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Base Class & Tier Information
« on: June 15, 2017, 01:41:47 PM »
I have staged a coup of the Why Tier X's are in Tier X series of threads with a complete list. My hope is to free JaronK the burden of now a 3rd and a maybe 4th 'tier system for classes' thread. This will save the discussion of tiers themselves for the tier thread. Concern over specific classes can go here.

Let me know if I am missing any non-variant base class in 3.5. I intend to include them all.

I do not claim to intimately know or play each class. The work I have done is completely at the mercy of the boards and my be changed, so please try to keep indignation to its lowest. Any balance concerns are considered after the dirty handbook fixes.

You will notice that the upper tiers are casters. If you are looking for all casting classes, feel free to look here.

Finally, I will try to keep up with the discussion and add mention about specific class features when needed; hence the two posts per tier.

Coloring Key for optimizing the base classes:
Too simple or too few options: It is just about as powerful or weak as it is going to be even after optimization so it's not worth the effort. For low tier classes this means you can't stretch it into higher tiers as easily. For upper tiers its nice that you probably won't suck that much even if you are fairly new.
Some complexity, some options: You get out what you put in. Heavy optimization won't be as obvious as blue colored, but it will be noticable. Consider this normal 'stretchiness' to go up or down a tier dependent on the build and player. JaronK noticed that optimization bumps up or down a tier - two for classes on the edge or with more extensive cheese. This is normal.
Too complex or too many options: You get more than what you put in. You really need to understand how this class works. For high tier classes this is bad because you can't start cold and be the epitome of tier 1. For lower tier classes this is actually a good thing because if you try, you can pull it up more than normal. However it might be frustrating to get past the learning curve.

Tier Summary:
1 Can do everything (often full casters preparing huge lists)
2 Can do anything, but not everything (often full casters with limited spells known from huge lists)
3 Extreme versatility and power, but not both (either constrained lists or mechanics)
4 From a cynical point of view, does what's on the tin (constrained lists and mechanics on 3/4 casting, so UMD)
5 Don't pull its own weight even in its area (constrained lists and mechanics on 1/2 casting, no UMD)
6 Utterly fails to do much of anything (awful mechanics or no usable casting / UMD)

Tier Outline
6(3+3NPC): Aristocrat, Commoner, Divine Mind (CP 9), Warrior, Samurai (CW 6), Truenamer (TM 198)

5(14+2NPC): Battledancer (DC 26), Divine Mind (with Web Enhancements), Eidolon (Gh 16), Expert, Fighter, Healer (MH 8), Knight, Lurk (CP 13), Magewright (ECS 256), Mariner (LotT 13), Mlar (Dungeon Magazine 100 256-257 githyanki section), Monk, Ninja (CAd 5), Noble (DCS 50), Paladin, Samurai (with Imperious Command feat), Soulborn (MoI 25), Soulknife, Swashbuckler (CW 11)

4(18+1NPC): Adept, Barbarian, Dragonfire Adept (with Breath Effects), Dragon Shaman (PHB2 11), Fighter (Dungeon Crasher variant), Jester (DC 36), Hexblade (CW 5), Marshal, Master (WotL 21), Montebank (DC 42), Nightstalker (Races of Ansalon 153), Ranger, Rogue, Savant (DC 45), Scout (CAd 10), Spellthief, Sohei (OA 27), Totemist, Warlock (CArc 5), Warmage (CArc 10)

3(16): Ardent (CP 5), Bard, Beguiler (PHB2 6), Binder (TM 9), Crusader (ToB 8), Dread Necromancer (HH 84), Duskblade (PHB2 19), Factotum (Du 14), Incarnate (MoI 20), Psychic Rogue (with powers), Psychic Warrior, Ranger (Wildshape variant), Shadowcaster (TM 111), Shugenja (CD 10), Swordsage (ToB 15), Warblade, Wilder,

2(9): Binder (with Online Vestiges), Death Master (DC 31), Favored Soul (CD 6), Mystic (DCS 47), Psion, Sha'ir (DC 51), Shaman (OA 23), Sorcerer, Spirit Shaman (CD 14), Wu Jen (CArc 14)

1(6): Archivist, Artificer (ECS 29), Cleric, Druid, "Erudite" variant Psion (with Spell to Power ACF), Wizard

Other(12): Aberrant Paragon (DragMag332 45), Eidoloncer (Gh 17), Drow Paragon, Dwarf Paragon, Elf Paragon, Gnome Paragon, Half-Dragon Paragon, Half-Elf Paragon, Half-Orc Paragon, Halfling Paragon, Human Paragon, Kobold Paragon, Orc Paragon, Tiefling Paragon

Tier Relative Amount Breakdown: (missing a few classes, feel free to recalculate)
6: 8.3% with NPCs, 4.5% without
5: 22.2% with NPCs, 21.2% without
4: 26.3% with NPCs, 27.2% without
3: 22.2% with NPCs, 24.2% without
2: 12.5% with NPCs, 13.6% without
1: 8.3% with NPCs, 9% without

Displayed in groups of 2:
6&5: 30.6% with NPCs, 25.8% without
4&3: 48.6% with NPCs, 51.5% without
2&1: 20.8% with NPCs, 22.6% without

The mode is Tier 4 which JaronK suspected might be the 'default' level of power a PC should have, followed by Tier 3. Notice that when NPC classes are considered Tier 3 and 5 tie for second place, making us even more sure that Tier 4 is truly the norm. Tier 6 and 1 have the same number of outliers when NPC classes are considered, which is good because each is considered 'broken' albeit in opposite manners. Furthermore the mostly non-casting Tier 5 makes up a greater chunk than the all full caster classes of Tier 2, perhaps indicating greater hesitation with 9th level spells and powers.

Base Class Chassis Chart

Class   ?+int   d?   BAB   Fort   Ref   Will   * = Variable Tier
Aberrant Paragon   2+   d8?   3/4   Bad   Bad   Good   *
Aristocrat   4+   d8   3/4   Bad   Bad   Good   NPC
Adept   2 +   d6   1/2   Bad   Bad   Good   NPC
Archivist   4 +   d6   1/2   Good   Bad   Good   
Ardent   2 +   d6   1/2   Bad   Bad   Good   
Aristocrat   4 +   d8   3/4   Bad   Bad   Good   NPC
Artificer   4 +   d6   3/4   Bad   Bad   Good   
Barbarian   4 +   d12   3/4   Good   Bad   Bad   
Bard   6 +   d6   1   Bad   Good   Good   
Battledancer   4 +   d8   3/4   Bad   Good   Bad   
Beguiler   6 +   d6   1   Bad   Bad   Good   
Binder   2 +   d8   1/2   Good   Bad   Good   
Cleric   2 +   d8   3/4   Good   Bad   Good   
Commoner   2 +   d4   3/4   Bad   Bad   Bad   NPC
Crusader   4 +   d10   1/2   Good   Bad   Bad   
Death Master   2 +   d8   1   Bad   Bad   Good   
Divine Mind   2 +   d10   3/4   Good   Bad   Good   
Dragonfire Adept   4 +   d8   3/4   Good   Bad   Good   
Dragon Shaman   2 +   d10   1/2   Good   Bad   Good   
Dread Necromancer   2 +   d6   3/4   Bad   Bad   Good   
Drow Paragon   4 +   d6   1/2   Bad   Good   Bad   
Druid   4 +   d8   3/4   Good   Bad   Good   
Duskblade   2 +   d8   3/4   Good   Bad   Good   
Dwarf Paragon   2 +   d10   1   Good   Bad   Bad   
Eidolon   2 +   d8   1   Bad   Bad   Good   
Eidoloncer   2 +   d6   1   Bad   Bad   Good   
Elf Paragon   2 +   d8   1/2   Bad   Good   Bad   
Erudite   2 +   d4   3/4   Bad   Bad   Good   
Expert   6 +   d6   1/2   Bad   Bad   Good   NPC
Factotum   6 +   d8   3/4   Bad   Good   Bad   
Favored Soul   2 +   d8   3/4   Good   Good   Good   
Fighter   2 +   d10   3/4   Good   Bad   Bad   
Gnome Paragon   4 +   d6   1   Good   Bad   Good   
Half-Dragon Paragon   4 +   d12   3/4   Good   Bad   Good   
Half-Elf Paragon   4 +   d8   1   Bad   Good   Bad   
Half-Orc Paragon   4 +   d8   3/4   Good   Bad   Bad   
Halfling Paragon   4 +   d6   1   Bad   Good   Bad   
Healer   4 +   d8   3/4   Good   Bad   Good   
Hexblade   2 +   d10   1/2   Bad   Bad   Good   
Human Paragon   4 +   d8   1   Bad   Bad   Good   
Incarnate   2 +   d6   3/4   Good   Bad   Good   
Jester   6 +   d6   1/2   Bad   Good   Good   
Knight   2 +   d12   3/4   Bad   Bad   Good   
Kobold Paragon   4 +   d6   1   Bad   Good   Good   
Lurk   4 +   d6   3/4   Bad   Good   Good   
Magewright   2 +   d4   3/4   Bad   Bad   Good   NPC
Mariner   6 +   d8   1/2   Good   Good   Bad   
Marshall   4 +   d8   1   Good   Bad   Good   
Master   8 +   d6   3/4   Bad   Bad   Good   
Mlar   4 +   d6   3/4   Bad   Bad   Good   NPC
Monk   4 +   d8   3/4   Good   Good   Good   
Mountebank   6 +   d6   3/4   Bad   Good   Bad   
Mystic   2 +   d8   3/4   Good   Bad   Good   
Nightstalker   4 +   d6   3/4   Bad   Good   Good   
Ninja   6 +   d6   3/4   Bad   Good   Bad   
Noble   4 +   d8   3/4   Bad   Good   Good   
Orc Paragon   2 +   d10   3/4   Good   Bad   Bad   
Paladin   2 +   d10   1   Good   Bad   Bad   
Psion   2 +   d4   1   Bad   Bad   Good   
Psychic Rogue   6 +   d6   1/2   Bad   Good   Bad   
Psychic Warrior   2 +   d8   3/4   Good   Bad   Bad   
Ranger   6 +   d8   3/4   Good   Good   Bad   
Rogue   8 +   d6   1   Bad   Good   Bad   
Samurai (CW)   2 +   d10   3/4   Good   Bad   Bad   
Samurai (OA)   4 +   d10   1   Good   Bad   Good   
Savant   6 +   d8   1   Bad   Bad   Good   
Scout   8 +   d8   3/4   Bad   Good   Bad   
Sha'ir   2 +   d4   3/4   Bad   Bad   Good   
Shadowcaster   2 +   d6   1/2   Good   Bad   Good   
Shaman   4 +   d6   1/2   Bad   Bad   Good   
Shugenja   4 +   d6   3/4   Bad   Bad   Good   
Sohei   2 +   d10   1/2   Good   Bad   Good   
Sorcerer   2 +   d4   3/4   Bad   Bad   Good   
Soulborn   2 +   d10   1/2   Good   Bad   Bad   
Soulknife   4 +   d10   1   Bad   Good   Good   
Spellthief   6 +   d6   3/4   Bad   Bad   Good   
Spirit Shaman   4 +   d8   3/4   Good   Bad   Good   
Swashbuckler   4 +   d10   3/4   Good   Bad   Bad   
Swordsage   6 +   d8   1   Bad   Good   Good   
Tiefling Paragon   4 +   d8   3/4   Good   Good   Good   
Totemist   4 +   d8   3/4   Good   Good   Bad   
Truenamer   4 +   d6   3/4   Bad   Bad   Good   
Urban Druid   4 +   d8   3/4   Good   Bad   Good   
Warblade   4 +   d12   3/4   Good   Bad   Bad   
Warlock   2 +   d6   1   Bad   Bad   Good   
Warmage   2 +   d6   3/4   Bad   Bad   Good   
Warrior   2 +   d8   1/2   Good   Bad   Bad   NPC
Wilder   4 +   d6   1   Bad   Bad   Good   
Wizard   2 +   d4   3/4   Bad   Bad   Good   
Wu Jen   2 +   d4   1/2   Bad   Bad   Good   
Sigh. Not again. :(


