 +16 +13 +7+13Glaciar Aegis, +1 Str, +1 Con
23 +16  +13 +7+13Dragon Roost, +1 Str, +1 Con
24 +17 + 14 +8+14Walking Mountain, +1 Str, +1 Con
25 +17 + 14 +8+14Icicle Fall, +1 Str, +1 Con
26 +18 + 15 +9+15Perfect Freeze, +1 Str, +1 Con
27 +18 + 15 +9+15Diamond Blizzard, +1 Str, +1 Con
28 +19 + 16 +10+16Living Mountain, +1 Str, +1 Con
29 +19 + 16 +10+16Frost Columns, +1 Str, +1 Con
30 +20 + 17 +11+16Wither Away, +1 Str, +1 Con
31 +20 + 17 +11+16Minus Kelvin, +1 Str, +1 Con
32 +21 + 18 +12+18Moving Glaciar, +1 Str, +1 Con
33 +21 + 18 +12+18Apocalypse Now, +1 Str, +1 Con
34 +22 + 19 +13+19Freeze Atmosphere, +1 Str, +1 Con
35 +22 + 19 +13+19Great Crusher, +1 Str, +1 Con
36 +23 + 20 +14+20Living Glaciar+1 Str, +1 Con

Skills:2+int modifier/level (x4 at 1st level). Class skills:: Balance, Climb, Concentration, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Jump, Knowledge (any), Listen, Search, Sense Motive, Spot, and Swim.

Proficiencies: Its own natural weapons.

Glacier Body: The Xixecal loses all other racial traits and gains Outsider traits (basically darkvision 60’). It's a medium sized creature with base speed of 40’. A Xixecal has two natural claw attacks dealing 1d6+Str damage each and a natural bite attack dealing 1d4+1/2 Str damage.

The Xixecal has the [Cold] subtype, making it immune to cold but taking 50% more damage from fire. In addition, the Xixecal gains a bonus to Nat armor equal to 2+ Con modifier, and is under effect of a permanent NonDetection effect with a Caster Level equal to its HD.

Breath Weapon: The Xixecal can breathe a cone of cold with 10’/HD, dealing 1d6 cold damage/HD (Fort save for half, DC=10+1/2HD+ConMod). It must wait 1 minute before using it again.

Ability Score Increase: The Xixecal gains an extra +1 to Str and Con at every level, for a total of +36 Str and +36 Con at 36th level.

Glacier Skin: At 2nd level the Xixecal gains DR/ magic, good, and adamantine equal to ½ its HD, and spell resistance equal to 11+HD. It may lower or raise its spell resistance as a free action, even if it isn't its turn. It also gains the [Chaotic] and [Evil] subtypes, and its melee attacks count as Chaotic and Evil for bypassing DR.

Rend: At 2nd level, if the Xixecal hits with both claw attacks, it latches onto the opponent’s body and tears the flesh. This attack automatically deals additional damage equal to twice the claw damage plus 1.5x Str mod.

Ancient Senses: At 3rd level, the Xixecal gains Blindsense with a range of 15’/HD and telepathy with twice that range.

Winter Companion: At 3rd level, the Xixecal is visited by a white dragon that entrusts it with a dragon egg. If the Xixecal keeps it close to its cold body for 1d12 days, it hatches into a White Dragon that's utterly loyal to the Xixecal as long as treated with respect. This White Dragon quickly grows with the Xixecal, starting at level 1 (use the White Dragon class), and then gaining one more WD level for each extra HD of the Xixecal, up to 20th level when the Xixecal reaches 22 HD.

Should it perish, in one month's time the Xixecal is visited by another white dragon that entrusts it with a new egg that hatches on the same timeline, and then the new wyrmling quickly grows at the rate of 1 level/day until it reaches the appropriate level. Alternatively, should he meet another White Dragon of a level suitable to it, the Xixecal may befriend it to become its Winter companion. This befriending demands beating the White Dragon in single combat. Successful or not, the Xixecal doesn't gain XP from such a duel.

Growth: At 4th level the Xixecal grows one size category, its natural armor increases by 1 and its base speed increases by 20’. At 8th, 12th and 16th level it grows another size category, each time its natural armor increasing by 1 and its land speed gaining a +20’ enhancement bonus (multiple size increases from Xixecal levels stack with each other but not with other enhancement bonuses).

Cold Magic: At 4th level the Xixecal can use Desecrate, Hold person, and Invisibility 1/day/HD. Save DCs are 10+1/2HD+Con mod.

Freezing Cold: At 5th level, any opponent hit in melee by the Xixecal must make a Fort save (DC 10+1/2HD+Str mod) or be affected as a Slow spell for 1 round/4 HD. This effect ignores any immunity besides Cold Immunity. At 10 HD even creatures immune to cold can be affected by it, but they get a +5 bonus on their saves.

As a swift action, the Xixecal may power up his Breath Weapon with this effect, or any thrown weapon it uses it uses until the end of turn.

Fast healing: At 6th level the Xixecal gains Fast Healing equal to half its HD.

Winter Magic: At 6th level the Xixecal can use Haste, Wall of Ice and Dispel Magic as SLAs 1/day/2 HD. Save DCs are 10+1/2HD+Con mod.

At 11 HD the Dispel Magic upgrades to Greater Dispel magic.

Glacier Endurance: At 7th level the Xixecal becomes immune to Energy Drain, Ability Drain and Ability Damage.

Wasting Cold: At 7th level, the Xixecal’s melee attacks deal 1 point of Con Drain unless the opponent succeeds on a Fort Save (DC 10+1/2 HD+Str mod). A Rend attack or Critical hit deals double the Con drain. The Xixecal heals 5 HP for each point of drained Con. Should he gain excess HP this way, the extra are kept as temporary hit points, but multiple drains don't stack for temporary HP. The Xixecal cannot heal more times in a round than his Con modifier.

At 12 HD this ability ignores immunity to Con Drain, but opponents with such immunity still gain a +5 bonus on their saves.

Eternal Glacier: At 8th level the Xixecal becomes immune to polymorphing, petrification and any other effects that would alter its form.

Glacier Magic: At 9th level the Xixecal can use Cone of Cold, Hold Monster and Improved Invisibility as SLAs 1/day/3 HD. Save DCs are 10+1/2HD+Con mod, and the Cone of Cold has no caster level limit. As a swift action the Xixecal can add the Freezing Cold ability to its Cone of Cold SLA.

Dire Snowstorm: At 10th level as a swift action the Xixecal can start a snowstorm affecting a circle with a radius of 1 mile/5 HD. The DC of any saves created by this snowstorm is 10+1/2HD+Con mod. The Xixecal is fully immune to all the effects of this snowstorm. It can keep it up for any amount of time, and end it with another swift action.

While the snowstorm rages, as another swift action the Xixecal can further intensify this snowstorm for 1 round, blocking all planar travel in or out from inside the snowstorm area. Ethereal creatures are exposed and made vulnerable as if they were material by the snow and ice, being shunted out from inside any object they were hiding in. Creatures within 30’/HD of the Xixecal take 1d6 cold damage/5 HD.

Allies of the Xixecal are unaffected by the storm as well. The Xixecal may revoke this protection at any time as a free action.

Unholy Thoughts: At 11th level the Xixecal becomes immune to mind-affecting effects, and it can use Blasphemy and Word of Chaos as SLAs 1/day/ 4 HD. Save DCs are 10+1/2HD+Con mod.

True Sight: At 12th level the Xixecal is under a permanent True Sight effect.

Stomp: At 13th level the Xixecal gains a natural Stomp attack dealing 2d8 Damage+1/2 Str mod.

In addition, whenever the Xixecal attacks, it may choose to simply smash the area with its massive limbs! With this option the Xixecal targets an area two size category smaller than itself instead of a single target. Creatures inside the affected area must succeed a reflex save with the DC equal to the attack roll or take the damage. So a Gargantuan Xixecal could affect a 10’ square, a colossal could affect a 15’ square and so on. When using this option, the Xixecal ignores miss chances from opponents two or more size category smaller than itself.

