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Complete (Su) List - For Shapechange
« on: June 16, 2017, 02:06:39 PM »
Hey everybody, this is a port/repost of the Complete (Su) List - For Shapechange (by TaisharMalkier) thread originally from 339.  It was started by TaisharMalkier back in 2004, and I sort of took over the reigns when he dropped off the boards.  I was planning to repost and update the info back in 2006, but life prevented me from doing so.  So, without further adieu, I give you the...

Complete List of Supernatural Abilities:

From the Monster Manual: (Compiled by TaisharMalkier)

Aboleth (Aberration) [8 HD] {pp. 8} - Dominate Person 3 / Day

Allip (Undead) [4 HD] {pp. 10} - babble 60' burst hypnotism 2d4 rounds constant, madness d4 wis dmg to any who telepathy/thought detection/mind control, wisdom drain touch D4 wis (you gain 5 temp hits per drain).

Astral Deva (Outsider) [12 HD] {pp. 11} - stun (strike an opponent twice in a round, save or stun for D6 rounds)

Archons (Outsider) [1-12 HD] {pp. 16} - constant magic circle against evil, aura of menace 20' constant -2 to attacks/ac/saves, greater teleport at will self only, constant tongues

Trumpet Archon (Outsider) [12 HD] {pp. 18} - trumpet 100' paralyzed d4 rounds at will, can change trumpet to +4 greatsword at will

Arrowhawks (Outsider) [3-15 HD] {pp. 19} - electricity ray 1/round 50' 2D6 or 2D8 electrical

Assassin Vine (Plant) [4 HD] {pp. 20} - Entangle at will

Barghest (Outsider) [6 HD] {pp. 22} - feed upon 3 humanoid creatures with your HD or greater and gain +1 HD/Str/Con/Natural Armor at will [broken]

Abyssal Greater Basilisk (Outsider) [18 HD] {pp. 24} - stone gaze 30' at will, smite good 1/day

Basilisk (Magical Beast) [6 HD] {pp. 24} - stone gaze, 30' at will

Belker (Elemental) [7 HD] {pp. 27} - smoke form (gaseous form) (free) 50' fly perfect at will

Behir (Magical Beast) [9 HD] {pp. 25} - Breath 7D6 elec, 1/10 rounds

Bodak (Undead) [9 HD] {pp. 28} - death gaze 30' at will

Gauth (Aberration) [6 HD] {pp. 26} - Eye Rays (sleep, inflict mod wounds, dispel magic, scorching ray, paralysis, exhaustion) at will, stunning gaze - 1 round stun, 30' at will

Beholder (Aberration) [11 HD] {pp. 26} - Eye Rays (charm onster, charm person, distinegrate, fear, finger of death, flesh to stone, inflict moderate wounds, sleep, slow, telekenisis) at will, Antimagic Cone at will

Blink Dog (Magical Beast) [4 HD] {pp. 28} - Blink (free) at will, Dimension Door (free) self only at will

Chaos Beast (Outsider) [8 HD] {pp. 33} - upon hit save or -4 dex, -10 feet or 25% (whatever is less) movement, can't cast spells or use items, -4 to attacks, 50% miss chance attacking anything, 1 point of wisdom drain a round, Cha check per round to cure

Chimera (Magical Beast) [9 HD] {pp. 34} - Breath shape/element varies, 3D8 damage 1 / D4 rounds

Choker (Aberration) [3 HD] {pp. 34} - quickness (extra standard or move action each round) [potentially broken]

Cloaker (Aberration) [6 HD] {pp. 36} - Shadow Shift (20% miss chance for D4 rounds, or Mirror Image, or Silent Image) [Only place you can find mirror image and illusion, in mm at least]

Cockatrice (Magical Beast) [5 HD] {pp. 37} - petrification bite

Couatl (Outsider) [9 HD] {pp. 37} - ethereal jaunt, telepathy 90' any language

Darkmantle (Magical Beast) [1 HD] {pp. 38} - Darkness 1/day

Demons (Outsider) [2-20 HD] {pp. 40} - see in any darkness, even magical

Babau (Outsider) [7 HD] {pp. 40} - protective slime weapons that hit you take D8 acid
damage if fail save, creatures wielding natural weapons as well

Balor (Outsider) [20 HD] {pp. 40} - +1 vorpal longsword, anyone grappling takes 6d6 fire, true seeing constant [broken]

Beblith (Outsider) [12 HD] {pp. 42} - plane shift at will

Dretch (Outsider) [2 HD] {pp. 42} - 100' telepathy

Glaberzu (Outsider) [12 HD] {pp. 43} - true seeing constant

Marilith (Outsider) [16 HD] {pp. 44} - true seeing constant

Nalfenshee (Outsider) [14 HD] {pp. 45} - true seeing constant, 60' radius dazed for d10 rounds at will

Retriever (Construct) [10 HD] {pp. 46} - eye rays (free) 1/round rotation 12D6 fire, electricity, cold, petrification [fairly nice for free actions]

Succubus (Outsider) [7 HD] {pp. 47} - kiss bestow negative level and suggests to kiss again, constant tongues

Vrock (Outsider) [10 HD] {pp. 48} - dance of ruin 100' 20D6 (requires 3 vrock), 30' stun for 1 round 1/hour

Barbed Devil (Outsider) [12 HD] {pp. 51} - barbed defense any that strike you take D8+6 piercing/slashing damage constant, hit causes fear as spell

Bearded Devil (Outsider) [6 HD] {pp. 52} - infernal wound 2 additional damage every round after strike till cure with a CL check of 16+

Bone Devil (Outsider) [10 HD] {pp. 52} - fear aura (free) all within 5' as spell at will

Chain Devil (Outsider) [8 HD] {pp. 53} - dancing chains (animate 4 chains), 30' gaze -2 attack for D3 rounds at will

Erinyes (Outsider) [9 HD] {pp. 54} - continuous true seeing

Horned Devil (Outsider) [15 HD] {pp. 55} - 5' fear aura at will, on hit save or stun for d4 rounds, infernal wound 2 additional damage every round after strike till cure with a CL check of 24+

Ice Devil (Outsider) [14 HD] {pp. 56} - 10' fear aura at will, slow on hit d6 rounds

Pit Fiend (Outsider) [18 HD] {pp. 57} - disease d4 strength, 20' fear aura at will

Destrachan (Aberration) [8 HD] {pp. 49} - 80' cone or 30' burst, 4D6 sonic, 6D6 nonlethal, or objects make fortitude save or shatter

Devourer (Undead) [12 HD] {pp. 58} - negative energy drain on hit or spectral hand, death attack absorb creature, spell deflection - absorbed creature gives you immunity to some spells

Displacer Beast (Magical Beast) [6 HD] {pp. 66} - displacement 50% miss chance, +2 save against ranged attacks

Doppelganger (Monstrous Humanoid) [4 HD] {pp. 67} - Detect thoughts at will

Dragons (Dragon) [3-41 HD] {pp. 68} - breath weapons, type / damage varies

Silver Dragon (Dragon) [7-40 HD] {pp. 87} - walk on clouds

Dragon Turtle (Dragon) [12 HD] {pp. 88} - Breath 12D6 fire, 1/ D4 rounds, usable underwater

Dragonne (Magical Beast) [9 HD] {pp. 89} - roar 1/ d4 rounds, within 120' save or be fatigued, 30' save or be exhausted

Ethereal Filcher (Aberration) [5 HD] {pp. 104} - detect magic at will, ethereal jaunt at will

Ethereal Marauder (Magical Beast) [2 HD] {pp. 105} - ethereal jaunt at will

Frost Worm (Magical Beast) [14 HD] {pp. 111} - trill 100' burst stun (concentration + D4 rounds) at will, Breath 30' cone 15D6 cold 1/hour

Djinni (Outsider) [7 HD] {pp. 114} - whirlwind form at will

Ghaele (Outsider) [10 HD] {pp. 94} - tongues continuous, gaze - death against evil creatures with under 5 HD, fear 2d10 rounds if saved, save against fear if not evil or more then 5HD, magic circle against evil, lesser glove of invulnerability, +4 deflection AC and +4 saves to allies within 20'

Bralini (Outsider) [6 HD] {pp. 93} - tongues constant, whirlwind form, line 3d6 damage in WW form 20'

Air Elemental (Elemental) [2-24 HD] {pp. 96} - whirlwind form

Water Elemental (Elemental) [2-24 HD] {pp. 100} - vortex (underwater whirlwind form)

Formian Worker (Outsider) [1 HD] {pp. 109} - cure serious wounds (requires 8 individuals)

Formian Taskmaster (Outsider) [6 HD] {pp. 109} - dominate monster, usable on any type up to size large, control up to 4 subjects at once

Formian Queen (Outsider) [20 HD] {pp. 110} - 50 mile telepathy with any intelligent creature [go telephone!]

Ghoul (Undead) [2 HD] {pp. 119} - disease d3 con/dex

Ghast (Undead) [4 HD] {pp. 119} - disease d3 con/dex

Clay Golem (Construct) [11 HD] {pp. 134} - after 1 round of combat Haste (free) 3 rounds, 1/day

Iron Golem (Construct) [18 HD] {pp. 136} - breath 10' cube (free) 1/d4+1 rounds d4 con
damage secondary 3d4 con damage

Stone Golem (Construct) [14 HD] {pp. 136} - slow (free) 1/2 rounds 10' for 7 rounds

Avoral (Outsider) [7 HD] {pp. 141} - Fear aura 20' 1/day, true seeing at will (concentration), lay on hands equal to hit points, speak with animals as the spell (free)

Leonal (Outsider) [12 HD] {pp. 142} - roar 3/day 60' cone holy word spell + 2d6 sonic, continual magic circle against evil, lesser globe of invulnerability, +4 deflection AC and saves 20', lay on hands equal to hit points, speak with animals as the spell (free)

Storm Giant (Giant) [19 HD] {pp. 125} - continuos freedom of movement

Gibbering Mouther (Aberration) [4 HD] {pp. 126} - Ground Manipulation (adjacent squares must take move equivalent action or become pinned) at will

Svifneblin (Humanoid) [1 HD] {pp. 132} - continuos non detection

Gorgon (Magical Beast) [8 HD] {pp. 137} - breath 60' cone 1 / d4 rounds, petrification

Green Hag (Monstrous Humanoid) [9 HD] {pp. 143} - weakness touch attack, 2d4 str damage at will

