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D&D 3rd / Ask a Questions Thread?
« on: June 22, 2017, 01:41:01 PM »
Since we don't have an Ask a Question forum anymore, should we start an Ask a Question thread?

If this becomes that, okay, great.  If not, then I just have my sole question to ask about a confusion/insanity trap.

Q 1:

What does a Confused creature do when his Confusion is the result of a trap (something like Symbol of Insanity, or just a magical trap that inflicts Confusion) and the percentile roll for the round comes up with "Attack Caster..."?

Attack caster with melee or ranged weapons (or close with caster if attack is not possible).

Does he attack the trap?  Attack where the symbol is/was?

Other RPGs / Tomb of Annihilation mini's
« on: June 21, 2017, 04:13:29 PM »
So, 5e D&D will be revisiting Acererak and the Tomb of Horrors with a new iteration, the Tomb of Annihilation, an adventure that will come out later this year (September, I think).

As they've been doing of late, they are releasing a "Tomb of Annihilation" mini set, that will at least partly showcase minis of creatures/characters that will appear in Tomb of Annihilation.  WotC has taken to doing what Pathfinder has done with the minis, having case incentive sets to entice stores/people to order an entire case of minis.  The case incentive for the Tomb of Annihilation minis is pretty sick, and I might just have to order a case for the first time ever, so I can order this set, Tomb and Traps:

I know it is all just dungeon dressing, but that leering green devil face ... I just have to have it...

There is a chance one of my weekly games will lead to my PC's visiting the Tomb of Horrors, and I have Return to the Tomb of Horrors in the ready, if they want to follow that plot hook.

Resource & Handbook Submission / Eberron Airship Handbook
« on: June 21, 2017, 03:21:39 PM »
Eberron Airship Handbook

The published rules for airships and associated craft in the Eberron setting are scattered, and in many ways lacking clarity and consistency.  Most egregious is the fact that the Explorer's Handbook flat out contradicts the Eberron Campaign Setting with regards to methods of controlling the elemental bound to the ship, and whether or not soarwood floats on its own.  For this handbook, I will attempt to clarify the airship rules, and give precedence to the ECS, rather than the EH (because honestly, many of the rules in the Explorer's Handbook simply don't make sense).

There are three types of elemental-bound aircraft in the published Eberron rules:
1) Airships
2) Firesleds
3) Air-Skiffs

Airships have the most info published about them.  Firesleds only have a single magic item entry in Secrets of Xen'drik, and Air-skiffs are mentioned several times in a few published adventures, but no good stats are provided for them (and those provided are inconsistent with the rest of the rules/setting).

First, something important to understand about the airships and their speeds, as well as their carrying capacities:  the airships are treated as creatures.  I was not the first person to make this observation, but I'm sorry I can't recall where exactly I first read this, so I cannot give proper credit.  This will prove out when we later look at their listed speeds, which are given in two formats: as a speed in feet per round, and a miles per hour speed.  For these speeds to make any sense at all, the speed in feet is just like the speed a character has, but then the ship hustles every round, performing a double move.


The Explorer's Handbook provides a Stormwrack-style stat block for an elemental airship.  Since the excerpt publishes the stats on-line, I will reproduce them here:

Airship: Colossal vehicle; Airworthiness +6; Shiphandling -4; Speed Fly 100 ft. (poor), Overall AC -3; Hull sections 1,000 (crash 250 sections); Section hp 60 (hardness 5); Section AC 3; Ram 12d6; SA fire ring; SQ resistance to fire 10, hover; Space 90 ft. by 300 ft.; Height 50 ft. (fire ring has 110-ft. diameter); Watch 20; Complement 150; Cargo 30 tons; Cost 92,000 gp.

Hover: Despite its maneuverability rating, an airship can hover and has no minimum speed required to maintain air travel. It cannot turn in place, however.

Ring: An airship can use either a fire or an air elemental. A burning fire elemental bound into a ring deals 3d8 points of fire damage to any creature or object passing it touches. When an air elemental is used, the damage is bludgeoning.

Aura: Strong conjuration, CL 15th.
Construction: Bind Elemental, greater planar binding, 46,000 gp, 3,680 XP, 92 days.
Price: 92,000 gp.

From the Airship entry in the ECS (p. 267), we know that an airship has a fly speed of "roughly 20 miles per hour."  A speed of 100 ft., multiplied by 600 (the number of rounds in an hour) equals only 60,000 feet per hour.  Divided by 5,280, we see that is only 11.36 miles per hour.  But as I said, the airship is treated as a creature, and it can hustle each round, which increases that speed to 22.72 miles per hour.  That's sufficiently "roughly 20 miles per hour."

But wait, we also have stats for the Firesled (SoX p. 146 – 147), which tells us it "can travel through the air at a speed of 120 feet (24 mph)..."  If we work the same math as above with these numbers, we see that 120 feet works out to 13.63 mph, again short of the listed speed of 24 miles per hour.  But hustling we come to 27.27 mph.

Looking deeper into the math, we see that 27.27 divided by 24 = 1.136.  This ratio is the same for 22.72 divided by 20, which also equals 1.136.  We see this ratio other places in D&D.  A human with a speed of 30 feet should be able to walk 3.409 miles in an hour, yet the chart on PHB p. 162 says such a character can only walk 3 miles in an hour.  Guess what that ratio is: 1.136.  Travel in D&D assumes you lose out on some of your speed over a long distance.  It always limits you to 0.88 what the per-round speed says you should be able to do in an hour.  Put another way, they run the math based upon a 6,000-foot mile.  Just know that, and know that an elemental craft's listed speed in feet is just like a character's, and it can hustle each round, supposedly without ever tiring.

Carrying Capacity

Remember how I said elemental craft are treated as creatures?  This is also true for their carrying capacity.  The Firesled from SoX says "treat the sled as a Large quadruped with a Strength of 18 (light load 300 pounds or less, medium load 301–600 pounds, heavy load 601–900 pounds)."  The same thing can be extrapolated for the basic airship in the ECS, which can carry 30 tons of cargo.

The dimensions of the firesled are roughly equal to a rowboat, which according to Stormwrack is a Large vehicle.  As you can see above, an airship is a Colossal vehicle.  A Colossal quadruped with a strength score of 34 can carry 67,200 pounds, which is 33.6 tons (a Strength score of 33 would only be able to carry 28.8 tons).


The Explorer's Handbook reproduces the ship maneuverability chart from Stormwrack, which is derivative of the Aerial Maneuverability rules from p. 20 of the DMG.  For the firesled, you need to look at the core Aerial Maneuverability rules from p. 20 of the DMG.

The firesled has good maneuverability so long as it is carrying a light or medium load, which allows it to hover.  But its maneuverability drops to average with a heavy load, which means it can no longer hover.

The Explorer's Handbook stats for an airship lists it as having poor maneuverability, but it is still able to hover, because of its Hover special quality.

Though there are no official stats for an air-skiff, I would generally give them a maneuverability of Average, but also give them the ability to hover.

Controlling the Elemental

According to the Eberron Campaign Setting (p. 267, sidebar), elemental vessels "are notoriously difficult to control."  A character with the correct dragonmark and the appropriate dragonshard item (House Lyrandar, Gust of Wind version of the Mark of Storm using a Wheel of Wind and Water) can control the vessel effectively.  An unmarked character must win an opposed Charisma check against the elemental (elementals have a Charisma modifier of +0).  If the character wins, the vessel obeys, but if the elemental wins, it will either continue on its previous course, or bring the vessel to an immediate halt, based on its whim.

The same sidebar allows for other effective means of controlling an elemental vessel.  In addition to the wheel of wind and water with a dragonmarked pilot at the helm, a charm monster or similar spell can allow an unmarked character to control the vessel effectively.  A cleric with the fire or air domains could even command an elemental of the appropriate type (for 10 rounds, but only while touching the dragonshard to which it is bound).  In my opinion, the best means of doing this without a dragonmark is to have a minor schema of charm monster, as it is reusable, and lasts for days at a time.

According to the Explorer's Handbook, to establish line of effect with a bound elemental, you must be touching the dragonshard to which the elemental is bound.  Once a magical means of control has been established, you can communicate with the elemental when touching the dragonshard, or when touching the helm.