Regeneration: At 13th level the Xixecal gains Regeneration equal to half its HD, which is bypassed by Lawful weapons. This regeneration stacks with the fast healing. However the Xixecal now also takes double damage from burning or fiery weapons (this already takes in account the Xixecal's natural vulnerability to fire).

Ice Mountain Magic: At 14th level the Xixecal can use Unholy Aura and Temporal Stasis 1/day/5 HD. Save DCs are 10+1/2HD+Con mod. The Xixecal can choose to entomb a creature inside its own body with the Temporal Stasis, as long as it is at least one size category smaller than the Xixecal.

Channel Winter: At 14th level whenever the Xixecal hits an opponent in melee, it may as a swift action cast Blasphemy, Word of Chaos, Temporal Stasis, Cone of Cold or Greater Dispel Magic targeting the enemy struck in melee.

Dire Winter: At 15th level the Xixecal can surround itself in a mighty storm of ice, snow, and cold death! This works like the Dire Snowstorm ability, except the weather can now be turned into a Blizzard, and the cold damage inflicted every turn is doubled.

Ice Plates: At 15th level the Xixecal's DR is doubled, and its SR increases by 4.

Eternal Glacier: At 16th level the Xixecal is just so massive that the strongest blows only chip away at his rocky skin. The Xixecal has 20% chance of simply ignoring any attack from any opponent smaller than itself. Characters with Great Cleave and at least as many HD as the Xixecal ignore this chance with physical melee attacks.

Crushing Trample: The Xixecal’s sheer body mass allows it to simply walk over others. At 16th level the Xixecal may move up to its speed and trample its opponents as a move action. It can enter the space of any creature of its size category or smaller. Whenever it does so, it deals 3d6+1.5xStr mod to that creature (the base damage increases with size). You can only deal trampling damage to a creature once/round. You must move into every square a creature occupies to trample it. Opponents can either attempt an attack of opportunity against you or a reflex save with DC 10+1/2HD+Str mod to avoid half of this trampling damage.

Crushing Blow: The Xixecal’s attacks can simply crush its opponent with sheer bulk. At 17th level whenever the Xixecal deals damage equal to or greater than 2x the Con score of the target, the target must make a Fort save with DC 10+1/2 HD+Str mod or be destroyed by being reduced to a fine paste. If the attack was a successful critical hit, the DC is 10+HD+Str mod instead.

Ice Break: At 17th level, at the end of each of the Xixecal's turns, one harmful effect currently affecting it with a duration other than instantaneous or permanent is automatically ended without need of any action. This cannot bring the Xixecal back to life.

Apocalypse Magic: At 18th level, as a standard action 1/day/5 HD, the Xixecal can cause giant fiery rocks to drop from the sky. One meteor is produced for every 5 HD of the Xixecal, and they have no range limit, being only limited by line of sight. If used in an enclosed space, they burst from the Xixecal's own body.

Each meteor deals 5d6 fire and 5d6 bludgeoning damage in a 40’ spread (Reflex save DC 10+1/2HD+Con mod for half). If a creature would be damaged by multiple meteors, count all the damage as coming from one source for resistance and save purposes (so a creature in an area of 3 meteors would take 15d6 fire damage and 15d6 bludeoning damage).

The Xixecal may combine this attack with Freezing Cold by expending an extra swift action, in which case the targets are partially covered by molten rock.

The Xixecal may also choose to aim at specific targets and use the meteors as ranged touch attacks. If they hit the opponent isn't allowed the save for half damage. Even if the ranged touch attack fails the meteor still explodes over the target.

Glacier Wrath: At 19th level whenever the Xixecal is harmed by an opponent it may use one of its SLAs as an Immediate action.

Toppling Mountain: At 20th level the Xixecal grows even more! Its space and reach both increase by 10’, its height is doubled, its natural armor increases by an extra 1, its natural weapons increase one die size and its base speed increases by 20’.

In addition the Xixecal gains one extra Swift/Immediate action/round.

Abomination: At 20th level the Xixecal no longer fails saves or attacks on a natural 1, and its DR now can only be bypassed by epic, good and adamantine weapons.

Glacier Power: At 21st level the Xixecal may use its SLAs any number of times/day. Any limits on Caster Level are removed.

Glacier Aegis: The ice and rock crust surrounding the Xixical becomes even thicker. At 22nd level the Xixecal Eternal Glacier ability is improved to 50% chance of ignoring any attack. Characters with Great Cleave and at least as many HD as the Xixecal have a 10% chance of seeing their melee physical attacks ignored. In addition, its Wasting Cold ability now inflicts 2 Con Drain/melee hit.

Dragon Roost: At 23rd level the Xixecal's white companion attracts a mate. The Xixecal now has two great wyrm white dragons following it! For every 4 HD from here, the Xixecal gains another loyal Great Wyrm white Dragon.

Walking Mountain: At 24th level the Xixecal grows even more! This works as Toppling Mountain, except that now the Xixecal can choose to ignore any harmful area effect that fills an area smaller than the Xixecal itself.

Icicle Fall: At 25th level the Xixecal can choose to deal the damage from an Intensified Dire Winter in the entire area of the effect, and the damage is doubled again.

In addition, Wasting Cold now deals 4 Con Drain/melee attack.

Absolute Freeze: At 26th level the Xixecal may enter an Absolute Freeze mode as a fullround action, which lasts for 1 minute. During it, creatures being dealt cold damage from the Xixecal must succeed on a Reflex save with DC 10+1/2 HD+ Con mod or be frozen in a block of ice, unable to take any actions. They may attempt a new save every round to get free, but if they do so, there's a 1/3 chance they shatter themselves. If the Xixecal strikes them with a melee attack while they're frozen, they are shattered intp little pieces anyway.

Once used, the Xixecal must wait 1 hour before using this again. During both the activation and the duration the Xixecal and its ice attacks glow especially brightly with mysterious forgotten runes.

In addition the Xixecal now fully ignores cold resistance from opponents, and enemies immune to cold still take half damage.

Diamond Blizzard: At 27th level, 1/round as a free action even if it isn't its turn, the Xixecal may summon a massive hail of snow crystals in response to an enemy attack, blocking it and dealing 1d12 cold damage/HD to the fool that dared to attack it.

Living Mountain: At 28th level the Xixecal keeps growing. As Toppling Mountain, and the Xixecal may use Earthquake 1/turn as a free action as long as it moves. Save DC 10+1/2HD+Str mod. The Xixecal is immune to its own earthquake.

Frost Columns: At 29th level the Xixecal may as an immediate action raise giant blocks of ice from any nearby surface within view. Any number of columns may be created, as long as their total volume is not more than 100 cubic feet/HD. While the Xixecal lives, this ice won't melt naturally, and it has double the hardness, HP and break DC of a Wall of ice of the same size. The Xixecal may sculpt fine detail on the columns as it wishes, and even make them hollow to create refined instant houses/fortresses, but this doesn't allow for extra creation volume. The columns cannot be created over things already there, but may be created around them. Creatures that would be entrapped are allowed a reflex save with DC 10+1/2HD+Str mod to get out in time. This ice doesn't deal area damage.

If a creature is adjacent to an ice column when the Xixecal uses Earthquake, that creature is affected by the Earthquake as well.
Wither Away: Just being close to the Xixecal is bad to your health. At 30th level any creature within 30’ of the Xixecal automatically has its Max HP reduced by 1d20 at the beginning of its turn, multiple turns stacking (creatures whose max HP is reduced to -10 die). This effect doesn't demand line of sight or effect, or the Xixecal being aware of the creature. The Xixecal may will any allies it wishes to be immune to this ability without need of any action, or to reverse their HP back to normal.

Once a creature is affected by this ability, it continues to have its max HP reduced each round, regardless of its distance from the Xixecal. The only way to stop Withering is to slay the Xixecal, or present it with an offering that satisfies it. Once one of those two conditions is fulfilled and the creature is more than 30’ away from the Xixecal, its HP max is restored to normal. If the creature approaches within 30’ of the Xixecal again, it is again subject to this ability.