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Re: Base Class & Tier Information
« Reply #1 on: June 15, 2017, 01:43:02 PM »
In-class skill charts

Abbreviations for Table 1: United, PHB Skills
A = Appraise
Ba = Balance
Bl = Bluffp
Cl = Climb
Co = Concentration
Cr = Craft
DS = Decipher Script
Dm = Diplomacy
DD = Disable Device
Dg = Disguise
EA = Escape Artist
F = Forgery
GI = Gather Information
HA = Handle Animal
He = Heal
Hi = Hide
I = Intimidate
J = Jump
L = Listen
MS = Move Silently
OL = Open Lock
R = Ride
Se = Search
SM = Sense Motive
SH = Sleight Of Hand
SL = Speak Language
Sc = Spellcraft
Sp = Spot
Su = Survival
Sw = Swim
Tu = Tumble
UM = Use Magic Device
UR = Use Rope

Abbreviations for Table 2: Separate or non-PHB Skills
AH = Autohypnosis
IF = Iajitsu Focus (OA 58)
KA = Knowledge (Arcana)
Ke = Knowledge (Architecture and Engineering)
KD = Knowledge (Dungeoneering)
KG = Knowledge (Geography)
KH = Knowledge (History)
KL = Knowledge (Local)
KNa = Knowledge (Nature)
KNo = Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty)
KPs = Knowledge (Psionics)
KR = Knowledge (Religion)
KPl = Knowledge (The Planes)
LD = Lucid Dreaming (MotP 203)
ML = Martial Lore (ToB 28)
Per = Perform
Pro = Profession
Psi = Psicraft
TS = Truespeak (ToM 195)
UP = Use Psionic Device

