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Carrion Carver [Osteo PrC]
« on: June 22, 2017, 01:37:52 PM »
Carrion Carver
"Blood falls far from the tree of pain"
- Vicerkam, orc Carrion Carver


Becoming a Carrion Carver

Table 1: Carrion Carver
Hit Die: d10

Level  BAB    Ref   Fort  Will   Special Abilities             Ossein Points
  1    +1     +0    +2    +2     Carrion House, Snatch Organ   19
  2    +2     +0    +3    +3     Vulture's Hunting             29
  3    +3     +1    +3    +3     Offal and Filth               37
  4    +4     +1    +4    +4     Cannibalize                   51
  5    +5     +1    +4    +4     Vulture's Hunting             63
  6    +6     +2    +5    +5     Infectious Innards            81
  7    +7     +2    +5    +5     Butcher's Waste               97
  8    +8     +2    +6    +6     Vulture's Hunting             115
  9    +9     +3    +6    +6     Buzzard's Breath              131
  10   +10    +3    +7    +7     Deadly Tide                   149

Class skills (4 + Int modifier per level):
Climb, Concentration, Craft, Intimidate, Jump, Knowledge (Arcana), Knowledge (History), Knowledge (Religion), Spellcraft, Swim

Feats: Power Attack, Deatheater
BAB: +6.
Skills: Intimidate 4, Survival 4
Special: Must spend a month living on nothing more than carrion.

Class Features
  • Osteomancy: The carrion carver, through his knowledge of the internal workings of all things, and the power that resides within each bone, gains the ability to cast osseins. The carrion carver uses Wisdom to determine what level of ossein he can cast, as well as for the DC of his abilities and for bonus ossein points. His osteoblast level is equal to his class level. If he has the ability to cast osseins from another source, his osteoblast level, ossein points, and osseins known do not stack. They are separate sources.
  • Carrion House (Ex): Covered in the bile and the remains of those that he has slaughtered, the carrion crawler is a fearsome sight to behold upon the field of battle. Any creature who comes within 10 ft. of the carrion crawler must make a Fortitude save against 10 + class level + constitution modifier or become sickened for one round per class level. If they failed the save and remain in or re-enter the area at the end of the duration, they must save again. Otherwise, they are immune to the effects of the character's Carrion House ability for 24 hours.
  • Snatch Organ (Ex): Gashing a nearly dead foe deeply, the carrion crawler can rip an organ from his foe during the course of battle, allowing him to harvest that organ as part of the attack. As part of an attack action, if he slays his foe, he may harvest a single organ as a free action. He may only do this once per round.
  • Vulture's Hunting (Su): Born upon the wings of his signature animal, the carrion carver gains a fly speed equal to his movement speed at average maneuverability. At 5th level he gains the Flyby Attack feat, and at 8th level, one other feat that requires Flyby Attack or flight.
  • Offal and Filth (Ex): Reveling in the waste and the ruin of their foes, the carrion carvers slice through the bodies of their enemies, leaving only the parts unspeakable. Whenever the carrion carver strikes a foe with a critical hit, the struck creature must make a fortitude save with a DC equal to the damage caused or take additional damage equal to three times the carrion carver's class level, as the foe is partially disemboweled. This bonus damage is not multiplied by the critical hit.
  • Cannibalize (Ex): Feasting upon the carcasses of a downed foe, the carrion carver revels in the feast of dead flesh. As a full round action, the carrion carver may consume the flesh of a foe that he has killed. Each round the carrion carver consumes flesh, he heals hit points equal to twice his character level. He must eat at least one pound of flesh for this to take effect, and can consume one pound per round.
  • Infectious Innards (Ex): Foulness has seeped into the bones of the carrion carver, and those who strike him are covered in the waste. Any creature striking the carrion carver in melee for more than 10 damage takes acid damage equal to twice the carrion carver's level, and must make a Fortitude save against 10 + class level + constitution modifier or become poisoned. The poison deals 1d4 Strength and Constitution each as primary and secondary damage.
  • Butcher's Waste (Ex): A cruel and wicked sense of the core of a creature allows the carrion carver to strike where it is most dangerous, and where he can reach the feast within most easily. The carrion crawler gains a +2 bonus to attack, a +6 bonus to confirm critical hits, and expands his critical range by 1 against all creatures affected by his carrion house ability.
  • Buzzard's Breath (Ex): A foul wave of stench rolls forth from the carrion crawler, a putrid stench of miasma that plagues any who breath it. The carrion carver gains a breath weapon that deals 1d6 acid damage per class level, and any affected creature must make a fortitude save against 10 + class level + constitution modifier or be nauseated. It is a 100 ft. cone and can be used once every 1d4 rounds.
  • Deadly Tide (Su): A wave of filth and carrion spills forth, flooding down the land and soaking into the terrain, poisoning and sickening everything that lives in or upon the area. Every creature and building within 1 mile per 5 character levels is afflicted by slimy putrescence, eating at their flesh and structure. All living creatures must make a Fortitude save each round they are in the affected area against 10 + class level + constitution modifier or take 1d4 Strength and Constitution damage. Buildings and unliving creatures take 3d6 acid damage a round as it devours their structure. The putrescence dissipates in 1 hour, and while it lasts, all affected terrain is treated as a deep bog. It takes 10 minutes to perform the necessary steps to creating this carrion wave, and the carrion crawler takes 10 constitution damage when he summons the wave of offal.
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