The Explorer's Handbook and the adventure Whispers of the Vampire's Blade allow for controlling an airship or an air-skiff via a Profession (airship sailor) check.  This is flat out wrong, and contradictory with the ECS.  Basic control must be established each round you want to do something, via a Charisma check.  That said, Profession (Sailor) checks are still useful to an airship captain, as high winds can still require Profession (Sailor) checks.

Steering the Airship

Control of an elemental, such as that "granted to a Lyrandar pilot by his dragonmark allows him to command a bound elemental without difficulty."  A Lyrandar capatain can pilot an airship from port to port just fine, in calm weather, just by virtue of his dragonmark.  But skilled pilots with a full crew can execute amazing maneuvers with their airships.

Note, the Explorer's Handbook p. 25 states that guiding an elemental vessel through any complex maneuver requires a Profession (Sailor) check, just as sailing a regular ship requires (this is correct, IMO).  It also allows someone in command of the elemental (either via a Wheel of Wind and Water, or via magical compulsion) to add his Charisma bonus on any Profession (Sailor) checks made to control the vessel.  If the elemental is completely uncontrolled, any attempt to steer the vessel through complex maneuvers takes a –20 penalty on the Profession (Sailor) check.

Ship statistics list a "Watch" number; this is the minimum number of crew to properly pilot a ship.  You'll notice the Airship stat block lists a watch of 20.  Note, however that according to the ECS, an airship only requires a crew of 15, so I would suggest going with that number.

Stormwrack has rules for the Profession (Sailor) skill.  Steering a ship in good weather conditions with sufficient crew requires no skill checks.  Having less than a full watch section imposes a +5 modifier to the Profession (Sailor) DC for any given check.  Having less than half a full watch section increases such DC's by 10, and having less than a quarter of a watch section increases such DC's by 15.

The first obstacle for a standard airship is foundering (sinking).  Profession (Sailor) checks against foundering are modified by the airship's Airworthiness rating, which is +6.  Your ship can founder in strong winds (DC 5), severe winds (DC 10), windstorms and gales (DC 15), hurricane-force winds (DC 20), and dire gales (DC 28).  Granted, what foundering in mid-air really entails will differ from DM to DM, so check with yours.  Most likely, he'll ignore this, as there is no water to swamp your craft.

Traveling into high winds requires a similar check, again making use of the ship's airworthiness rating to modify your check.  Severe winds are a DC 20, and a windstorm or gale is a DC 30.  This is much more likely to come up, especially if you try flying into a storm.  But again, you aren't really sailing with sails, so your DM might well ignore this.

The check a DM is most likely to impose is for steering in fast currents.  This best reflects what an airship is actually doing, except in the most severe of wind conditions.  Unlike the previous checks, this one uses the ship's Shiphandling modifier, which for a typical airship is –4.  Steering is made round to round when in appropriately difficult conditions, with a DC 8 for a vigorous current, DC 18 for a dangerous current, and DC 28 for an irresistible current.

Airships, Firesleds, and Air-Skiffs, oh my!

As I said before, there are only three flying elemental vessels "published."  The airship, the firesled, and the air-skiff.

Airships are roughly the same size as a sailing ship, but they can only carry 30 tons of cargo.  I'll reproduce their stats once again here:

Airship: Colossal vehicle; Airworthiness +6; Shiphandling -4; Speed Fly 100 ft. (poor), Overall AC -3; Hull sections 1,000 (crash 250 sections); Section hp 60 (hardness 5); Section AC 3; Ram 12d6; SA fire ring; SQ resistance to fire 10, hover; Space 90 ft. by 300 ft.; Height 50 ft. (fire ring has 110-ft. diameter); Watch 20; Complement 150; Cargo 30 tons; Cost 92,000 gp.

Hover: Despite its maneuverability rating, an airship can hover and has no minimum speed required to maintain air travel. It cannot turn in place, however.

Ring: An airship can use either a fire or an air elemental. A burning fire elemental bound into a ring deals 3d8 points of fire damage to any creature or object passing it touches. When an air elemental is used, the damage is bludgeoning.

Aura: Strong conjuration, CL 15th.
Construction: Bind Elemental, greater planar binding, 46,000 gp, 3,680 XP, 92 days.
Price: 92,000 gp.

They are great for adventuring, but like most ships, they really aren't all that robust once you get to middle-level adventures.  They also aren't robust if someone else wants to ram you with their airship...  See that "Ram 12d6" listing in the stat block?  According to Stormwrack, the Ram damage listed is for each 10 feet of speed the vessel is moving at (Stormwrack p. 97).  Airships move at 100 feet per round before hustling; that's easily 120d6 damage from a ramming airship.

Firesleds are from Secrets of Xen'drik, and they are created by the Sulatar drow elves.  Much like a character with the Mark of Storm, any Sulatar can pilot a firesled without difficulty.  Others must make opposed charisma checks or magically control the elemental in some way.

Firesleds are basically attack fighter craft.  They can only hold two (a pilot and a gunner), are faster than an airship, and have a built-in scorching ray attack.  They also cost a smidge over 76,000 gp.

Air-Skiffs are mentioned in two published adventures, Whispers of the Vampire's Blade and The Voyage of the Golden DragonVoyage merely tells us that the skiffs are made of soarwood, and it implies that they can travel fairly far from the larger airship.  Whispers tells us that it can be piloted with a DC 15 Profession (sailor) check (which we know is wrong), it can turn up to 90 degrees per round (which equates to Average maneuverability per the DMG rules), it moves up to 150 feet straight ahead, or it can ascend or descend up to 50 feet in a round.  Later on, it tells us that a skiff is very slow, "capable of traveling only 2 miles per hour" (which is ridiculous, since in the adventure the skiffs are used to ferry people back and forth between two airships that are traveling about 10 miles per hour... and the previously listed speed of 150 feet, even if taken as a max of 150 feet per round, is 15 – 17 mph.)

Since Whispers predates the Explorer's Handbook by 11 months, it refers you to the core tactical aerial combat rules, DMG p. 20.  The air-skiffs are described as "eight-person vessels made of soarwood but don't have bound elementals to provide speed.  They are basically short-range craft."  Funny that they supposedly don't have elementals bound to them, since the art gallery for Whispers of the Vampire's Blade shows the craft with an elemental ring:

Also, outside of Sharn's manifest zone, internal consistency of the Eberron setting tells me that for anything to have anywhere approaching the fly speed that these air-skiffs have, they HAVE to have a bound elemental.

So, I'm proposing some stats for an air-skiff that takes the previous information into account, but makes sense given the setting and previous rules as it relates to flying craft outside of Sharn's manifest zone.  Given the size and crew listed in the air-skiff's description in WotVB, I'm basing its stats on the Launch stats from Stormwrack.  The stats are perhaps a bit verbose, but the flight speed thing just needed to incorporate them being short-range craft and having an elemental.  I also capped their top flight speed at 120 feet, just like the Firesled, but increasing the max speed to 150 feet wouldn't alter the flight times at all.  Not that it much matters, but I'm assuming the Firesled and the Air-skiff both use Medium elementals (fire or air).

Air-skiff: Huge vehicle; Airworthiness +0; Shiphandling +2; Speed Fly 120 ft. (average), Overall AC 3; Hull sections 1; Section hp 50 (hardness 5); Ram 2d6; SA air ring; SQ charged flight, elemental command, encumbered flight, hover; Space 10 ft. by 20 ft.; Height 5 ft. (air ring has 15-ft. diameter); Watch 1; Complement 8; Cargo 1600 lbs.; Cost 51,800 gp.