Table 1: United, PHB Skills
Class   A   Ba   Bl   Cl   Co   Cr   DS   Dm   DD   Dg   EA   F   GI   HA   He   Hi   I   J   L   MS   OL   R   Se   SM   SoH   SL   Sc   Sp   Su   Sw   Tu   UMD   UR   
Aberrant Paragon         Bl   Cl   Co         Dm         EA               Hi   I         MS            SM               Su            
Adept               Co   Cr                        HA   He                                    Sc      Su            
Archivist               Co   Cr   DS   Dm               GI      He                        Se            Sc                  
Ardent               Co   Cr      Dm                     He                                                   UMD   
Aristocrat   A      Bl               Dm      Dg      F   GI   HA         I      L         R      SM      SL      Sp   Su   Sw         
Artificer   A            Co   Cr         DD                                    OL      Se            Sc               UMD   
Barbarian            Cl      Cr                        HA         I   J   L         R                     Su   Sw         
Bard   A   Ba   Bl   Cl   Co   Cr   DS   Dm      Dg   EA      GI         Hi      J   L   MS            SM   SoH   SL   Sc         Sw   Tu   UMD   
Battledancer      Ba      Cl                     EA               Hi      J   L   MS   OL            SoH               Sw   Tu      
Beguiler   A   Ba   Bl   Cl   Co      DS   Dm   DD   Dg   EA   F   GI         Hi      J   L   MS   OL      Se   SM   SoH   SL   Sc   Sp      Sw   Tu   UMD   
Binder         Bl      Co   Cr   DS   Dm               GI            I                     SM                           
Cleric   A      Bl      Co   Cr      Dm   DD   Dg         GI      He   Hi   I                  Se   SM         Sc   Sp   Su            
Commoner            Cl      Cr                        HA            J   L         R                  Sp      Sw         UR
Crusader      Ba         Co   Cr      Dm                           I   J            R                                 
Death Master               Co   Cr   DS                        He      I                              Sc                  
Divine Mind            Cl   Co   Cr                                    J            R                        Sw         
Dragonfire Adept   A      Bl   Cl   Co   Cr   DS   Dm                           I   J   L            Se   SM      SL   Sc   Sp            UMD   
Dragon SoHaman   A      Bl   Cl      Cr            Dg         GI      He   Hi   I   J      MS         Se            Sc      Su   Sw         
Dread Necromancer         Bl      Co   Cr   DS         Dg                  Hi   I                              Sc                  
Drow Paragon            Cl      Cr                              Hi   I   J   L   MS                     Sc   Sp   Su   Sw         
Druid               Co   Cr      Dm                  HA   He            L         R               Sc   Sp   Su   Sw         
Duskblade            Cl   Co   Cr   DS                                 J            R      SM         Sc         Sw         
Dwarf Paragon   A         Cl      Cr                                 I   J                  SM               Su            
Eidolon      Ba   Bl      Co                                 Hi   I      L               SM            Sp   Su            
Eidoloncer               Co                                                                  Sc                  
Elf Paragon            Cl      Cr      Dm                        Hi      J   L   MS                     Sc   Sp   Su   Sw         
Expert   Any 10                                                                                                Any 10
FactotUMD   A   Ba   Bl   Cl   Co   Cr   DS   Dm   DD   Dg   EA   F   GI   HA   He   Hi   I   J   L   MS   OL   R   Se   SM   SoH   SL   Sc   Sp   Su   Sw   Tu   UMD   UR
Favored Soul               Co   Cr      Dm                     He         J                  SM         Sc                  
Fighter            Cl      Cr                        HA         I   J            R                        Sw         
Gnome Paragon         Bl   Cl      Cr      Dm                        Hi      J   L   MS                     Sc         Sw         
Half-Dragon Paragon   A      Bl      Co         Dm      Dg         GI      He   Hi   I   J   L   MS         Se   SM         Sc   Sp   Su   Sw         
Half-Elf Paragon         Bl   Cl      Cr      Dm                        Hi      J   L   MS                              Sw         
Half-Orc Paragon            Cl      Cr                        HA         I   J            R                     Su   Sw         
Halfling Paragon         Bl   Cl      Cr      Dm                        Hi      J   L   MS                           Su   Sw         
Healer               Co   Cr      Dm                  HA   He                           SM         Sc      Su            
Hexblade         Bl      Co   Cr      Dm                           I               R               Sc                  
HUMDan Paragon   Any 10                                                                                                Any 10
Incarnate               Co   Cr                                                               Sc                  
Jester      Ba   Bl   Cl               DD   Dg   EA      GI         Hi   I   J      MS   OL      Se   SM   SoH   SL               Tu   UMD   UR
Knight            Cl                              HA         I   J            R                        Sw         
Kobold Paragon         Bl   Cl   Co   Cr         DD      EA      GI         Hi      J   L   MS         Se            Sc   Sp      Sw         
Lurk         Bl   Cl   Co   Cr            Dg   EA               Hi      J   L   MS               SoH         Sp      Sw   Tu      
Magewright               Co   Cr                        HA                                       Sc                  
Mariner      Ba   Bl   Cl      Cr               EA      GI               J                        SL         Su   Sw   Tu      UR
MarSoHal         Bl               Dm                  HA         I      L         R      SM      SL      Sp   Su   Sw         
Master   A   Ba   Bl      Co   Cr   DS   Dm   DD         F   GI   HA   He      I      L   MS   OL   R   Se   SM   SoH   SL   Sc   Sp   Su      Tu   UMD   UR
Mlar               Co   Cr                                                               Sc      Su            
Monk      Ba      Cl   Co   Cr      Dm         EA               Hi      J   L   MS            SM            Sp      Sw   Tu      
Mountebank   A   Ba   Bl      Co         Dm   DD   Dg   EA   F   GI         Hi   I         MS   OL      Se   SM   SoH      Sc            Tu   UMD   
Mystic               Co   Cr      Dm                     He                                    Sc                  
Nightstalker      Ba   Bl      Co   Cr      Dm   DD      EA      GI         Hi         L   MS   OL      Se      SoH      Sc   Sp   Su         UMD   UR
Ninja      Ba   Bl   Cl   Co   Cr         DD   Dg   EA      GI         Hi      J   L   MS   OL      Se   SM   SoH         Sp      Sw   Tu      
Orc Paragon            Cl      Cr                                 I   J   L                           Sp   Su   Sw         
Paladin               Co   Cr      Dm                  HA   He                     R      SM                           
Psion      Ba   Bl   Cl   Co   Cr      Dm   DD   Dg         GI      He      I   J   L         R      SM            Sp   Su   Sw         
Psychic Rogue   A   Ba   Bl   Cl   Co   Cr   DS   Dm   DD   Dg   EA   F   GI         Hi   I   J   L   MS   OL      Se   SM   SoH         Sp      Sw   Tu      UR
Psychic Warrior            Cl   Co   Cr                                    J            R   Se                     Sw         
Ranger            Cl   Co   Cr                        HA   He   Hi      J   L   MS      R   Se               Sp   Su   Sw         UR
Rogue   A   Ba   Bl   Cl      Cr   DS   Dm   DD   Dg   EA   F   GI         Hi   I   J   L   MS   OL      Se   SM   SoH         Sp      Sw   Tu   UMD   UR
Samurai (CW)               Co   Cr      Dm                           I               R      SM                           
Samurai (OA)            Cl      Cr      Dm                           I   J            R      SM                  Sw         
Savant   A   Ba   Bl   Cl   Co   Cr   DS   Dm   DD   Dg   EA   F   GI   HA   He   Hi   I   J   L   MS   OL   R   Se   SM   SoH   SL   Sc   Sp   Su   Sw   Tu   UMD   UR
Scout      Ba      Cl      Cr         DD      EA               Hi      J   L   MS      R   Se   SM      SL      Sp   Su   Sw   Tu      UR
SoHa'ir         Bl      Co   Cr   DS   Dm                                 L               SM         Sc                  
SoHadowcaster               Co   Cr                              Hi   I         MS                     Sc   Sp               
SoHaman               Co   Cr      Dm                     He                                    Sc                  
SoHugenja               Co   Cr      Dm                     He                                    Sc                  
Sohei               Co   Cr      Dm                     He                                                      
Sorcerer         Bl      Co   Cr                                                               Sc                  
Soulborn            Cl   Co   Cr                        HA   He         J            R               Sc         Sw         
Soulknife            Cl   Co   Cr                              Hi      J   L   MS                        Sp         Tu      
Spellthief   A      Bl      Co   Cr   DS      DD      EA      GI         Hi      J   L   MS   OL      Se         SL   Sc   Sp      Sw   Tu   UMD   
Spirit SoHaman               Co   Cr      Dm                  HA   He            L         R               Sc   Sp   Su   Sw         
SwaSoHbuckler      Ba   Bl   Cl      Cr      Dm         EA                     J                  SM                  Sw   Tu      UR
Swordsage      Ba      Cl   Co   Cr                           He   Hi   I   J   L   MS      R      SM                  Sw   Tu      
Tiefling Paragon         Bl         Cr            Dg                  Hi         L   MS               SoH         Sp               
Totemist               Co   Cr                        HA               L         R               Sc   Sp   Su   Sw         
Truenamer               Co   Cr                                                                              UMD   
Urban Druid         Bl      Co   Cr      Dm               GI            I                     SM      SL   Sc      Su            
Warblade      Ba      Cl   Co   Cr      Dm                           I   J                                    Sw   Tu      
Warlock         Bl      Co   Cr            Ds                     I   J                  SM         Sc               UMD   
Warmage               Co   Cr                                 I                              Sc                  
Warrior            Cl                              HA         I   J            R                        Sw         
Wilder      Ba   Bl   Cl   Co   Cr               EA                  I   J   L               SM            Sp      Sw   Tu      
Wizard               Co   Cr   DS                                                            Sc                  
Wu Jen               Co   Cr                                                               Sc   
Class   AH   IF   KA   Ke   KD   KG   KH   KL   KNa   KNo   KPs   KR   KPl   LD   ML   Per   Pro   Psi   TS   UP   
Aberrant Paragon                                                            
Adept         KA   KE   KD   KG   KH   KL   KNa   KNo   KR   KtP   KPsi            Pro         
Archivist         KA   KE   KD   KG   KH   KL   KNa   KNo   KR   KtP   KPsi            Pro         
Ardent   AH      KA   KE   KD   KG   KH   KL   KNa   KNo   KR   KtP   KPsi            Pro   Psi      UP*
Aristocrat         KA   KE   KD   KG   KH   KL   KNa   KNo   KR   KtP   KPsi         Per            
Artificer         KA   KE                        KtP               Pro         
Bard         KA   KE   KD   KG   KH   KL   KNa   KNo   KR   KtP   KPsi         Per   Pro         
Battledancer                                                Per            
Beguiler         KA               KL                           Pro         
Binder         KA            KH            KR   KtP               Pro         
Cleric         KA   KE   KD   KG   KH   KL   KNa   KNo   KR   KtP   KPsi            Pro         
Commoner                                                   Pro         
Crusader                     KH            KR            ML               
Death Master         KA                        KR   KtP               Pro         
Divine Mind   AH                              KR      KPsi            Pro   Psi      
Dragonfire Adept         KA   KE   KD   KG   KH   KL   KNa   KNo   KR   KtP   KPsi                     
Dragon Shaman                           KNa                                 
Dread Necromancer         KA                        KR                  Pro         
Drow Paragon         KA   KE   KD   KG   KH   KL   KNa   KNo   KR   KtP   KPsi            Pro         
Druid                           KNa                        Pro         
Duskblade         KA   KE   KD   KG   KH   KL   KNa   KNo   KR   KtP   KPsi                     
Dwarf Paragon               KD                                    Pro         
Eidolon                                    KtP                        
Eidoloncer         KA                  KNa      KR   KtP                        
Elf Paragon         KA   KE   KD   KG   KH   KL   KNa   KNo   KR   KtP   KPsi            Pro         
Expert   Any 10                                                         Any 10
Factotum   AH   IF   KA   KE   KD   KG   KH   KL   KNa   KNo   KR   KtP   KPsi   LD   ML   Per   Pro   Psi   TS   UP
Favored Soul         KA                                          Pro         
Gnome Paragon         KA   KE   KD   KG   KH   KL   KNa   KNo   KR   KtP   KPsi         Per   Pro         
Half-Dragon Paragon         KA   KE   KD   KG   KH   KL   KNa   KNo   KR   KtP   KPsi         Per            
Half-Elf Paragon                                                Per   Pro         
Half-Orc Paragon                                                   Pro         
Halfling Paragon                                                Per   Pro         
Healer                           KNa      KR                  Pro         
Hexblade         KA                                          Pro         
Human Paragon   Any 10                                                         Any 10
Incarnate         KA                        KR   KtP               Pro         
Jester                        KL      KNo                  Per            
Knight                              KNo                              
Kobold Paragon         KA      KD                                    Pro         
Lurk   AH                                    KPsi            Pro   Psi      UP
Magewright         KA   KE   KD   KG   KH   KL   KNa   KNo   KR   KtP   KPsi            Pro         
Mariner                        KL   KNa                        Pro         
Marshal         KA   KE   KD   KG   KH   KL   KNa   KNo   KR   KtP   KPsi         Per            
Master         KA   KE   KD   KG   KH   KL   KNa   KNo   KR   KtP   KPsi         Per   Pro         
Mlar                                                   Pro         
Monk         KA                        KR               Per   Pro         
Mountebank                                    KtP                        
Mystic         KA                  KNa      KR                  Pro         
Nightstalker         KA               KL         KR                  Pro         
Orc Paragon                                                            
Paladin                              KNo   KR                  Pro         
Psion   AH      KA   KE   KD   KG   KH   KL   KNa   KNo   KR   KtP   KPsi            Pro   Psi      UP
Psychic Rogue   AH                     KL               KPsi         Per   Pro         UP
Psychic Warrior   AH                                    KPsi            Pro   Psi      
Ranger               KD   KG         KNa                        Pro         
Rogue                        KL                        Per   Pro         
Samurai (CW)                     KH         KNo                              
Samurai (OA)      IF                                          Per   Pro         
Savant   AH   IF   KA   KE   KD   KG   KH   KL   KNa   KNo   KR   KtP   KPsi   LD   ML   Per   Pro   Psi   TS   UP
Scout               KD   KG         KNa                                 
Sha'ir         KA                           KtP               Pro         
Shadowcaster         KA                           KtP               Pro         
Shaman         KA                        KR                  Pro         
Shugenja         KA   KE   KD   KG   KH   KL   KNa   KNo   KR   KtP   KPsi            Pro         
Sohei      IF                           KR                  Pro         
Sorcerer         KA                                          Pro         
Soulborn         KA                           KtP               Pro         
Soulknife   AH                                    KPsi            Pro         
Spellthief         KA               KL                                    
Spirit Shaman                  KG   KH   KL   KNa                        Pro         
Swashbuckler                                                   Pro         
Swordsage                     KH   KL   KNa   KNo               ML      Pro         
Tiefling Paragon                                    KtP               Pro         
Totemist         KA                  KNa         KtP               Pro         
Truenamer         KA   KE   KD   KG   KH   KL   KNa   KNo   KR   KtP   KPsi         Per         TS   
Urban Druid            KE         KH   KL                        Per   Pro         
Warblade                     KH   KL                     ML               
Warlock         KA                        KR   KtP               Pro         
Warmage         KA            KH                              Pro         
Wilder   AH                                    KPsi            Pro   Psi      
Wizard         KA   KE   KD   KG   KH   KL   KNa   KNo   KR   KtP   KPsi            Pro         
Wu Jen         KA   KE   KD   KG   KH   KL   KNa   KNo   KR   KtP   KPsi            Pro   

Classes in Tier 1

"Erudite" variant Psion (with Spell to Power ACF)
Why it Can Do Just About Anything:
Do you want to cast a 9th level arcane spell spell, including ones wizards can't access? CHECK
Do you want to cast every non-discipline 9th level power? CHECK. So far, those double-casting progression classes are more than jealous.
Does you DM allow RAW alternate source spell scrolls? If so, congratulations! You're a triple 9 build in a can!
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels:all but 1,5,10,15,20.
Class Features:feats

Why it Can Do Just About Anything:
Casting every divine spell in the game? What could go wrong?
You've got some knowledge skills too
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: 16, 19.
Progression: Dark Knowledge extra uses at multiples of 3. Lore Mastery @2, 7, 13, 17. Bonus feats @10, 20
Class Features: Scribe Scroll, Still Mind, Dark Knowledge (puissance, foe, dead secret, foreknowledge)

Why it Can Do Just About Anything:
All the good spells are wizard spells. That's a rule when making a splat book, it seems.
The ACFs don't hurt either.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: all but the below,.
Class Features:Scribe Scroll, feats at multiples of 5

Why it Can Do Just About Anything:
Casts almost as well as a cleric.
Have a free fighterbear.
Become a bear yourself. Very SAD.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: 17, 19.
Progression:Animal Companion, Wild Shape 1-6/day @5, 6, 7, 10, 14, 18, Elemental Wildshape @16, 18, 20. Various Wild Shape Sizes.
Class Features: Nature Sense & Wild Empathy, Woodland Stride, Trackless Step, Resist Nature's Lure, Wildshape (Large), Venom Immunity, Wildshape (Tiny), Wildshape (Plant), A Thousand Faces, Wildshape (Huge) & Timeless Body, Elemental Wildshape (Huge)

