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MtG - Theros Assist
« on: June 20, 2017, 12:49:04 AM »
This is my HTML based assistant to running a combination Vanguard, Planechase, and Hero's Path.

You can choose, or use random, to assign one Vanguard character to players one & two as well as generate a Planechase card and roll the associated die. It's a complete set as of last year. It also assists in choosing your Godslayer Bonus for Theros's event by displaying valid token arrangements. I actually use this thing pretty often since I have the Hero cards and the Hydra, Minotuar, & Xenagos event decks which are designed to be ran without much player input.

The code it's self will be posted in here so you can grab it if needed but I'll upload the complete rar, images included, to google docs here in a bit.

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Download Link
Inside the rar is also a image list of the Hero's Cards but they are not set to display on their own within the HTML since I bought the cards in real off Amazon (they were less than a buck each at the time).
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I'm working on the rest, it'll be up soon.

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In the One Stop Shop along with Class Boosters (including epics & teamwork) & ACFs.