In addition, the Xixecal's fast healing and regeneration are doubled, and it gains another extra swift/immediate action/round.

Minus Kelvin: At 31st level as a full round action the Xixecal can lower the temperatures so much for a moment that even the laws of magic collapse. Within the Dire Winter area all magic effects within the area are dispelled (even epic ones), all magic items are suppressed for 2d6 rounds and all creatures are exhausted for 1d8 rounds (even if they're immune to exhaustion). The dispelling and magic item suppression affect even the Xixecal and its allies, but not the exhaustion.

No immediate or free actions may be used in answer to this ability.

Moving Glacier: Even at 32nd level the Xixecal just doesn't stop growing. This works as Toppling Mountain, but now the Xixecal has a 90% chance of ignoring attacks from those smaller than it (which is pretty much everybody but other Xixecals of same level or higher). This stacks with glacier aegis, but Characters with Great Cleave and at least as many HD as the Xixecal have the chance of their physical melee attacks being ignored increased to 20% (still stacks with glacier aegis).

White Portal: At 33rd level the Xixecal may let a reality-defying howl as a full round action, which causes a portal of its own size to open in mid-air, linking the plane where it is in now and one other of the Xixecal's choice through a massive arc of indestructible rock and ice. This includes personal planes and even deity-personal planes. The portal has no time limit but the Xixecal may only have one such fissure open at a time. Creating a new one ends the other. Slaying the Xixecal ends the portal as well.

Any creatures and terrain features in the area of the portal when it is created are utterly destroyed, being completely erased from existence without possibility of recovery in any known way. Creatures in the area must make a Fort, Reflex, and Will save all with DC 10+HD+Str mod. If they succeed on all three saves they manage to survive.

Freeze Atmosphere: At 34th level the Xixecal can lower temperatures to new absurds as a swift action. For 1 round all within the Dire Winter area must make a Fort save with DC 10+1/2HD+Con mod or only be able to take a move action. Even if they succeed they can only take a standard action. The Xixecal can exclude any allies it wishes from this effect.

Great Crusher: At 35th level as a standard action the Xixecal may create a massive block of ice in mid-air, filling a 100’ cube, and drop it over any area within view,  automatically dealing 2d12 damage/HD and trapping any caught under it, rendering them unable to act. A successful reflex save with DC 10+1/2HD+Str mod halves the damage, and the enemies are just Slowed for 1d4 rounds. They must still get out from under the Cube somehow, each 5-feet section having double the HP, hardness and Break DC of a wall of ice of the same size.

No immediate or free actions may be taken against a Great Crusher, nor any automatic no-action defensive abilities like contingency trigger.

Living Glacier: At 36th level the Xixecal grows for the final time. This works as Toppling Mountain, but in addition the Xixecal may choose to “sleep”, in which case it becomes a terrain feature where it stands as an immediate action. While being a terrain feature, all methods of observation, magic or otherwise, say it is a normal mountain covered by ice and snow. The climate around the Xixecal becomes colder as well so it doesn't stand out of place. The Xixecal cannot take any actions while on this state but retains all its senses of its surroundings. ”Awakening ” is a move action.

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Oslecamo's Ideas / Yellow Musk Creeper
« on: June 26, 2017, 01:55:31 AM »
Yellow Musk Creeper

Level BAB Fort Ref Will Feature
1 +0 +2 +0 +0
2 +1 +3 +0 +0 
3 +2 +3 +1 +1
4 +3 +4 +1 +1
Skills: 2+int modifier per level, quadruple at first level. Class skills: Balance, Bluff,  Intimidate, Hide, Knowledge(any), Listen,  Move Silently, Spot, Survival

Proficiencies: Its Natural Weapons only.

Musk Creeper Body: The Yellow Musk Creeper loses all other racial bonuses, and gains plant traits and the extraplanar subtype. It is medium plant a base speed of 10 feet and three natural Vine Whip attacks each doing 1d3+Str mod  damage.  It also gains gains natural armor bonus equal to its Con bonus.

Pretty Plant: The Yellow Musk Creepr can hide whitout actually having anything to hide behind, as long as it remains still. It doesn't take size penalties to hide when using this option.

Dangerous Vines: The Yellow Musk Creeper gains weapon finesse as a bonus feat even if it doesn't meet the prerequisites. If attacking a creature smaller than itself, it may use its Dex instead of Str for damage rolls with its Vine Whips.

Consume Intelligence: As a swift  action 1/round, a yellow musk creeper can extend dozens of probing, sharp-edged tendrils into the head of any helpless or unresisting creature that also occupies its space. These tendrils begin to devour the victim's brain, dealing 1d4 points of Intelligence damage each round. If the damage reduces the victim's Intelligence to 0, said victim must make a Fortitude save with DC 10+1/2 HD+Con mod. Those who fail die. Those who succeed are implanted with a seed and becomes a yellow musk zombie at the start of their next turn.

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HD:Change to d8. Upon its “birth”, the Yellow Musk Creeper heals all damage back to (new) full health.

AC: Natural armor increases by +2.

Creeper Loyalty: Yellow Musk Zombies always act to protect and nurture the yellow musk creeper that created them, blindly follow its orders and never attacking its new creator even if magically compulsed or similar. This only applies to  a range of 100 feet from the Yellow Musk Creeper itself. If the Yellow Musk Zombie somehow ends out of this range (or its master is slain), it will wander aimelessly until its time is up (see below).

Seeded: A seed is growing inside the Yellow Musk Zombie's head. In two months time from being implanted, it sprouts into a new 1st level Yellow Musk Creeper, destroying the Yellow Musk Zombie. If the Yellow Musk Creeper is destroyed beforehand, the seed takes root and grows into a 1st level Yellow Musk creeper whitin 1 hour. Neither has any particularly loyalty to the “parent” that seeded it.

Deadened Mind: The Yellow Musk zombie recalls nothing of its previous life, and exists only to serve its parent class. It loses all class abilities, skills and feats it previously knew. It also cannot use magic devices, altough it can still wield weapons for basic attacks and wear armor whitout penalties.

Plant Traits:The Yellow musk zombie becomes immune to poison, sleep, paralysis, stunning and polymorphing. It is not subject to critical hits or mind-affecting effects. It also gains low-light vision.

The Yellow Musk Creeper can only control up to 4 times its own Yellow Musk Creeper levels worth of Yellow Musk Zombies. Any excess go off to wander on their own.

Ability Score Increase: The Yellow Musk Creeper gains +1 Dex at levels 1, 3 and 4, and +1 Con at levels 2, 3 and 4, for a total of +3 Dex and +3 Con at 4th level.

Musk Puff: At 2nd level beautiful yellow and purple orchidlike flowers grow troughout this creature's body. As a standard action the Yellow Musk Creeper can puff a spray of potent-smelling dust from its flowers upon a nearby creature as a ranged touch attack. The musk has a range of 10 feet plus 5 feet per HD and can target one creature with each use.

Creatures struck by the Musk Puff must make a Fortitude Save (DC10+1/2 HD+Con mod) or fall under a mind-affecting compulsion to get closer to the entrancing source of the musk. The duration of the effect is 2d8 rounds, altough creatures whitin the plant remain under the compulsion until removed from the creeper.

Creatures under the yellow musk creeper's compulsion can take no action other than moving to enter the plant's space. Victims do anything they can to comply with the compulsion and even attack companions who seek to restrain them. Once whitin the plant, they drop anything in hand and stand motionless. It counts as Dazed and does not seek to defend itself from the creeper's attacks as long as it remains whitin the plant. Creatures of the same size or bigger than the Yellow Musk Creeper are immune to Musk Puff.

Spreading Vines: at 2nd, 3rd and 4th levels the Yellow Musk Creeper gains one extra vine whip attack.

Growth: At 2nd and 4th levels the Yellow Musk Creeper grows one size category. Its natural armor increases by 1 at each time.