Sea Hag (Monstrous Humanoid) [3 HD] {pp. 144} - appearance 2D6 str damage 3/day, Evil eye fail will save dazed for 3 days, fail fort as well and die 1/day

Harpy (Monstrous Humanoid) [7 HD] {pp. 150} - captivating song 300' charm (charmed creatures come to you by fastest route, stand next to you) concentration + 1 round, at will

Hell Hound (Outsider) [4 HD] {pp. 152} - breath 10' cone 1/2d4 rounds 2d6 fire, +1d6 fire on bites

Nessian Warhound (Outsider) [12 HD] {pp. 152} - breath 10' cone 1/2d4 rounds 3d6 fire, +1d8 fire on bites

Cryo-Pyro Hydra (Magical Beast) [5-12 HD] {pp. 156} - breath 3D6 per head cold/fire 1 / d4 rounds [!!! 36D6 with 12 headed hydra]

Kolyarut (Construct) [13 HD] {pp. 159} - enervation ray 200' at will (CL13th), Vampiric Touch as the spell at will (CL13th)

Marut (Construct) [15 HD] {pp. 159} - fists of thunder and lightning, left first deals 3d6 sonic and save or be deafened 2d6 rounds, right first deals 3d6 electricity save or be blinded 2d6 rounds

Invisible Stalker (Elemental) [8 HD] {pp. 160} - always invisible, even when attacking, not subject to invisibility purge or dispel

Krenshar (Magical Beast) [2 HD] {pp. 163} - scare at will

Kuoton (Monstrous Humanoid) [2 HD] {pp. 163} - lightning bolt 1 / d4 rounds, need 2+, D6 damage per whip

Lamia (Magical Beast) [9 HD] {pp. 165} - touch wisdom drain D4, at will

Lammasu (Magical Beast) [7 HD] {pp. 166} - continuous magic circle against evil, breath 30' cone 6d8 fire 1 /day

Medusa (Monstrous Humanoid) [6 HD] {pp. 180} - petrifying gaze 30', at will

Mephits (Outsider) [3 HD] {pp. 181} - breath cones, varying effects

Mohrg (Undead) [14 HD] {pp. 189} - on tongue hit save or paralyzed for d4 minutes, creatures killed become zombies under mohrg's control

Mummy (Undead) [8 HD] {pp. 190} - despair on sight save or paralyzed for d4 rounds, diseaes d6 con and d6 cha, continutes untill cured or dies

Dark Naga (Aberration) [9 HD] {pp. 191} - detect thoughts at will

Spirit Naga (Aberration) [9 HD] {pp. 192} - charm person at will

Night Hag (Outsider) [8 HD] {pp. 193} - dream haunting [unusable]

Nightmare (Outsider) [6 HD] {pp. 194} - blows from hooves set flamable materials alight, breath 15' cone save or -2 penalty on attack/damage rolls for 1d6 minutes (free) at will - you gain concealment from creatures 5' away, total concealment from creatures 10' away, astral projection at will, etherealness at will

Nightcrawler (Undead) [25 HD] {pp. 195} - 20' undead +2 attacks/damage/saves/+2hp per HD constant, energy drain (inside stomach gain negative level each round +5 temp hits), Summon undead 1/night (9-16 shadows or 3-6 greater shadows, or 2-4 dread wraiths) arrive in d10 rounds, serve for 1 hour

Nightwalker (Undead) [21 HD] {pp. 196} - 20' undead +2 attacks/damage/saves/+2hp per HD constant, crush item destroy any weapon or item of large size or smaller by crushing it, gaze 30' paralyzed d8 rounds, summon undead (7-12 shadows, 2-5 greater shadows, or 1-2 dread wraiths) arrive in d10 rounds, serve for 1 hour

Nightwing (Undead) [17 HD] {pp. 197} - 20' undead +2 attacks/damage/saves/+2hp per HD constant, magic drain touch to drain point of enhancement of a magic armor/ewapon/shield, summon undead (5-12 shadows, or 2-4 greater shaodws, or 1 dread wraith) arrive in d10 rounds, serve for 1 hour

Nymph (Fey) [6 HD] {pp. 197} - 30' blind humanoid at will, stun gaze 30' 2d4 rounds at will, cha bonus to saves and cha bonus of deflection

Ogre Mage (Giant) [5 HD] {pp. 200} - flight at will (free)

Phantom Fungus (Plant) [2 HD] {pp. 207} - continuous greater invisibility

Phase Spider (Magical Beast) [5 HD] {pp. 207} - ethereal jaunt at will

Psuedodragon (Dragon) [2 HD] {pp. 210} - 60' telepathy

Rakshaka (Outsider) [7 HD] {pp. 211} - detect thoughts continuous (free)

Rast (Outsider) [4 HD] {pp. 213} - 30' gaze paralyze d6 rounds, flight (free)

Ravid (Outsider) [3 HD] {pp. 213} - touch attacks 2d10 damage to undead, animate object 1/round (CL20), Flight (free)

Shadow (Undead) [3 HD] {pp. 221} - d6 str damage touch attack (dies at 0 str), creates shadow from any slain under control

Greater Shadow (Undead) [9 HD] {pp. 221} - d8 str damage touch attack (dies at 0 str), creates shadow from any slain under control

Shadow Mastiff (Outsider) [4 HD] {pp. 222} - bay 300' panick 2d4 rounds, in anything besides full daylight blend into shadows for total concealment at will

Shield Guardian (Construct) [15 HD] {pp. 223} - find master if on same plane [unusable]

Shocker Lizard (Magical Beast) [2 HD] {pp. 224} - 2D8 nonlethal targeted, lethal shock 2D8 lightning per lizard, 2+ lizards

Red Slaad (Outsider) [7 HD] {pp. 229} - 1/day 20' stun d3 rounds

Blue Slaad (Outsider) [8 HD] {pp. 229} - disease d3 dex/cha damage (die at 0 cha), becomes red/green slaad at death

Spectre (Undead) [4 HD] {pp. 232} - energy drain on hit 2 negative levels +5 temp hitpoints, creature spawn from any creatures slain under control, animals don't want to approach within 30' and panic if have to

Androsphinx (Magical Beast) [12 HD] {pp. 232} - 3/day roar 1st Roar: 500' fear 2nd Roar: 250' paralyzed/ 90' deafened 3rd Roar: 250' 2d4 str damage, 90' size medium or smaller save or fall prone and take 2d8 damage, 50 damage to stone and crystals within 50'

Spider Eater (Magical Beast) [4 HD] {pp. 234} - continuous freedom of movement

Grig (Fey) [1/2 HD] {pp. 235} - fiddle (otto's irresistable dance 30' burst save or dance = to concentration)

Pixie (Fey) [1 HD] {pp. 236} - continuous greater invisibility

Umber Hulk (Aberration) [8 HD] {pp. 249} - confusing gaze 30', confusion

Unicorn (Magical Beast) [4 HD] {pp. 250} - continous magic circle against evil

Vampire Spawn (Undead) [4 HD] {pp. 253} - dominate person 30', energy drain 1 negative levle on hit +5 temp hit, gaseous form at will indefinately fly speed 20' perfect

Vargouille (Outsider) [1 HD] {pp. 254} - shriek 60' paralyze 2d4 rounds, Kiss melee touch on paralyzed opponent save or change into vargouille

Wight (Undead) [4 HD] {pp. 255} - any slain become spawn under control of wight, on hit energy drain one negative level +5 temp hit

Winter Wolf (Magical Beast) [6 HD] {pp. 256} - breath 15' cone 1/d4 rounds 4d6 cold

Wraith (Undead) [5 HD] {pp. 258} - Con drain d6 on touch +5 temp hit, animals don't want to approach within 30' and panic if have to, create spawn under control from any slain

Dread Wraith (Undead) [16 HD] {pp. 258} - animals don't want to approach within 30' and panic if have to, Lifesense 60' works as blindsight and deathwatch, constitution drain d6 on touch +5 temp hit, create spawn from any slain under control

Xill (Outsider) [5 HD] {pp. 259} - Planewalk cross to etheral plane

Yeth Hound (Outsider) [3 HD] {pp. 260} - bay 300' panic 2d4 rounds, flight (free)

Yrthak (Magical Beast) [12 HD] {pp. 262} - sonic lance 1/2 rounds, 60' ray, 6D6 sonic, or explosion targeted at an object 2d6 in 10' radius
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Re: Complete (Su) List - For Shapechange
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From Monster Manual II: (Compiled by ksbsnowowl)

Abeil Soldier (Monstrous Humanoid) [6 HD] {pp. 22} - 40' burst of 6d6 sonic damage 1/ 1d4 rounds (full-round action; Ref DC 16), 60' spread Sleep with no hit die limit (full-round action; Will DC 14)

Abeil Queen (Monstrous Humanoid) [14 HD] {pp. 22} - 60' spread Sleep with no hit die limit (full-round action; Will DC 21)

Ash Rat  (Magical Beast) [1 HD] {pp. 24} - Flame Spit: 10 ft ranged touch attack deals 1d4 fire.
Also heals 1 hp each round it is in contact with fire/heat.