Why it Can Do Just About Anything:
Second best spellcasting list. If it isn't on the wizard list (and often even when it is), then it's here.
DMM is often an easy boost, if you are going persist.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: all but the first.
Progression: Turning
Class Features:Domains, aura

Why it Can Do Just About Anything:
Ever wanted to break WBL?
Do you enjoy spamming broken spellsinfusions?
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: 10, 15, 17-19.
Progression:Craft Reserve, Bonus feats at multiples of 4
Class Features: Artificer Knowledge & artisan bonus & disable trap & item creation & scribe scroll, Brew Potion, Craft Wondrous Item, Craft Homunculus, Craft Magic Arms and Armor & retain essence, Craft Wand, Metamagic Spell Trigger, Craft Rod, Metamagic Spell Completion, Craft Staff, Skill Mastery, Forge Ring

Classes in Tier 2

Why it's So Powerful:
It’s got the most powers learned, RAW, including discipline powers.
This alternate magic system is the king of the roost, mainly because of borked, RAW, magic-psionics transparency.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: all but 1, 5, 10, 15, 20.
Progression: you have to spend a feat to get a psicrystal
Class Features: feats as per above

Spirit Shaman
Why it's So Powerful:
Spontaneous druid casting that you can change spells known every day. This is superior to spontaneous druid ACF.
Pre-buffed metamagic is nice.
Most of the class features are meh. The best are the contingent heal and the free CL1 revivify. The free ghost touch and the free undersong is okay.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: 8, 12, 14, 18.
Progression: Spirit Form 1,2,3/day @ 9, 15, 20
Class Features: Spirit guide & Wild Empathy, Chastise Spirits, Detect Spirits, Blessing of the Spirits, Follow the guide, Ghost warrior, Warding of the sprits, Guide magic, Recall Spirit, Exorcism. Weaken Spirits, Spirit Journey, Favored of the Spirits, Spirit who walks.

Why it's So Powerful:
With some optimization, the spellcasting is kind of nice. It allows things that wouldn’t for a DM who doesn’t allow alternate source spell.
Other than that it’s a weaker version of a wizard: longer preparation times for the same list, etc. Even the class features aren’t worth a wizard feat.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: all even except 18. Level 19 is dead too
Progression: Gen Familiar
Class Features: Recognize genie works, elemental protection, call janni, Elemental travel 1/day, Call genie, Craft genie prison, Elemental travel 2/day, Elemental Travel (at will)

Why it's So Powerful:
The best list in the game.
A smart player picks the best spells (to spam) first, so the limited spells known isn’t a huge deal, but it’s a solid nerf over the wizard.
No wizard feats, and a feat tax to apply metamagic.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: all of them but 1st.
Progression: Familiar
Class Features: Just the one

Death Master
Why it's So Powerful:
Get alternate source spell and DMM your otherwise arcane list.
It’s a straight upgrade over the dread necro list, with the exact same niche
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: all but 1 and multiples of 5.
Progression: Rebuke & undead minion
Class Features: nothing, master of the dead, sustenance of the dead, aspect of the dead, lichdom.

Favored Soul
Why it's So Powerful:
It’s a slight buff over a spontaneous cleric that didn’t want to DMM.
More spells, some meh class features. The usual
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 13, 14, 16, 18, 19.
Progression: Energy Resistance types @ 5, 10, 15
Class Features: WF, Weapon Specialization, Wings, DR

Wu Jen
Why it's So Powerful:
Of the ‘own list’ t2’s it has a decent, unique list.
It has a weird place in the canon due to the OA update. Hopefully your DM allows you to take either Watchful Spirit or Sudden Burst for those that have that DotU ring.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: 2,4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 13, 14, 16, 17, 19, 20.
Progression: Spell Secret @3, 9, 12, 15, 18
Class Features: Watchful spirit & bonus feat, elemental mastery

Binder (with Online Vestiges)
Why it's So Powerful:
Free summons, all day, everyday. Fill up rooms with them. Sink battleships. Have lulz.
Telepathy and mindsight. Yummy. Now all you need to do is enjoy the crafting vestage.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Why it's So Powerful:
Cleric casting
You get a domain too. Okay it’s inferior to a spontaneous cleric.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: all of them after the first.
Progression: see the above
Class Features: um, a domain? Chose turn/rebuke for DMM.

Spirit Shaman
Why it's So Powerful:
Having your own list is a drag.
The upside is the class is fairly flavorful with a few decent goodies along the way.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: 6, 7, 9, 10, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19.
Progression: Bonus feats at multiples of 4
Class Features: Unarmed strike, domains, animal companion, spirit sigh, turn/rebuke undead, spirits’ favor, third domain.
Sigh. Not again. :(


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Re: Base Class & Tier Information
« Reply #2 on: June 15, 2017, 01:43:16 PM »
Classes in Tier 3

Why it Can Do More Than its Job:
Pretty much anything the classes below can do, you can too. Need a skill monkey? Need a strange spell? Heck go tell a warmage about your bypassing SR if you want to make him cry.
You are a ToB-ified version of a true chameleon class: you can emulate most of the juicy class abilities and do you stuff every encounter.
The board love for this class is well known, so I'll just give an example: you can turn undead better than all the other classes below, even when not using DMM (which RAW requires a feat to make the spells divine) because it functions off wisdom and it can even heal the way you always wanted it to.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: 6,18.
Progression: SLA casting @2,4,7,9,11,13,15,17,20, +1/day opportunistic piety @10,15,20
Class Features: [Font of, cough cough] Inspiration + cunning insight + cunning strike +trapfinding, brains over brawn @3 + Cunning Defense, Cunning Strike, Opportunistic Piety, Cunning Surge @8, Cunning Breach, Cunning Dodge @13, Improved Cunning Defense @16, Cunning Brilliance @19

Why it Can Do More Than its Job:
With good power selection, you can be more than just an overloading bomb
You have to stretch better than a psion, so you have to be even more careful about picking only augmentable powers from the few you are given.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: 6,8,10,14,18.
Progression: Wild surge +1's at 1,4,7,11,15,19, surging euphoria +1's at 4,12,20, volatile mind +1's at 5,9,13,17, full pp progression, but slower manifesting and only 11 known powers.
Class Features: psychic enervation then elude touch

Why it Can Do More Than its Job:
You wish are like a sorc but you know a few more spells and focus in illusion and enchantment which is overcome by true seeing and mind blank respectively. It's not a bad list but its very, very small.
Your class features feel like wizard feats without the choice or sorc ACFs, so you'll feel solid without overwhelming power. The capstone is okay, but look above for factotum.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: 4,9,12,13,16,17,18.
Progression: +1DC @2 & 14, advanced learning @3 and every 4 thereafter
Class Features: armored mage & trapfinding, surprise casting, Silent spell @5, move action cast, +2 vs SR @8, still spell @10, overcome SR @20

Why it Can Do More Than its Job:
You are a fighter/barbarian with nice things. You have int synergy if you want, which is why everyone loves to gestalt warblade.
The weapon aptitude is the inverse of the weapon enhancement and does some unintuitive things. Stance mastery is a nice capstone if you can wait.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: 4,8,10,12,14,16,18,19.
Progression: Bonus feats at 5 and every 4 thereafter. 3-7 maneuvers readied out of 3-13 maneuvers known with 1-4 stances.
Class Features: Weapon Aptitude & Battle clarity (reflex saves), uncanndy dodge, Battle arder (confirm crits), improved uncanny dodge @6, battle skill (opposed checks) @11, stance mastery @20

Dread Necromancer
Why it Can Do More Than its Job:
You are supposed to be a "I control the dead guy" with some necromancy spells. And why you are that, you have heals, buffs, debuffs, and some utility available.
The casting or the rebuking or the familiar, or the necromancy abilities or the self buffs on their own aren't enough to write home about. But when combined, it makes for a well-rounded class
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: none.
Progression: +1/day Negative energy burst @3 and every 5 afterward, +1/day Scabrous touch @6 and every 5 thereafter, +2DR @2,7,11,15, advanced learning at multiples of 4, +2 mental bastion @4,14
Class Features: charnel touch & rebuke undead, fear aura @5, summon familiar @7, undead mastery @8, negative energy resistance, light fortitifcation, lich body, enervating touch @12, medium fortification @17, craft wondrous item @19, lich transformation

Why it Can Do More Than its Job:
It's supposed to be an elemental blaster, but it has spells that do more than that like SNA
It's a weaker version of sorcerer, but divine with staple spells rather than goodies.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: all but first.
Progression: none
Class Features: element focus & sense elements

Why it Can Do More Than its Job:
You are supposed to be an "all of the maneuvers" class with some sneakiness thrown in. It pretty much works unless you purposely chose bad manuevers.
Your class features are decent, but nothing to stay single-classed over past 9. Only the psuedo identify is bad.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: 3,6,11,13,14,18,19.
Progression: +1initiative @1 and multiples of 5, 4-12 maneuvers readied / 5+lvl maneuvers known with 1-6 stances
Class Features: WF, Wis to AC (light armor), Insightful strike @4, sense magic @7, defensive stance, evasion, insight strike (2nd discipline, defensive stance (2nd discipline) @16, improved evasion, dual boost 3/day @20

Why it Can Do More Than its Job:
Whatever you want to do, you can just change out your abilities the next day: first your a natural attack machine, then your a pouncer, then you're a debuffer, then....
None of your toys are particularly powerful, but it's hard to continuously bang your head against a wall.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: 3,12,15,17.
Progression: +1 pact augmentation @2 and multiples of 5, +1vestige @1,8,14,20, bonus feats @4,11,18
Class Features: suppress sign @2, immunity to fear @6, slippery mind @9, immunity to energy drain and negative levels @13, mind blank @19

Ranger (Wildshape variant)
Why it Can Do More Than its Job:
You kick out the fighter part and become fully half a druid.
Sure, you can gain WS with an item, PrC or template, but this way still allows to to advance it with MoMF
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: 2, 11, 12, 16, 18, 19.
Progression: FE at 1 and multiples of 5 (with weak compounding) plus half casting and half animal companion, +1 WS @ 5-7,10,14,18
Class Features: specific feats at 1 and 3. Wild empathy, swift tracker, evasion, camouflage and hide in plain sight at 1,8,9,13,17