Blindsight: At 3rd level the Yellow Musk Creeper gains Blindsight with a range of 30 feet.

Parasitic Infestation: A Yellow Musk Creeper is willing to enslave any living being to do their bidding. Even their own "children". At 3rd level 1/day as an immediate action the Yellow Musk Creeper consciouness can abandon its current  body and transfer itself to one Yellow Musk Creeper it has sucessfully seeded, regardless of distance, which then has all its levels and stats replaced by its "parent". The body left behind becomes a normal orchid plant.

Regeneration: At 4th level the Yellow Musk Creeper gains regeneration equal to half its HD, that is bypassed by fire and acid.

Master Orchid: At 4th level, the Yellow Musk Creeper may use its full HD to determine how many Yellow Musk Zombies it can control. In addition when it reaches 12 HD, its Puff Musk can now affect creatures normally immune to mind-affecting, but they gain a +5 bonus on their saves. Consume Intelligence becomes able to affect creatures immune to ability damage, but they gain a +5 bonus on their saves as well.

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Oslecamo's Ideas / Yuan-Ti (Pureblood->Half-Blood->Abomination)
« on: June 26, 2017, 01:51:21 AM »
Yuan-Ti (Pureblood->Half-Blood->Abomination)

Level BAB Fort Ref Will Feature
1+1+0+2 +2Pureblood Body,  Snake Magic Beginner, Cobra Combat, +1 Wis
2+2+0+2+3 Snake Shape, Snake Skin
3+3+1+3+3Snake Magic Initiate, Cobra Infiltrator, +1 Wis
4+4+1+3+4Half-Blood Body, Poison, Chamaleon, Vitriolic Soul
5+5+1+4+4Snake Magic Adept , Cobra Lunge, +1 Wis
6+6+2+5+5Abomination Body, Growth, Improved Grab, Repulsion, +1 Wis
7+7+2+5+5Snake Magic Master, Cobra Crusher

Skills: 4+Int mod / level (x4 at 1st level). Class skills: Appraise, Balance, Bluff, Climb, Concentration, Craft (any), Disguise, Hide, Intimidate, Jump, Knowledge (any), Listen, Move Silently, Profession (any), Search, Spellcraft, Spot, and Swim.

Proficiencies:Light armor, light and heavy shields, simple and martial weapons, and her own natural attacks.

Yuan-ti body: Loses all other racial traits and bonuses, and gains monstrous humanoid traits (basically darkvision 60’). She's a medium sized monstrous humanoid with base speed 30’. While in her original shape, the Yuan-ti gains a +5 racial bonus to disguise when pretending to be a human.

Snake Magic: The Yuan-Ti can use SLAs a certain number times per day. Save DCs are 10+1/2HD+Wis mod.

   Beginner: At first level Entangle, Charm Person, Detect Poison, each 1/day per HD
   Initiate: At third level Animal Trance, Darkness, Cause Fear, each 1/day per HD.
   Adept: At 5th level Neutralize Poison, Deeper Darkness, Suggestion, each 1/day per 2 HD.
   Master: At 7th level Fear and Baleful Polymorph (Snakes only), 1/day per 3 HD.

If all Yuan-Ti levels were taken and she multiclasses into cleric, she can choose to count the levels from this class for purposes of CL and learning new spells and gaining new spell slots. Yuan-Ti levels don't count for any other class ability. She can only pick domains from Plant, Evil, Chaos or Destruction.

So for example a Yuan-Ti 7/cleric 1 could choose to gain one 4th level spell slot and one 3rd level spell slot instead of one 1st level spell slots and three zero level slots.

Cobra: Yuan-ti snake heritage gives them cold predatory instincts that allow them to train in special fighting styles. Whenever this ability is gained, choose one of the two options of the respective style, and the choice cannot be changed. Only one Cobra style may be active at a time, and changing them is a swift action.

   Combat: The Yuan-Ti can make a 5-foot step as an immediate action, or 5-foot steps provoke attacks of opportunity from the Yuan-Ti.
   Infiltrator: At third level the Yuan-Ti can make one attack from hiding as a full round action without taking a -20 penalty on Hide checks, or she can change direction during a charge.
   Lunge: At fifth level the Yuan-Ti can either gain +5 feet of reach, or she can move half her base speed as an immediate action.
   Crusher: At seventh level the Yuan-Ti can either attempt to start a grapple as a free action whenever she hits an opponent in melee (with any melee attack, not just her bite) without provoking attacks of opportunity and doesn't lose her Dex modifier to AC while grappling, or she ignores any size modifier advantage when grappling opponents larger than herself. Either way, the Yuan-Ti now adds her Wis mod to grapple checks, and they ignore Freedom of Movement effects on opponents.

Snake Shape: This ability works as the change shape ability and can only be used to take the form of tiny to medium vipers and back to yuan-ti shape 1/day for each HD.

At 4HD the yuan-ti can take the form of large vipers with two uses of this ability, and at 8 HD, huge vipers with 3 uses. For each additional 4HD from there it can grow an extra size by burning an extra use of this ability (gargantuan at 12HD, colossal at 16HD).

In addition, the yuan-ti may choose to fuse her legs into a snake tail. The Yuan-ti retains all her abilities and equipment, reduces her base speed to 20 feet, gains a swim and climb speed of 15’ and can constrict grappled creatures for 1d6+1.5xStr mod damage.

Whatever form the yuan-ti takes, she loses the +5 bonus to disguise as human while in it.

Snake Skin: At 2nd level the yuan-ti gains a bonus to her natural armor equal to her con modifier, and SR=11+HD. She can lower or raise her SR at any time as a free action, even if it isn't her turn.

Ability Increase: The yuan-ti gains +1 Wis at levels 2, 4, 6, 7, for a total of +4 Wis at level 7.

Half-Blood Body: To take the fourth level of this class the Yuan-Ti must participate in a dark ritual where she drinks a foul connection made from her own blood mixed with those of snakes and special herbs, which makes her body grow more snake-like. That transformation may include stuff like the appearance of scales or her teeth growing longer while her eyes become pupil-less. Either way, she loses the +5 bonus to disguise as a human, but gains one of the following:

   Snake Head: Gains a bite attack dealing 1d6+1/2 Str mod damage
   Snake Arms: The Yuan-Ti’s arms become snakes, each able to deliver a bite attack dealing 1d4+Str mod. They can still acts as normal hands, but a snake-arm holding anything can't be used for delivering bite attacks.
   Snake Tail: The Yuan-Ti grows a snake tail, which grants her a swim speed equal to half her base speed and can be used for constricting creatures at least one size category smaller for 1d4+1.5 x Str mod.
   Snake Body: The Yuan-Ti’s legs fuse into a snake tail, reducing her base speed to 20’ but gaining a climb and swim speed of 15’. It can also be used for constricting creatures of the same size or smaller for 1d6+1.5 x Str mod.

Poison: At fourth level the yuan-ti becomes able to produce poison from her fangs, inflicting it on any bite attack. Fort DC 10+1/2HD+Con modifier, initial and secondary damage 1d4 con. For every even HD from here, increase the poison damage by one die category ( 1d6 at 6HD, 1d8 at 8 HD etc). This poison can be used in any of the Yuan-ti's forms, but doesn't stack with other poisons she may gain.

At 8 HD opponents immune to the poison and/or ability damage instead take half the Con damage if they fail the Fort save. Creatures without a Con score take half Wis damage instead.

Chameleon: At fourth level the yuan-ti gains a permanent +10 to hide checks as she can change the color of her skin and equipment to match the environment.

At 10 HD she may hide without actually having anything to hide behind.

Scent: At fourth level the yuan-ti gains the scent special quality as per the SRD.

Vitriolic Soul: At fourth level as a swift action a number of times per day equal to her Con mod, the yuan-ti can cover a part of her body in acid. This acid deals 1d6 acid damage per 2HD to the next creature hit by a natural or touch attack from the Yuan-Ti, and then dissipates. If the Yuan-ti uses this power while grappling a creature, it deals double vitriolic soul damage on the next successful grapple.