Asperi (Magical Beast) [4 HD] {pp. 25} - Feather Fall 4/day; Air Walk at 60' speed (aided, but not hampered by strong winds): 60' telepathy w/ any creature w/ Int 1+

Avolakia (Aberration) [10 HD] {pp. 28} - Immune to cold, disease, energy drain, and paralysis

Blood Ape (Magical Beast) [4 HD] {pp. 32} - can affect itself and other male blood apes with Animal Growth

Boggle (Monstrous Humanoid) [4 HD] {pp. 33} - Grease with a range of touch

Bone Naga (Undead) [15 HD] {pp. 35} - Continuous Detect Thoughts; 250' Telepathy (any language)

Braxat (Monstrous Humanoid) [10 HD] {pp. 37} - 3d8 cone of cold breath weapon 1/ 1d4 rounds; one mile range telepathy (any language)

Breathdrinker (Elemental) [8 HD] {pp. 39} - 30' Paralyzing gaze; 1d6 Con Drain (Fort DC 16) (full-round action), heals 5 hp/ point of Con drained; Invisibility

Bronze Serpent (Construct) [16 HD] {pp. 40} - Bite attack deals 1d8 +16 bonus electricity damage

Catoblepas (Aberration) [6 HD] {pp. 41} - 160' Death ray, 1/ 1d4 rounds

Celestial [Cervidal] (Outsider) [4 HD] {pp. 42} - Neutralize poison, remove disease, targeted dispel magic (vs illusions only, but automatically succeeds), dismissal, all at will, with a range of touch

Corollax (Magical Beast) [1 HD] {pp. 50} - Color spray once per round

Demon (Jovoc) () [ HD] {pp. } - 30' spread Aura of Retribution (all non-tanar'ri in area take equal damage as the Jovoc, save for half, but no resistances or DR apply) [note, the Jovoc also has fast healing 5]

Demon (Zovvuts) - level-draining gaze attack, 30' range; anyone slain by the level-draining becomes a wight under control of the Zovvuts

Demon (Kelvezu) - always active detect magic and see invisibility

Desmodu - 30' ray of 5d6 sonic damage or 30' spread that stuns for 1d4 rounds, usable 1/day; 30' spread that gives allies +2 bonus to rolls; 30' spread that gives foes -2 penalty to rolls, both at will

Devil (Amnizu) - touch range feeblemind

Devil (Malebrache) - 15' radius Fear

Amethyst Dragon - Breath weapon-line of concussive force (maxes out at 14d8 for 24 HD) can be made subdual; Stomp (PsiHB) 3/day

Crystal Dragon - breath weapon-cone of light (maxes out at 14d6 dmg +blindness for 1d4 rounds)

Emerald Dragon - BW-cone of sonic energy (14d6 and deafened)

Sapphire Dragon - BW-cone of sonic energy (14d4 and panicked); can sense the use of any type of teleportation, movement-affecting, or psychoportative power/spell

Topaz Dragon - BW-cone of dehydration (14d8)

Dune Stalker - touch attack sonic death effect

Effigy - touch attack deals two negative levels, effigy heals 5 hp/neg level inflicted; Magic Jar-like effect

Elemental weird - can control elementals within 100'; tied to a pool that connects to its corresponding elemental plane through a portal, can travel to this plane through the portal; 3/day can summon 2d4 huge elementals, 1d2 greater elementals, or 1 elder elemental; Analyze dweomer, clairaudience/clairvoyance, contact other plane, detect thoughts, discern location, find the path, foresight, greater scrying, legend lore, locate creature, locate object, tongues, true seeing, vision, all at will

Ether Scarab - can create a portal between any two planes that accomodates large or smaller creatures for 1d4+1 rounds

Ethereal Doppelganger - can absorb, replicate, and use all the memories and abilities of another creature including spellcasting (except paladin abilities, cleric spells of 2nd level or higher, or other deity-gifted abilities); Brain Lock (PsiHB); can wipe memory of itself from others with a touch attack

Ethereal Slayer - Detect Magic at will; dimensional anchor at will; plane shift(self only) 2/day

Fiendwurm - 'summon' forth 1d4 demons, 3/day; granted, you don't want to die, but if you do while in this form everyone within 5 ft must save or be pulled into the Abyss; also, anyone you swallow has to save each round or pass into the Abyss

Gambol - 100' radius panick effect; similar to a choker, a gambol can take an extra action every round, as per 3.0 haste, and I'm sure this has better stats.

Glimmerskin - touch range heal 5 hp per round; bond with host and grants bonuses; 100' telepathy (any language)

Gravecrawler - 30' aura that deals 1d2 Con dmg/round, turning those affected into stone; bite deals 1d4 perm Con drain; speak with dead at will (but only one corpse per week)

Greenvise - produces an 60' radius acid fog-like effect 2/day

Hellfire Wyrm - Breath Weapon-14d10 (half fire damage, half infernal damage) 1/ 1d4 rounds; anything within 5 ft takes 5d4 fire damage each round

Vampiric Ixitxachitl - has an energy drain attack that also heals the Ixitxachitl

Jahi - Touch attack deals 1d4 Cha dmg, and the jahi heals 5 hp when so doing; permanent 1d3 Cha drain once per day

Julajimus - 20' radius continuous fear aura; 60' radius deafening and subdual damaging roar; Critical hits stun opponent

Kopru - Dominate Person once per day

Linnorm (gray) - Breath weapon-Acidic cone or line (6d8 dmg) that also harms weapons/armor

Linnorm (dread) - Two simultaneous breath weapons, cold and/or fire (12d6 dmg each), as a cone or line; bite deals a negative level, linnorm heals 5 hp

Meenlock - 30' burst fear effect; can transform other creatures into meenlocks; can inflict 1d4 Wis dmg within 300 ft; Dimension Door (self only), 60' range, every other round

Moonbeast - 60' radius paralyzing fear aura

Morkoth - 20' radius hypnosis effect; Spell Resistance that reflects spells back at the caster

Myconid (Sovereign) - can brew potions of bull's strength, cure light wounds, cure moderate wounds, cure serious wounds, delay poison, (bear's) endurance, endure elements, greater magic fang, invisibility to animals, lesser restoration, magic fang, negative energy protection, neutralize poison, protection from elements, remove blindness/deafness, remove disease, remove paralysis,and resist elements

Neogi (adult) - dominate monster, 30' range, 3/day, long duration

Nethersight Mastiff - continuous True Seeing; teeth act as ghost touch weapons and allow it to bite ethereal creatures; can pull bitten ethereal foes to the material plane

Nightmare beast - A nightmare-like effect on all who sleep within 10 miles

Pheonix - Immolation (15' radius spread, 40d6 fire/divine damage), Kills pheonix but produces a new adult from the ashes [great when used in conjunction with Magic Jar]; can enter and travel through Astral and Ethereal planes; 60' telepathy with non-avians

Psurlon - 250' telepathy

Raggamoffyn - Dominate Monster-like effect

Reason Stealer - Kill a foe and gain its memories, Int score, other ability scores, skill ranks, BAB, Base Save Bonuses, feats, and prepared arcane spells for 24 hours, also heals the Reason Stealer 5 hp/point of Int gained; can assume the form of any creature whos mind it has devoured.

Rogue Eidolon - Can force target w/in 30' to attack its allies for 3d6 rounds

Rukarazyli - infect targets with a fungal disease that hampers attacks and Ref saves and deals Cha dmg; spits forth a Gray Ooze as a grenade attack; ability that allows it to take 10 on balance, escape artist, and tumble checks in any circumstance

Shadow Spider - 100 sq ft grease

Sirine - touch attack deals 1d4 Int dmg; Cha mod as a deflection bonus to AC; touch can restore sirine-inflicted Int damage

Spawn of Kyuss - attack can create other Spawn of Kyuss; 40' radius fear effect; slam attacks inflict a Con and Wis damaging disease

Spellweaver - 1000 mile telepathy with other spellweavers; possible use of Chromatic Disc [untyped - DM call] - grants ten extra spell levels

Spellgaunt - bite attack inflicts a Mord's Disjunction-like effect on magic items and casters; an entangling web attack that is a force effect; 120' detect magic

Spirit of the Land - can become an elemental manifestation; always invisible, even when attacking; 5 mile telepathy

Tempest - Can become a whirlwind (or vortex) once every 10 minutes, deals 4d6 dmg per round

Vaporighu - those within 30' become frightened

Windghost - Windsong ability imposes concentration and Dex penalties to those within 120', requires two windghosts; continuous true seeing

Yak Folk - Can summon and command any evil Janni

Yugoloth (Marraenoloth) - gaze attack causes target to become shaken

Yugoloth (Yagnoloth) - 5' breath weapon, deals 2d6 acid dmg and stuns for 2d6 rounds; attack deals 1d4 negative levels


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Re: Complete (Su) List - For Shapechange
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From the Monster Manual III: (Compiled by ksbsnowowl & PlzBreakMyCampaign)

Ambush Drake (Dragon) [7 HD] {pp. 8} - Breath Weapon: 30 ft. cone of slow

Arcane Ooze (Ooze) [15 HD] {pp. 9} - Spell Siphon: All arcane casters within 60 ft. must make a fort save at the start of their turn or lose one spell of his highest level. Ooze gains 5*[spell level] temporary HP's for each spell drained.

Astral Stalker (Outsider) [12 HD] {pp. 12} - Unearthly Grace: Cha mod added as a bonus to all saving throws, and as a deflection bonus to AC.

Avalancher (Magical Beast) [6 HD] {pp. 13} - Cause Avalanche: Cause an avalanche that travels 30 ft. per round (average), deals 2d6 damage, and can bury targets.

Bear Hound (Magical Beast) [10 HD] {pp. 16} - All its natural weapons have a +1 enhancement bonus.

Bonedrinker (Undead) [11 HD] {pp. 18} – Bonedrink: When successfully pinning a grappled opponent it can bite and deal 1d6 Con damage per round. Also has Pounce.

Lesser Bonedrinker (Undead) [7 HD] {pp. 19} – Bonedrink: When successfully pinning a grappled opponent it can bite and deal 1d4 Con damage per round.

Brood Keeper (Magical Beast) [22 HD] {pp. 20} – Fear: causes witnesses to become frightened for 1d10 rounds and shaken for 1 hour (shaken for 1d4 rounds on a save).

Cadaver Collector (Construct) [17 HD] {pp. 22} - Breath Weapon: 30 ft. cone, paralyzing gas.

Changeling (Humanoid) [1 HD] {pp. 24} - Disguise Self

Charnel Hound (Undead) [21 HD] {pp. 26} - Frightful Presence: Shaken condition, 60 ft. range. Body Integration: when you drop a Large or smaller foe to negative HP's, it can be absorbed into your body, healing 3*[victim's HD] in HP's.

Chraal (Elemental) [9 HD] {pp. 28} – Breath Weapon: 60 ft. cone, 6d6 cold damage. +4 deflection bonus to AC.

Conflagration Ooze (Ooze) [7 HD] {pp. 30} – Fire in the Blood: grappled creatures save or take 1d4 Con damage and 2d6 fire damage.

Infernal Conflagration Ooze (Ooze) [15 HD] {pp. 31} - Fire in the Blood: grappled creatures save or take 1d4 Con damage and 2d6 fire damage. Smite Good: +15 damage once per day.

Deathshrieker (Undead) [18 HD] {pp. 32} – Charisma Drain: Touch deals 1d4 Cha damage and heals 5 HP’s, gaining any extra as temporary HP’s. Death Rattle: all within 300 ft of the deathshrieker gain 1d4 negative levels when it dies. Despair: all those who view the deathshrieker must save or be paralyzed for 1d4 rounds. Scream of the Dying: 30 ft. spread or 60 ft. cone lasts 3 rounds and causes deafness for 1d4 rounds, stunning for 1d3 rounds, and insanity.

