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Nanshork's Extended Signature Thread
« on: June 21, 2017, 10:28:07 AM »
If you haven't noticed, I like being organized.  I need a main place I can keep track of everything I want to keep track of.  Just accept it.

As part of this migration, I've created a To Do List.  If there's something you'd like my help with, feel free to post there.

My Threads of Import
 - The Consolidated Lycanthropy Guide (In Progress)
 - X Stat to Y Bonus (In Progress)

Other Resources
 - Character Sheet Templates - This thread is for character sheet templates that can be used in Play by Post games on the board.  You can post your own for others to use, and I also take requests.

My Homebrew
Oslecamo's Monster Classes
 - Chitine
 - Ectoplasmic Dragon
 - Feral Gargun
 - Genasi
 - Ice Beast, Awakened
 - Marruspawn (Marrulurk, Marrusault, Marrutact, Marruspawn Abomination, and Zymes (items))
 - Sanctified Creature
 - Werebadger

Homebrew/Homebrewers I especially enjoy
(This is the list from the old board, I'll update it)
Gramarie and Xenoalchemy by Kellus
All kinds of things by sirpercival
Improved Monster Classes by oslecamo
Verold Setting by EjoThims
The Spellshaping Codices by DonQuixote
Wizard with fighter mechanics by Prime32
Gambler by Bozwevial
A good list of stuff by Garryl
The War-Frenzy by Agita
A lot of things in here by Stratovarius

PbP Characters
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