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[Tomb] Magical Location - Tomb of Battle
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Tomb of Battle magical location
A Tomb of battle is the gravesite of a great martial adept. Despite the name, no special structure or marker is necessary for a martial adept's grave to become a tomb of battle. Any place where a notable and skilled martial adept died or was interred can become such a magical location. That being said, not all graves become tombs of battle, and only martial adepts who knew 3rd-level or higher maneuvers or stances in life can form them.

Lore: Characters can gain the following pieces of information about tombs of battle by making Knowledge (history) checks at the appropriate DCs, as given below.

Knowledge (history) DCInformation Gained
10Tombs of battle are places where great martial adepts fought and died.
15The martial adept's spirit sometimes return to teach others the skills that they knew in life.
20The martial adept will duel a respectful student of the sword who seeks its guidance. If the student is worthy, the spirit will pass along knowledge of the martial techniques it had mastered before death.
25Characters that achieve this level of knowledge can learn about specific tombs of battle, where they may be located, and what disciplines and maneuvers might be available.

Description: Each tomb of battle is different. Some are elaborate tombs or mausoleums. Some are gravestones nestled among others in cemeteries. Still others are little more than unmarked mounds in the earth where battles once took place.

Prerequisite: In order to benefit from the spirit's knowledge, you must defeat the spirit of the martial adept interred at the tomb of battle in single combat. Usually this a is nonfatal duel that ends when one side yields or is defeated; the spirit, if victorious in combat, will leave you with 1 hp remaining after its final blow, no matter how deadly the attack may be, even if it is an effect that ignores hit points and causes instant death. Spirits of evil martial adepts sometimes demand a duel to the death, however. The spirit has the same appearance, abilities, and equipment that it had in life, although it appears ghostly and indistinct, and as a spirit certain special abilities are effective against it. You must defeat it without aid from any allies other than your bonded creatures (such as animal companions and special mounts), although you may summon other creatures to aid you using abilities you employ during the duel.

Location Activation: In order to benefit from a tomb of battle, you must meditate for 24 hours at the gravesite. Thereupon, the spirit of the dead martial adept appears and challenges you to single combat, as described above.

Recharge: A tomb of battle can grant its benefits only once every year. Once a tomb of battle has conferred a bonus to a character, it cannot grant its special ability again until the anniversary of the martial adept's demise.

Special Ability (Ex): If you win the duel, you gain one of the following of your choice that you qualify for as a bonus feat: Blade Meditation (any discipline from which the martial adept knew a maneuver or stance), Martial Stance (any stance the martial adept knew), or Martial Study (any maneuver the martial adept knew).

You can only ever benefit from a single tomb of battle. If you defeat the martial adept spirit at another tomb (or the same spirit again at the same tomb), you do not gain another feat. Instead, you can change which bonus feat you have or which discipline, maneuver, or stance you have selected in accordance with those offered by the martial adept you defeat.

Duration: The benefits of a tomb of battle last indefinitely.

Aura: Strong divination and necromancy.

Market Value: 4500 gp (first time only).

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