Arrow Demon (Outsider) [10 HD] {pp. 34} – 100 ft telepathy. [Also has close combat shot, the ability to wield oversized weapons, and the ability to wield two bows simultaneously as Ex abilities.]

Sorrowsworn Demon (Outsider) [18 HD] {pp. 36} – Aura of Loss: 30 ft radius, Will save or take –2 penalty on attack rolls, saves, and checks, spellcasters must make a concentration check to successfully cast spells, lasts for 2d6 rounds after affected leave the aura. Whispers of Loss: Once per round as a free action against one target – stun for 2 rounds, confusion for 5 rounds, dazed for 3 rounds. 100 ft telepathy.

Dracotaur (Dragon) [3 HD] {pp. 42} – Spit Fire: ranged touch attack (20 ft range increment) 2d6 fire damage with 1d4 splash damage to adjacent squares.

Drowned (Undead) [20 HD] {pp. 46} – Drowning Aura: 30 ft radius, must make a Constitution check (DC 10+[cumulative 1 per round]) each round to hold breath, first round this check is failed you fall unconscious (0 HP’s), and continue drowning in the following rounds.

Dust Wight (Undead) [16 HD] {pp. 47} – Crumbling Touch: stone and metal armor struck by a dust wight take 2d8+10 damage, and destroying armor grants the dust wight 5 temporary HP’s. Petrifying Cloud: those within 5 ft of a dust wight must save or be petrified the next round.

Storm Elemental (Elemental) [2 - 24 HD] {pp. 48} – Shock: once per round deal 10 points nonleathal electricity damage to one foe within 10 ft as a free action. Thunder and Lightning: full round action, release a 120 ft lighting bolt and 60 ft radius thunder, dealing electricity and sonic damage; up to 12d6 sonic and 24d6 electricity damage (at 24 HD). Note also, as an Ex ability, storm elementals heal 1 HP for every 3 points of sonic or electrical damage they would normally take.

Ephemeral Swarm (Undead) [12 HD] {pp. 50} – Any creature surrounded by an ephemeral swarm takes 1d6 strength damage.

Feral Yowler (Magical Beast) [7 HD] {pp. 51} – Yowl of Fear: 60 ft radius, Shaken for minimum 2d4 rounds. Minor Displacement: 20% miss chance, similar to a displacer beast.

Death Giant (Giant) [23 HD] {pp. 54} – Frightful Keening: 100 ft radius, all affected are panicked while in range and shaken for 24 hours (shaken while in range on a successful save).  Steal Soul: anyone with 10 or fewer HP’s within 15 ft of the giant must save (Fort DC 30) or die; anyone dying within 15 ft of the giant cannot be raised, as its soul is collected by the giant. Guardian Souls: Charisma mod as a bonus to Initiative, saves, Listen and Spot checks. Soul Healing: Negative energy (such as inflict spells) heals a death giant.

Eldritch Giant (Giant) [25 HD] {pp. 56} – Eldritch Mastery: can use spell completion items and spell trigger items as if he were a wizard of the required level for the given spell.

Sand Giant (Giant) [15 HD] {pp. 58} – Blur effect at will.

Glaistig (Fey) [6 HD] {pp. 60} – Beguiling Song: targets one creature within 900 ft of its body of water and forces it to approach the glaistig; those moving within 5 ft of the glaistig must save or fall victim to Charm Monster. Water Symbiosis: Tied to a waterway (similar as a Dryad to a tree), and must stay within 900 ft or begin to suffocate.

Forestkith Goblin (Humanoid) [1 HD] {pp. 64} – Tree Shape, as the spell; lasts until the following sunset, or until the goblin takes damage.

Alchemical Golem (Construct) [22 HD] {pp. 66} – Breath Weapon: 15 ft cone, 5d6 acid damage and 2 points Con damage.

Gloom Golem (Construct) [8 HD] {pp. 68} – Crushing Despair: 30 ft radius –2 penalty on attacks, saves, checks, and damage rolls.

Mud Golem (Construct) [15 HD] {pp. 70} – Breath Weapon: 15 ft cone causes those hit to be blinded for 1d3 rounds, and coats the area in a grease spell for 1 hour.

Prismatic Golem (Construct) [22 HD] {pp. 71} – Creatures with 8 or fewer HD within 20 ft. are blinded for 2d4 rounds. Touch attacks deal 5d6 points of fire, acid, electricity, cold, sonic, or force damage, or 10d6 points of disintegration damage, or causes Insanity.

Shadesteel Golem (Construct) [18 HD] {pp. 72} – Negative Pulse Wave: 40 ft. radius, once every 1d4+1 rounds, 12d6 negative energy damage. Gains 20%(?) concealment in all but full daylight.

Web Golem (Construct) [11 HD] {pp. 74} – Continuous Spider Climb

Grimweird (Undead) [12 HD] {pp. 75} – Claw attack deals one negative level. Unholy Grace: Charisma modifier as a bonus to saves and as a deflection bonus to AC.

Grisgol (Construct) [19 HD] {pp. 76} – Paralyzing Touch: Slam attack causes paralysis.

Harssaf (Monstrous Humanoid) [6 HD] {pp. 82} – Flaming Aura: All within 5 ft. take 1d6 fire damage, and this damage is also transferred along the harssaf’s metal weapons.  Sand Pulse: 30 ft. radius spread, deals 3d6 damage and blinds foes for 5 rounds. Sand Form: assume a state similar to gaseous form, but cannot fly.

Ironclad Mauler (Magical Beast) [15 HD] {pp. 84} – Sickening Aura: all within 10 ft. of the ironclad mauler become sickened for 1 hour.

Justicator (Outsider) [17 HD] {pp. 85} – Smite Chaos: 4 times per day gain +1 to attack and +17 to damage.

Knell Beetle (Vermin) [12 HD] {pp. 88} – Sonic Chime: 30 ft. cone, 10d6 sonic damage. Sonic Healing: heals 1 HP for every 5 points of sonic damage it otherwise would have taken.

Lesser Knell Beetle (Vermin) [6 HD] {pp. 89} – Screech: 20 ft. cone, 5d6 sonic damage. Sonic Healing: heals 1 HP for every 3 points of sonic damage it otherwise would have taken.

Lumi (Outsider) [2 HD] {pp. 98} – Body of Light: 5 ft radius light surround a Lumi. Lumi are immune to all death spells, magical death effects, energy drain, and any negative energy effects. They do not gain temporary HP’s from being on a major positive-dominant plane, and thus will not explode.

Lurking Strangler (Aberration) [2 HD] {pp. 100} – Eye Rays: Cause Fear, 30 ft. Sleep, targets one creature of up to 4 HD, 130 ft. Has a 20 ft. fly speed, and a constant feather fall effect.

Mindshredder Larva (Aberration) [2 HD] {pp. 102} – Thought Sense: does not need to make Spot or Listen checks to pinpoint the location of any creature with an intelligence of 3 or higher within 20 ft. Tentacle attack deals 1 point of Wisdom damage; the Mindshredder heals 2 HP’s for every point of wisdom damage it deals, gaining any extra at temporary HP’s that last one hour.

Mindshredder Warrior (Aberration) [7 HD] {pp. 103} – Thought Sense: does not need to make Spot or Listen checks to pinpoint the location of any creature with an intelligence of 3 or higher within 40 ft. Claw attack deals 1d2 points of Wisdom damage; the Mindshredder heals 2 HP’s for every point of wisdom damage it deals, gaining any extra at temporary HP’s that last one hour.

Mindshredder Zenthal (Aberration) [13 HD] {pp. 104} – Shield of Force: as the Shield spell. Thought Sense: does not need to make Spot or Listen checks to pinpoint the location of any creature with an intelligence of 3 or higher within 60 ft. Tentacle attack deals 1d4 points of Wisdom damage; the Mindshredder heals 2 HP’s for every point of wisdom damage it deals, gaining any extra at temporary HP’s that last one hour.

Mivilorn (Magical Beast) [24 HD] {pp. 106} – Breath Weapon: free action, 15 ft cone deals 5d4 acid damage 3 times per day.

Night Twist (Plant) [15 HD] {pp. 110} – Death Curse: Anyone killing a Night Twist must make a Will save for suffer the curse of a nightmare effect that deals 1d10 damage and fatigues the target.
Despair Song: all creatures with an Int of 6 or higher within 75 miles of the night twist are affected by crushing despair and suffer 1d10 damage every evening they are not allowed to seek out the night twist.
Unholy Grace: a night twist adds its Cha mod as a bonus to saves and as a deflection bonus to AC.
Wind Blast: 120 ft radius 50 mph gust of wind at will.

Nycter (Monstrous Humanoid) [3 HD] {pp. 112} – Hunting Cry: 30 ft cone, once every 2d4 rounds, 2d4 sonic damage plus paralysis for 1d4+1 rounds.

Lifeleech Otyugh (Aberration) [9 HD] {pp. 119} – Spell-Strengthened Hide: gains a +4 deflection bonus to AC. Lifeleech Aura: any spell or spell-like ability with the healing descriptor used within 60 ft of the lifeleech also heal the lifeleech as if it had been one of the spell’s targets. It gains any extra healing as temporary HP’s (cannot gain more temp HP’s than its normal HP max), and these temporary HP’s last one hour.

Petal (Fey) [1 HD] {pp. 120} – Sleep Songs: Lullaby, as the spell, and sleep, as the spell. The sleep effect requires two or more petals to sing together.

Phoelarch (Monstrous Humanoid) [7 HD] {pp. 121} – Death Throes: the phoelarch’s death results in a 20-ft radius explosion dealing 10d6 fire damage.  Healing Fire: Any fire effect targeted on a phoelarch heals 1 point of damage for every 3 points of damage it would otherwise deal. It gains any extra healing as temporary HP’s (no cap, and no time limit).
Rise From the Ashes: when the phoelarch dies, it leaves behind an egg that hatches 24 hours later into a phoera.

Phoera (Magical Beast) [3 HD] {pp. 122} – Breath Weapon: 30-ft line, 5d4 fire damage, 3/day. Healing Fire: Any fire effect targeted on a phoera heals 1 point of damage for every 3 points of damage it would otherwise deal. It gains any extra healing as temporary HP’s (no cap, and no time limit). Rise From the Ashes: when a phoera dies, it leaves behind an egg that hatches 24 hours later into another phoera.

