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D&D 3rd / Re: Power Words
« on: June 28, 2017, 08:02:12 PM »
PW:Pain's big brother is Creeping Cold. 2nd level and deals a cumulative +1d6 per round.

Base duration is three rounds, or 6d6, but Extended deals up 21d6. Since it's not a PW it ignores current HP but it does offer a single save for half. The Greater version, 4th, level, has a duration that extends clear up to six rounds which means for a 5th level Slot you can Extend it for 78d6 damage (273 dmg). Go for broke and use the Magical Location for a 1/day triple duration Transmutation and Extend for twenty four rounds or 300d6 (1,050 dmg) but that's pretty unnecessary.

Play by Post / Re: Character Sheet Templates
« on: June 28, 2017, 05:39:36 PM »
I don't really see why you're so against my organization.
But like I said, I'm using a short more compacted version that clears up ambiguity. Work with what works for you and adjust as needed.
Pretty sure I just recommended for you to use yours because it works for what you're wanting.

If I have to be against someone's organization, is Trump's an option?

Play by Post / Re: Strata and other stuff, who remains about?
« on: June 27, 2017, 05:50:49 PM »
It's a nice tooth.

I know I said I'd get a sheet up but I got swamped yesterday with haven't had much sleep today. Just picture Dragonball Super's Kale pretending to be a Wizard (I cast mage's hand! *pulls out an 11ft pole* / I cast grease! *throws marbles* . what do you mean that's not a spell? all wizards use material components you know) that when provoked "accidentally casts Mage's Transformation" as she often mistakenly does. And combine that with the already mentioned upgrade sheet.

Play by Post / Re: Phantasy Star/Tainted World Campaigns
« on: June 27, 2017, 05:44:26 PM »
And yeah, like Os said, we love splitting the party too much but there's just TOO MUCH TO DO and multitasking by splitting up is too good to not do, consequences be damned!
Well Ano/Mao is interrogating a clone, Kuro/Hugo is interrogating kidnappers, Lost/Baha is interrogating the original of the clone, RD/Amat needs a few hours to turn into a golem with some needed successful skill checks (hire mooks for aid other!), and Ket/Kath just wants to go shopping. This broke things up a bit, Baha & Kat are the only ones together with an open hook if Osl wants to do or skip the shopping part.

Behind the scenes, I know I had a couple followers of mine doing stuff too, like Kenny was helping with the monolith Mao wants to check in on and Baldy was keeping an eye out some possible traitors because much of the plot is a giant mystery that involves time travel based explanations. And I wish I could grab the last page of the IC too because that was one of Osl's latest plot reveals.

Play by Post / Re: Character Sheet Templates
« on: June 26, 2017, 06:38:57 PM »
For stuff like Rage I'll just make a second combat block.
You are supposed to track the duration of that Spell in-game so I include short duration buffs in my status area that is spoiled in every post during Encounters. So I don't write multiple combat blocks for every possible combination I use, rather I realize what adjustments need to be made in my rolls as I look up what my HP total is supposed to be this round.

Racial mods can go in the Racial Features spoiler, and if you really want to keep track of where all the rest of your bonuses come from just write it out in the Special section under the stats.
Yep, and when something complicated happens, like Polymorph, you have to open multiple spoilers and compare then to literally arrays of information since you have multiple ability scores (and apparently combat blocks). I can revalidate by ignoring "+2r" and treating "+2a" as a +3.

Plus we're getting into something else, like do you keep your AC against Antimagic listed? No? Ditto, except I treat Persisted Eagle's Splendor just like that too. Details are, as mentioned, all tucked away into a single spoiler anyway.

But like I said, I'm using a short more compacted version that clears up ambiguity. Work with what works for you and adjust as needed.