Hover: Despite its maneuverability rating, an air-skiff can hover and has no minimum speed required to maintain air travel. It cannot turn in place, however.
Ring: An air-skiff can use either a fire or an air elemental. A burning fire elemental bound into a ring deals 1d8 points of fire damage to any creature or object it touches. When an air elemental is used, the damage is bludgeoning.
Encumbered flight:  The flight speed listed above is if the air-skiff is only lightly encumbered.  Treat it as a Large quadruped with Strength 23 for encumbrance purposes (Light load: 0 – 600 lbs.; medium load: 601 – 1200 lbs.; heavy load: 1201 – 1800 lbs.).  An air-skiff can fly while carrying a medium or heavy load, but its speed is reduced to 2/3 normal, however the reduced speed still burns power as if it were flying at the relative non-reduced speed.  While carrying a heavy load, maneuverability is reduced to poor.
Charged Flight:  The Medium elemental that powers a air-skiff is too small to drive it at maximum power indefinitely.  When first disembarking from its dock, an air-skiff has 8 hours of power.  It can fly at a speed of 5 feet indefinitely, but flying at 10 feet cuts its power to 8 hours.  Flying at 20 feet cuts it to 4 hours, and flying at 40 feet cuts it to 2 hours.  Eighty feet cuts its powered flight time to 1 hour, and flying at its max speed of 120 feet cuts the fly time to 30 minutes.  All of this is proportional to time spent flying at any given speed, so throttling back slows the power consumption.
       If the skiff is being flown slowly (10 feet) when it runs out of powered flight time, it will maintain flight at 5 feet for another another hour, then descends 50 feet per round for 10 rounds.  At the end of that time, the elemental withdraws into the dragonshard located beneath the helm; if the skiff has not reached a landing spot by then, it falls out of the sky.  If the skiff is being flown faster than 10 feet when its flight time ends, its speed will slow at a rate of ten feet per round, until it is flying 5 feet per round, and can no longer hustle.  It maintains a true speed of 5 feet for ten rounds, then falls out of the sky.
Elemental Command:  Air-skiffs are not fitted with a wheel of wind and water.  As such, it must be controlled by less sure methods.  Commanding the elemental from the helm requires success at an opposed Charisma check (the elemental has a +0 Charisma modifier), or via magical methods (Charm Monster, Dominate Monster, or Rebuke Elemental [Rebuking lasts 10 rounds]).
Aura: Moderate conjuration, CL 11th.
Construction: Bind Elemental, greater planar binding, 25,900 gp, 2,072 XP, 52 days.
Price: 51,800 gp.

Again, keep in mind that all the listed speeds are movement speeds; the craft can hustle to double the listed speed as a double move in the same round.


One of the most contentious parts of Eberron's airships is the price.  A mere 92,000 gp?  That's a STEAL!  Especially considering that a similar but inferior craft from Forgotten Realms costs 400,000 gp.  It also seems odd because just one page before the airship in the ECS are the elemental-bound armors, which cost +80,000 gp to +90,000 gp for any of the bound elemental properties.  Add in the fact that a soarwood sailing ship costs 40,000 gp (remember, a typical airship is similar in size to a sailing ship, and a soarwood vessel costs 4 times as its normal counterpart).  Also, keep in mind that the listed 92,000 gp for the ship doesn't include a Wheel of Wind and Water.

Although this is purely homebrew (the RAW is clear, an airship costs 92,000 gp), I would highly suggest that a DM treat the 92,000 gp as the cost of binding the elemental to the soarwood craft, which itself costs 40,000 gp.  Add in the cost of a Wheel of Wind and Water, and you get a much more reasonable cost of 140,000 gp for a House Lyrandar airship.

As I said before, Firesleds are 76,010 gp, and I based the cost of the air-skiff on that.  After backing out the cost of the darkwood and firebrass craft, I reduced the the binding cost to 2/3 that of the firesled, due to the reduced flight ability, and then added the 2,000 gp cost of a soarwood launch.

D&D 3rd / KSB Snow Owl's Archer Build Thread
« on: June 21, 2017, 01:26:42 AM »
This thread started years ago on the WotC Optimization Boards, as a 3.0 ed handbook of sorts, but over time has grown to include 3.5 items as well.  Now there are soley-3.0 sections, 3.0/3.5 mix sections, and soley-3.5 sections, so it can still be useful to those playing any incarnation of 3rd edition.

The classes and prestige classes used in this post, and their locations, are thus:
Deepwood Sniper (Masters of the Wild)
Order of the Bow Initiate (Sword and Fist)
Peerless Archer (Silver Marches - a Forgotten Realms campaign accessory)
Order of the Bow Initiate (3.5 - Complete Warrior) - note, the 3.5 version is only used in the 3.5-compatible builds.
Pious Templar (Complete Divine)
Cragtop Archer (Races of Stone)
Justice of the Weald and Woe (Champions of Ruin - a Forgotten Realms campaign accessory)
Dread Commando (Heroes of Battle)
Shooting Star Ranger Substitution Level (Champions of Valor - a Forgotten Realms campaign accessory)
Fighter (Player's Handbook)
Ranger (Player's Handbook)
Scout (Complete Adventurer)

And here are the acronyms and abbreviations that are used throughout this post:
Ambidex: Ambidexterity
AoO: Attack of Opportunity
BF: Bonus Feat
BW: Bless Weapon
Conc Reduc: Concealment Reduction
DR: Damage Reduction
DWS: Deepwood Sniper
Fav En: Favored Enemy
HM: Hunter's Mercy
Imp. Crit: Improved Critical
Imp. Init: Improved Initiative
Inc: Increment
OotBI: Order of the Bow Initiate
PBS / PBShot: Point Blank Shot
Peer Arch: Peerless Archer
Proj Imp Crit: Projectile Improved Critical
RSA: Ranged Sneak Attack
Sup. Weap Foc: Superior Weapon Focus
Sup. Weap Spec: Superior Weapon Specialization
TWF: Two Weapon Fighting
WF: Weapon Focus
WS / Weap Spec: Weapon Specialization

First, the Combat Archer:
Code: [Select]
Level Class Feats Class Abilities
1 Ranger PBShot, Precise Shot Fav En (?), TWF*, Ambidex*,
. Track
2 Fighter Rapid Shot BF
3 Fighter Far Shot, WF BF
4 Fighter
5 Fighter Weap Spec BF/WS
6 OotBI Quick Draw RSA +1d6
7 OotBI Close Combat Shot
8 Peer Arch Expert Bowyer, RSA +2d6
9 Peer Arch Imp. Crit. Sharp Shooting 1, Fletching +1
10 Peer Arch Power Shot
11 Peer Arch RSA +3d6, Fletching +2
12 Peer Arch Manyshot Sharp Shooting 2
13 Peer Arch Fletching +3
14 Peer Arch RSA +4d6
15 Peer Arch Combat Reflexes Threaten, Fletching +4
16 OotBI RSA +5d6
17 OotBI Sup. Weap Foc
18 OotBI Zen Archery RSA +6d6
19 OotBI Free Attack, Zen Archery
20 OotBI Sup. Weap Spec
Base Saves Fort +14   Ref +8 Will +8
To use this exact progression, you must be either Human or Strongheart Halfling, because the early levels are very feat intensive to meet the prerequisites of OotBI and Peer Arch by 5th and 7th levels, respectively.   A similar build can be played by other races, but you must remove either Zen Archery, Manyshot, or Improved Crit, and move the first level of Peerless Archer back to 10th level, shifting levels 3 and 4 of OotBI up to character levels 8 and 9. Improved Crit is probably the best option for a 3.5 player, as they could stick a level of DWS into the build somewhere, only losing the Superior Weapon Specialization from the 7th level of OotBI.

This build provides some great combat abilities to an archer.  By 7th level he no longer suffers AoO's from firing his bow in melee.  At 10th character level, he is able to make Power Attacks with his bow, helping him deal damage and break through lower degrees of DR. By the 5th level of Peer Arch (12th character lvl) he no longer suffers any chance of striking his friends in combat due to them providing cover to the enemies (not otherwise able to be achieved without an epic feat in 3.0). This also replicates a large portion of the 3.5 feat Improved Precise Shot.  At 15th level this combat archer gains a large measure of his power.  The threaten ability of the Peer Arch allows him to threaten at 10 feet as if he were wielding a melee reach weapon. This, in combination with Combat Reflexes, allows him to be just as effective at melee range as a fighter with a pole-arm; better, actually, since he'll have a much higher dexterity, allowing him numerous AoO's within each round. At 19th level, the addition of the Free Attack and stacking Zen Archery abilities of the OotBI makes this archer a combat god, especially if you have another party member who wields a reach weapon.

