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Metamagic and You: A Thesis – RelentlessImp
« on: June 16, 2017, 01:31:00 AM »
Metamagic and You
by Xtis Cee, Gnome Shadowcraft Mage

My previous theses (On Illusions and Erogenous Zones of Females Across the Multiverse) touched on the subject of metamagic only briefly. For good reason; the manipulation of the parameters of known spells is not a subject for the faint of heart. While any mage can extend or remove the need for somatic or verbal components (and rarely both), doing more is usually more trouble than it's worth. It is usually better to perform a spell of a spell level equal to the adjustment of most metamagics, such as empowering or maximizing.
However, it's come to my attention that there are magic-users who manage to do so with great efficiency. Over the last few years, I've devoted myself to researching the methods that these wizards, sorcerers, clerics, beguilers, dread necromancers, archivists, and so on manage to do so without being driven mad by the consumption of spell slots that could have been used for something equal or better. With a little focus, however, not only can they keep from being driven mad, but they can usually reduce these costs to the point where it would be stupid not to use metamagic.
The results of my research are outlined below.
Results highlighted in Green are excellent options.
Results highlighted in Blue are decent options.
Results not highlighted are okay options.
Results highlighted in Red are horrible, horrible options that should die fiery deaths.
And results highlighted in Purple, my personal favorite, are options that are so good, you would be a mentally handicapped halfling if you didn't seek them out.
Full List of Metamagic Feats
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Class Features
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Honorable Mentions
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Metamagic Master
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Tome Metamagic Master
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Solo (Ultimate Magus)
Caelic (Metamagic School Focus)
CantripN (Citadel Mystic)
cru (Arcane Reach, Power Components {list compiled by RI}, Recaster)
dirkformica (Incantatrix 2/3/7/9)
Endarire (Metamagic Song)
Garryl (Runesmith, Shadowcraft Mage, Gnome Illusionist)
jameswilliamogle (Naenhoon Word, Metamagic Rods, Mastery feats)
JaronK (Tainted Sorcerer)
KhellKheraptis (Irresistible Spell)
McPoyo (Undead Battery)
Nanshork (Halruuan Elder's Adroit Casting)
Nemain (Spelldancer)
ninjarabbit (Abjurant Champion, Suel Arcanamach)
Ramaloke (Residual Magic, Circle Magic, Metanode Spell, Soul Tick, Arcane Spellsurge, Geometer, Dark Scholar)
Saxony (Metaphysical Spell Shaper; blame him for the inclusion of Book of Lawls)
Tethlis (Slaymate)
The_Mad_Linguist (Eldritch Corruption)
Widow (Mystic, Sanctum Spell, Sharn, Phaerimm, Forceful Magic, Action Points, Empowered Spellshards, Amulet of Supremacy, War Wizard of Cormyr, Clerics of Mystra, Hierophant, Mastery of Elements, Escalation Mage)
wotmaniac (Radiant Servant of Pelor 2/10, Master Transmogrifist)

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