Play by Post / Re: Phantasy Star/Tainted World Campaigns
« on: June 26, 2017, 05:33:38 PM »
What's the plot and overall direction of the game? Can I get any information on the other PCs (enough to not be playing the same thing on accident). Also what level did the game originally start?
1. It's like Phantasy Star from what I understand but a little different. Sort of like it's like D&D, but a little different. Bonus points if your character is somehow involved with scantly clad anime girls or is one.

2. Characters.
Ketaro (real pilot // moon vanguard): I really don't know too much about it.
RD (titanic animal of legend warblade // super pilot): One of the massive nuclear dragon twins, wants to remake.
Lost (nuclear dancing dragon // arcane pilot): The other massive nuclear dragon twin but likes magic.
Kuro (shadowcraft wizard / super pilot?): Uses spell disks as photon torpedoes while trying to get a date.
Andomander (lots-of-text android golem // real super boss machine): Invincible & campaign-important robot that gets lots of solo-play.

3. Level 12, supposed to be fast level and we technically have, but the campaign runs super slow like most phbs.

Play by Post / Re: Phantasy Star/Tainted World Campaigns
« on: June 26, 2017, 01:16:53 AM »
So I would like to check if any of the the players of my minmaxboards campaigns are still interested and whetever they managed to save their character sheets. I would also be up for fresh restarts for the new forum in case we can't salvage enough stuff.
Interesting in Phantasy Star for sure, maybe Tainted if things can get going.

I have a back up of Bahamut along with an html rip of everyone's characters that can be data mined if needed.

There were five players before the old forums went down, and only 3, so you're welcome to join. Gestalt (one side pilot class, other something else) 35 Point Buy, standard WBL, level 15 if I remember correctly.
There was me, RD, Kuro, Ketaro, & Anomander and we just gained level 14 (I think I'm the only one that had finished off the update). I have PB32 noted through, was it 35?

Play by Post / Re: Strata and other stuff, who remains about?
« on: June 25, 2017, 06:45:59 PM »
I think that supermode is enough to solo everything we've actually encountered so far. Assuming that is, in fact, the super mode stats and not all the time.
Oh yeah there is some fine text to things. As is, assuming 14 Cha, it lasts 32 rounds per day (3mins & 12secs) and requires a Swift Action to enter so anything winning Initiative gets to ignore those for a round. It won't be flying around or really even tanking traps like that.

Anyway your level 3 character's damage from 2014 is technically a bit higher, 1d8+5 & 1d6+5 produces an average of 18 vs it's 17.5 and 16.5 (@base 14 str). But yeah defensively it's DR/Resist is really solid and that comes back to those extra Upgrade Points but then again who makes defensive stuff anyway so I'm curious how it plays out. Oh, and another fine print thing is Ph's healing is halved on it's hp pool which is why I mentioned probably picking up some more hp since it'll probably have to last the entire day too.

What we had when we left off was my semi-gimpy vitalist healer, two melee fighter types, and... whatever Nanshork is playing... We hardly saw him. He'd just joined.
And like that I have a character concept. :D

I'll try to get a chunk of it's details up tomorrow for Sol to check out and see if he's up for it.

Play by Post / Re: Strata and other stuff, who remains about?
« on: June 25, 2017, 04:37:37 PM »
The rest of the party was far, far less powerful/optimized than that...
Well let's see.

Not sure on Ability Scores but needs Str/Dex/Con/Cha so how about 14s for a base rate and level 5?
Size (9): for Huge, +8 Str, +4 Dex, 34hp.
Frame ( 8 ): DR 12/-, +10ft spd.
Armor (2): +8 armor bonus to ac, -10ft spd.
Mobility (2): fly 100ft (poor).
Senors (2): +4 spot/listen, essentially darkvision.
Defense (4): resist energy 10.
Misc (4): +12rnds to super-mode duration per day & personal air supply.
Weapons (4): tiger claws (3d6+strmod, avg 16.5ish), T-95 (5d6, avg 17.5).