By 19th level, with a Dex score of 24 (easily obtainable by the higher levels), and under the effects of Haste, this archer is able to fire up to 18 arrows a round; 11 of them at one target.  Here's the breakdown: 4 arrows from iterative attacks, 1 arrow from Rapid Shot, 4 arrows from Manyshot (during your hasted action), 1 arrow from an AoO, and 1 arrow from Free Attack.  You also have the possibility of 7 more AoO's due to Combat Reflexes.

Now, the Sniper Archer:
Code: [Select]
Level Class Feats Class Abilities
1 Ranger PBShot, Precise Shot Fav En (?), TWF*, Ambidex*,
. Track
2 Fighter Rapid Shot BF
3 Fighter Far Shot, WF BF
4 Fighter
5 Fighter Weap Spec BF/WS
6 DWS Quickdraw Keen Arrows,
. Range Inc Bonus +10ft/lvl
7 DWS Conc Reduc 10%, Magic Weap,
. Proj Imp Crit +1
8 Peer Arch Expert Bowyer, RSA +1d6
9 Peer Arch Manyshot Sharp Shooting 1, Fletching +1
10 Peer Arch Power Shot
11 DWS Safe Poison Use
12 DWS Craven Take Aim +2
13 DWS Consistent Aim 1/day
14 DWS Conceal Reduc 20%
15 DWS Imp Crit Consistent Aim 2/day,
. Proj Imp Crit +2
16 OotBI RSA +2d6
17 OotBI Close Combat Shot
18 OotBI ? Imp Init ? RSA +3d6
19 OotBI Sup Weap Foc
20 OotBI RSA +4d6
This is the be-all and end-all of snipers.  The following analyses are dependant upon a few different things.

First, a character with a single level of ranger is able to use wands of ranger spells. You do not have to be a 4th level ranger before you can use wands.  I will post the quoted rule at the bottom of this thread, so as to not clutter this section.

Secondly, Hunter's Mercy (found in Magic of Faerun) causes your next bow shot to automatically hit and threaten a critical. Also note that HM affects you, not your weapon.

Thirdly, Bless Weapon causes your next critical threat against an evil creature to automatically confirm as a critical hit.  Apparently, BW is not a valid spell to be made into an oil (potion) under 3.0 rules; however, it is listed as a randomly generated oil in the 3.5 DMG.  For 3.0, you can obtain a wand of BW and have either the party Paladin or Rogue (through use of Use Magic Device) cast it for you.

Fourthly, it is debatable whether a weapon with the burst enhancement can produce damage higher than +3d10 (on a x4 critical), since it does not list it as going higher than that in the DMG; however, at the time the DMG was printed there was no way to get a critical multiplier of higher than x4.  I am of the opinion that it is obviously linear, and would increase to +4d10 at a x5 critical and +5d10 at a x6 critical.  As such, that is what is represented in this build.

Lastly, it is unlikely that BW can be used on an arrow fired from an Oathbow, so I will show at each level the values without using an Oathbow, but will also show the use of an advanced Oathbow at 20th level, along with the to-hit modifiers (assuming a Dex of 20). In that advancement of the Oathbow, I am treating the Oathbow property as a +3 modifier, as it is similar to Bane (a +2 modifier), but perhaps a little better.

   The last 5 levels of the build can really be composed of any +1 BAB class; however, I chose OotBI because of its sneak attack progression.  Here is an analysis of this build's damage potential at character levels 10, 15, and 20.  If there are any mistakes that anyone notices, please point them out so that I may fix them.

The items used for this analysis are:
A wand of Hunter's Mercy
A wand or oil of Bless Weapon
Bracers of Archery
Magic arrows obtainable at that level from a straight classed wizard or cleric of equal level
A Mighty Composite Longbow (+4 str mod) of magical enhancement relatively appropriate for the level (+2 shocking burst @ 10th, +5 Shocking Burst @ 15th, +5 Shocking Burst, Icy Burst or advanced +5 Shocking Burst Oathbow @ 20th).

The tactics employed by this sniper are composed of him being made invisible (either through the help of party spell-casters, Wondrous Items, or a Ring of Invisibility at higher levels), placing Bless Weapon upon an arrow (either with an oil or wand), sneaking to within 30 feet of the target, and casting Hunter's Mercy from a wand.  He then uses Manyshot to fire the maximum number of arrows at the target.

10th level:
+2 Mighty Comp (+4) Shocking Burst Longbow (19-20/ x4 crit)

Damage: 4d8(primary arrow) +8(+2 magical bow) +12(+3 magic arrow) +40(power shot) +8(Weap. Spec.) +16 (strength) +4 (PBS) +4(Bracers) + 1d6(sneak attack) + 1d6(shocking) + 3d10(burst) +1d8(2nd arrow) +2(2nd magical bow) +3(2nd magic arrow) +10(power shot) +2(Weap. Spec.) +4(strength) +1d6(shocking)
Total: 5d8 + 3d6 + 3d10 + 113
Avg Dmg: 162.5
Max Dmg: 201
Min Dmg: 124

Alternatively, one could take the Craven feat at 9th level and push Manyshot back to 12th level.  If this is done, it boosts the overall damage at 10th level thusly:

10th level:
+2 Mighty Comp (+4) Shocking Burst Longbow (19-20/ x4 crit)

Damage: 4d8(primary arrow) +8(+2 magical bow) +12(+3 magic arrow) +40(power shot) +8(Weap. Spec.) +16 (strength) +4 (PBS) +4(Bracers) + 40(Craven) + 1d6(sneak attack) + 1d6(shocking) + 3d10(burst)
Total: 4d8 + 2d6 + 3d10 + 132
Ave Dmg: 173.5
Max Dmg: 206
Min Dmg: 141

15th level:
+5 Mighty Comp (+4) Shocking Burst Longbow (18-20/ x5 crit)

Damage: 5d8(primary arrow) +25(+5 magical bow) +25(+5 magic arrow) +75(power shot) +10(Weap. Spec.) +20 (strength) +5 (PBS) +5(Bracers) + 75(Craven)+ 1d6(sneak attack) + 1d6(shocking) + 4d10(burst) +2d8(2nd&3rd arrows) +10(2&3 magical bow) +10(2&3 magic arrow) +30(2&3 power shot) +4(2&3 Weap. Spec.) +8(2&3 strength) +2d6(2&3 shocking)
Total: 7d8 + 4d6 + 4d10 + 327
Avg Dmg: 369.5
Max Dmg: 422
Min Dmg: 317

20th level:
+5 Mighty Comp (+4) Shocking Burst, Icy Burst Longbow (18-20/ x5 crit)

Damage: 5d8(primary arrow) +25(+5 magical bow) +25(+5 magic arrow) +100(power shot) +10(Weap. Spec.) +20 (strength) +5 (PBS) +5(Bracers) + 100(Craven) +4d6(sneak attack) +1d6(shocking) +4d10(burst) +1d6(icy) +4d10(burst) +3d8(2nd, 3rd, &4th arrows) +15(2nd, 3rd, &4th magical bow) +15(2nd, 3rd, &4th magic arrow) +60(2nd, 3rd, &4th power shot) +6(2nd, 3rd, &4th Weap. Spec.) +12(2nd, 3rd, &4th strength) +3d6(2nd, 3rd, &4th shocking) +3d6(2nd, 3rd, &4th icy)
Total: 8d8 + 12d6 + 8d10 + 398
Avg Dmg: 520
Max Dmg: 614
Min Dmg: 426

You could, at great expense (approximately 16,000 gp), obtain and use four +10 equivalent arrows in the above attack.  Actually, you could make that four +6 equivalent arrows that are +1 with +5-worth of abilities, and then subject them to a Greater Magic Weapon spell, so the four arrows would cost less than 6000 gp.  For example, you could obtain four +5 Holy, Acidic Burst, Screaming arrows (Acidic Burst and Screaming are found in MoF).  Using these would add 8d6 (Holy), 4d6 (Sonic), 4d6 (acid), and 4d10 (burst) damage to the above analysis.  This would increase the Average, Maximum, and Minimum damage from 520, 614, and 426 respectively, to:
Avg Dmg: 598
Max Dmg: 750
Min Dmg: 446

Although this is talking in extreme hypotheticals, it is also possible that you could obtain four arrows with the bane property against your target. For example, four +5 Holy, Bane, Screaming arrows.  Against the Bane target the arrows would function as +7 arrows.  This would add 16 (magical) + 8d6 (Bane) +8d6 (Holy) + 4d6 (sonic) damage, and would increase the 520, 614, and 426 values to:
Avg Dmg: 606
Max Dmg: 750
Min Dmg: 462

Now, with an oathbow, and simple +5 arrows.