Plague Spewer (Undead) [16 HD] {pp. 125} – Plague: Each slam attack inflicts a supernatural disease with an incubation time of 1 minute, dealing 2d4 Dex and 2d4 Con damage. It spreads through contact. The plague continues until the victim reaches Con 0 and dies.  Vomit Rat Swarm: spew forth a rat swarm as a full-round action 4/day.

Protean Scourge (Monstrous Humanoid) [13 HD] {pp. 126} – Split: When damaged, the protean scourge splits into two identical versions of itself, with each half gaining the protean scourge’s full current HP total.  Any spells that either half of the protean scourge casts, however, come from the same spell pool.  Change Shape: The protean scourge can assume the form of any Medium humanoid. A protean scourge cannot use its Change Shape ability when it Splits.

Quaraphon (Aberration) [9 HD] {pp. 128} – Deafening Bellow: Once per day, any creature within 60 ft. of the quaraphon takes 2d6 sonic damage and is possibly deafened for 1d6 rounds (Fort DC 20).

Ragewalker (Fey) [22 HD] {pp. 132} – Control Living Spells: Can rebuke and command living spells in the same way an evil cleric rebukes and commands undead. Usable 3 + Cha mod times per day.  Rebukes and commands as a cleric equal to one-half its HD.
Induce Blood Frenzy: Anyone within 10 ft. of the ragewalker must make a DC 28 Will save or enter a limited form of Rage/Frenzy. Must attack the nearest creature in melee each round, even if the ragewalker is no longer present.
Repel Missles: Ranged weapons cannot strike a ragewalker. A ranged attacker compares his attack bonus vs. his own AC, potentially striking and injuring himself. 
Weapon Cloud: A cloud of weapons swirls around a rage walker, dealing 2d6 damage each round to anyone adjacent to the ragewalker.

Rakshasa, Ak’chazar (Outsider) [17 HD] {pp. 134} – Change Shape: An Ak’chazar Rakshasa can assume any humanoid form.  Pain Wave: Three times per day the Rakshasa can emit a 20-ft. aura that subjects those within it to an inflict moderate wounds spell, and causes them to become shaken for 1d6+1 rounds. Rebuke Undead: Rebuke and command undead as a 20th level cleric, nine times per day.

Rakshasa, Naztharune (Outsider) [11 HD] {pp. 136} – Detect Thoughts: Continuous, as the spell, Will DC 17.  Change Shape: A Naztharune Rakshasa can assume any humanoid form. Hide in Plain Sight: As the Shadowdancer ability (ie – tied to shadows). Shadow Jump: As the Shadowdancer ability, 20 ft total per day. Note also that the Naztharune Rakshasa gains Evasion, Improved Evasion, Uncanny Dodge, Improved Uncanny Dodge, and +6d6 Sneak Attack, all as Ex abilities.

Redcap (Fey) [4 HD] {pp. 138} – Eldritch Stone: All bullets fired from a Redcap’s sling deal 1d6 base damage, and receive a +1 enhancement bonus.

Rejkar (Outsider) [5 HD] {pp. 140} – Freezing Gaze: 30' DC16 Fort or ice crystals make it motionless, new save every round and doesn't work on creatures with immunity or resistance to cold, 5 fire damage reverses effect. +2 racial search, spot, sense motive.

Rot Reaver (Aberration) [10 HD] {pp. 142} – Rebuke Undead: as 10th level evil cleric. [Sidebar text says this will stack with Rebuking from class levels].
Wound Rot: each time you damage a foe in melee, can make a touch attack with tongue to deal 1 point Constitution damage.
Animate Dead: standard action, 60 ft, any dead creature affected by Wound Rot in past 24 hours, rises as a Zombie.  Can animate zombies whose total HD do not exceed that of the rot reaver.  These zombies are under the command of the rot reaver, and do not count against his HD limits for Rebuke Undead.
Drain Unlife: each time you damage an undead with a cleaver attack, you heal hp's equal to the damage dealt.
Immune to Energy Drain: you are immune to energy drain attacks.
Cleaver Mastery (Ex): a rot reaver's cleavers are identical in appearance to +1 handaxes, but deal x4 crits [not sure if the wording would actually grant you +1 handaxes, like a Balor's ability would]

Necrothane (Aberration) [20 HD] {p. 143} - As above Rot Reaver

Runehound (Aberration) [5 HD] {pp. 145} – Psychic Scent: +20 on Survival to follow tracks [doesn't work against mindless creatures, or those shielded against mental affects.]
Uncanny Blindsight: 500 ft blindsight, cannot be flanked.
Also, Vile Spew (Ex): spit acid as ranged touch attack (1d6 damage per HD), but Ref DC 15 for half, or single-target Web effect, Ref DC 15 negates.  Either effect every 1d4 rounds. [Con-based DC, equals 10+ 0.5*HD + Con mod]

Salt Mummy (Undead) [12 HD] {p. 146} - Dehydrating Impact: upon touch DC19 Fort or 4d6 RAI dessication damage, 4d8 against plant or water subtypes, save for half.

Shifter (Humanoid) [1 HD] {p. 150} - Shifting: 3+con mod round changes based on racial choices and [shifter] feats.

Shimmering Swarm (Fey, swarm) [11 HD] {p. 152} - Dazzling Illumination: concentration for daylight spell, 300' [Mind-Affecting] DC19 Will or fascinated while in sight, but save is only good for 1 minute.

Shredstorm (Construct, swarm) [14 HD] {p. 153} - Lightning Bolt: as spell CL14, DC17 Reflex for half, 2d6 hour recharge,

Shrieking Terror (Aberration, Extraplanar) [15 HD] {p. 154} - Kiss: paralyzed (helpless?) target DC23 Fort or vargouille transformation, sunlight delays and remove disease reverses. Shriek: 60' DC24 Fort or paralyzed with fear 2d4 rounds until attacks, moves out of range or has line of sight blocked. Very susceptible to kiss.

Siege Crab (Vermin) [20 HD] {p. 156} - Force Carapace: +10 Deflection to AC, +8 resistance to saves, immunity to magic missile and RAI force effects. Protects compartment and craftable as a magic item.

Skindancer (Monstrous Humanoid) [15 HD] {p. 158} - Adaptive Energy Resistance: 20 to last affecting type up to 1 minute. Damage Reduction: 15/last type, up to 1 minute. Reactive Skin: +6 Deflection to AC

Spellwarped Template (Aberration) {p. 163} - Spell Absorption: when spells fail SR then gain small bonus for a minute.

Splinterwaif (Fey) [2 HD] {p. 164} - Call Brambles: 1 at a time a nonmagical wooden surface within 30' grow brambles like medium inanimate objects with no movement and constrict. Camoflauge: full round to gain +10 hide and concealment until move or attack. Splinterspit: 30' range increment that provokes, snipe-able. Superior Woodland Stride: allows magical overgrowth as well. Transformation: dead humanoid or fey become nonmagical plants unless miracle/wish or true resurrected.

Ssvaklor (Dragon) [15 HD] {p. 166} - Breath Weapon: 30' cone poison gas 1d4 con damage every 1d4 round, DC24 to halve.

Stonesinger (Aberration) [9 HD] {p. 168} - Shattering Shriek: 60' single target perform vs AC to deal 12d6 nonlethal and DC18 Fort or 1d6 round stun.

Susurrus (Aberration) [8 HD] {p. 170} - Detect Undead: always active. Dronesong: Rebuke as HD but holds the undead for 10 rounds. Ghost Touch: normal damage to incorporeals. Natural armor counts as deflection against incorporeals.

Trilloch (Outsider, chaotic, extraplanar, incorporeal) [8 HD] {p. 176} - Natural Invisibility: not subject to invisibility purge.

Vasuthant (Undead) [2 HD] {p. 182} - Enervating Crush: grapples 1d4 damage and 1d4 strength damage as negative energy which gives temporary HP, can grapple many smaller creatures.

Vermin Lord (Monstrous Humanoid) [25 HD] {p. 184} - Command Vermin: standard 100' DC25 dominate up to 10 vermin. Vermin Cloud: concealment, adjacent creatures 2d6 damage & DC28 fort or nasueated, these vermin are unaffected by repel vermin, -10move silent and hide.

Visilight (Outsider, lawful) [5 HD] {p. 186} - Charisma Drain: living creatures pinned take 1d6 charisma drain which remain for 1 hour and look like drained opponent. Gaze: 30' 1d4 round paralysis unless DC14 Fort.

Wood Woad (Plant) [8 HD] {p. 196} - Tree Walk: 60' free action enter tree, [teleportation], cannot take nonvegetable matter, very limited.

Yogoloth, Canoloth & Mezzoloth & Nycaloth (Outsider) [6+ HD] {p. 200} - Telepathy: 100'.

Yogoloth, Ultroloth (Outsider) [18 HD] {p. 204} - Hypnotic Gaze: as hypnotic pattern CL18 with no HD limit, 30' DC23 Will negates. Telepathy: 100'.

Zezir (Magical Beast) [9 HD] {p. 205} - Spark Stream: ranged touch 30' no increment 2d6 fire.

() [ HD] {pp. } –

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() [ HD] {pp. } -


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Re: Complete (Su) List - For Shapechange
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Reserved for future Monster Manual IV entry.


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Re: Complete (Su) List - For Shapechange
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From the Monster Manual V: (Compiled by TheWordSlinger)

Arcadian Avenger (Outsider) [8 HD] {pp. 8} – Elude Chance: Three times per day, as an immediate action, an Arcadian avenger can tap directly into the power of law, allowing her to avoid the uncertainty of chance. When an Arcadian avenger activates this ability, her next melee attack or saving throw is treated as if the result of the die roll were 10.