Why it Can Do More Than its Job:
Although it is normal to havemanifesting limited only by ML, ardent is more obvious at that under its "Dip right here" sign.
You are no psion and you can't nova like a wilder, but you could go fifteen levels deep and get out what you put in, even without substituting mantle powers
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: all but 1,2,5,10,15.
Progression: first 2 mantles, then another at non-dead levels. 21powers known & full psion pp.
Class Features: none

Why it Can Do More Than its Job:
You are supposed to be a martial version of a barbarian-paladin. You can still kind of smite, tank, and avoid partial saves, but you can also load up on useful party, often party-benefiting maneuvers
Don't expect to be teh tankzors, because you won't be. Don't expect to be teh party bufferz because you won't be. You'll just hold your own and be useful without overshadowing everyone.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: 5,7,9,11,14,15,16,17,19.
Progression: 5-7 (2-4) maneuvers readied out of 5-14 maneuvers known with 1-4 stances. +5 Steely revolve @ 1 and multiples of 4. +1/day Smite at 6 & 18
Class Features: Furious counterstrike, indomitable soul, zealous surge, die hard @10 mettle @13

Why it Can Do More Than its Job:
It's supposed to be a singing party face, but you can also be a good divination specialist
The buffs from the singing can be pushed quite hard, and the spellcasting does have some gems in it.
Even with no 7th or above level spells, the casting requires an even casting progression fix to truly shine, so don't get your hopes up.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: 2,4,5,7,10,11,13,16,17,19.
Progression: Inspire Courage +1's at 1,8,14,20
Class Features: Bardic music, bardic knowledge, countersong, fascinate, then new bardic music abilities at multiples of 3: inspire competance, suggestion, inspire greatness, song of freedom, inspire heroics, and mass suggestion

Why it Can Do More Than its Job:
It's job isn't well defined other than "be the full caster of incarnum", which you do pretty well. You have all the binds and the most essentia. The class features aren't bad.
With the most choices available to you, you can change out your binds and reallocate your essentia as you need, although you still have the normal feat vs magic item problems associated with incarnum.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: 6,10,12.
Progression:new binds of crown/feet+hands/arms+brow+shoulders/throat+waist/heart/soul are at 3/9/14/16/19, +1/day incarnum radiance @3 and ever 5 afterward,+1/day rapid shaping @5 and every 6 thereafter, 2-9 melds, 1-26 essentia & 0-5 binds
Class Features: aura & detect opposition, expanded capacity +1, share incarnum radiance @7, Expanded capatiy +2 @15, share incarnum radiance (no fatigue) @17. perfect meldshaper & true incarnation @20

Psychic Warrior
Why it Can Do More Than its Job:
It still has access to all the usual psionic goodies like linked power.
The 3/4 progression tax makes it more like a bard than a fighter, but that's to be expected for daring to have some BAB.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: every 2 out of 3 beyond first..
Progression: feats every 3rd level after 2nd.
Class Features: bonus feat at first and second level.

Why it Can Do More Than its Job:
A shadowcaster is supposed to be a shadow subschool based pseudocaster who gets better and better at these will save-allowing spells, but you end up with a bunch of cool buffs and utility spells.
You are basically a sorcerer who traded the best spell list in the game for a fairly limited, branching one that can cast as (Su) or (SLA) for your lower level spells.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: 6,9,17,18,19.
Progression: bonus feats when you start down new spell trees, similar to a binder, you gain little (Su)'s at multiples of 4 which become at-will @14, and each time you go from apprentice to initiate to master spells @1,7,13 the lower levels bump down the ability type list.
Class Features: 30' darkvision @3, 1meal/week @5, 1hr of sleep/day @10, darkvision 60', immunity to poison & disease @15, no need to breathe eat or sleep @20

Why it Can Do More Than its Job:
As a bit more than a half caster using what is essentially spamming a weapon enhancement except including 4th and 5th level spells and on a full attack. So if you've ever wanted to charge up your laser sword, this class is for you
Except that you can do other things on accident, like buff yourself of allies. Still you're almost in tier 4 territory here, so don't get too excited about your casting.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: 6,8,12,14,17,19.
Progression: A 0-5th level casting, free swift casting at multiples of 5, +1 vs SR twice @6, then 11,16,18
Class Features: arcane attunement & armored mage (light), combat casting, arcane channeling, armored mage (medium), armored mage (heavy shield) @7, arcane channeling (full attack) @13

Psychic Rogue
Why it Can Do More Than its Job:
Those 5th level powers do more than just substitute for the skillmonkeying and DPS of a rogue
For instance, compression and psionic true seeing allow your "rogue" to do things it would normally have to beg a caster for
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: all multiples of 3, so it's 2/3 of a class.
Progression: +1d6SA 1 and every 3 thereafter, up to 5th level spells mostly around those multiples of 3, but only 15powers and 100pp
Class Features: 2,5,7,9: evasion, danger sense, uncanny dodge, improved uncanny dodge, and special abilities at 11 plus every 3 thereafter.

Classes in Tier 4

Why it Can Only Do its Job:
You can make yourself into a scary natural attack machine. But you will still be a meleer.
Due to the way incarnum (aside from the totem bind) works, you are going to reduce your use of WBL by closing off slots or throw every feat you have trying to fix this.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: 4,7,10,13,18,19.
Progression: +1 essentia/level, 2-9 Soulmelds & 0-5 chakra binds.
Class Features: wild empathy & illiteracy, totem chakra bind (+1 capacity), totem's protection, crown+feet+hands bindable, +1level totem, rebind totem 1/day, arms+brow+shoulders bindable, double totem bind, rebind totem 2/day, throat+waist bindable, +2capacity totem bind, totem rebindable 3/day, heart bind, totem embodiment +rebind totem 3/day

Why it Can Only Do its Job:
A straight downgrade to the bard in most respects, trading some class features for a worse spell list
Have fun with the silly part of bard cranked up to an 11. It will feel underwhelming when looking at normal bard PrCs, though.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: 4,7,8,11,13,14,16,17,19.
Progression: 3/4 casting, +1 Jester's audacity @1 and multiples of 5
Class Features: Jester's performance + fascinate + inspiring quip, deflect arrows, taunt, snatch arrows @5, calming performance, buffoonery @9, Bone rattler, vicious lampoon @12, vexing dialogue @15, scathing with @18

Why it Can Only Do its Job:
You get mad and hit things. Don't expect to make it through an area of grease, though
You can kind of tank but in and out of core, if you build for it.
You are a shoe-horned version of the fighter with okay class features, so keep in mind you are not invincible.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: none, but that doesn't mean you have the pinnacle of class design...
Progression: rage @1 and every multiple of 4, trapsense +1's at multiples of 3, DR/- +1's at 7 and every 3 thereafter.
Class Features: fast movement and illiteracy, uncanny dodge, improved at 5,  rage upgrades at 11,17,20, +4will vs ench at 14

Why it Can Only Do its Job:
You are a skillmonkey buffer that buffs skills. Yes, mostly useless skills. If your party is closeby. It can be useful if you are smart about it.
Your spell list is only a page long and your divine spells come very, very late. You do get FoM and Divine power, but only by the time sorcerers have 9th level spells...
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: 6,11,13,14,18,19.
Progression: arcane&divine half casting, +5' skill assistance @1 & multiples of 4, +1d6SA @3 and every 6 levels afterward, talent lore @2 and every 5 levels after
Class Features: academic lore + trapfinding

Why it Can Only Do its Job:
Its an NPC mage so don't get your hopes up
But in a low OP game, its has just good enough spells to hang in there are fill a general 'weak caster' role
0: Very good, 1: sleep, cure, detect x, protection from x, 2: buffs, x invis, scorching ray, 3: animate dead, 4: polymorph, 5: baleful polymorph, raise dead, heal, true seeing
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels:all but 2. Stomachable for levels 1-4.
Progression: Higher level spells at 4,8,12,16
Class Features:Just spells and a familiar

Why it Can Only Do its Job:
You are a charisma dip if there ever was one. Oh and if you want to eat the dead levels you can chose the auras you thought weren't worth getting up front.
The major auras are (per their bonus) worse than the minor ones and the advancements aren't worth the ECL. But boy is this class a strong dip.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: 3,5,6,9,10,11,13,15,17,18,19.
Progression: 1-8 minor & 0-5 major auras w/ +1major auras @level 2 and every 5th afterward, +1/day grant move action on multiples of 4
Class Features: skill focus (diplomacy)

Why it Can Only Do its Job:
It's basically a two thirds of half a druid and a third of a fighter.
Yes, you can track things but you have to ACF or PrC when the enemy just plane shifts or teleports.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: 12, 14, 16, 18, 19.
Progression: FE at 1 and multiples of 5 (with weak compounding) plus half casting and half animal companion.
Class Features: specific feats at 1,2,3,6,11. Wild empathy, swift tracker, evasion, camouflage and hide in plain sight at 1,8,9,13,17

Why it Can Only Do its Job:
Pick one: DPS, skillmonkey, or UMD abuser.
You can try to do all of the above, but it will take far more optimization than you'd expect, and you'll still be begging for buffs from the casters
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: 14 & capstone.
Progression: 1d6 SA at 1 and every other level afterward, trapsense +1's at multiples of 3
Class Features: @2,4,8: evasion, uncanny dodge and improved uncanny dodge, special abilities at 10 and every 3 after

Why it Can Only Do its Job:
You are a casterish rogue who does UMD even better. You bonus damage can be 250' away as a touch attack
Often knee-jerk nerfed by DMs used to 1/day Tier 5 classes, your bag of tricks is spammable but small and limited. Don't think that you can do any one of those tricks better than a properly built sorcerer unless your DM is unaware of you character or is trying to play to your strengths
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: None.
Progression: +1invocation @ 1 and every multiple of 2, new invocation levels @1 and every 5 thereafter, +1d6 every odd level below 12 and every 3 above that, +1DR/cold iron @3 and every 4 levels afterward
Class Features: detect magic @2, decieve item @level 4, Fiendish Resilience 1 @8, Energy Resistance 10 @10, Imbue Item, Fiendish resilience 2, Fiendish Resilience 5 @18, Energy Resistance 10 @20

Fighter (Dungeon Crasher variant)
Why it Can Only Do its Job:
Now you can break down doors like a barbarian, avoid traps kind of like one, and most importantly do tons of damage if you can smash enemies onto walls.
Despite trading two feats for three cool abilities, you are still a fighter.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19.
Progression: fighter feats at even levels except 2 and 6 which gives str check, anti trap, and bullrush -> dps benefits
Class Features: fighter feat at one.