Leaves 5 points left and obviously a rough draft since I can probably get Str or Dex higher by tanking Int/Wis. Gets to play around in it's super mode for up to 32 rounds (a bit over 3 mins) or if it's 34hp on it's super mode is depleted then it's just an average joe. Then that's pretty much it since it trades off spellcasting, it's other upgrades, and it's bonus feats are limited to helping it's supermode. So maybe I need to invest some points into it's hp. Then obliviously buy a bunch of useful stuff since it's just a big tanking brute so far.

Play by Post / Re: Strata and other stuff, who remains about?
« on: June 25, 2017, 03:43:56 PM »
Huh, FlamingCows made a Taint-based character, with a Template, and 3rd party resources, that claimed it had access to 4th level Spells at level one so it could have two levels of Shadowcraft Mage by level three and I assume it was OK'ed since he made it into the character thread instead of the campaign's pre-discussion thread. Interesting.

If you guys have openings, I'd love to test out my Magitech Knight in game. Probably using the Imperium ACF since I think it might get a little too many extra points and refluffed to be like a Super Saiyen mode.

Resource & Handbook Submission / SorO's Discussion Thread
« on: June 25, 2017, 02:21:44 PM »
This is my primary discussion/submission thread.

Topics include
* Spontaneous Wizard Guide.
* Building a Weapon of Legacy For Dummies.
* SorO's Enlightenment Series (excluding faq questions, they are born out of 17 years of debates and I couldn't care less if you think they are wrong).
* One Stop Shop.
* As well as any other Handbook I've ported over with the exception of the Fun Finds Compilation, I highly suggest checking out Fun Finds Compilation: Crowdsource Edition for updates and helping out.

On One Stop Shop it's important to remember which section of it you want to discuss on how I may already have other discussions open on it. Like Bunko's Fantastic Addition! for all Dragon Magazine related submissions to Bunkos.

Videogames / Re: Dungeons and Dragons Online
« on: June 25, 2017, 02:14:45 PM »
What exactly do you mean by "saving" the quests?
Because of how the mechanics work, you need to do quests at and just below your level several times. Skipping ahead works out to a penalty in the long time because throwing potential xp gains away when you have a limited amount of packs lowers the ceiling you can reach.

Like you're level 14 in the first quest the Lords of Dust and we'll count Aggression (+10%) & Ransack (+15%) in things too.
On Normal the base xp is 5,100, optionals (excluding rare spawn) are 510xp, 765xp, & 510xp, total 6,885xp.
On Hard the base xp is 5,300, optionals (excluding rare spawn) are 530xp, 795xp, 530xp, total 7,155xp.
On Elite the base xp is 5,500, optionals (excluding rare spawn) are 550xp, 825xp, 550xp, total 7,425xp.

First run ever is Normal you'll get +25% for Normal & say +20% for Daily for +11,704xp then immediately running Hard next will give you a +40% for Hard & -25% for Level Difference for +10,017xp. The two runs were worth 21,721xp.

But if you waited until you were level 15, Hard would have given +11,805xp (or +13,236xp if you also waited a day to rerun) for an "extra" three thousand xp by just playing the game as intended. It's not much, but Dust gives the lowest amount of xp out of all of them and you ran six quests too soon. I suspect your losses are somewhere around 25,000xp, maybe 30k (excluding running them 'right').

so I kind of rushed through them a bit just to see what was so special about FR in the game.
FR was the first expansion for DDO, everything else was updates, and it was a pretty large drop on the community.

Fan bonuses included stuff like access to FR, Eliminster, and so on. Mechanically, besides all the typical fixes, the entire range of content was sold as an expansion which cheaper than buying the separate components through the DDO store. In all you get fifteen new quests, technically four explorers and one of which used a new Encounter system to replace the old standard of simply using red named monsters. Four new Challenges were added as well. Epic Progression was a huge focus as well, the level cap changed from 20 to 25, quests previously simply had a "Epic" difficulty level gained a Epic Normal/Hard/Elite scale, and Epic Destinations were added. And the Druid Class was added too.

