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Small but important part of the  "Hatchet Job Port Thread".
I have the googlecache LINK of the above posted already, but it's not pretty.

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Re: Hatchet Job Port Thread
« Reply #19: April 11, 2013, 12:11:49 AM »
Consolidated List of "Bargain Bin" Spells for Artificers
by Iskajir

As an artificer, you get spells/gp, rather than spells/day. Here are a few ways to stretch your gp and craft reserve. The most obvious way to get a spell at the least cost is by choosing the lowest class level available, which often lowers the minimum caster level of your scroll or wand. This also adds more possibilities for wands, and eternal wands.

Further down, you will find spells that are much improved by using the fast spell progression of Ur-Priest, Divine Crusader, and Beholder Mage. If you need a scroll fairly early in your career, or if CL doesn't matter much, it may be worthwhile to compare costs. Ur-Priest uses the Cleric list. Beholder Mage uses the Sor/Wiz list. Divine Crusader uses domain lists. I am going to, slowly, consolidate a list of high level scrolls useful to 5-7th level casters. Excluded are spells with costly material components, focuses, or large XP expenditures; spells that are very CL dependent; spells that still aren't worthwhile. Be aware that these are not balanced at all in lower-optimization games.

Finally, there is a section of links to sources to further stretch your budget in very high optimization games, and for TO exercises.

~I still consider this Work-In-Progress, and would like to know if I missed anything, misspelled anything, or need to adjust formatting for easy use, let me know.

Books Explored- I won't promise that I didn't miss something good.

Complete Adventurer/ Arcane/Divine/Warrior/Champion/Scoundrel
Races of Stone/the Wild/Destiny/the Dragon
Frostburn/Stormwrack/Sandstorm/ Cityscape/ Dungeonscape/  Drow otU/ OA
BoED/BoVD, Savage Species, Mini's HB,
Elder Evils, Manual of Planes, Planar HB, Tome of Magic, FC1, FC2, Tome of Battle, Draconomicon, Magic of Incarnum, XPH, Dragon Magic, Drag Mag Comp,
Heroes of Battle/Horror
Lords of Madness, Libris Mortis
Eberron: CS, Faiths, Magic, Sharn, 5 Nations, explorers
FR:CS, UE, Magic, Monsters, Faiths, Waterdeep, PG, Power, Dragons, Races, S. South, Spider Queen, Lords of Darkness, champs of Valor/Ruin, Silver Marches,
DL: CS, Towers of High Sorcery, War of the Lance

Level 0 Spell

Deathwatch (Healer, MH)
Silent Image (Gnome Ill, RoS)
Ventriloquism (Gnome Ill, RoS)

Level 1 Spells

Animal Messenger (Rgr)
Arcane Lock (Thayan Slaver, FR-UE)
Arcane Sight (Trapsmith, DS)
Barkskin (Nentyar Hunter, FR-UE)
Bear's Endurance (Sand Shaper, SaSt)
Blindness/Deafness (Telflammar Shadowlord, FR-UE)
Bull's Strength (Sand Shaper, SaSt)
Calm emotions (Consecrated Harrier, CD)
Cat's Grace (Sand Shaper, SaSt/  Trapsmith, DS)
Clairvoyance/Clairaudience  (Trapsmith, DS)
Cure Light Wounds (Clr)
Cure Moderate Wounds (Runescarred Beserker, FR-UE)
Darkness  (Telflammar Shadowlord, FR-UE)
Darkvision (Darkness Domain, BoVD)
Delay Poison (rgr)
Detect Thoughts (Truth Domain, RoE)
Dispel Magic  (Trapsmith, DS)
Fox's Cunning  (Trapsmith, DS)
Frostburn, Lesser (Disciple of Thrym, FB)
Gaseous Form  (Trapsmith, DS)
Haste  (Trapsmith, DS)
Identify (Cloi Clr, UA)
Invisibility  (Telflammar Shadowlord, FR-UE)
Knock  (Trapsmith, DS / Telflammar Shadowlord, FR-UE)
Lay of the Land, SpC (Rgr)
Levitate  (Telflammar Shadowlord, FR-UE)
Leomund's Trap (Gnome Ill, RoS)
Magic Mouth (Brd)
Magic Vestment (Artificer, ECS)
Make Whole (Balance Domain, SpC)
Minor Image(Gnome Ill, RoS)
Obscure Object (Brd)
Produce Flame (Drd)
Protection From Energy (Trapsmith, DS)
Remove Paralysis (Healer, MH)
Resist Energy (Rgr)
Restoration, Lesser (paladin)
See Invisibility (Runescarred Beserker, FR-UE)
Silence (Court Herald, FR-PoF)
Shadow Mask -SpC  (Telflammar Shadowlord, FR-UE)
Shadow Spray- SpC  (Telflammar Shadowlord, FR-UE)
Speak with Animals (drd)
Spider Climb (Prime Underdark guide, FR-UD/ Spider Domain DotU/Slayer of Domiel, BoED)
Tasha's Hideous Laughter (brd)
Undetectable Alignment (Brd)