20th level:
+5 Mighty Comp (+4) Shocking Burst Oathbow (18-20/ x5 crit)
(+7 Mighty Comp (+4) Shocking Burst Oathbow (18-20/ x6 crit) [versus a sworn enemy]

Bonuses to confirm the Critical Hit: +14 = +7(bow) +5(arrows) +1(Weap Foc) +1 (Grtr Weap Foc) +1(PBS) +2(bracers) +5(Dex) –8(manyshot); Or +16(with an additonal +2 by taking a full-round to aim [DWS's Take Aim +2 ability])

Damage: 6d8(primary arrow) +42(+7 magical bow) +30(+5 magic arrow) +120(power shot) +12(Weap. Spec.) +24 (strength) +6 (PBS) +6(Bracers) +100 (Craven) +4d6(sneak attack) +1d6(shocking) +5d10(burst) +3d8(2nd, 3rd, &4th arrows) +21(2nd, 3rd, &4th magical bow) +21(2nd, 3rd, &4th magic arrow) +60(2nd, 3rd, &4th power shot) +6(2nd, 3rd, &4th Weap. Spec.) +12(2nd, 3rd, &4th strength) +3d6(2nd, 3rd, &4th shocking)
Total: 9d8 + 8d6 + 5d10 + 460
Avg Dmg: 556
Max Dmg: 630
Min Dmg: 482

20th level, but at a distance of greater than 30 feet:
+5 Mighty Comp (+4) Shocking Burst Oathbow (18-20/ x5 crit)
(+7 Mighty Comp (+4) Shocking Burst Oathbow (18-20/ x6 crit) [versus a sworn enemy]

Bonuses to confirm the Critical Hit: +21 = +7(bow) +5(arrow) +1(Weap Foc) +1 (Grtr Weap Foc) +2(bracers) +5(Dex); Or +23(with an additonal +2 by taking a full-round to aim [DWS's Take Aim +2 ability])

Damage: 6d8(primary arrow) +42(+7 magical bow) +30(+5 magic arrow) +120(power shot) +24 (strength) +1d6(shocking) +5d10(burst)
Total: 6d8 + 1d6 + 5d10 + 216
Avg Dmg: 274
Max Dmg: 320
Min Dmg: 228

Homebrew / Norse Bestiary
« on: June 16, 2017, 02:53:05 PM »
Here is my Norse Bestiary, ported over from the old boards.

I will be utilizing the Troll-blooded feat, as well as flaws, to enable some creatures to gain true regeneration.  It will cost 2 flaws to get this feat, however.

Troll Blooded [General]
(click to show/hide)

Alvar/Ljosalfar ("Light Elves" from Alfheim) [Killoren]
Half-Alvar [Half-Elves]
Svartalfar ("Black Elves," sometimes hard to distinguish in stories from Dwaves) [Drow]
Dwarves / Dvergar (creators of much of the world's magic) [Midgard Dwarf]
Half-Dwarves [Hill Dwarf]


Rock Giant [Stone Giant]/Elder Rock Giant [Mineral Warrior Stone Giant]
Half-Rock Giant [Goliath with type changed to Giant]
Mountain Giant [Mountain Giant (MMII)]

Fire Giants

Legendary Fire Giant (the true giants that contest with the gods and will lead the burning of the world at Ragnarok)
(click to show/hide)
Fire Giant Elder (the next "age category" of Giant, as they approach immortality) [Eldrich Giant w/ Fire subtype. Huge size.]
Fire Giant (typical fire giant most likely to find its way into Midgard) [Fire Giant. Large size.]
Half-Fire Giant [Goliath with type changed to Giant, who has taken the Improved Heat Endurance feat (and possibly also the Inured to Energy feat).]

Frost Giants

Legendary Frost Giant (The Frost Giants that contest with the gods)
(click to show/hide)
Frost Giant Elder (the next "age category" of Giant, as they approach immortality) [Eldrich Giant w/ Fire subtype. Huge size.]
Frost Giant (typical frost giant most likely to wander into Midgard] [Frost Giant. Large size.]
Half-Frost Giant [Goliath with type changed to Giant, who has taken the Improved Cold Endurance feat.]


Sea Trolls (Sjötrollet)

Merrow & Sea Hag
Scrag & Scrag Warlock
  • Half-troll Sea Hag
Half-Troll Kuo Toa Leviathan
Bog Giant

Cliff Trolls

Feral Snow Goblins
Half-Troll Taer
Half-Troll Girallon
Half-Troll Yeti
Half-Troll Abominable Yeti
[Those that qualify take Rock Hurling and Fling Enemy from Races of Stone]

Multi-Headed Trolls

Fell Troll
Any Troll with the Multiheaded Template

Vitterfolk Trolls (Vætter)
(Some aren't actually trolls.)

Half-fey Mineral Warrior Forestkith Goblin
Half-fey Mineral Warrior Mongrelfolk
Half-fey Mineral Warrior Green Hag
Huldrefolk (Bestiary of Krynn)
Half-troll Changling
Half-troll Forestkith Goblin
Half-troll Mongrelfolk
Primordial Giant Half-troll Huldrefolk (Bestiary of Krynn)
Feral Tasloi [Troll-Blooded feat]

[The above will often take levels in Ranger/Abolisher/Nature's Warrior]

Hill, Mountain, and Forest Trolls

Ogre & Annis Hag
Half-Ogre & Green Hag
Hill Troll & Troll Warlock
  • Half-Troll Annis Hag [female, sterile]
  • Half-Troll Eneko [male, can mate with troll wives (producing more half-troll eneko) or human females]
    • Eneko [male and female "quarter-trolls" made from a half-troll eneko mating with a human]
Cave Troll & Cave Troll Warlock
Mountain Troll
Phaerlin Giant [MoF]
Half-Troll Phaerlin Giant
Fomorian [subterranean trolls, perhaps from Vanaheim]
Half-Troll Mountain Giant
Ice Troll & Ice Troll Warlock (Troll line interbred with Frost Giants)
  • Half-Troll Marzanna Hag
  • Dekanter Goblin (prior to change from Monstrous Humanoid; change gore attack to bite) [cross-breed of an Ice Troll with a Forest Troll or similar]
Fire Troll & Fire Troll Warlock (Troll line interbred with Fire Giants)
  • Elemental Mage (Ken-Li)
Forest Troll & Half-troll Green Hag
Troll Scion [Half-Troll War Troll - evil, spiteful beings that, thankfully, are dying out because of a Trollwife's propensity for cursing her rivals to barrenness.]
Primordial Troll [Half-Troll Monster of Legend War Troll - the progenitors of the troll races.]

Trolls Harmed by Sunlight

Wasteland Troll
  • Dune Hag
Half-Troll Fensir
Feral Tasloi with Troll-Blooded feat (costs 2 flaws - Pathetic and Slow)
Any Fast Healing Troll with the Troll-Blooded feat

Trolls that Eat Humans to Become Stronger

Dusk Giant and Dusk Hag
Half-Troll Dusk Giant and Half-Troll Dusk Giant Warlock
  • Half Troll Dusk Hag
Any Troll with the Beast of Xvim template (Monsters of Faerun)

Trolls with Demonic Blood

Half-fiend Troll [Offspring of a Trollwife impregnated by a Demon or Devil]
Fiendish Troll [Offspring of a Half-fiend troll and a normal troll]
Ogre Mage [Offspring of a Trollwife and a Fiendish Troll]
Half-Troll Draegloth [Offspring of an Ogre Mage and a Glabrezu]
Mur-Zhagul (Demon Troll) [Offspring of a Demonic Fiendish Trollwife and a Horned Devil, Pit Fiend, Amnizu, or Malebranche devils]
Mur-Zhagul's children:
  • Half-Fiend War Troll [Offspring of a Mur-Zhagul and a Demon]
  • Troll-Blooded Tanarukk [Offspring of a Mur-Zhagul and a Medium-sized regenerating troll]
  • Half-Vampire Tanarukk [Offspring of a Mur-Zhagul and a Medium-sized fast healing troll]
    • Tanarukk [Offspring of a human and a troll-blooded or half-vampire tanarukk]