Abomination Body: To take the sixth level the Yuan-Ti must undergo an even more terrifying ritual, covering herself in a special mixture and then rip off her own skin while chanting to forgotten vile gods, revealing beneath a new body that's now more snake than human. She can pick a second option from Half-Blood Body, stacking with the previous one.

Growth: At 6th level the Yuan-Ti grows one size category

Improved Grab: Also at 6th level the Yuan-Ti gains the Improved Grab Extraordinary ability with her bite attack, except it can affect enemies of any size.

Repulsion: At sixth level the yuan-ti can now, as a swift action 1/day/HD, target a creature within 30’ and make it have an overwhelming repulsion to snakes. If the targeted creature fails a will save 10+1/2HD+Wis mod, it cannot willingly approach within 20’ of any kind of snake or yuan-ti, even dead ones, for 10 minutes. If it is within 20’ of a snake or yuan-ti, it moves away as soon as possible. If it cannot move away (or a snake/yuan-ti approaches to attack outside of their turn) they take a -4 penalty to dex.

If the creature has been successfully feinted by the Yuan-ti, the save DC is 10+HD+Cha mod instead.

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Oslecamo's Ideas / Yuki-On-Na
« on: June 26, 2017, 01:46:30 AM »

Level   Bab   Fort   Ref   Will   Feature   Maneuvers Known   Maneuvers Readied   Stances Known
1   +0   + 0   +2   +2   Snow Woman Body, Maneuvers, Icy Lips, Snow Woman Magic, +1 Cha   2   2   1
2   +1   + 0   +3   +3   Lose the Way, +1 Cha   3   2   2
3   +1   + 1   +3   +3   Deceiving Beauty, +1 Cha   4   3   2
4   +2   + 1   +4   +4   Paralyzing Glance, +1 Cha   4   4   2
Skills:6+int modifier per level, quadruple at firt level, Class skills are: Apraise, Bluff, Craft(any), Concentration, Diplomacy, Disguise, Escape Artist, Intimidate, Hide, Listen, Knowledge(any), Move Silently, Perform(any), Profession(any), Sense Motive, Spot, Survival, Swim

Proefciencies: Simple Weapons

Snow Woman Body: The Yuki-On-Na  loses all other racial traits and gains fey traits (basically low light vision) plus the Cold subtype. She's a medium sized creature with base speed of 30 feet.

In addition she gains a  Natural Armor bonus equal to her Cha mod.

Maneuvers: the Yuki-On-Na learns and readies maneuvers of the Crystalized Silver and Border of Life schools as shown in the table. Her iniator level is equal to her Yuki-On-Na level and she can only learn maneuvers of a level no bigger than half (IL+1).  Whetever good or evil, a Yuki-On-Na is a random spirit and thus at the start of her turn she can choose to attempt to recover her maneuvers. Roll a 1d4:
1-All maneuvers recovered but the Yuki-On-Na performs a complex dance and only take a 5-feet step until the end of her turn.
2-Half expended maneuvers recovered, rounded up, the Yuki-On-Na makes a moderate dance and cannot take her standard action for the turn.
3-Half expended maneuvers recovered, rounded down, the Yuki-On-Na makes a simple dance and cannot take her move action for that turn.
4-One expended maneuver recovered, the Yuki-On-Na can take all her normal actions for that  turn, just taking a few simple dance steps.

At 4th level, the Yuki-On-Na can swap  one of her older maneuvers with a new one she qualifies for from the Crystalized Silver or Border of Life schools.

If a Yuki-On-Na multiclasses into Eternal Royal and picks Crystallized Silver as her second school,  both classes stack for IL purposes. However, she replaces the Eternal Royal recovery method with the Yuki-On-Na one.

Maneuvers Readied: The Yuki-On-Na can choose and prepare her readied maneuvers with 5 minutes of meditation. After each battle, 1 minute of meditation is enough to recover her maneuvers if no victims are at hand to freeze.

Icy Lips: The mouth of a Yuki-On-Na may look inviting at distance, but will deliver cold death to those that get too close.  Either as a standard action, aoo, or at the end of a charge she can make a melee touch attack that deals 1d10 cold damage. At 5 HD and for every other 5 HD  the Yuki-On-Na has, this cold damage increases one size category (2d8 at 5 HD, 3d8 at 10 HD, and so on).

Ability Increase: The Yuki-On-Na gains a permanent +1 to Charisma at each level, for a total of +4 charisma at 4th level.

Snow Woman Magic: The  Yuki-On-Na can use Disguise Self, Comprehend Languages and Detect Toughts as SLAs each 2/day per HD, save DC 10+1/2 HD+Cha mod.

Lose the Way: At 2nd level once per hour, a  Yuki-On-Na can touch a victim and make him or her completely unable to find his way anywhere for the next 3d6 hours. The  Yuki-On-Na must succeed on a melee touch attack as with her Cold Touch. The affected character cannot use the intuit direction aspect of the Survival skill to avoid becoming lost. The victim cannot even find her way out  of a closet whitout assistance, just moving in circles inside the same area if left to themselves, though she is perfectly capable of following other characters she can view.

At 5 HD racial abilities like a dwarf's stonecunning or an elf's detect secret doors stop working as well for the duration.

At 9 HD even magic  divinations fail to show any path.

At 14 HD supernatural abilities to find the way fail as well. If the victim isn't found by some friendly creature  before the duration is over then they disapear forever unless the  Yuki-On-Na wishes otherwise.

At 20 HD the victim can only follow somebody else if they remain adjacent and even then moving at half speed. Racial, magic and supernatural abilities are unable to find those creatures positions from more than 1 mile away unless the  Yuki-On-Na wishes to.

If all  Yuki-On-Na  levels were taken, she can use this ability one more time per hour at 6 HD and another use per hour for each extra 4 HD from there.

Deceiving Beauty: Snow may be pretty, but it will take your life and that of your companions if you're not careful. At 3rd level the  Yuki-On-Na gains a Deflection bonus to AC equal to her Cha mod while while both unarmored and either unarmed or weilding the favored weapon of one of her martial disciplines. In addition the  Yuki-On-Na can now perform a coup-de-grace with her Icy Lips as a standard action whitout provoking attacks of opportunity.

Paralyzing Glance: A yuki-on-na can paralyze creatures with a look. This is similar to a gaze attack, except that the yuki-onna must take a standard action, and those merely looking at her are not affected. Anyone the yuki-on-na targets
must succeed on a DC 10+1/2 HD+Cha mod Will save or be affected as though by a Hold Monster spell with CL=HD. The ability has a range of 30 feet plus another 5 feet for each HD taken from here. Whenever an opponent sucessfully saves against Paralyzing Glance or proves immune to it, the  Yuki-On-Na can recover one expended maneuver of her choice.

At 13 HD even creatures normally immune can be affected by this, but they gain a +5 bonus on their saves.

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Oslecamo's Ideas / Zelekhut
« on: June 26, 2017, 01:37:17 AM »

Table: Zelekhut   HD: d10
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Skill Points:2+Int modifier / level (x4 at 1st level). Class Skills: Listen, Search, Sense Motive, Spot, Survival.

Proficiencies: Spiked chains

Body of Law: A Zelekhut loses all other racial bonuses and gains Construct traits, with all of their penalties and disadvantages (except for the extra HP):
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The Zelekhut is a medium sized construct with base speed of 30’. It has a centaur-like body, which allows him to qualify for feats as if it had the mounted combat feat, and to count as riding a mount whenever it would be beneficial, like the spirited charge feat.

It also gains a bonus to its Nat armor equal to his Cha modifier. Finally it gains +1 HP per HD beginning at 5 HD. This bonus increases to +2 at 10 HD, +3 at 15 HD, and +4 at 20 HD.