Level 2 Spells

Air Walk  (Telflammar Shadowlord, FR-UE)
Animate Dead (Death Master, Dragon Magazine Compendium)
Arcane Eye (Trapsmith, DS)
Bestow Curse (Demonologist, BoVD)
Blacklight- SpC  (Telflammar Shadowlord, FR-UE)
Continual Flame (S/W)
Cure Serious Wounds (Runescarred Beserker, FR-UE)
Daylight (Consecrated Harrier, CD)
Dimension Door (Trapsmith, DS)
Displacement  (Telflammar Shadowlord, FR-UE)
Fire Trap (Drd)
Gentle Repose (Clr)
Globe of Invulnerability, Lesser (Trapsmith, DS)
Heroism (Brd)
Hold Person (Clr)
Illusory Script (Gnome Ill, RoS/ Assassin)
Improved Invisibility  (Telflammar Shadowlord, FR-UE)
Keen Edge (Runescarred Beserker, FR-UE)
Locate Object (S/W)
Magic Circle vs Evil (Demonologist, BoVD/Exorcism Domain ECS)
Magic Circle vs Good (Demonologist, BoVD)
Major Image (Gnome Ill, RoS)
Nondetection  (Telflammar Shadowlord, FR-UE)
Otiluke's Resilient Sphere (Trapsmith, DS)
Rage (Brd)
Reduce Animal (Drd)
Remove Blindness/Deafness (Healer, MH)
Remove Disease (Healer, MH)
See Invisibility (S/W)
Snare (rgr)
Speak with Plants (Rgr)
Spike Growth (Rgr)
Stone Shape (Trapsmith, DS)
Stoneskin (Trapsmith, DS)
Suggestion (Brd)
Tongues (Brd)
Tree Shape (Drd)
Vampiric Touch (Corrupt Avenger, HoH / Telflammar Shadowlord, FR-UE)
Wind Wall (Air Domain)

Level 3 Spells

Bigby's Interposing Hand (Trapsmith, DS)
Break Enchantment (Trapsmith, DS)
Charm Monster (Brd)
Command, Greater  (Thayan Slaver, FR-UE)
Command Plants (Rgr)
Confusion (Brd)
Contagion (Clr)
Control water (Watery Death domain, FR-UD)
Crushing despair (Brd)
Cure Critical Wounds (Runescarred Beserker, FR-UE)
Darkbolt- SpC  (Telflammar Shadowlord, FR-UE)
Deathward (Dread Necromancer, HoH)
Detect Scrying  (Telflammar Shadowlord, FR-UE)
Discern Lies (Pal)
Dispel Magic, Greater (Trapsmith, DS)
Divination (Oracle Domain, SpC)
Divine Power (Runescarred Beserker, FR-UE)
Dominate Person  (Thayan Slaver, FR-UE)
Evard's black Tentacles (Blackwater Domain, StWr)
Fabricate (Trapsmith, DS)
Fear (brd)
Fire Shield (Warmage, Comp Arc)
Freedom of Movement (Nentyar Hunter, FR-UE/Runescarred Beserker, FR-UE)
Geas, Lesser (brd)
Glibness (Brd/ Initiate of Vecna, RoD)
Hold Monster  (Thayan Slaver, FR-UE)
Ice Storm (Warmage, Comp Arc)
Illusory Wall (Gnome Ill, RoS)
Invisibility, Mass  (Telflammar Shadowlord, FR-UE)
Magic Weapon, Greater (S/W)
Mislead  (Telflammar Shadowlord, FR-UE)
Neutralize Poison (Drd)
Planar Binding, Lesser (Demonologist, BoVD)
Poison (Drd)
Remove Curse (Clr)
Repel Vermin (Rgr)
Restoration (Healer, MH)
Scrying (Brd)
Shout (Knight of the Chalice, CW)
Wall of Stone (Trapsmith, DS)