Domestic and Personal Spirits

Fylgia [Telthor (bound to a person, not a location)]
Vordr (can become a Revenant) [?]
Haminja (similar to a Fylgia) [Spirit Animal]

Nissen/Tomte (small house spirit) [Domovoi or Einsaun Nat (OA)]

- Keepers/Wardens of different landforms

Bergsrå (Mountain rå credited with giving miners problems) [Oread]
Havsrå (Saltwater rå) [Mermaid]
Sjörå (Freshwater rå) [Glaistig]
Skogsrå ("Ruler (Lady) of the Forest" or sometimes "forest troll") [Dryad]

Nature Spirits [Nature Spirit, Oriental Adventures; Spirit of the Land]

Forest Spirits

Mound Alvar (Mound elves, somewhat related to Huldre Folk) [Feytouched w/ the Mineral Warrior template, but change the DR to 8/Cold Iron - aesthetically they do not look stony]
Huldre Folk (Beautiful fey folk w/ a disease ability; often had hollow backs or cow's/fox's tails - often interchangeable with trolls of a sort, though they were almost always beautiful) [Nymph]
(click to show/hide)
Skogsråt ("Ruler (Lady) of the Forest" or sometimes "forest troll") [Half-troll or Woodling Nymph]
Skogsnufvar ("Ruler (Lady) of the Forest" - always female [Nymph, advanced w/Druid - Woodling?]
Skovmann (Like a Skogsnufvar, but male) [Verdant Prince, advanced w/Druid or Ranger 1/Abolisher 1/Nature's Warrior 1]
Askafroa [Dryad]
Spriggan (Celtic) [Spriggan]
Moss People (Southern Germany) [Wood Woad, Woodling Nymph?]
Red Cap [Redcap - usually found near abandoned ruins or cairns]

River Spirits

Fossergrim [Fossergrim, often with a level of Bard]
Backahast ("Brook Horse") [Kelpie]
Nacken [Nixie]
Rusalka (slavic in origin) [Rusalka]
Vodyanoi (Slavic) [Vodyanoi]
Sjörå/Glaistig [Glaistig]

Sea Spirits

Nokk [Nereid]
Nokken [triton]
Havmand [Merfolk]
Havsrå [Merfolk]
Selkie [Selkie]

Other Spirits and Undead

Bergsrå [Oread]
Mara (ephemeral being that "rode" men in their sleep and caused nightmares and sleep paralysis) [Night Hag]
Draugr ("typical" Norse undead) [Wight or Ghoul/Ghast, ranging from basic to advanced in HD. The last step before becoming a Greater Draugr is adding the Mineral Warrior template.]
Greater Draugr (very powerful Draugr that could drain Ond, or life energy, with their gaze, and escape into the ground) [Zovvut Mineral Warrior Gravetouched Ghoul]
Haugbui ("Barrow Wights" indignant at being burglarized; not necessarily evil) [Wight or Gravetouched Ghoul templates from Savage Species/Libris Mortis]
Gjenganger [Revenant]
Vittra (Huldrefolk)
Vorthr [Wraith or Specter]
Sending [a Curst (Monsters of Faerun) created with a Bestow Curse and Create Undead spells]
Deildegast (a corporeal ghost that haunts border-stones that mark property edges, which they moved in life, can shapeshift into owls) [Jiki-Niku-Gaki (OA) - alternate form into an owl rather than an insect]
Myling (child left to die in the woods, then haunts parents/travelers) [?]
Irrbloss, Lyktgubbar or Lygtemænd [Will o' Whisp]
Finngálkin Icelandic centaur-like creature that is part man, part horse.
Magyr --ugly mermaids with webbed hands, deformed faces, double-chins, and fishy tales reported by Vikings around Greenland.
Skoffin:  Icelandic analogue to basilisk (see above). It could only be killed by the sight of another of its kind in early Icelandic legend. In later versions, it was believed that a silver bullet or the sign of the cross might also kill it.

? [Boggart]
(click to show/hide)


Sea Serpent (Jormungandr's children) [Sea Drake]
Typical Norse Dragon [Rage Drake, Spitting Felldrake, Ibrandlin (Monsters of Faerun), Brown Dragon (MoF)]
Lindworms [linoworms]

Ulfhednar/Berserker [Berserk PrC]

Woden's Hunt [Wild Hunt, MMV; or Wild Hunter, Expedition to the Demonweb Pits]

(click to show/hide)

Also, from D&D specific stuff:

Bhur Hag (Likely some cross-breeding of a [Ice?] Troll with a Spriggan)
Shrieking Hag


D&D 3rd / Complete (Su) List - For Shapechange
« on: June 16, 2017, 02:06:39 PM »
Hey everybody, this is a port/repost of the Complete (Su) List - For Shapechange (by TaisharMalkier) thread originally from 339.  It was started by TaisharMalkier back in 2004, and I sort of took over the reigns when he dropped off the boards.  I was planning to repost and update the info back in 2006, but life prevented me from doing so.  So, without further adieu, I give you the...

Complete List of Supernatural Abilities:

From the Monster Manual: (Compiled by TaisharMalkier)

Aboleth (Aberration) [8 HD] {pp. 8} - Dominate Person 3 / Day

Allip (Undead) [4 HD] {pp. 10} - babble 60' burst hypnotism 2d4 rounds constant, madness d4 wis dmg to any who telepathy/thought detection/mind control, wisdom drain touch D4 wis (you gain 5 temp hits per drain).

Astral Deva (Outsider) [12 HD] {pp. 11} - stun (strike an opponent twice in a round, save or stun for D6 rounds)

Archons (Outsider) [1-12 HD] {pp. 16} - constant magic circle against evil, aura of menace 20' constant -2 to attacks/ac/saves, greater teleport at will self only, constant tongues

Trumpet Archon (Outsider) [12 HD] {pp. 18} - trumpet 100' paralyzed d4 rounds at will, can change trumpet to +4 greatsword at will

Arrowhawks (Outsider) [3-15 HD] {pp. 19} - electricity ray 1/round 50' 2D6 or 2D8 electrical

Assassin Vine (Plant) [4 HD] {pp. 20} - Entangle at will

Barghest (Outsider) [6 HD] {pp. 22} - feed upon 3 humanoid creatures with your HD or greater and gain +1 HD/Str/Con/Natural Armor at will [broken]

Abyssal Greater Basilisk (Outsider) [18 HD] {pp. 24} - stone gaze 30' at will, smite good 1/day

Basilisk (Magical Beast) [6 HD] {pp. 24} - stone gaze, 30' at will

Belker (Elemental) [7 HD] {pp. 27} - smoke form (gaseous form) (free) 50' fly perfect at will

Behir (Magical Beast) [9 HD] {pp. 25} - Breath 7D6 elec, 1/10 rounds

Bodak (Undead) [9 HD] {pp. 28} - death gaze 30' at will

Gauth (Aberration) [6 HD] {pp. 26} - Eye Rays (sleep, inflict mod wounds, dispel magic, scorching ray, paralysis, exhaustion) at will, stunning gaze - 1 round stun, 30' at will

Beholder (Aberration) [11 HD] {pp. 26} - Eye Rays (charm onster, charm person, distinegrate, fear, finger of death, flesh to stone, inflict moderate wounds, sleep, slow, telekenisis) at will, Antimagic Cone at will

Blink Dog (Magical Beast) [4 HD] {pp. 28} - Blink (free) at will, Dimension Door (free) self only at will

Chaos Beast (Outsider) [8 HD] {pp. 33} - upon hit save or -4 dex, -10 feet or 25% (whatever is less) movement, can't cast spells or use items, -4 to attacks, 50% miss chance attacking anything, 1 point of wisdom drain a round, Cha check per round to cure

Chimera (Magical Beast) [9 HD] {pp. 34} - Breath shape/element varies, 3D8 damage 1 / D4 rounds

Choker (Aberration) [3 HD] {pp. 34} - quickness (extra standard or move action each round) [potentially broken]