Banshrae (Fey) [15 HD] {pp. 10} – Sylvan Warrior: A banshrae applies its Charisma bonus as a deflection bonus to its Armor Class. It doesn’t lose its Dexterity bonus to AC when flat-footed.
Blowgun Flute: At will, as an immediate action, a banshrae can call into being a masterwork flute that also functions as a masterwork greater blowgun (10-foot range increment). A banshrae can have only one such flute at a time, and the instrument disappears if the fey loses possession of it. Each round, a banshrae can play its flute as a swift action to create one of the effects detailed below. Opponents within a 60-foot-radius spread who can hear the flute can be affected (Will DC 22 negates)—the effect ends if an enemy can no longer hear the music creating it. The save DC is Charisma-based. The tunes are sonic mind-affecting abilities. Dread Dirge: This mournful tune creates deep unease. Affected creatures are shaken. This is a fear effect.
Gibbering Sing-Along: This catchy melody forces listeners to blather meaningless sounds. Affected creatures fail Move Silently checks, give away their positions if invisible or hidden, cannot talk, and cannot cast spells that have verbal components. Traveler’s Tune: This sprightly ditty forces affected creatures to move at least 20 feet on their turns.
Locust Dart: Once per day, a banshrae can fire a special dart. An opponent struck by this dart is sickened for 1 round and takes 2d6 points of damage as locusts emerge from its body (Fortitude DC 20 negates). The locusts form a swarm (MM 239) that obeys the banshrae’s commands for 2d6 rounds before dispersing. The save DC is Constitution-based.

Blackwing (Undead) [12 HD] {pp. 12} – Frightful Dive: When a flying blackwing charges a target below it, that foe must succeed on a DC 18 Will save or be shaken for 1 round (or frightened if already shaken). In addition, a blackwing can make two claw attacks against a target that fails its save. The save DC is Charisma based. This is a mind-affecting fear effect.
Wail of Despair: When two or more blackwings within 30 feet of one another scream, their cries combine to create a wail of despair, which affects all creatures within 100 feet of any wailing blackwing. Any creature in the area must succeed on a DC 18 Will save or cower for 1d4 rounds and be shaken for 4 rounds thereafter. For every additional two blackwings participating in a wail of despair, the DC increases by 2. The effect of multiple wails does not stack. The save DC is Charisma-based. This is a mind-affecting fear ability.

Dalmosh (Outsider) [26 HD] {pp. 16} – Rejuvenation: If slain, Dalmosh restores himself to life on the Flesh Mountains in the Abyss two days later. He returns to the same peaks in two days if called to the Material Plane.

Deadborn Vulture (Magical Beast) [9 HD] {pp. 18} – Deadborn: When a deadborn vulture is reduced to 0
hit points, it immediately dies and becomes a deadborn vulture zombie that retains the vulture’s disease ability.
This transformation does not cause a flying deadborn vulture to fall.

Adaru (Outsider) [13 HD] {pp. 20} – Fetid Cloud: An adaru constantly sprays a thin cloud of vile mist in a 30-foot-radius spread. All non-evil creatures in the area are sickened while within the cloud. All evil-aligned creatures other than adarus gain a +2 profane bonus on attack rolls, damage rolls, saving throws, skill checks, and ability checks when in the cloud.
This mist slicks the ground around the adaru, and its wounds spray the same vile fluid. When an adaru is reduced to half of its full normal hit points or fewer, each square within 30 feet of it requires 2 squares of movement for a non-evil creature to enter. This effect doesn’t stack with that of any existing difficult terrain.

Carnage Demon (Outsider) [3 HD] {pp. 22} – Carnage: For each other carnage demon within 30 feet, a carnage demon gains a +1 bonus on attack rolls and damage rolls, up to a maximum of +5.

Draudnu (Outsider) [14 HD] {pp. 24} – Form of Madness: When a draudnu comes within 60 feet of a creature, that creature must succeed on a DC 20 Will save or believe that something is growing inside it, becoming sickened. The sickened condition is permanent until the insanity is cured by greater restoration, heal, miracle, or wish. A creature that successfully saves cannot be affected again by that same draudnu’s form for 24 hours, and a creature that fails can be affected only once until cured. Chaotic evil outsiders are immune to this ability. This is a mind-affecting ability. The save DC is Charisma-based.

Solamith (Outsider) [11 HD] {pp. 28} – Soulfire: As a standard action that provokes attacks of opportunity, a solamith can deal itself 5 points of damage to tear flesh from its body and hurl that flesh up to 100 feet with perfect accuracy. When it lands, the flesh explodes in a 20-foot-radius burst, dealing 4d6 points of damage, half of which is fire damage (Reflex DC 23 half). Solamiths are immune to soulfire. The save DC is Constitution-based.
By dealing itself an extra 5 points of damage, a solamith can widen the burst to a 40-foot radius. By
dealing itself an extra 10 points of damage, a solamith can make the burst deal maximum damage. A solamith
can use both of these abilities on the same soulfire attack, but takes damage for each.
Soulfire Retort: Whenever a solamith takes damage from an opponent’s melee attack, it can unleash a 15-foot cone
of soulfire as a swift action on its next turn. The cone deals damage as soulfire, above (Reflex DC 21 half). The
save DC is Constitution-based.

Gulthir (Outsider) [6 HD] {pp. 32} – Ingest Evil: If a gulthir swallows an evil outsider, it can take a full-round action to digest that fiend. If a swallowed foe fails a DC 17 Fortitude save, it is immediately destroyed, adding its essence to the gulthir. The gulthir gains temporary hit points equal to that outsider’s full normal hit points and a bonus on saving throws equal to half the swallowed fiend’s Hit Dice. The save DC is Constitution-based, and the save bonus and temporary hit points last for 1 minute.

Remmanon (Outsider) [18 HD] {pp. 34} – Insidious Aura: A remmanon emanates a telepathic aura
that plays on the doubts and fears of its foes. Opponents that begin their turn within 30 feet of a remmanon must
succeed on a DC 26 Will save or suffer the effect of a confusion spell for that round. An affected foe never treats
a remmanon as the nearest creature for the purpose of determining the confusion effect. The save DC is
A remmanon and allies within 30 feet of it gain a +4 bonus on attack rolls against opponents affected by this

Stitched Devil (Outsider) [8 HD] {pp. 36} – Pain Aura: Living creatures must attempt a DC 21 Fortitude save when they come within 30 feet of a stitched devil. Those that fail take an extra 1d6 points of damage whenever they take damage from any other source while within the pain aura’s area. The save DC is Charisma-based and includes a +2 racial bonus.
When a creature that is affected by multiple pain auras would take extra damage from the auras, it takes
an extra 1d6 points of damage from one of the auras affecting it. All other pain auras affecting that creature
cause it to take only 1 extra point of damage apiece. For example, a creature affected by three pain auras takes
an extra 1d6+2 points of damage each time that creature takes damage from any other source.
A creature that successfully saves cannot be affected again by that same stitched devil’s pain aura for 24 hours.
Night hags and lawful evil outsiders are immune to this aura

Ken-Kuni (Giant) [8 HD] {pp. 48} – Earthshock: Once every 1d4 rounds, a ken-kuni can cause an earth tremor. This can affect either every square adjacent to the ken-kuni or a 30-foot line extending out from the creature. Anyone in the area must succeed on a DC 20 Reflex save or be knocked prone and take 1d4 points of nonlethal damage. The save DC is Constitution-based.
If a ken-li and a ken-sun are both within 60 feet, the ken-kuni can use this ability every round. Elemental magi are immune to this ability.
Shared Strength: When a ken-kuni is within 60 feet of one or more elemental mages and must make a saving
throw, it uses the highest save bonus among the group.

Ken-Li (Giant) [12 HD] {pp. 48} – Wreathed in Flame: Creatures take 1d3 points of fire damage at the end of a ken-li’s turn if they are within 5 feet of it. Furthermore, creatures that strike or touch a ken-li with their body or a weapon take 1d3 points of fire damage. A creature can take damage from touching or striking a ken-li only once per turn. The creature can suppress this ability at will.
Elemental magi are immune to this ability
Flame Breath: 30-foot line, once every 1d4 rounds, damage 6d6 fire, Reflex DC 23 half. The save DC is Constitution-based.
If a ken-kuni and a ken-sun are both within 60 feet, the ken-li can use this ability every round. Elemental magi
are immune to this ability
Shared Strength: When a ken-li is within 60 feet of one or more elemental mages and must make a saving throw, it
uses the highest save bonus among the group

Ken-Sun (Giant) [17 HD] {pp. 49} – Deflecting Winds: A ken-sun is surrounded by a tempest of air that affects every square adjacent to it with windstorm-level effects (DMG 95). The creature can suppress this ability at will.
Elemental magi are immune to this ability.
Freedom of Movement: As the freedom of movement spell; continuous; caster level 15th. The effect can be dispelled, but a ken-sun can create it again on its next turn as a free action.
Wind Breath: 30-foot line, once every 1d4 rounds, Fortitude DC 23 negates. An opponent that fails the save is pushed to the end of the effect, taking 1d4 points of nonlethal damage per 10 feet it is pushed. The save DC is
If a ken-kuni and a ken-li are both within 60 feet, the ken-sun can use this ability every round. Elemental magi
are immune to this ability.
Shared Strength: When a ken-sun is within 60 feet of one or more elemental mages and must make a saving throw,
it uses the highest save bonus among the group.

Ember Guard (Outsider) [13 HD] {pp. 52} – Fire Aura: If an ember guard is reduced to half of its full
normal hit points or fewer, it emits a fire aura as flames start leaking from its body. Creatures take 1d6 points of
fire damage at the end of each of the ember guard’s turns if they are within 30 feet of it. Creatures within range can
attempt DC 24 Fortitude saves for half damage. The save DC is Constitution-based.
Death Throes: When killed, an ember guard explodes in a 60-foot-radius burst that deals 3d6 points of bludgeoning damage and 3d6 points of fire damage to everything in the area (Reflex DC 24 half). The save DC is Constitution-based.
Fire Breath: 30-foot cone, once every 4 rounds, damage 6d6 fire plus slow, as the spell, for 4 rounds, Reflex DC 24
half. The save DC is Constitution-based.

Ethereal Defiler (Aberration) [22 HD] {pp. 54} – Anchoring Aura: Effects that have the teleportation
descriptor don’t function within 20 feet of an ethereal defiler. Further, opponents must succeed on a DC 24 Will
save to move more than 20 feet from the creature. The save DC is Charisma-based.
A creature that successfully saves need not save against that same ethereal defiler’s anchoring aura for 24
hours. Other ethereal defilers are immune to this aura.
Ethereal Bore: Once every 10 rounds, an ethereal defiler can shift between the Ethereal Plane and the Material Plane as a full-round action that doesn’t provoke attacks of opportunity. An ethereal defiler’s arrival on the Material Plane is accompanied by an eruption of eldritch energy that deals 10d6 points of damage in a 20-foot-radius burst (Reflex DC 24 half) centered on the ethereal defiler. The burst doesn’t harm the ethereal defiler that created it. This ability otherwise works like an ethereal jaunt spell (caster level 22nd). The save DC is Charisma-based.

