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XGtE for Xanathar's Guide to Everything

Supposedly solid crunch.
Specific mentions of : " ... the cavalier, the inquisitive, the horizon walker ... " , which have been partially vetted in UA playtesting.
Presumably will have :  Mystic with all that work they did already, edit ---NOPE ,  a more ~warlordy Warlord than previous ~warlordy Not-warlords, more unique Artificer stuff with some of the UA Arty and a smidge of the Wiz Arty.

I just need to sink my teeth into it to know if it is a bland repacking of what we had or a cool evolution of the presented concepts.

hmm idk

3e and 4e had the respective 3.5e and ~4.5e revisions,
on by about the end of their 3rd year, so this seems to be
pretty much following that same schedule.

It's certainly cheaper for Hasbro to just comb the data
of all those surveys + process on to the "N"ext thing.

Cavalier I hope is basically what it is in the most recent UA. I've used it in Boss fights recently, and have a big fight coming up in a month or two with a multiclass Berserker/Cavalier.

Inquisitive is basically Rogue, so outside of free Expertise in certain Intelligence based skills, it will be interesting to see what they get. Perhaps some 1/rest divination abilities.

So Horizon Walker I predict to be a Druid subclass, emphasising Terrain Mastery over wild shaping or spellcasting. Alternatively, Bard, with a Nature focus, or Monk with a Druidic Focus. Or the Boring as fuck Ranger.

The new feats are basically going to be the racial and the skill feats, and maybe a few of the old weapon type focus feats. Can't say I give a toss about the rest.

No mystic (i.e. no psi).



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