Judgment chains: A Zelekhut can spring forth two spiked chains from his arms as a full round action, and put them back inside his arms also as a full round action. He takes no penalty attacking with both chains at the same time. Those chains can be enchanted as normal weapons. The Zelekhut also can "upgrade" his chains to special materials like adamantine by paying the appropriate amount of gold.

When it reaches 3 HD it can spring forth/retrieve the chains as a standard action and the chains count as masterwork.

When it reaches 6 HD it can spring forth/retrieve the chains as a move action and they gain a +1 enhancement bonus to attack and damage rolls.

When it reaches 9 HD it can spring forth/retrieve the chains as a swift action and they gain the shocking property.

Inevitable: The Zelekhut gains fast healing equal to half its HD, which is bypassed by chaotic attacks. The Zelekhut also gains the [lawful] subtype and any weapons it wields count as lawful aligned for purposes of bypassing DR.

The Zelekhut also adds half its HD to all search and sense motive checks it makes.

Mechanus Blessing: The Zelekhut gains access to some spell-like abilities at the levels dictated above. Save DCs are 10+1/2HD+Cha mod, and CL=HD
   Lesser: Clairaudience/Clairvoyance and Dimensional Anchor as SLAs once per day for each HD it possesses.
   Greater: Fear and Dispel Magic as SLAs once per day for each HD it possesses. At 10 HD, its Dispel Magic SLA is replaced by Greater Dispel Magic an equal number of times per day.
   Advanced: Hold Monster, Mark of Justice and True Seeing as SLAs once per day for every 2 HD it possesses. In addition, it can now use Lesser Geas once per week for every 5HD it has.
   Superior: Hold Person and Locate Creature as SLAs once per day for each HD it possesses. In addition, the Zelekhut's SLAs can now affect opponents with immunity to mind-affecting and/or divination effects, although those gain a +5 bonus on their saves.

Restrain: If the Zelekhut hits an opponent with one of his chains, he may make it warp around the target and entangle it, inflicting a -4 penalty to Dex, -2 penalty on attack rolls and making it unable to use any movement speeds. The restrained creature can break free by either beating the Zelekhut in an opposed Strength check as a standard action, or with an escape artist check with DC 10+1/2HD+Str mod. The Zelekhut cannot attack with a chain which is restraining an opponent, but can move at half speed dragging the restrained target, and can also use his own SLAs as normal, and the target can still attack. If both chains are used to restrain a single opponent, that opponent cannot take any actions other than trying to break free, with both DCs increasing by +4.

Ability Increase: At 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th level the Zelekhut gains a permanent +1 to Cha, and he gains +1 to Str at all levels except first, in which it gains +2, for a total of +10 Strength and +4 Charisma at 9th level.

Wings: The Zelekhut can now spring forth/retrieve wings from his back which allow him to fly at speed 40 feet (average maneuverability).

Growth: The Zelekhut grows one size category, and gains all the bonus and penalties listed here. His base speed also increases to 50 feet and his fly speed increases to 60 feet.

Enforcer Armor: The Zelekhut gains DR/chaotic equal to half his HD and SR equal to 11+his HD.

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Oslecamo's Ideas / Zern
« on: June 26, 2017, 01:31:05 AM »
ZERN(MM IV p.195)

Zern   HD: d8
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Skill Points: 2 + Int modifier per level (x4 at 1st level). Class Skills: Concentration, Craft, Disable Device, Disguise, Escape Artist, Heal, Knowledge (Arcana, Nature, and Religion), Search, Spellcraft, and Use Magic Device.

Proficiencies: Zern are proficient with their own natural weapons, as well as all simple weapons. In addition, a Zern is proficient with light armor but not with shields.

Class Features
Morphic Body: At first level a Zern loses all other racial bonuses and traits and gains monstrous humanoid traits (essentially darkvision 60ft.) A Zern also has the [shapechanger] subtype and is immune to polymorphing, petrification, and any other form-altering attack that he does not wish to be subject to. A Zern is a medium sized monstrous humanoid with a base land speed of 30ft. All Zern speak their own language and may also choose an additional number of languages to speak equal to their intelligence modifier. Additionally, a Zern receives a bonus to its natural armor equal to its constitution modifier.

Warping Energy (Su): Zern have control over a powerful form of mutating energy which can damage a creature by causing its flesh to shift and tear. This attack is a standard action and can take the form of either a melee or ranged touch attack. When used as a ranged touch attack it has a range of 120 feet with no range increment. This attack deals 1d6/2HD + Int modifier damage. This attack can only affect living creatures. This attack is a polymorphing effect.

Transmutation Affinity (Ex): The Zern race specializes in transmutation magic due to their own shapeshifting abilities. The save DC’s of any transmutation spells or spell-like abilities the Zern uses increase by +1 for every 4 HD the Zern possesses. Additionally, a Zern who multiclasses into an arcane casting class can count his Zern levels as levels of that class for purposes of CL and for the purposes of learning new spells and getting new spell slots, but not for any other abilities.

Adaptive Defenses (Ex): A Zern’s ever-changing physiology allows it to shrug off effects that attack its endurance or disrupt its bodily functions. At 2nd level a Zern gains a +2 racial bonus against effects that require fortitude saves unless those effects also affect objects or are harmless. This bonus increases to +4 at 6th level, and again to +6 at 10th level. At 14th level the Zern loses these bonuses and instead becomes immune to any effect that those bonuses would have applied against.

Shifting Guise (Su): Zern are capable of changing their body into nearly any form. This effect is identical to the effects of Alter Self. A Zern can shift in this manner once per day per HD. At 10th level, a Zern can use this ability at will and may stay in any form it assumes for any amount of time.

Shifter’s Power (Sp): Zern are masters of transformative magic. At 3rd level a Zern can use reduce person and enlarge person each as a spell-like ability once per day per HD. It can use those SLAs on itself regardless of creature type.

Shifting Anatomy (Ex): A Zern’s body is constantly moving and shifting; even when it doesn’t appear to be. At 4th level, a Zern becomes immune to stunning and extra damage from critical hits and sneak attacks. At 10 HD, the Zern also becomes immune to poisons and diseases.

Morphic Healing (Ex): When wounded, a Zern's body naturally repairs itself by forming undamaged flesh. The Zern gains fast healing 1. This fast healing increases by another point for every 4 HD the Zern possesses.

Shifter's Power, Greater (Sp): At 5th level, a Zern’s natural transmutation magic becomes more powerful. He may use gaseous form once per day per two HD. As a Zern gains levels, these powers continue to grow. Any save DCs are 10+1/2 HD+Int mod.
At 8 HD, a Zern may use polymorph as a spell-like ability once per day per 4 HD.
At 10 HD, the Zern can use baleful polymorph as a spell-like ability once per day per 5 HD.
At 15 HD, a Zern can use polymorph any object once per day per 6 HD.
Finally, at 20 HD, a Zern can use shapechange as a spell-like ability once per day per 10 HD.

Mutable Form (Ex): At 6th level a Zern has mastered its own morphic powers to the point to where it can rapidly alter its own metabolism, internal structures, organs, and other bodily systems to cope with a variety of environments and situations. As a swift action, a Zern can gain one of the following benefits. Each benefit has an unlimited duration. Generally, a Zern remains in one form, and then slips into another one as the situation dictates. When a Zern uses a swift action to gain one of these forms, it loses the benefits of the form it previously held.

    Adrenal Surge: The Zern’s upper-body muscles bulge and grow with enhanced power. It gains a +2 bonus on attack rolls and a +4 bonus on damage rolls, including those using its warping energy ability.
    Boneless Form: The Zern’s body seems to melt into a puddle of goo as its bones liquefy. It gains a +8 bonus on Escape Artist checks, which increases to +16 on checks made to squeeze through a tight area.
    Impervious Hide: The Zern’s skin shifts into plates of armor. It gains a +4 bonus to AC and DR 5/piercing.
    Size Shift: The Zern can shift to Large or Small size. A Large Zern gains a +2 bonus to Strength, and its space and reach increase to 10 feet; one that shifts to Small takes a –2 Strength penalty. The Zern gains the standard size bonuses or penalties on attacks, Hide checks, and so forth. This stacks with the Zern’s Shifter’s Power ability.
    Speed Burst: The Zern’s legs lengthen and its lower body muscles bulge and grow. Its base speed increases by 30 feet.