Frostwind Virago (Fey) [30 HD] {pp. 58} – Mind Freeze Aura: At the end of each of a frostwind virago’s turns, creatures within 30 feet of her must succeed on a DC 30 Will save or be shaken for 1 round. Those who fail by 5 or more are dazed for 1 round, and those who fail by 10 or more are stunned for 1 round. The save DC is Charisma-based. A frostwind virago can suppress this ability at will as a free action. Frostwind viragos are immune to this aura.
Frostbite Touch: A frostwind virago’s touch disrupts matter and freezes it. Each die of damage is modified by the frostwind virago’s Charisma bonus
Captivating Call: When a frostwind virago speaks and wills it to be so, all creatures (other than frostwind viragos) within a 300-foot-radius spread must succeed on a DC 30 Will save or become captivated. This is a language-based, sonic mind-affecting ability. A creature that successfully saves cannot be affected again by that same frostwind virago’s call for 24 hours. The save DC is Charisma-based.
A captivated victim walks toward the frostwind virago, taking the most direct route available. If the path leads into a dangerous area, that opponent receives a second saving throw. Captivated foes can take no actions other than to avoid attack. A captivated victim within 5 feet of a frostwind virago stands there and offers no resistance to the fey’s attacks. The effect continues for as long as the frostwind virago speaks and for 1d4 rounds thereafter. A bard’s countersong ability allows a captivated victim to attempt a new Will save.
Icy vortex: A frostwind virago can produce a whirling mass of ice shards that lasts 1 round in a 30-foot radius around herself. Creatures in the area take 4d6 points of piercing damage plus 4d6 points of cold damage (Reflex DC 30 half). The save DC is Charisma-based.


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Re: Complete (Su) List - For Shapechange
« Reply #5 on: June 16, 2017, 02:13:26 PM »
From the Fiend Folio: (Compiled by TaisharMalkier)

Abrian - 20' daze 1 round at will

Abyssal Ghoul - wisdom drain 1d6 on pin

Ahuizotl - voice mimicry (successful bluff check immitate voice)

Bacchae - debauch any who party with bacchae must make save or stay, 2nd save becomes bacchae

Bhut - 30' constant save or 1d6 str damage, possess dead humanoid body - as zombie of correct size with special rules

Blackstone Gigant - Petrification on hit, animate object CL20th on any petrified creature at will

Haraknin - breath 30' 1/2d4 rounds 1d4+1 fire ignites objects

Shadurakul - 300' panic 2d4 rounds at will (can only be effected once), 40% miss chance in anything other then full daylight

Vulvitor - shadow form walk on any surface undead immunities DR and 1/2 damage from fire/acid, shadow dimensional door at will (up to 160 feet traveled /day)

Caryatid Column - on striking you, weapons save or break

Chronotryn - 2x round structure (2x standard actions, 2x move actions) continuous, 8D6 sonic burst 1/day, detect magic at will [broken]

Crawling Head - 60' save or cower in fear (no actions) constant per round, swallow heads of vorpaled opponents, constant true seeing

Crypt Thing - 1/day enemies teleport 10d10x10 feet in random direction 30' burst

Dark One - 40% miss chance in darkness, 20% miss chance in light, continuous

Dark Weaver - shadow strands (AE grant concealment, opponents must check to move away) at will, 2d4 str damage at will, dimentsion door (shadow) at will, shadow armor continuous (+4 deflection AC, +10 to hide)

Farastu - constant freedom of movement

Kelubar - constant freedom of movement

Shator - constant freedom of movement, permanent see invisibility

Alkilith - on hit save or d6 acid for next d6 rounds (roll 1 objects in danger ala spell), cloudkill form as the spell as FRA at will

Blood Fiend - on bite d4 con drain, 30' dominate monster at will, on claw negative level (+5 temp hits), creates spawn when kill with energy drain, gaseous form at will with infinite duration and 20' fly perfect

Klurichir - fear aura 30' (free), can vorpal pincers a grappled opponent 1/round, constant see invisibility

Myrmyxicus - breath 40' cone nauseated (good take 10d6 as well, and 5d6 per round in vapor - vapor lasts d6 rounds), on tail hit save or 1d6 charisma loss, any scythe wielded is +3 unholy, anyone striking you saves or becomes nauseated for d4 rounds (good creatures take 2d6 as well) [potentially broken from permanent charisma loss]

Skulvyn - slow aura 30' 4 rounds

Wastrilith - breath 60' cone 3d10 1/d4 rounds, 100' telepathy with anyone who can speak a language

Monadic Deva - double strength magic circle against evil minor glove of invulnerability 20' constant (free)

Movanic Deva - double strength magic circle against evil minor glove of invulnerability 20' constant (free), 1/round (Free) deflect ranged attacks and single target spells

Paeliryon - telepathy 100' anyone with a language, see in any darkness even magical, on fingernail hit save or d4 cha damage, 30' save or mind fog as the spell (duration infinite within 30', 2d6 rounds after leaving), constant see invisibility, constant tongues

Xerfilstyx - telepathy 100' anyone with a language, see in any darkness even magical, on tail hit d4 con drain, breath 1/con drain does D8 x con points drained (typically have d6+9 stored) save or suffer modify memory that erases all memory of creature, 30' fear aura (free), anyone attache to tail save or suffer modify memory that erases all memory of creature

Disenchanter - detect magic, disenchant (permanent dispel weapons that hit you), drain magic (permanently drain magic items)

Ethereal Ooze - bring creatures into the ethereal plane that you engulf at will, manifest to the material plane at will

Ethergaunts - enslave (dominate monster), Gaze at will d4 int/wis/cha dmg, Immune to arcane spells (2nd or lower, 4th or lower, 6th or lower).

Rakka - dying curse (geas/quest) [upon death, which makes it essentially worthless]

Flame Snake - magma spit 3d6 fire ranged touch catch on fire, 1/d4 rounds

Great Flame Snake - Breath 12D6 fire, half fire, half negative energy 1/d4 rounds, deal negative energy damage with attacks

Formian  Observer - 250' telepathy with any creature with a language

Shadow Giant - hide in plain sight at will

Blood Golem - suck blood from helpless creature (heals 5 points, fill reervoirs)

Brain Golem - mind blast 60' stun 3d4 rounds 1/min, constant inertial armor +4 armor AC force

Demonflesh Golem - gaze 30' fear d4 rounds, constant see invisibility

Hullathoin - on pin save or d6 cha damage, attack with a swarm of bloodfiend locusts, rebuke/command undead as 20th level cleric [only way I've seen to get cleric turning abilities]

Imps - see in darkness even magical

Bloodbag Imp - 3/day 30' save or all wounds taken treated as wounding (1 additional damage a round per wound) till cure, can drink your blood creature heals 1 hp per round of full transfusion (both creatures must be willing)

Filth Imp - 3/day 20' cloud of gas save or nauseated for d6 rounds

Iron Cobra - can detect any creature ordered to stalk down (as if locate creature spell at CL12th)

Jackal Lord - 1/day gaze permanent polymorph jackal, dominate animal at will

Jackalwere - sleep gaze, 5 minute duration, at will

Kaorti - change creature into a kaorti (requires 8 hours, victim must be helpless/willing)

Keeper - switch location with any other living keeper within 500'

Kulduruth - burst 2d6 elec 30' 3/day (free), share defenses (gain DR, energy resistances, and personal spells of rider) at will

Living Holocaust - control winds CL 10th at will (all creatures within also take 3d6 fire damage), whirlwind form 1/10 mins duration 1 round/2 HD (creatures also take 3d6 fire damage when in whirlwind)

Maelephant - breath 3/day cloud 10'x30' save or suffer memory loss of all skills feats and class abilities including spellcasting

Maug - 3/day touch object negate hardness for d4 rounds (up to 10' cube)

Necrophidius - 30' save or be dazed for concentration, on bite save or paralyze for 10 minutes

Nerra - dimension door 1 mile through mirrors

Kalareem - 3/day spray of mirror shards d4 damage per level up to 5d4 bleeds for 2 damage a round for every round after till cure

Sillit - 3/day spray of mirror shards d6 damage per level up to 5d4 bleeds for 2 damage a round for every round after till cure

Ocularan - prying eyes at will, throw eyes ranged touch 3d6 damage + poison, # of eyes avail

Ophidian - serpentine curse (enemy bitten becomes an ophidian) at will

Maeluth - grant melee weapon unholy ability for 1 minute 1/day

Quth-Maren - command undead as 5th level cleric, 30' gaze cower in fear (duration not listed)

Airimach - antithesis on hit creatures take opposite alignment 2d6 damage (stacks, completely non neutral take 4d6), automatically summons +4 full plate whenever attacked, summon huge +3 halbred (free)

Cuprilach - hide in plain sight

Ferrumach - fear aura 10' (free)

Rukangr - sundering roar 1/d4 rounds 60' burst deafen, targeted creature or object takes 12d6 sonic damage

Spelleater - Greater Dispel Magic at 20th caster level upon ranged touch (targeted) at will

Thane - antimagic field 1/day (con mod = duration)

Senmurv - smite evil 1/day

Shadarkai - hide in plain sight at will

Shadow Asp - incorporeal form 1 hour a day, create spawn

Shedu - astral projection 1/week self only, etheral jaunt at will, continuous magic circle against evil

Skulk - continous non-detection

Skybleeder - acid rain 2d4 round to creatures under
continuous, mist +10 to hide 30% miss chance at will

Mud Slaad - you can cower in fear anyone that attempts to strike you must save or be unable to attack you at will, 1/day 30' save or 5d6 sonic damage

Spectral Lurker - ghost touch attacks, any creature grappled takes d6 dex drain, creature pinned must save or become incorporeal as long as grappled

Spirit of the Air - whirlwind form at will

Sporebat - enervation ray (12th level) 1/2 rounds [nice!]