Dragonfire Adept
Why it Can Only Do its Job:
As another UMD user, you will find yourself getting into the bookworm role when not DPSing. Don't stretch too thin.
You are the warlock's little brother trading DPS for pseudo casting. Your invocations can do some of the same things and some are your own, but you'll want his toys more than he will want yours.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: None.
Progression: 8 draconic invocations, +1d6BW at odd levels below 12 and then every 3 thereafter, new invocation level at 1 and every 5 afterward
Class Features: dragontouched, scales +2, dragonkin @4, breath effect, DR2/magic, scales +3 @8, x2 BW range + breath effect @10, breathe effect @12, scales +4, breath effect @15, DR 5/magic, Scales +5, immunities, breath effect

Why it Can Only Do its Job:
You are supposed to be able to somehow get close enough to a magical opponent that is supposed to be vulnerable to sneak attacks. Only then can you gain random and probably not useful spells. Aren't you glad you didn't just be a caster yourself so you could chose what you get?
This class can allow for some interesting spamming of SLAs, but you may have a hard time convincing a party member to play a warlock if your DM doesn't allow leadership.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: None.
Progression: +1d6SA @1 and every 4 afterward, steal spell as a sorcerer progression, +1 spellgrace @2 and every 9 thereafter, +10 steal energy resistance @3 and every 8 thereafter
Class Features: trapfinding, detect magic & Steal spell effect, Steal SLA @level 5, Absorb Spell @7, Arcane Sight @9, Discover Spells @13, Steal SR @15, Steal Spell (immediate casting) @20

Why it Can Only Do its Job:
Another skill-based class (surprise surprise), you have some options to make you a weak artificer, bard, party face or factotum depending on your path
Most notable is the highest tier class thats emulated. The class works well in low magic games by stretching mundane items into what is normally magic item territory.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: all multiples of 3.
Progression: it's just knack, bonus feat, dead level over and over.
Class Features: 2nd focus @7, skill mastery at 10 (pick UMD!)

Why it Can Only Do its Job:
Concerning casting, you wish you were a wizard specializing in evocation, which sounds as bad as it is. You can spit out more spammy fireballs than a wizard, but your class features are nothing to write home about. Heck even your wizardwarmage feats are unoptimal every 5ish levels.
Rainbow warmages not withstanding, straight blasting without metamagic optimization is about as worth while as focusing on healing spells.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: 2,4,5,9,12,13,14,17,18,19.
Progression: 9th level spells from a small, blasty list
Class Features: armored mage (light) & warmage edge, advanced learning @3,6,11,16, sudden empower @7, armored mage (medium), Sudden Enlarge @10, Sudden Widen @15, Sudden Maximize @20

Why it Can Only Do its Job:
Assuming you can attack many times and not get him (which is no small feat for a mundane) the class does allow a decent amount of DPS. Again, you'll be forced to put in some optimization to get the class to work the way you'd expect.
The chassis and abilities are decent but feel underwhelming if you want to go to 20. You'll find the breakpoints are early and the coolest parts come far later than equivalent level spells.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: None!
Progression: +1d6 skirmish every 4th level starting at 1 and +1AC on skirmish every 4th level starting at 3. Bonus feats at multiples of 4
Class Features: trapfinding, +1fort + uncanny dodge, +10'ms & trackless step, flawless stride @6, camouflage @8, 30' blindsense @10, +2fort & +20'ms @11, Hide in plain sight @14, Freedom of movement @18, +3fort & 30' blindsense.

Dragon Shaman
Why it Can Only Do its Job:
You can use your auras to buff your party along with your touch. Don't don't expect it to be the most optimal ways of accomplishing these goals.
Your breath weapon can be optimized, so feel free to look longingly at the DFA DPS section.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: none.
Progression: 3-7 draconic auras, +1 draconic auras @1 and multiples of 5, +1d6 BW @4 twice and every 2 levels afterward, +1nat at 7 and ever 5 afterward
Class Features: Totem dragon, Skill focus, Draconic Adaptation, draconic resolve, heal wounds @6, skill focus @8, energy immunity, remove conditions @11, Draconic adaptionation with allies @13, commune with dragon spirit, Skill focus @16, Draconic Wings @19

Why it Can Only Do its Job:
Assuming you have creatures that fail will saves, you can lower those and other saves and be a semi gish
All but your main shtick can be recreated by other means and your casting is its own odd list, so don't think that you're a normal sorc PrC gish by any stretch of the imagination
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: 6,8,11,14,18.
Progression: half casting, +1curse/day @1 & every 4 levels afterward, bonus feats at multiples of 5, +1/day aura of unluck @12 and every 4 thereafter
Class Features: arcane resistance @2, mettle, summon familiar, Greater curse @7, Dire Curse @19

Why it Can Only Do its Job:
You are a solid off-dps, off-tank for a low optimization game. But you still have no means of overcoming all the usual problems with a normalish mundane class.
Just like the hexblade, you get half casting (from its own list) and mettle. Think of yourself as a monk upgrade rather than a barbarian with spells
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: Every even level except 20 and 14, plus level 13.
Progression: +1/day Ki Frenzy @1 & 3 plus every 4 levels thereafter, DR1/- @11 plus every 3 levels after
Class Features: (at odd levels) WF, Deflect Arrows, Reamin Conscious + Strength of Mind, Defensive strike, mettle

Why it Can Only Do its Job:
With UMD and 3/4 casting, you still aren't a master of the dead. Enjoy the fluff, companions, and rebuking. It's all you'll get
There are some campaign-specific multiclassing restrictions, but no racial ones. You'll find ghost cohorts don't even out the step down from bard casting.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: 2,7,10,13,16,19.
Progression: +1 Spiritual Resilience @1,8,14, +2 Whispers of the Dead @3 and every 6 afterward, Advanced Learning @5 and ever 6 afterward, +1 spirit companion every 6 levels.
Class Features: death sight & trapfinding, rebuke undead @level 4, Spectral Symbiosis @20

Why it Can Only Do its Job:
You have some charisma synergy and SLAs because you're owned by nasty things (yay?). On the bright side, you can multipounce if you want to put in 10 levels. But whatever you do, don't take the capstone or you'll really be owned by nasty things
If you thought sudden strike sucked, wait till you read about the Mind-affecting or feignted only Deceptive strike. You basically fail at being rogue and debuffer in every way except UMD.
If the table is still believed, you oddly end up with some sudden strike in addition to deceptive strike (+1d6?), which proves that WotC does a worse job at Dragon Magazine material than Dragon magazine (see Gygax's Dragon 65 comments)
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: 7,9,11,13,17,19.
Progression: +1d6 Deceptive strike @2 and every 4 levels after
Class Features: beguiling stare + bonus language + mark of damnation + trapfinding, infernal patron + mass beguile @ level 3, infernal guise, disguise the aspect, infernal defense @8, infernal jaunt @10, infernal infuence @12, Sudden Strike @15, Infernal Escape @16, Aspect of the damned + infernal deception @20

Classes in Tier 5

Why it Doesn't Do its Job Well:
You're supposed to off tank thanks to your healings and charge in on your mount for the smite. Too bad your MAD to do so, assuming you hit. Its better to be the mount.
The detect evil is worth it for nonBBEGs (who are undetectable). Not worth the aura of good bulls-eye
Lay on hands isn't effective healing, but its free. The real boost that level is the saves boost.
The aura is too situational with small range. It almost makes disease immunity look useful
You can pull significantly late Divine feat use and DMM shenanigans on your pansy spells. Feat tax or MAD.
Your default mount is a retarded animal companion. You can supermount it, but its not optimal to use the paladin class to even do that.
Your late SLAs are too situational and too sparse anyways. Wouldn't be the level if it were at will.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels:7, 8, 11, 13, 14, 16, 17, 19.
Progression: +1 smite/day per multiple of 5, 1 remove disease/week per multiple of 5, half caster progression starting at 4, mount progression by table and boost every 5 after that.
Class Features: Aura of good+detect evil+smite evil 1/day, Divine grace+lay on hands, Aura of courage+divine health, Turn undead, special mount

Why it Doesn't Do its Job Well:
Has 10 5th level spells if you have an Int of 30.
Spell mastery each time a new slot is up is enough for the gems like CoP, animate dead, and dispel magic
No support, tiny list, and no class features? I'd rather have one less spell level, a mount, and some class features on a decent chassis.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels:All but 1 and multiples of 4.
Progression: none besides the spell mastery.
Class Features:none besides the spell mastery

Why it Doesn't Do its Job Well:
Anyone can get feats. They are cheap. See my prereq handbook for the free feat diet.
Fighter only feats really aren't that cool, even without comparing to spells available at a similar level. Your better off whoring more general combat feats.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels:3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19.
Progression: fighter feat every even level
Class Features:fighter feat at one

Why it Doesn't Do its Job Well:
Clerics still heal better than you, without focusing on it.
You're supposed to heal with your spells right? Too bad you have a limited list rather than "all conjuration(healing) spells." If you didn't have revivify a psion would heal better than you.
Supplimentary out of combat healing isn't worth a level and you still have to blow metamagics to not get close for all your healing
As paladin, your late SLAs are less situational but too sparse. Wouldn't be the level if it were at will, but atleast level 20 doesn't have to pay the costs.
Your unicorn companion is a weak version of the Special Mount ability
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels:11,12,14,16,17,18,19.
Progression: full casting
Class Features: healing hands, skill focus(heal), cleanse paralysis, cleanse disease, cleanse fear, cleanse poison, effortless healing, unicorn companion, cleanse blindness, cleanse spirit, cleanse petrification, new limb, new life

Divine Mind (with Web Enhancements)
Why it Doesn't Do its Job Well:
You can now spam astral contructs. Too bad its got nerfed so much
As before but you have a first level power. I would say choose wisely, but its even worse than the regular feat.
you can pull the divine feat tricks a paladin can and at the same level. Too bad you don't cast spells for DMM.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: 2, 16.
Progression: +5' aura every other level after.
Class Features:mantle+hidden talent+Entropic ally, aura 5', stygian path, 2nd mantle, change aura(standard action), 2nd aura, 3rd mantle, change aura(move action), change aura(standard action), 3rd aura