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Done by AustontheGreat1 from GITP

Oslecamo's Ideas / Zodar
« on: June 26, 2017, 01:25:59 AM »

LevelBabFortRefWillFeatureManeuvers KnownManeuvers ReadiedStances Kown
1+0+0+0 + 0Zodar Body, Enigmatic Style, Unknown Origin, Powerful Takedown, +1 Str211
2+1+0+0+0Sublime Grapple, +1 Str311
3+2+1+1+1Constrict, +1 Str322
4+3+1+1+1Black Plate,  +1 Str422
5+3+1+1+1Burst of Strength, +1 Cha, +1 Str523
6+4+2+2+2Incredible Style, +1 Str533
7+5+2+2+2Sublime Submission, +1 Str +1 Cha634
8+6+2+2+2Show of Strength, +1 Str644
9+6+3+3+3Incredibly Powerful,+1 Str, +1 Cha745
10+7+3+3+3Power Field, +1 Str755
11+8+3+3+3Enigmatic Grasp, +1 Str856
12+8+4+4+4Whisper of Change, +1 Str86
13+9+4+4+4Power Plate, +1 Str967
14+9+4+4+4Power Style, +1 Str977
15+10+5+5+5Come At Me, +1 Str1078
16+10+5+5+5Invulnerability, Words of Change, +1 Str1189

Skill Points: 2+Int mod per level (x4 at 1st level). Class Skills none.

Proficiencies: Its own natural weapons

Zodar Body: The Zodar loses all other racial bonuses and becomes a construct, with all of its advantages and disadvantages, except for the extra HP:
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The Zodar is a medium sized construct with base speed 30 feet. It has two slam attacks dealing 2d6+Str mod damage each. The Zodar may attack with both fists in a full attack without penalty.

It also gains a bonus to its Nat armor equal to its Str modifier. Despite its appearance, the Zodar is not made of metal, but some sort of ceramic substance surrounding a solid mass of artificial muscle capable of producing tremendous bursts of strength. The Zodar never counts as made of metal, stone or wood for ill effects such as rust attacks and similar.

Finally it gains +1 HP per HD. This bonus retroactively increases by +1 for every 5 HD of the Zodar.

Enigmatic Style: The inner workings of a Zodar don't just replicate flesh muscle fibers-they improve the design, making the Zodar unique among constructs in its ability to replicating martial arts. The Zodar gains known and readied maneuvers and known stances as shown on the table. It can learn those maneuvers from any school it wishes, as long as it fulfills all other prerequisites of that maneuver/school, but the stances must be of the same school of the other maneuvers it knows. Its Initiator Level is equal to its Zodar level and it can only learn maneuvers of a level no higher than 1/2 IL+1. If the Zodar attempts to start a normal grapple, or fights defensively with a magic weapon without using any maneuver, it instantly regains all expended maneuvers.

In addition the Zodar automatically becomes proficient with any non-exotic weapon of the school of maneuvers/stances it knows, and the key skills of those schools also become class skills for the Zodar. This works retroactively, meaning any cross-ranks the Zodar had bought on those skills now count as full ranks. The Zodar’s slams always count as favored weapons for the chosen schools.

The Zodar can choose and prepare its readied maneuvers with 5 minutes of standing perfectly still.

At 4th level, and all subsequent even-numbered level, the Zodar can swap one of its older maneuvers with a new one he qualifies for from the same school.

Unknown Origin: Even the greatest sages have little clues as to who or what created the Zodars, nor for what purpose, having trouble even figuring out how they work, and the Zodars themselves are awfully silent in the matter. Some specialists imagine it's the last remains of some ancient civilization from an alternate reality. Others theorize that it's actually a product from an apocalyptic future, sent back in time to try to change things back in the right path. For now the Zodar cannot speak, and its class abilities cannot be replicated/copied/stolen/similar by other effects.

Powerful Takedown: Zodars prefer to restrain their opponents rather than just punching them into pulp. The Zodar gains Improved Grapple as a bonus feat even if it doesn't meet the prerequisites. If the Zodar has 8 HD or more it ignores Freedom of Movement effects on its opponents for grappling purposes.

Ability Score Increase: The Zodar gains +2 Str at first level and +1 at every other level for a total of +17 Str at 16th level.

Sublime Grapple: At 2nd level when the Zodar uses a maneuver that calls for a basic attack, the Zodar may perform a basic grapple instead. Any effects that would occur if the basic attack hits happen if your basic grapple succeeds instead.

Constrict: At 3rd level when the Zodar suceeds on a grapple check, it may deal 1d6+1.5xStr mod damage to its target. It can choose for this damage to be non-lethal without penalty.

Black Plate: Some are beautifully ornate, while others are plain and simply functional, but in either case the Zodar is protected by a polished armor. At 4th level the Zodar gains DR/bludgeoning equal to ½ its HD and SR equal to 11+HD, which he may lower or raise at any time as a free action even if it isn't his turn.

Burst of Strength: At 5th level, once per hour as a free action the Zodar can double its Str score for all purposes for a duration of 1 round. At 10th level, and again at 15th, he can use this ability an additional time per hour, but not more than 1/round. This also grants the Zodar a racial bonus to Jump and Intimidate checks equal to its Zodar levels plus half other levels.

Incredible Style: At 6th level, 1/day per 6 HD the Zodar can use any one maneuver of a school belonging to one of the schools he knows as if he had readied it, even if he doesn't know said maneuver or doesn't have it readied, as long as that maneuver isn't of a level higher than the highest readied maneuver the Zodar has. In addition, the Zodar's base speed increases by 10 feet.

Sublime Submission: The Zodar may just be human sized, but it knows how to use the size of bigger opponents to its advantage. At 7th level, while grappling, the Zodar never suffers penalties for being smaller than its opponent, nor does its opponent gain bonuses for being larger. The Zodar may also take a -10 penalty on the grapple checks to not count itself as grappled, simply holding its opponent in one of its arms (meaning it can't be used for other tasks like slam attacks). Finally if an opponent tries any kind of teleportation or similar while grappled by the Zodar, the Zodar can choose to go along.

Show of Strength: Zodar can be found anywhere, and only very rarely will  two Zodar be found working together. Each Zodar cares only for its goal, whatever it may be, and won't usually meddle with other's affairs. However, when a Zodar does act it is very destructive to its surroundings. At 8th level 1/minute as a move action the Zodar may rip off an adjacent piece of scenery such as a wall chunk or ship mast, as long as it doesn't have a total volume bigger than a 5 foot cube per HD. To do this he must succeed on a Break check against the inanimate object, in which he can use his grapple bonus. If he succeeds, the Zodar can then use it as a thrown weapon with a range increment 10 feet per HD and that affects an area equal to the one it previously filled, dealing damage as your slam two size categories larger. (If multiple targets are in the affected area, roll one attack and compare to each target's AC). This can be combined with a Strike maneuver which normally has a single target, in which case it affects everything in the affected area. Either way the object crumbles after being thrown. If it isn't used within 1d4 rounds after being ripped off it crumbles by itself anyway.

Incredibly Powerful: At 9th level, the Zodar's slam attacks gain an enchantment bonus on attack rolls, damage rolls and grapple checks equal to 1/3 its HD, and count as magic for bypassing DR.

Power Field: At 10th level the Zodar gains a Deflection bonus to AC equal to the modifier of a mental stat of its choice, and its slam attacks gain a permanent Ghost Touch effect.

Enigmatic Grasp: At 11th level the Zodar adds the modifier of a mental stat of its choice to all grapple checks, and its base speed increases by 10 feet.