Spriggen - enlarge to large

Steel Predator - 1/d4 rounds 30' cone 12d6 sonic damage and deafned (save negates deaf and halves damage), can sense any metal magical item within 120'

Sunwyrm - breath 15d8 line (living matter only) 1/d4 rounds, brilliant aura - blind 3d6 minutes, continuous, brilliant energy weapons at will, energy form (incorporeal) at will

Tunnel Terror - spot check to notice in tunnel continuous [=p]

Ulgurstasta - breath  1/day 60' cone 3d6 con drain (on save 1d6 con damage) any killed creatures become skeletons, on swallow whole take d8 con drain each round on death become skeleton, can regurgitate stored skeletons from stomach

Arcanist Varrangan - immune to spells/Sp 3rd level or under continuous

Rager Varrangan - extra move or attack action continuous

Vorr - shadow form for up to 10 minutes walk on any surface +15 to hide undead immunity 50% damage from fire/acid, shadow dimension door

Skeroloth - you can cower in fear anyone that attempts to strike you must save or be unable to attack you at will

Yuanti Abomination - attach yuan-ti grafts

Zodar - wish 1/year [broken]


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Re: Complete (Su) List - For Shapechange
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From the Monsters of Faerun 3.0 (Compiled by Necrosnoop)

Aarakocra (Medium-Monstrous Humanoid) [1 HD] {p. 11} - Summon large earth elemental (need 5 aarakocra’s and one of them must be a cleric) takes 3 rounds (unlimited)

Aballin (Large-Ooze) [3 HD] {pp. 11-12} - In “passive state” immune to all attacks that would not affect normal water

Abishai (Medium-Outsider, LE) [4-8 HD] {pp. 12-14} - See in any magical or mundane darkness (constant); Telepathy 100’ anyone with language (at will)

Asabi, Stingtail (Large-Humanoid, Reptilian) [7 HD] {pp.15-16} - Immune to all spells of the Enchantment school (constant)

Banedead (Medium-Undead) [6 HD] {pp. 16-17} - Successful claw strike deals 1 point of permanent Dexterity damage (unlimited)

Bonebat, Deep (Medium-Undead) [4 HD] {pp. 18-20} - Paralysis bite save Fortitude or paralyzed 1D6+2 min.; See invisibility 60’ (at will)

Sinisterbat, Deep (Medium-Undead) [4 HD] {pp. 18-20} -Missile deflection 5’ radius (constant) which grants +4 deflection bonus to AC and stops/absorbs all missiles or missile like spells and effects   

Coldriths (Large-Aberration) [4 HD] {p. 27} - Web (at will), 10’ area, 50’ range, impedes all movement Escape Artist (DC 26) Strength check (DC 32)

Cloaker Lord (Huge-Aberration) [9 HD] {pp. 28-29} - Shadow Shift gain concealment 1d4/rounds, mirror image & silent image as 9th level Sorcerer (at will)

Demon, Ghour (Huge-Outsider, CE) [12 HD] {pp. 33-34} - Breath weapon, gas 10’x10’x30’, Reflex save (DC 21) or 1d6 temporary strength damage, (1/min.); Telepathy 100’ anyone with language (at will)

Demon, Yochlol (Medium-Outsider, CE) [6 HD] {pp. 34-35) - Telepathy 100’ anyone with language (at will)

Dopelganger, Greater (Medium-Shapechanger) [9 HD] {pp. 35-36} - Detect thoughts as spell, as 18th level Sorcerer (DC 15), (unlimited duration, on/off as free action); Alter Self as spell, as 18th level Sorcerer, can assume new form or original as standard action (unlimited duration); Consume Identity after eating victims brain can assume victims memories, abilities, and alignment with 100% accuracy, (up to Hit Dice in victims), cannot assume divine casting above 2nd, paladins abilities, and other powers granted by deities (unlimited)   

Dragon, Brown (Med to Colossal-Dragon, Earth) [6-39 HD] {pp. 36-39 - Breath weapon, line of acid, 2d6 to 24d6 (DC 15-40), (once/ 1d4 rounds)

Dragon, Deep (Tiny to Gargantuan-Dragon, Earth) [6-39 HD] {pp. 36-41} - Breath weapon, cone of flesh-corrosive gas, 2d8-24d8 (DC 14-37), (once/ 1d4 rounds); True seeing, as spell, (constant); Assume Snake form, (up to 4/day), free grapple checks; Assume Humanoid form, (up to 4/day)

Dragon, Fang (Tiny to Gargantuan-Dragon, Air) [3-36 HD] {pp. 36-42} - Ability Drain Bite, 1d2-2d6 permanent constitution drain (DC 10-33), (at will & on successful bite)

Dragon, Shadow (Tiny to Gargantuan-Dragon, Shadow) [4-37 HD] {pp. 36-44} - Breath Weapon, Energy Drain shadow cone, 1-8 negative levels (DC 14-39), (once/ 1d4 rounds); Shadow Blend, in anything less than full daylight can blend onto shadows, (at will); Create Shadow, 100 yard radius shadow, all light sources negated, 50% miss chance, considered invisible, (3/ day)

Dragon, Song (Tiny to Gargantuan-Dragon, Electricity) [5-38 HD] {pp. 36-45} - Breath Weapon, electrical gas cone, 2d6-24d6 (DC 13-36), (once/ 1d4 rounds); Alternate human female form, change takes up to 2 rounds, the change rends all known bonds, clothing, or other confinements, without harm (at will); True Seeing 15’ radius, as spell, (constant); Tongues, any language, (constant)     

Dragonkin (Large-Humanoid, Reptilian) [7 HD] {pp. 45-46} - Detect Magic, as spell, as free action, (at will)

Ghaunadan (Medium-Shapechanger) [5 HD] {p. 49} - Charming Gaze, In humanoid form, gaze Will save (DC 15), use social skills as if Charisma was 2d6 points higher, last as long as within sight of victim(s), (at will)

Golem, Diamond (Large-Construct) [14 HD] {pp. 53-56} - Targeted Dispel, on successful strike of fist victim is subject to a targeted Dispel Magic, as 16th level Wizard, (Unlimited)

Myrlochar (Medium-Outsider, CE) [6 HD] {pp. 66-67} - Hit point Drain, each bite has 1 in 6 chance to permanently transfer 1 hit point from victim to biter (No Save), also bite can Hold Person or Reverse Gravity on victim for 4 rounds Will save (DC 13)

Nishruu (Large-Outsider, Chaotic) [9 HD] {pp. 67-68} - Absorb magic, absorb damaging and non-damaging spells to gain hit points, on contact drain 1d4 charges from charged magical items every other round, on contact render non-charged magical items inert for 1d4 rounds, on contact render Artifacts inert for 1 round, on contact spellcaster loses one spell per round (NO Save), upon each lost spell chance to suffer feeblemind as spell on failed Will save (DC 15), (Unlimited uses)   

Nyth (Small-Aberration) [7 HD] {pp. 68-69} - Magic Missile (1/round, unlimited); Invisibility (2d4 rounds, unlimited/day);  Absorb fire & lighting damage as hit point gain, after 60 hp absorb fissure into two Nyths; Reflect Magic Missiles;

Spectral Panther (Large-Magical Beast, Incorporeal) [3 HD] {p. 79} - Fear Aura 30’, Will save (DC 13) or shaken, (1/minute); Spectral Form, incorporeal 10 min. (unlimited/ day); Ghost Touch (constant)   

Unicorn, Black (Large-Magical Beast) [4 HD] {pp. 83-84} - Teleport without error as spell, self and one rider, (1/ day)


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Re: Complete (Su) List - For Shapechange
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From the Draconomican (Compiled by ksbsnowowl)

Abyssal Drake - Breath Weapon-half fire, half unholy, 1/ 1d4 rounds

Dragonkin - Detect Magic as a free action

Air Drake - Gaseous Form once per day

Earth Drake - 60' tremor effect knocks opponents down

Ice Drake - claw attack deals additional cold dmg and 1 point Str dmg

Smoke Drake - 30' concealment from smoke; 30' cloud of cinders (2d6 fire dmg/round) 1/day

Faerie Dragon - dazing euphoric breath weapon

Fang Dragon - Bite drains up to 1d8 Con

Battle Dragon - Breath weapon (14d6 sonic cone); aura grants +2 and +1 bonuses to some saves and attacks/damage

Chaos Dragon - BW-(14d4 untyped energy); Confusion

Ethereal Dragon - BW-(16d6 cone of force); can see ethereal creatures

Howling Dragon - BW-(12d10 sonic or up to 6 Wis dmg)

Oceanus Dragon - BW-(14d8 electricity or dazing effect); can smite evil for extra dmg equal to hit dice 1/day

Pyroclastic Dragon - BW-(14d6 half fire/half sonic or desintegrating line)

Radiant Dragon - BW-(12d10 force, or blinding light); dispel darkness, 60' range

Rust Dragon - BW-(14d4 acid or corrosion)

Styx Dragon - BW-(7d6 acid that persists for 3 rounds, or up to 7 Int dmg)

Tarterian Dragon - BW-(12d8 force or crushing despair); Freedom of Movement

Shadow Dragon - BW-(5 negative levels); total concealment in all but full daylight

Dragonbone Golem - 60' burst causes victims to become shaken

Squamous Spewer - BW-(3d6 acid, cold, electricity, or fire)

Underdark Landwyrm - Obscuring Mist 3/day

From the 3.0 Epic Level Handbook (Compiled by ksbsnowowl)

Very Young Force Dragon [20 or 25 HD] - Breath Weapon-(10d12 cone of force); Cha bonus to AC (deflection, force effect)

Wyrmling Prismatic Dragon [23 HD] - Breath Weapon-(cone of prismatic spray); Cha to AC (deflection, similar to cloak of chaos)

Gloom [25 HD] - Gaze attack inflicts fear; +20 racial bonus to Move Silently checks [note also that it gains +13d6 sneak attack as an Ex ability]

Ha-naga [20 HD] - Fly, 120', perfect; 90' Mass Charm

Hoary Steed [12 HD] - continuous Air Walk; Astral Projection; Etherealness; Magic Circle Against Good; constant Obscuring Mist

Mercane [7 HD] - 100' telepathy

White Slaad [24 HD] - Alter Self; 100' telepathy [also has seveal interesting Ex abilties]

I'm not yet finished with updating it, but any help anyone else would like to provide would be appreciated.


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Re: Complete (Su) List - For Shapechange
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Re: Complete (Su) List - For Shapechange
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Re: Complete (Su) List - For Shapechange
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Re: Complete (Su) List - For Shapechange
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