Why it Doesn't Do its Job Well:
You can make things. Major creation is nice.
Poisons anyone?
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: all.
Progression: 3/4 casting
Class Features:can only cast mending+prestidigation (to objects' color or decoration), magic weapon, make whole, stone shape, minor creation, fabricate, major creation

Why it Doesn't Do its Job Well:
You can smite if you are MAD, but you are still a big target
These are very niche. Immunity to strength penalties is the best because evil does it better
You get your chakras late and you have a crappy list. Welcome to being a soulborn.
Sharing your immunity is cool but you can only do one at a time so its rarely useful.
Timeless body is later than the monks and suffers from the same problem.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: 3, 6, 12, 16.
Progression: +1smite/day every multiple of 5,
Class Features: aura+1/day smite, incarnum defense, bonus feat, bonus feat, chakra binds (crown, feet, hands), bonus feat, share incarnum defense 1/day, bonus feat, share incarnum defense 2/day, chakra binds (arms, brow, shoulders), share incarnum defense 3/day, chakra binds (throat, wrist), Timeless body

Why it Doesn't Do its Job Well:
Free multiclassing is cool if you don't build correctly to allow for dips but need feats
none of the ghost feats are worth it except in specific circumstances: fade for savage progression 1 or melee ghosts might want corrupting and enervating touch. Ghost Glide is suboptimal but flavorful
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels:3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19.
Progression: [ghost] feats as fighter
Class Features: ghost feat

Why it Doesn't Do its Job Well:
You want Int-based manifesting but you only have 6th level powers.
You don't have a Psi War's great list. You get the left overs. Has few decent powers that are easily learned by other mainfesters.
You try to be a rogue but you have a SA bad progression. Your Augments suck and are unfinished.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels:3, 4, 5, 8, 11, 14, 16, 19, 20.
Progression: SA @ 2 then every 5 levels after. Augments at 1,10,18.
Class Features: Init boost at 6. Slippery mind at 15

Why it Doesn't Do its Job Well:
Not sure what WotC thought the monk's role should be besides 'awesome'. I mean look at all those progressions with no dead levels! :rollseyes
The chasis is wrong for a meleer. You don't have full BAB, so don't expect to hit anything without severe optimization.
Your unarmed damage isn't great thanks to exotic weapons, but you can go king of smack if you severely optimize. Too bad you still won't hit
Dinky AC bonus for your MAD, naked self. Like the above, everyone can have this without the t5 ickiness thanks to a monks belt. It's like core was trying to invalidate the monk class.
Your speed is an enhancement bonus, so everyone and their mother can do better without wasting precious ECL. What are you going to do with it anyways? Note that spring attack is a trap.
Little bonuses here and there aren't class features. They are feats. You have paladin-like immunity to diseases, so now you can't become a lycanthrope. Awesome.
You can heal yourself some and slow fall. Its a good thing you spent levels on this rather than petty cash!
Spell Resistance that you can't turn off is cool. Nothing like missing that heal or buff!
Your mild maneuverability of improved evasion, 1/day dimension door, and level rounds/day etherealness are what casters got a long time ago, assuming they even care to blow the money on the ring. Usually, it isn't that important.
Poison immunity, and tongues come too late and don't get me started on a fort save ability that doesn't work on the cool types anyways.
Abusing aging penalties comes too late to be useful and being an outsider with sucky DR is not a capstone, no matter what WotC thinks.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels:none.
Progression: Flurry of Blows +1 hit per level except 13&17, Unarmed Damage die bump every multiple of 4, +1AC every multiple of 5, +10Speed Bonus every multiple of 3,
Class Features: Bonus feat+flurry of blows+unarmed strike, Bonus feat+evasion, Still mind, Ki strike (magic)+slow fall 20', Purity of body, Bonus feat+slow fall 30', Wholeness of body, Slow fall 40', Improved evasion, Ki strike (lawful)+slow fall 50', Diamond body+greater flurry, Abundant step+slow fall 60', Diamond soul, Slow fall 70', Quivering palm, Ki strike (adamantine)+slow fall 80', Timeless body+tongue of the sun and moon, Slow fall 90', Empty body, Perfect self+slow fall any distance

Samurai (with Imperious Command feat)
Why it Doesn't Do its Job Well:
Mass Staredown is mildly cool with Imperious Command.  Unfortunately, Zhentarium Fighter does it better (Swift Action, so you can still attack), and the Dread Pirate and Scarlet Corsair PrCs both provide far superior versions of this ability.
Samurai 10 with the Fearsome Armor enhancement (DoTU) and the Imperious Command feat can do the double intimidate 4 levels sooner than normal, and send foes cowering for 1 round first.  Of course, at that level a Zhentarim fighter with that armor can do a triple intimidate.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: see above, though you might as well use the web enhancement while your at it.
Progression: see above
Class Features: see above

Why it Doesn't Do its Job Well:
Same problems as the monk on AC bonus. Doesn't even stack without optimization
Sudden strike is the retarded cousin of sneak attack. See the rogue entry and then try to imagine it sucking more.
Ki is so flavorful. Quick make it suck! Trapfinding has the same problems rogues face
The ghost abilities are pretty cool, I admit. Its the real thing that makes you a ninja. Abuse it before your niche fades.
Great leap doesn't worth with a medium load and your spider climb isn't even really a spider climb.
The Ghost Mind ability can be bypassed so easily, its worthless
Ghost sight is only 15 levels too late compared to a warlock. That's not much, is it?
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels:none. You are awesome like the monk. Right?
Progression: +1AC every multiple of 5, +1d6 sudden strike every odd level including level 1, +2 acrobatics every multiple of 6
Class Features: trapfinding+ki power, ghost step(invisible), poison use, great leap, ki dodge, speed climb, ghost strike, improved poison use, ghost step (ethereal), evasion, ghost mind, ghost sight, greater ki dodge, ghost walk

Why it Doesn't Do its Job Well:
If the ninja is the inbred monk rogue lovechild, the battledancer is the severly inbred monk plus monk then given away to the circus child.
Move action Su when threatened give +4 vs fear for 5+cha. Like that helps?
Congratulations, your speed boost isn't enhancement. Too bad you get less than the monk so it evens out.
No tumble restrictions. Okay that's good anti-melee stuff. And for the teleporting casters?
Dancer's Strikes involve blowing a standard action to gain it for only 5+cha rounds. Raise your hand if you like action penalties to be effective in combat! Don't get excited about that (any) either; you merely pick one unchanging type.
You can water walk three levels after the cleric has been doing it.
Pounce is cool. Too bad the barbarians did it ten levels ago.
An AC debuff is okay but this ability only matters if your allies are stupid enough to proc a lot of AoOs. Otherwise +4str or +4dex is better.
A fly speed is good. It competes well with those 9th level spells, huh?
+2d6 and crit confirm is again not a capstone.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: 3, 7, 9, 13, 15, 19.
Progression: cha-based AC and unarmed damage as monk. But with full BAB!
Class Features: AC bonus+unarmed strike, battle dancer's performance, +10'ms, dance of the vexing snake, Dancer's strike(magic), dance of the floating step, +20'ms, Dance of the springing tiger, Dancer's strike(alignment), dance of the crushing python, 30'ms, dance of the soaring eagle, dancer's strike(any), dance of the death's embrace

Why it Doesn't Do its Job Well:
Blow a swift action to hit harder assuming the opponent meets the criteria of being low CR. Snore.
Some people get hard ons reading about forcing agro. Its a will save. You might as well charm them, but atleast this ability isn't mind-affecting.
Reroll on fear assuming you are MAD. Meh
More must be low CR stuff. Its a dinky fear effect
Slipper mind, basically
Ex furiousity is cool but nothing new for the past however many levels.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: 19.
Progression: Fighters challenge +1 every 6 after 1, shield block+1 every 9 after 2
Class Features: Fighters challenge +1+knight's challenge+knight's code, mounted combat+shield block+1, bullwark defense, armor mastery(medium)+test of mettle, bonus feat+vigilant defender, shield ally, call to battle, armor master(heavy), bonus feat, daunting challenge, improved shield ally, bonus feat, beyond loyalty, impetuous endurance, loyal beyond death

Why it Doesn't Do its Job Well:
So you want to be a dex-based fighter, but you have no precision damage for DPS. Int to damage isn't enough.
The MAD is strong with this one
This class is jealous of the rogue. The best feature is acrobatic charge, *fog horn*
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: 4, 6, 9, 16, 18.
Progression:Grace @2,11,20. Dodge @multiples of 5
Class Features: Finesse, Insightful Strike, Acrobatic Charge, Improved Flanking, Lucky, Acrobatic Skill Mastery, Weakening Critical, Slippery Mind, Wounding Critical

Why it Doesn't Do its Job Well:
less damage that skirmish and you can't iterative it?
Worse feat list than fighter and fewer of them?
odd bonuses you'll never use?
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: 3, 7, 11, 19.
Progression: Feats at 1 and every 5th, +comp to skills at 1, 5, 9, 13, 17
Class Features:pseudo bardic knowledge, +Xd4 1 hit as full round action, possible bonus to defensive fighting

Why it Doesn't Do its Job Well:
You are the skill monkey version of a commoner
Choosing any 10 skills goes a long way if you chose the right ones. Craft? No. Iajitsu Focus? Yes please.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: all.
Progression: none
Class Features: non

Why it Doesn't Do its Job Well:
The base stats on a mind blade aren't great so don't pretend to have an awesome weapon. You don't.
Even at range (crap 30') don't pretend to do your extra damage since everyone loves being immune to mind-affecting
The quick draw would be good, except you can only throw the mind blade twice in a round until level 17
Non crappy shapes still require EWP and are at -1 enhancement bonus. Awesome
Enhancing your crappy weapon would be cool if you couldn't just by the same thing...
The feats are fine. Better than the whirlwind silliness anyways.
Int damage is cool, but its too little too late. First level casters can do that.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels:none.
Progression: +1 mind blade every 4 levels
Class Features: mind blade+WF+Wild Talent, Throw Mind Blade, Psychic Strike +1d8, Freedraw+Shade Mind Blade, Mind Blade Enhancement +1+Speed of Thought, Psychic Strike +2d8, Bladewind+GWF, Mind blade enhancement +2, Psychic Strike +3d8, Knife to the Soul, Mind Blade Enhancement +3, Psychic strike +4d8, Multiple Throw, Mind Blade Enhancement +4, Psychic Strike +5d8