Level 4 Spells

Analyze Dweomer (Bardic Sage, UA)
Animal Growth (Rgr)
Atonement (Emissary of Barachiel, BoED)
Baleful Polymorph (Hexblade, CW)
Bestow Curse, Greater (Demonologist, BoVD)
Blight (Drd)
Commune with Nature (Rgr)
Contact Other Plane (Hexblade, CW)
Cure Light Wounds, Mass (Healer, MH)
Dismissal (Clr)
Dispel Chaos/Evil/Law/Good (Pal and UA variants)
Dream (Emissary of Barachiel, BoED)
Flame Strike (Drd)
Insect Plague (Savage Bard, UA)
Legend Lore (brd)
Mark of Justice (Pal)
Mind Fog  (Thayan Slaver, FR-UE)
Persistent Image (Gnome Ill, RoS)
Planar Binding (Demonologist, BoVD)
Righteous Might (Runescarred Beserker, FR-UE)
Sending (Clr)
Sequester  (Thayan Slaver, FR-UE)
Summon Giants (Disciple of Thrym, FB)
Transmute Mud to Rock/Rock to Mud (Blighter, CD)
Tree Stride (rgr)
True Seeing (Urban Ranger, UA)
Unhallow (Blighter, CD)
Veil  (Thayan Slaver, FR-UE)
Wall of Fire (s/W)

Level 5 Spells

Antimagic Field (Runescarred Beserker, FR-UE)
Antilife Shell (Blighter, CD)
Bigby's Clenched Fist (Duskblade, PHB2)
Chain Lightning (Duskblade, PHB2)
Create Undead (Blighter, CD)
Cure Moderate Wounds, Mass (Healer, MH)
Disintergrate (Duskblade, PHB2)
Forbiddance (Blighter, CD)
Harm (Blighter CD)
Heal (Adept)
Heroism, Greater (Brd)
Plane Shift (Clr)
Polar Ray (Duskblade, PHB2)
Programmed Image (Gnome Ill, RoS)
Scrying, Greater (Bardic Sage, UA)
Shadow Walk (Brd)
Stone to Flesh (Healer, MH)
Suggestion, Mass (Brd)
Undeath to Death (Dread Necromancer, HoH)
Wall of Iron (Shugenja, CD)

Level 6 Spells

Antipathy (Blighter, CD)
Banishment (Clr)
Charm Monster, Mass (brd)
Control Weather (WuJen, Comp Arc)
Creeping Doom (Savage Bard, UA)
Cure Serious Wounds, Mass (Healer, MH)
Finger of Death (Blighter, CD)
Otto's Irristible Dance (Brd)
Project Image (Brd)
Regenerate (Healer, MH)
Repulsion (S/W)
Restoration, Greater (Healer, MH)
Shout, Greater (Brd)
Sunbeam (Summer Domain, SaSt)
Vision (Bardic Sage, UA)
Waves of Exhaustion (Dread Necromancer, HoH)
Wind Walk (Clr)
Word of Recall (Clr)

Level 7 Spells

Animal Shapes (Animal Domain)
Cure Critical Wounds, Mass (Healer, MH)
Earthquake (Earth Domain)
Fire Storm (Drd)
Phase Door (S/W)
Refuge (Clr)
Reverse Gravity (S/W)
Screen (Trickery Domain)

Level 8 Spells

Heal, Mass (Healer, MH)
Shambler (Blighter, CD)
Symathy (S/W)

Beholder Mage List Bargains

9th level Spells (available at 7th level)
Foresight, Bigby's Crushing Hand, Meteor Swarm, Shades, Weird, Wail of the Banshee, Time Stop, Magic Miasma, Summon Elemental Monolith (+100gp), Transmute Rock to Lava

8th level Spells (available at 6th level)
Mind Blank, Superior Invisibility

Ur-Priest/Divine Crusader List Bargains

9th level Spells (available at 7th level)

8th level Spells (available at 6th level)
Veil of Undeath

4th level Spells (available at 2nd level)
Glibness (Commerce Domain)

Links for TO/Very High-Powered Games

Minimizing Caster Level


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