I don't know how other classes wind up, but my Ranger feels really strong, and always has since pretty close to the beginning (maybe level 4 or so). I calculated that I'm doing somewhere between 150 and 200 DPS with my bow, and I haven't included the effects of things like Sniper Shot, Merciful Shot, Manyshot, multi-target from Improved Precise Shot, etc. in there.
Bow-focused Rangers have a ton of survivability and the damage seems utterly amazing if you play in a vacuum.

I'm not too sure what to say on how to expand your expectations, how about I've seen five digit numbers on a couple different characters of mine?

Videogames / Re: Breath Of The Wild
« on: June 24, 2017, 11:07:53 PM »
On the MMB I posted some information about buffs, armor, and weapons. I went a head and grabbed a copy of it tonight so here.

BotW Damage Buffs
The Master Sword deals +100% to evil/ancient-tech enemies.
Armor/Food damage boost is +20%/+30%/+50%.
Guardian weapons deal +30% to ancient-tech enemies.
Ancient weapons deal +50% to ancient-tech enemies.
Ancient Proficiency adds +80% with Guardian/Ancient weapons.
Radiant set adds +80% with bone weapons (includes stuff like dragonbone).
Of The Wild set adds +50% with sword beams (beam's base is 10 dmg).

Damage calculation is also (monster's inherent bonus + weapon damage) - (armor rating + 4/12/24 defense buff) with a minimum of 1 [1/4 heart].

Head Shot: +100%.
Thrown [breaks]: +100%.
Thrown [boomerangs]: +50%.
Sneak Attack: +800%.
Jump: +0~? & hits twice, damage bonus seems related to fall damage.
Two-Handed Slam (after spinning): +100%.
Lynel Mounted: +50% (unconfirmed)
Frozen: up to +300% (75dmg guardian +prof +mighty +vs scout +frozen should be 789 but only deals 606, and adding thrown still only deals 606 too).

Bonus elemental damage is not modified.

Armor Tiers & Upgrades*
1: starts at 1, doesn't upgrade.
2: starts at 2, upgrades +2/+2/+3/+8 for 2/4/7/13.
3: starts at 3, upgrades +2/+3/+4/+8 for 3/5/8/16.
4: starts at 4, upgrades +3/+5/+6/+10 for 4/7/12/18/28.
5: starts at 5, upgrades +3/+6/+8/+10 for 5/8/14/22/32.

Some Weapon Stats*
Urbosa's Fury: 150 & extra long stun.
Master Sword: 30 damage, 40 durability, unique 13 heart reward & self-repairing 10min cooldown.
Boulder Breaker: 60 damage, 60 durability, unique dungeon reward & repairable (if broken, or even lost, you can obtain a new one).
Lightscale Trident: 22 damage, 70 durability, unique dungeon reward  & repairable (if broken it can be repaired into a "ceremonial trident" which is nonunique but looks the same).
Scimitar of the Seven: 32 damage, 60 durability, unique dungeon reward & repairable (fine print?).
Great Eagle Bow: 28x2 damage, 60 durability, unique dungeon reward & repairable (fine print?).
Bokoblin Arm: 5 damage, 5 durability.
Lizalfos Arm: 12 damage, 8 durability.
Moblin Arm: 15 damage, 5 durability.
Dragonbone Boko Club: 24 damage, 18 durability.
Dragonbone Boko Bat: 36 damage, 16 durability.
Dragonbone Boko Spear: 12 damage, 20 durability.
Dragonbone Moblin Club: 45 damage, 24 durability.
Dragonbone Moblin Spear: 15 damage, 25 durability.
Dragon Bone Boko Bow: 24 damage, 34 durability.
Savage Lynel Sword: 58 damage, 41 durability.
Savage Lynel Crusher: 78 damage, 35 durability.
Savage Lynel Spear: 30 damage, 45 durability.
Savage Lynel Bow: 32x3 damage, 45 durability (can spawn with x5 burst after 1~2 divine beasts too).
Guardian Sword++: 40 damage, 32 durability.
Guardian Spear++: 20 damage, 35 durability.
Ancient Battle Axe++: 60 damage, 25 durability (technically a guardian weapon).
Ancient Bow: 44 damage, 120 durability.
Ancient Bladesaw: 55 damage, 50 durability.
Ancient Short Sword: 40 damage, 54 durability.
Ancient Spear: 30 damage, 50 durability.