Why it Doesn't Do its Job Well:
So no real bardic music?
The book is worried about instant gather info / favor checks that are used chiefly to advance the plot being abused? It even specifically invokes the banhammer for specifics. So ... its useless?
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Dead levels: 6 ,10, 15, 19.
Progression: favor bonuses at 1, 3, 7, 12, 16, inspire confidence an extra day at 2, 5, 9, 13, 15, Coordinate increment at 4, 8, 13, 18, 20, favor every 4th except 20
Class Features: Inspire greatness that can't affect yourself. Wonky progressions

Classes in Tier 6

Divine Mind (before Mind's Eye updates):
Why its Defunct:
worst 'progression' and 'list' in the game.
Epic spells 10 levels too late is laughable, like crossing the finish line years after the race was over.
The auras are too small too early. Party formations make you a lovely AoE target.
Due to your sorry progression, you can't PrC to a 3.5 class without losing 6th level powers
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Why its Defunct:
WotC just discovered the best flavor in the game. "Quick let's screw up the mechanics!" They said to one another.
The main problems are with the mechanics of truenaming. There is no reason for the Law of Sequence to exist. It's like demanding Sorcerers may not spam grease (You can't cast that! The grease from last turn is still slippery!)
The Truenaming check for items and creatures should NOT be x2 CL or CR. Where you succeeded at level 1, you will fail at level 20.
Can do some fairly neat things, but its simply not worth the effort. If you need to abuse polymorph or an item familiar to function, well, that's a problem.
You have some awesomely fluffed PrC options. Too bad you will still suck when you take them.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Samurai (without Imperious Command)
Why its Defunct:
The best part is not being this class - falling and being a Ronin is this class's best schtick.
Code of Conducts are bad. Except this class is so bad, breaking the CoC is actually good.
Decent class skills - except you probably are dumping int to intimidate or smite and damage with your sucky weapons.
Class features that act as feats are not psy-ref'able. Even then your improved and greater TWF (for sucky weapons) comes too late anyways.
Exotic Weapon Master: 1 level gets the Exotic Blow ability, which is very solid PA damage.
Ronin: Mentioned earlier.
Kensai: The Samurai is one of the few classes with all Kensai class skills, and the oath of service meshes well with the samurai's vow.  It's not THAT exciting, but it is a very flavorful class, and choosing your own weapon enhancements is a lot of fun.
Knight Protector: This will make you more of a tank, though none of the features are awesome (as a sidenote, you gain Tower Shield proficiency without knowing any other shields!)
Knight of the Iron Glacier (FB): C'mon.  It already requires EWP: Bastard Sword, and you KNOW you want to ride a giant rhinoceros!
Bloodstorm Blade (TOB): First, it requires MCing into warblade, which is better than samurai.  Second, it will let you change your EWP: Bastard Sword to any other weapon - and the same should apply to your other subpar feats that specify only a bastard sword and short sword.  Besides, throwing weapons as a full melee attack is just awesome. -Akalsaris
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Why its Defunct:
Its just a chasis with full BAB
Allows you to fake continuing as an ex-paladin (but not with the awesome that are Blackgaurds)

Why its Defunct:
The highest starting gold (4d8x10 gp) doesn't matter if you start higher than level 1
Diplomancy in an NPC class-only campaign is like being the prettiest patient at the full-body, severe burn ward

Why its Defunct:
It is supposed to be; peasants aren't supposed to be awesome.
Too bad for WotC we take the silly commoner only Chicken-infested flaw seriously. Be purple and name yourself Gonzo.
Survivor at level 2? *Shrug*

Class Dip Length

What makes a dip? A dip is taking a few levels in another class in order to grab a bonus feat or other useful class feature before continuing to your main classes. If the reason to take a further level is to advance the classes main progression in an even manner, logically one would progress up to 20 in a class and not dip. So even or normal main progressions are almost ignored below.

What stops a dip? Taking a few levels stops being a dip when a character can't get anything out of each level. Just 'waiting' for a class feature further down the line means you're not dipping anymore. This is what single-classed characters do, especially in wait of the best abilities from levels 17-20.

Aberrant Paragon: 1 if cleric, sorc, favored soul, psychic warrior, wilder, or warlock
Aristocrat: 0, or 1 if playing ECL1 campaign where starting gold REALLY matters
Adept: 0. You can get spells in other ways, and you don't wait to wait for a familiar.
Archivist: 1. Feat + spells + knowledge-based abilitiy
Ardent: 1 or 2. You can still pick up a DCFS-able feat at level two, and some more sharable pp.
Artificer: 1 to 4,5,7, or 9. Yeah it's a powerful class, so much so that DMs will likely ban metamagic spell trigger...
Barbarian: 1 or 2. You know you want pounce, and maybe a feat.
Bard: 0 or 1. Can get an animal companion and is extremely flexible with its 3/4 casting stat.
Battledancer: 1
Beguiler: 0
Binder: 1. Be sure to look at the anima mage class...
Cleric: 1. Even without being cloistered, its a good enough dip to have its own handbook.
Commoner: 0 or 1 if you want infinite chickens
Crusader: 0 or 1. Only bother if you need martial spirit or your DM doesn't ban white raven tactics for some reason.
Dragonfire Adept: 1, 2, or 3. If you plan on using the BW or the nice invocations, it can be worth the ECL for certain builds.
Death Master: 0 or 1. Only if you need another rebuke pool because the psuedo familiar is meh
Divine Mind: 1. You can build it to be a solid dip.
Dragon Shaman: 0 - 2. The aura -> 50% hp is one of those love it or hate it things and the class does get skill focus later.
Dread Necromancer: 0 or 1. If your party is tomb-tainted how about 100% hp regen instead? Also has a rebuke pool.
Drow Paragon: 1. Don't take the caster it afterward. Qualify for it without the LA+2 too.
Druid: 1 - 4,5, or 9. Again another Tier one class that has lots of build potential even if you don't want to progress its 3 main shticks.
Duskblade: 0 or 2. The first level isn't quite up to par but it is stomachable.
Dwarf Paragon: 0. 3 levels for +2con is a trap
Eidolon: 2
Eidoloncer: 1
Elf Paragon: 0. Dead levels up front hurt.
Erudite: 1. Everything up front, even more-so than the psion, which you expected as a Tier 1.
Expert: 0. You can factotum instead for the skills.
Factotoum: 1 or 3. It's one of the most notable x to y entries, although the 2nd level is only stomachable when 1st level spells are the norm.
Favored Soul: 0
Fighter: 2 or 4 with optimization, non-dungeoncrasher variant of course.
Gnome Paragon: 0. Don't eat the casting hit
Half-Dragon Paragon: 0. The heardest to qualify for and the worse on top of being a massive trap before you read that abilities
Half-Elf Paragon: 0 - 3. Yes you heard that right. If you can stomach the casting hit, there are ways to make the class work, but odds are its a trap.
Half-Orc Paragon: 0. It's a tempting trap, but you don't have to be a half-orc and you can rage with an item while lawful.
Halfling Paragon: 0. All meh. You're seeing the pattern, aren't you?
Healer: 0 or 2 if you are cha-focused.
Hexblade: 0 - 5. Hexing allows a will save, it's not a full divine grace, but the mettle is great. Some swear by Dark Companion.
Human Paragon: 0 - 3. The easiest of the paragons to use, although almost always not optimal.
Incarnate: 0
Jester: 0 - 2. The first level is very weak.
Knight: 0 or 2 with optimization. 3 if maneuvers are banned.
Kobold Paragon: 0
Lurk: 0. Requires my lurk fix for it to be worth 1 level, 2 if already trying for high SA.
Mariner: 1. Get the feat and get out.
Marshall: 1. The movement actions aren't worth the ECL, and the major auras blow.
Master: 0
Mlar: 0. Falls behind sorc progression after level 4.
Monk: 2 - 7 with optimization.
Montebank: 0
Mystic: 1 only if you need a domain, the best of which is just a rebuke pool.
Ninja: 0 or 1 with optimization. 2 in an ECL2 campaign (whoever plays that?)
Noble: 0
Orc Paragon: 0. You can fix light sensitivity the way Ridick did
Paladin: 2, or 3 with optimization. Up to 5 for sub-par supermounts.
Psion: 1
Psychic Rogue: 0 - 2 depending on if you need SA and evasion.
Psychic Warrior: 2
Ranger: 2 - 8 with optimization, 10 if you using even spell progressions with the mystic ranger capstone
Rogue: 2 - 4 with optimization
Samurai: 0 - 3 if you have high charisma and like sub-par weapons
Savant: 0. See factotum instead
Scout: 0 - 5 if you need the skirmish or are going swift hunter.
Sha'ir: 0. The psuedo-familiar isn't worth it
Shadowcaster: 0 - 2 if you chose the right spells
Shugenja: 0
Sohei: 1
Sorcerer: 1. Can be a surprisingly good dip with optimization
Soulborn: 0 really, but 3 with optimization
Soulknife: 1. Tasty
Spelltheif: 0 or 1 if you need the SA
Spirit Shaman: 0. The psuedo familiar isn't great
Swashbuckler: 1 - 4 with my skill fixes and optimization
Swordsage: 1
Tiefling Paragon: 0 as usual
Totemist: 0 - 2. Okay the first level is just bad.
Truenamer: 0 - 2 with fixes and optimization
Warblade: 1
Warlock: 2
Warmage: 0 since the int addition is only to its spells.
Warrior: 0
Wilder: 0 or 1 with fixes.
Wizard: 1 - 5 with optimization
Wu Jen: 1
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Re: Base Class & Tier Information
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Oh great. In addition to needing to redo the tables, I need to redo the colors. Grrr
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Re: Base Class & Tier Information
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Re: Base Class & Tier Information
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Re: Base Class & Tier Information
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Re: Base Class & Tier Information
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Re: Base Class & Tier Information
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Re: Base Class & Tier Information
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Re: Base Class & Tier Information
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Re: Base Class & Tier Information
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Re: Base Class & Tier Information
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Apparently GitP did a community vote and I may need to tweak, uh, like 4% of my entries slightly up or down.

This project was always a community effort based off how the old BG boards coalesced around' JaronK's thread.

It will continue to be the D&D collective opinion, and not simply mine.
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