Cloaker (Aberration) [6 HD] {pp. 36} - Shadow Shift (20% miss chance for D4 rounds, or Mirror Image, or Silent Image) [Only place you can find mirror image and illusion, in mm at least]

Cockatrice (Magical Beast) [5 HD] {pp. 37} - petrification bite

Couatl (Outsider) [9 HD] {pp. 37} - ethereal jaunt, telepathy 90' any language

Darkmantle (Magical Beast) [1 HD] {pp. 38} - Darkness 1/day

Demons (Outsider) [2-20 HD] {pp. 40} - see in any darkness, even magical

Babau (Outsider) [7 HD] {pp. 40} - protective slime weapons that hit you take D8 acid
damage if fail save, creatures wielding natural weapons as well

Balor (Outsider) [20 HD] {pp. 40} - +1 vorpal longsword, anyone grappling takes 6d6 fire, true seeing constant [broken]

Beblith (Outsider) [12 HD] {pp. 42} - plane shift at will

Dretch (Outsider) [2 HD] {pp. 42} - 100' telepathy

Glaberzu (Outsider) [12 HD] {pp. 43} - true seeing constant

Marilith (Outsider) [16 HD] {pp. 44} - true seeing constant

Nalfenshee (Outsider) [14 HD] {pp. 45} - true seeing constant, 60' radius dazed for d10 rounds at will

Retriever (Construct) [10 HD] {pp. 46} - eye rays (free) 1/round rotation 12D6 fire, electricity, cold, petrification [fairly nice for free actions]

Succubus (Outsider) [7 HD] {pp. 47} - kiss bestow negative level and suggests to kiss again, constant tongues

Vrock (Outsider) [10 HD] {pp. 48} - dance of ruin 100' 20D6 (requires 3 vrock), 30' stun for 1 round 1/hour

Barbed Devil (Outsider) [12 HD] {pp. 51} - barbed defense any that strike you take D8+6 piercing/slashing damage constant, hit causes fear as spell

Bearded Devil (Outsider) [6 HD] {pp. 52} - infernal wound 2 additional damage every round after strike till cure with a CL check of 16+

Bone Devil (Outsider) [10 HD] {pp. 52} - fear aura (free) all within 5' as spell at will

Chain Devil (Outsider) [8 HD] {pp. 53} - dancing chains (animate 4 chains), 30' gaze -2 attack for D3 rounds at will

Erinyes (Outsider) [9 HD] {pp. 54} - continuous true seeing

Horned Devil (Outsider) [15 HD] {pp. 55} - 5' fear aura at will, on hit save or stun for d4 rounds, infernal wound 2 additional damage every round after strike till cure with a CL check of 24+

Ice Devil (Outsider) [14 HD] {pp. 56} - 10' fear aura at will, slow on hit d6 rounds

Pit Fiend (Outsider) [18 HD] {pp. 57} - disease d4 strength, 20' fear aura at will

Destrachan (Aberration) [8 HD] {pp. 49} - 80' cone or 30' burst, 4D6 sonic, 6D6 nonlethal, or objects make fortitude save or shatter

Devourer (Undead) [12 HD] {pp. 58} - negative energy drain on hit or spectral hand, death attack absorb creature, spell deflection - absorbed creature gives you immunity to some spells

Displacer Beast (Magical Beast) [6 HD] {pp. 66} - displacement 50% miss chance, +2 save against ranged attacks

Doppelganger (Monstrous Humanoid) [4 HD] {pp. 67} - Detect thoughts at will

Dragons (Dragon) [3-41 HD] {pp. 68} - breath weapons, type / damage varies

Silver Dragon (Dragon) [7-40 HD] {pp. 87} - walk on clouds

Dragon Turtle (Dragon) [12 HD] {pp. 88} - Breath 12D6 fire, 1/ D4 rounds, usable underwater

Dragonne (Magical Beast) [9 HD] {pp. 89} - roar 1/ d4 rounds, within 120' save or be fatigued, 30' save or be exhausted

Ethereal Filcher (Aberration) [5 HD] {pp. 104} - detect magic at will, ethereal jaunt at will

Ethereal Marauder (Magical Beast) [2 HD] {pp. 105} - ethereal jaunt at will

Frost Worm (Magical Beast) [14 HD] {pp. 111} - trill 100' burst stun (concentration + D4 rounds) at will, Breath 30' cone 15D6 cold 1/hour

Djinni (Outsider) [7 HD] {pp. 114} - whirlwind form at will

Ghaele (Outsider) [10 HD] {pp. 94} - tongues continuous, gaze - death against evil creatures with under 5 HD, fear 2d10 rounds if saved, save against fear if not evil or more then 5HD, magic circle against evil, lesser glove of invulnerability, +4 deflection AC and +4 saves to allies within 20'

Bralini (Outsider) [6 HD] {pp. 93} - tongues constant, whirlwind form, line 3d6 damage in WW form 20'

Air Elemental (Elemental) [2-24 HD] {pp. 96} - whirlwind form

Water Elemental (Elemental) [2-24 HD] {pp. 100} - vortex (underwater whirlwind form)

Formian Worker (Outsider) [1 HD] {pp. 109} - cure serious wounds (requires 8 individuals)

Formian Taskmaster (Outsider) [6 HD] {pp. 109} - dominate monster, usable on any type up to size large, control up to 4 subjects at once

Formian Queen (Outsider) [20 HD] {pp. 110} - 50 mile telepathy with any intelligent creature [go telephone!]

Ghoul (Undead) [2 HD] {pp. 119} - disease d3 con/dex

Ghast (Undead) [4 HD] {pp. 119} - disease d3 con/dex

Clay Golem (Construct) [11 HD] {pp. 134} - after 1 round of combat Haste (free) 3 rounds, 1/day

Iron Golem (Construct) [18 HD] {pp. 136} - breath 10' cube (free) 1/d4+1 rounds d4 con
damage secondary 3d4 con damage

Stone Golem (Construct) [14 HD] {pp. 136} - slow (free) 1/2 rounds 10' for 7 rounds

Avoral (Outsider) [7 HD] {pp. 141} - Fear aura 20' 1/day, true seeing at will (concentration), lay on hands equal to hit points, speak with animals as the spell (free)

Leonal (Outsider) [12 HD] {pp. 142} - roar 3/day 60' cone holy word spell + 2d6 sonic, continual magic circle against evil, lesser globe of invulnerability, +4 deflection AC and saves 20', lay on hands equal to hit points, speak with animals as the spell (free)

Storm Giant (Giant) [19 HD] {pp. 125} - continuos freedom of movement

Gibbering Mouther (Aberration) [4 HD] {pp. 126} - Ground Manipulation (adjacent squares must take move equivalent action or become pinned) at will

Svifneblin (Humanoid) [1 HD] {pp. 132} - continuos non detection

Gorgon (Magical Beast) [8 HD] {pp. 137} - breath 60' cone 1 / d4 rounds, petrification

Green Hag (Monstrous Humanoid) [9 HD] {pp. 143} - weakness touch attack, 2d4 str damage at will

Sea Hag (Monstrous Humanoid) [3 HD] {pp. 144} - appearance 2D6 str damage 3/day, Evil eye fail will save dazed for 3 days, fail fort as well and die 1/day

Harpy (Monstrous Humanoid) [7 HD] {pp. 150} - captivating song 300' charm (charmed creatures come to you by fastest route, stand next to you) concentration + 1 round, at will

Hell Hound (Outsider) [4 HD] {pp. 152} - breath 10' cone 1/2d4 rounds 2d6 fire, +1d6 fire on bites

Nessian Warhound (Outsider) [12 HD] {pp. 152} - breath 10' cone 1/2d4 rounds 3d6 fire, +1d8 fire on bites

Cryo-Pyro Hydra (Magical Beast) [5-12 HD] {pp. 156} - breath 3D6 per head cold/fire 1 / d4 rounds [!!! 36D6 with 12 headed hydra]

Kolyarut (Construct) [13 HD] {pp. 159} - enervation ray 200' at will (CL13th), Vampiric Touch as the spell at will (CL13th)

Marut (Construct) [15 HD] {pp. 159} - fists of thunder and lightning, left first deals 3d6 sonic and save or be deafened 2d6 rounds, right first deals 3d6 electricity save or be blinded 2d6 rounds