Whisper of Change: The Zodar can now utter a single sentence fragment which everyone nearby understands to have a big importance, regardless of their language. At 12th level the Zodar can use Limited Wish 1/day as an SLA, save DC 10+1/2 HD+Str mod, except it must pay the XP cost if it duplicates any spell with an XP or expensive material component cost.

Power Plate: At 13th level the Zodar's Black Plate DR becomes equal to its HD and its SR increases by 4.

Power Style: At 14th level 1/day per HD as a free action even if it isn't its turn the Zodar can use its Str score instead of any other ability score when using a maneuver, and count as having max ranks in the key skill of that maneuver's schools for determining its effects. In addition the Zodar can choose to not count itself as grappled without any penalty by holding its opponent in one of its arms (meaning it can't be used for other tasks like slam attacks).

Come At Me: A Zodar prefers not to initiate attacks, but always stands ready to fight in self-defense. At 15th level 1/round if the Zodar is attacked by someone it hadn't harmed in 24 hours, the Zodar can choose to instantly take an extra standard action, which must be spent attacking the one that attacked him. (This action is taken after the opponent’s attack is resolved, and the Zodar cannot affect anyone other than that opponent with the extra standard action, including itself). The Zodar's base speed also increases by 10 feet.

Invulnerability: At 16th level the Zodar becomes impervious to all damage and ill effects (including magic ones) except those from bludgeoning weapons, and the enhancement bonus (if any ) of such a weapon is disregarded when determining the result of the attack. For purposes of this ability, any weapon can be used as bludgeoning in a pinch, but counts as a simple improvised weapon in that case. If the Zodar would become immune to bludgeoning damage by any means, then it loses this ability.

Words of Change: At 16th level the Zodar can now use Wish 1/day as an SLA, save DC 10+1/2 HD+Str mod, except it must pay the XP costs if it creates any permanent lasting effect. Once per year it may create a permanent/lasting effect up to 5000 XP without paying the XP cost. Once per century it may create a permanent/lasting effect up to 10,000 XP without paying the XP cost.

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Play by Post / Phantasy Star/Tainted World Campaigns
« on: June 25, 2017, 11:00:23 AM »
So most of my homebrew has been transfered (thanks a lot to Bhu and everybody else who helped!). Still need to clean lots of stuff but not in a hurry anymore, and I have some campaign itches to scratch.

So I would like to check if any of the the players of my minmaxboards campaigns are still interested and whetever they managed to save their character sheets. I would also be up for fresh restarts for the new forum in case we can't salvage enough stuff.

Oslecamo's Ideas / SRWd20 Terror Tactics School
« on: June 25, 2017, 05:11:46 AM »
Terror Tactics


Fear is an ancient primordial thing among humanoids, but mechas allowed it to scale to previously unimaginable levels. Titans of metal descending from the skies, unleashing destruction in scales the humanoid mind simply cannot begin to understand, can easily overload the minds and souls of most humanoids, making them break down into sobbering messes.

Maneuver List

1st level
Shaken Blow: Strike-Shaken
Shaken Retaliation: Counter-Shaken
Anxiety: Boost- Increase the duration of fear effects, immunity piercing.
Old Fear: Stance–Cha against afraid enemies,
New Fear Stance-Use other stats for fear stuff and Intimidate.

2nd level
Break Soul: Strike- Deal damage to power points, spell slots/prepared, or spirit points.
No Retreat: Strike-Extra damage against those that moved away from you.
Menace: Boost- remove fear from ally.
Scary Hope: Counter-Anyone saving against a Fear effect must re-roll.

3rd level
Frighten Blow:[ /i]Strike-Inflict Frighten on attack.
Fear Mastery: Stance- Increased Fear duration or pierce Fear immunity.
Frighten Retaliation: Counter-Inflict Frighten when attacked.
Hysteria: Boost-Even if enemies save against fear they suffer temporary penalties.
4th level
Make an Example of:Strike- auto-crit if targeted enemy afraid.
Neverendinf Fear: Counter-block anti-fear
Break Morale: Boost-fear aura

5th level
Phobia: Boost- Increase the DC of Fear effects
Panic Blow: Strike-Panic
Panic Retaliation: Counter-Panic on hit

6th level
Cruel Mercy: Boost-Fear spread.
All Alone: Strike-Make target unable to count as ally.
Fearsome Reputation: Stance- Fear aura

7th level
Fear of Failure: Counter–Turn roll into auto-1.
Fear me, but Follow: Strike-Charm feared enemy, dominate if they're too afraid.
You can Panic now: Boost-All who attack you become afraid.

8th level
Not Afraid Anymore?:Stance- Fear spread.
Paranoia: Boost-attack Makes unable to count as ally, strip fear immunity, penalty on saves.

9th level
Death Flag: Counter- Things are definitely not going to end nicely.

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Oslecamo's Ideas / SRWd20 Sample NPCs
« on: June 25, 2017, 04:06:00 AM »
As the title says.

Sadly I can't seem to find several of the previous ones, so if anybody by chance saved them, please inform me.


Why am I writing this guide?
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Here's what I plan to do in this guide for now:
1-Monster crunch
1A-Feats and skills
1C-Advancing monsters HD
1D-Adding levels
1E-Items and treasure

2-Customizing monsters to the party.
2A-Evaluating players strenghts and weaknesses.
2B-Making sure your monsters don't hit too hard or too weak.
2C-Right answers to the right party threats.

3-Monster life
3A-How do the monsters and players meet.
3B-Monster groups and organizations
3C-Terrain and traps
3D-Monster tactics and mentality
3F-Solo Bosses


Disclaimer about CR:

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1-Monster crunch

1A-Feats and skills

Monsters really suck at picking their feats. The tarrasque picks toughness. Multiple times. While the party is doing those uber feat chains.

But remember, you can change your monster feats! This alone can greatly improve a monster's power and fun factor for both the DM and the party and is quite simple to do. Here are some sugestions:

Core feats
"Nom nom nom"
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Noncore feats
“We could do that?”-Krork, orc warchief
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As you may have noticed, a monster's character level for picking up feats is determined by it's number of HD. This means that, right, a monster with more than 20 HD is considered epic and can pick up epic feats. And there's a lot of monsters out there with more than 20HD while being of nonepic CR. Some may call this broken, but after level 5-6 PCs start to get nasty and you may need to pull the big guns to keep them challenged whitout doing an auto-TPK. Here they are, all from epic level handbook:

Epic feats
IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!
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As a last note on feats, remember, nowhere it says that monsters can't pick up flaws, so if you're short in feats for them feel free to give your monsters one or two flaws. And if you're at it, go ahead and give them a trait.

”Did you know that wood burns better than rocks?”-Mog, goblin weaponsmith

Monsters also aren't very smart at picking their skills, and normally they're in a completely messed up state. My sugestion is to clean it all up, maximize relevant skills and then puting whatever's left on whatever you like, be it knowledge:adventurers or profession: monster.

A monster can have a total of ranks on a skill equal to it's HD+3. It may pay off to remember the epic uses of skills for monsters with lots of HD.

Relevant skills for monsters:
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Skill tricks
"Watch me pull out your head out of this hat."-ogre magi

Like flaws, nobody says monsters can't pick those up. There are some that are really worth looking at. All from Complete scoundrel:

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I'm a vampire now. Do I glitter in the sun? AAYYEEEE!!!-random twilight fangirl, after acquring vampirism, last words.

Templates are a quick way of spiffing up a monster, altough they normaly change the CR. Like feats, certain templates may be more usefull to certain monsters than others.

Also, there's two main kinds of templates. Some pretty much just give abilities(bonus). The others take and give abilities, the main example being skeleton and zombie(replace).

Bonus templates
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Zero-Templates: Those templates don't actually increase a monster's CR, thus making them a great way to buff monsters.
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Replace templates
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Just like monsters, there's plenty of templates out there, and I didn't memorize them all so if you know any cool one that isn't above, feel free to point it out! I'll probably add more onmy own iniative as I remember them.

Extra: If you don't mind homebrew, check out the Improved Monster Classes on my sig, wich further expands several of the templates mentioned here!

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