Ancient Shield: 32 durability, 70 parry.
Hylian Shield: 800 durability, 90 parry.
Guardian Shield: 10 durability, 18 parry.
Daybreaker: 60 durability, 48 parry, unique dungeon reward & repairable (fine print?).

Fire: +0~+10 damage depending on target, +40~60 burning damage overtime.
Ice: +0~+10 damage depending on target, x3 (see multipliers) if they are hit while frozen.
Electricity: +0~+10 (20?) damage depending on target, can stun & disarm.

Bomb Arrow: +40~+55 shot damage depending on target, knockback and chance of burning.
Ancient Arrow: +50, special one hit kill for an eye shot on guardians.

Durability increase I think adds adds +14/lvl and attack increase is pretty self explanatory.

Videogames / Re: Dungeons and Dragons Online
« on: June 24, 2017, 10:17:21 PM »
I broke down and bought (with real $) the Delara's Graveyard set of quests,
The +5% xp drop there is nice, but the final quest is also good for farming if you have a party that can split up and handle both wings but you have to window farm* it.

*Have all but one recall out, then have someone grab the quest window. Final guy recalls out forcing the instance to reset. Anyone with the currently active window will get booted into a new instance even if they could not normally open the quest again.
but now I'm kind of bored with the game... lol.
It's why I cycle in and out of it. I'm not the best at MMO repetition, or like today all I did was hold left click and move the mouse around while getting distracted in real and since it took like 10 mins a run is wasn't the best quest.

My 9 year old son saw me playing and started playing some with me. I made another cleric to run around with his rogue/ranger. They're level 3 so far, but we don't play much, and when we do I think I'd rather it just be he and I, at least for now...
Awww you're such a good parent. Well protective at least, I got a feeling mine will invent new curse words when they play. >.>

Play by Post / Re: Character Sheet Templates
« on: June 24, 2017, 06:25:12 PM »
They very definitely aren't my style, I need space for notes (as you can tell by looking at my 3.5 sheet).   :P
Oh I like notes but I just don't want them being obtrusive.

Like take the D&D style you've copied.
Code: [Select]
   Score Mod    Temp Mod
Str: 10  +0      10  +0
You have no way of knowing what you started with, racial mods (r), level ups (l), inherent bonuses (i), and what does it mean by temporary. Like Persisted Bite of the Wearbear or Rage temporary? Why not track Rage in game? And what about the Chameleon's focus, it lasts just as long as a Persisted Spell but can you recall what it was applied to to handle changing it? You need notes to understand stuff like this, and I simply try to fit a majority those notes in the same width as the word "understand" takes up.  :)

Videogames / Re: Dungeons and Dragons Online
« on: June 24, 2017, 05:52:23 PM »
Hey, I didn't even know you were on. Can you PM me your name in game?

And lv16~17 quests? You should have saved them but it sounds like you probably completed Spinner so did you already go over to Eveningstar and cleared Wheloon's pre-quests too? You're kind of at the end of free, there is a lv18 in the Inspired Quarter but you should have saved up your Turbine Points and picked up something like the Vale, GH, or Necro4. A single, 1st-server, character can collect up to 1,350 Turbine Points for free (but some of those are form epic quests) and while GH I think runs for 850 (plus sale/coupon discounts!). You just have to avoid the urge to trivially spend TP on stuff.