Invisible Stalker (Elemental) [8 HD] {pp. 160} - always invisible, even when attacking, not subject to invisibility purge or dispel

Krenshar (Magical Beast) [2 HD] {pp. 163} - scare at will

Kuoton (Monstrous Humanoid) [2 HD] {pp. 163} - lightning bolt 1 / d4 rounds, need 2+, D6 damage per whip

Lamia (Magical Beast) [9 HD] {pp. 165} - touch wisdom drain D4, at will

Lammasu (Magical Beast) [7 HD] {pp. 166} - continuous magic circle against evil, breath 30' cone 6d8 fire 1 /day

Medusa (Monstrous Humanoid) [6 HD] {pp. 180} - petrifying gaze 30', at will

Mephits (Outsider) [3 HD] {pp. 181} - breath cones, varying effects

Mohrg (Undead) [14 HD] {pp. 189} - on tongue hit save or paralyzed for d4 minutes, creatures killed become zombies under mohrg's control

Mummy (Undead) [8 HD] {pp. 190} - despair on sight save or paralyzed for d4 rounds, diseaes d6 con and d6 cha, continutes untill cured or dies

Dark Naga (Aberration) [9 HD] {pp. 191} - detect thoughts at will

Spirit Naga (Aberration) [9 HD] {pp. 192} - charm person at will

Night Hag (Outsider) [8 HD] {pp. 193} - dream haunting [unusable]

Nightmare (Outsider) [6 HD] {pp. 194} - blows from hooves set flamable materials alight, breath 15' cone save or -2 penalty on attack/damage rolls for 1d6 minutes (free) at will - you gain concealment from creatures 5' away, total concealment from creatures 10' away, astral projection at will, etherealness at will

Nightcrawler (Undead) [25 HD] {pp. 195} - 20' undead +2 attacks/damage/saves/+2hp per HD constant, energy drain (inside stomach gain negative level each round +5 temp hits), Summon undead 1/night (9-16 shadows or 3-6 greater shadows, or 2-4 dread wraiths) arrive in d10 rounds, serve for 1 hour

Nightwalker (Undead) [21 HD] {pp. 196} - 20' undead +2 attacks/damage/saves/+2hp per HD constant, crush item destroy any weapon or item of large size or smaller by crushing it, gaze 30' paralyzed d8 rounds, summon undead (7-12 shadows, 2-5 greater shadows, or 1-2 dread wraiths) arrive in d10 rounds, serve for 1 hour

Nightwing (Undead) [17 HD] {pp. 197} - 20' undead +2 attacks/damage/saves/+2hp per HD constant, magic drain touch to drain point of enhancement of a magic armor/ewapon/shield, summon undead (5-12 shadows, or 2-4 greater shaodws, or 1 dread wraith) arrive in d10 rounds, serve for 1 hour

Nymph (Fey) [6 HD] {pp. 197} - 30' blind humanoid at will, stun gaze 30' 2d4 rounds at will, cha bonus to saves and cha bonus of deflection

Ogre Mage (Giant) [5 HD] {pp. 200} - flight at will (free)

Phantom Fungus (Plant) [2 HD] {pp. 207} - continuous greater invisibility

Phase Spider (Magical Beast) [5 HD] {pp. 207} - ethereal jaunt at will

Psuedodragon (Dragon) [2 HD] {pp. 210} - 60' telepathy

Rakshaka (Outsider) [7 HD] {pp. 211} - detect thoughts continuous (free)

Rast (Outsider) [4 HD] {pp. 213} - 30' gaze paralyze d6 rounds, flight (free)

Ravid (Outsider) [3 HD] {pp. 213} - touch attacks 2d10 damage to undead, animate object 1/round (CL20), Flight (free)

Shadow (Undead) [3 HD] {pp. 221} - d6 str damage touch attack (dies at 0 str), creates shadow from any slain under control

Greater Shadow (Undead) [9 HD] {pp. 221} - d8 str damage touch attack (dies at 0 str), creates shadow from any slain under control

Shadow Mastiff (Outsider) [4 HD] {pp. 222} - bay 300' panick 2d4 rounds, in anything besides full daylight blend into shadows for total concealment at will

Shield Guardian (Construct) [15 HD] {pp. 223} - find master if on same plane [unusable]

Shocker Lizard (Magical Beast) [2 HD] {pp. 224} - 2D8 nonlethal targeted, lethal shock 2D8 lightning per lizard, 2+ lizards

Red Slaad (Outsider) [7 HD] {pp. 229} - 1/day 20' stun d3 rounds

Blue Slaad (Outsider) [8 HD] {pp. 229} - disease d3 dex/cha damage (die at 0 cha), becomes red/green slaad at death

Spectre (Undead) [4 HD] {pp. 232} - energy drain on hit 2 negative levels +5 temp hitpoints, creature spawn from any creatures slain under control, animals don't want to approach within 30' and panic if have to

Androsphinx (Magical Beast) [12 HD] {pp. 232} - 3/day roar 1st Roar: 500' fear 2nd Roar: 250' paralyzed/ 90' deafened 3rd Roar: 250' 2d4 str damage, 90' size medium or smaller save or fall prone and take 2d8 damage, 50 damage to stone and crystals within 50'

Spider Eater (Magical Beast) [4 HD] {pp. 234} - continuous freedom of movement

Grig (Fey) [1/2 HD] {pp. 235} - fiddle (otto's irresistable dance 30' burst save or dance = to concentration)

Pixie (Fey) [1 HD] {pp. 236} - continuous greater invisibility

Umber Hulk (Aberration) [8 HD] {pp. 249} - confusing gaze 30', confusion

Unicorn (Magical Beast) [4 HD] {pp. 250} - continous magic circle against evil

Vampire Spawn (Undead) [4 HD] {pp. 253} - dominate person 30', energy drain 1 negative levle on hit +5 temp hit, gaseous form at will indefinately fly speed 20' perfect

Vargouille (Outsider) [1 HD] {pp. 254} - shriek 60' paralyze 2d4 rounds, Kiss melee touch on paralyzed opponent save or change into vargouille

Wight (Undead) [4 HD] {pp. 255} - any slain become spawn under control of wight, on hit energy drain one negative level +5 temp hit

Winter Wolf (Magical Beast) [6 HD] {pp. 256} - breath 15' cone 1/d4 rounds 4d6 cold

Wraith (Undead) [5 HD] {pp. 258} - Con drain d6 on touch +5 temp hit, animals don't want to approach within 30' and panic if have to, create spawn under control from any slain

Dread Wraith (Undead) [16 HD] {pp. 258} - animals don't want to approach within 30' and panic if have to, Lifesense 60' works as blindsight and deathwatch, constitution drain d6 on touch +5 temp hit, create spawn from any slain under control

Xill (Outsider) [5 HD] {pp. 259} - Planewalk cross to etheral plane

Yeth Hound (Outsider) [3 HD] {pp. 260} - bay 300' panic 2d4 rounds, flight (free)

Yrthak (Magical Beast) [12 HD] {pp. 262} - sonic lance 1/2 rounds, 60' ray, 6D6 sonic, or explosion targeted at an object 2d6 in 10' radius

This supplementary thread is just a place for me to post all the scavenged supplementary threads that my Sunless Citadel Adventure Path - Campaign Journal thread had previously linked out to on the MinMax Boards.  It includes info from threads covering my planned alterations to the adventure path, plans for a short home-brew adventure to insert in the series, as well as side-quest journal entries that were used to teach new players the third edition rules when they first joined the group.

For those who used to follow my campaign journal when I was making regular updates, thanks for reading.  I have been making audio recordings of all the sessions since a stressful job nearly overworked me into a mental break-down.  My plan is to slowly go back and write journal entries for all those sessions, but I likely won't start in earnest until after the campaign has finished, at the conclusion of Bastion of Broken Souls.  My PC's have just wrapped up the leavings of Lord of the Iron Fortress as best they are likely able to do, and I expect they will make a level-long assault upon the Hall of the Fire Giant King to finish the threat that poses (it got intertwined with Lord of the Iron Fortress), and to level the majority of them up to 18th level before we start the final module of the series.  I look forward to one day completing the campaign journal; it will just take longer than I had originally thought when I started it.

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