D&D 3rd / Re: Power Words
« on: June 23, 2017, 02:55:26 PM »
Actually they are great for players too. PW:Pain deals 5~17d6 damage (avg 38.5/casting) at the first level and you can cast it and just run away too. Nauseate can also be handy, you get it at lv11 and it works against lv10s just fine and your familiar can probably bring a CR12 in range too.

The biggest thing with the Power Word spells is they are not your opening move, they are finishers. Could you deal 100 damage off a higher level Slot? Sure, with Metamagics. But not everyone wants to be the blaster and while area CC is great you always have to build your party's tactics and even items (like a spellguard ring) for them. But using a Ready to smack someone with PW:Nauseate to remove them from combat for the next 1d4+1 rounds because you let the beatstick feel important, that can be priceless.

But of course like everything else. Most of the options suck, I wouldn't ever suggest PW:Kill. 9th level Slots have better uses. I think beside the two I've mentioned so far Blind is the only other great one.

Board Discussion / Re: Advertising to lost members
« on: June 22, 2017, 03:05:58 AM »
There are about 7,919,900 phone numbers in the US and through phone number portability it's really hard to pin down what's a cell or not so just send a mass text to all of them.

I was thinking of making a "Ranger's Guide to X" series where I look over popular adventures for 3.X/PF/5e and tally up the monster types on a per-encounter basis to find which ones are most useful for Rangers to take and at what stages in the campaign.
It's pretty circumstantial.

If you know what enemy will be common in the campaign you should just pick that, it's honestly kind of a dick move for the DM to suggest taking Plants and then run nothing but Orcs because it makes an entire Class Feature totally worthless. When second guessing types without any information, probably because the DM plans to be diverse or ad-hoc things there is a level consideration, like higher level adventurers will run into Evil Outsiders quite a bit since the game turns to a more interplanar scale but a 1st level Ranger taking that as their Favored Enemy is probably a mistake.

The more generic choices are ArcanistCM or Undead given the prevalence of the number of creatures that can fall under those unless your starting near level 8 in which case Harper Paragon or Stalker of Kharash is strictly better since they gain FE:Evil. Otherwise, it costs 2,100gp for a Ranger to buy a new Favored Enemy type, normally +2 damage really isn't worth that but the Ranger will probably already own some FE-based stuff, like Favored Critical, which can make it worth picking up.

"If you cannot defeat your enemy with the weapon you do have, then imagine one with which you could." ~King of Heroes, he can totally kick Ozymandia's ass.

Videogames / Breath Of The Wild
« on: June 22, 2017, 12:52:29 AM »
I figured we could use a thread on this given the first DLC pack comes out next Friday.

Reminder of what's coming in the "The Master Trials" release.
* Trial of the Sword: naked island part 2 - the dungeon, unlocks a "glowing mastersword".
* Hero's Path Mode: an already builtin feature is unlocked allowing you to see where you've ran.
* Hard Mode: "gold" tier enemies and floating rafts to shoot people, just in time for the arrow farm nerf.
* New Save Slot, yep it's been confirmed through your auto-save slots will be reduced.
* Travel Medallion: set your own teleport to waypoint at your feet.
* Majora's Mask: 1 defensed, certain enemies can't see you as well but unconfirmed which.
* Midna's Helmet: 7 defense & guardian resist.
* Tingle's Outfit: three pieces, each has a base of 2 defense.
* Phantom Armor: 8 defense, attack up. If enhanceable it's teir 4 bonus will be 44/each or 132 total.
* Korok Mask: 1 defense, controller vibrates near korok seeds.
DLC pack 2, named "Champions' Ballad", is supposed to contain a new dungeon and comes out in December this year.

Also as a reminder. Do not play the flipper's game and buy an overpriced Amiibo no matter how much you want the Fierce Deity Armor or w/e. NFC cards & stickers are pretty cheap, apps to program them are free, and google is a pathway to data codes if you catch my drift. Wait for them to be marked down before buying them for your mantle.

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