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Spellsongs [Spellsong Spells]
« on: June 21, 2017, 06:07:38 PM »
A Note on Spellsongs and Effect Multipliers: Any spellsong with a numerical effect has that effect multiplied by the effect multiplier. This does not increase the duration of any secondary effect listed within a spellsong. If a spellsong has a secondary effect requiring a save, such as Stormshards, each round that spellsong is maintained, the target must save again or be affected.

 1 Skill Point Required

 The Song of Fire and Ice: 1d4 cold and 1d4 fire damage.
 The Song of Earth and Sky: 1d4 acid and 1d4 electricty damage.
 Hearts on Fire: The target uses its turn to hug (grapple) the nearest ally.
 Keep the Flame Burning: 1d6 fire damage. Target is set alight unless it makes a reflex save.
 Lays of Wisdom: +1 Wisdom bonus.
 Face that Launched a Thousand Ships: +1 Charisma bonus.
 Last Man Standing: +1 Constitution bonus.
 Restless Soul: +1 Dexterity bonus.
 Natural High: +1 Intelligence bonus.
 Glory to the Brave: +1 Strength bonus.
 March to Battle: +10 ft bonus to speed.
 Stormshards: 1d4 electricity damage. Target is dazed for one round unless it makes a fortitude save.
 Coldhammer: 1d6 cold damage. Target is slowed for one round unless it makes a fortitude save.
 Age of Decay: 1 acid damage. Target takes 1d4 constitution damage unless it makes a fortitude save.
 Wanderer O'er the Hills: The target loses all actions except his move action, and uses his move action to wander in a random direction. He avoids any movement that would generate an Attack of Opportunity. Will negates.
 Let the Hammer Fall: 1d6 bludgeoning damage. Target is knocked back 10 feet directly away from the spellsinger unless it makes a fortitude save.
 Distant Thunder: Target must make reflex save or fall prone, dropping all held gear.
 Screaming Pitch: 1d6 sonic damage.
 Dark Words, Dark Wings: 1d4 sonic damage. Target is staggered for one round unless it makes a will save.
 Heading the Call: Target gets a +1 Attack and +3 Damage bonus when attacking an enemy who has wounded an ally.
 Condemnation of the Soul: Target takes 2 Wisdom damage every time it attempts to harm an enemy. Will negates.
 Voices in the Dark: Target becomes shaken and dazzled. Will negates.
 Eternal Spark: Target emits light as per the spell, and can melee touch attack an enemy once per round for 1d8 electricity damage.
 The Abyss: Target takes 1 cold damage and has a 20% miss chance on all attacks. The miss chance is not multiplied by the effect modifier.
 Technicolour Coat: Target is surrounded by a sparkling coat. Creatures attacking him in melee take 1 fire and electricity damage, and must make a fortitude save or be dazzled for one round.
 Thuggish Ruggish: Target takes 1d6 fire damage.  Target is flat-footed for one round unless it makes a reflex save.
 6 Skill Points Required
 The Land of Confusion: Confuse target. Will negates.
 Voice of Steel: Target is surrounded by whirling blades that deal 1d6 slashing damage to any creature in adjacent squares.
 Twilight of the Thundergods: Target is struck blind and takes 1 electrical and 1 sonic damage. Fortitude negates blindness.
 Embrace of the Endless Ocean: Target is bullrushed backwards by a massive wave of salt water (bonus 20 + 5 per effect modifier). Target is moved 5 feet directly away from the spellsinger, plus an additional 5 feet for every 5 points by which the wave's check result exceeds that of the target.
 Don't Talk to Strangers: Target is struck mute (treat as Silence), and is also deaf. 1d4 sonic damage. Fortitude negates muteness and deafness.
 Can I Play With Madness: Target takes 1 Int damage. Will negates.
 Shooting Star: Target is surrounded by glittering lights and wisps of smoke. Creatures attacking the target in melee take 1 electricity damage, and must make a fortitude save or take a -4 penalty to Strength and Dex for one round.
 The Italian Job: Target becomes charmed. Will negates.
 Wasted Years: Target takes 1 strength damage and has a 20% chance to do nothing each round. Will negates.
 The Trooper: Target gains +1 to attack and damage rolls for each other ally affected by the spellsong.
 9 Skill Points Required
 At the End of the Rainbow: 1 cold, 1 fire, 1 acid, 1 electricity, 1 sonic damage.
 Run to the Hills: Target uses the run action directly away from the spellsinger on the target's next turn. Will negates.
 Holy Smoke: Target takes 1d4 fire damage and 1d2 positive energy damage.
 Canto 34: Target takes 1d6 force damage.
 Burnin' Sky: An eruption forms underneath each target, dealing 1d3 fire and 1d3 bludgeoning damage. Target must make a reflex save or be knocked prone. Target must make a fortitude save or spend the round coughing and choking, as per heavy smoke.
 Attractor: All objects with 10 feet of the target fly towards it, dealing damage as if they were falling. Any living creatures in the area get a Reflex save to resist.
 Run with the Pack: Target must make a will save or immediately move to stand next to its closest ally. It takes a -4 AC penalty against any Attacks of Opportunity generated this way.
 Arrows of Fortune: Target takes 1d6 piercing damage. Target takes a -2 penalty on all dice rolls for one round unless it makes a will save.
 Fury of the Wild: Target must make a fortitude spell or be struck as per a Gust of Wind spell. Target must make a reflex save or take 1d6 electrical damage.
 12 Skill Points Required
 Dream Evil: Phantasmal Killer. Fortitude and Will negates.
 Plus/Minus: Target takes 1d3 negative energy damage and 1d3 positive energy damage.
 Outlaw Chasing Outlaws: Target attacks nearest ally as a free action, deals extra 1d6 sonic damage. Will negates.
 Live for the Kill: Target loses 5% of its maximum hitpoints. Fortitude negates.
 Just a Heartbeat Away: Target takes 1 dex damage and is staggered every time it tries to cast a spell, spell-like, or activate an item. Will negates.
 Never Ever Smile: Target is struck by waves of despair, granting a -1 penalty on attack rolls, saving throws, ability checks, skill checks, and weapon damage rolls. Will negates.
 Steel Cyclone: Target is surrounded by slashing blades, dealing 1d6 damage. The target is lifted 10 feet into the air, which a reflex save negates.
 Rock of Ages: Target takes 1d2 bludgeoning damage. Target must make a fortitude save or have rock form around their legs, pinning them in place permanently.
 15 Skill Points Required
 Icy Hearts of Night: Target takes 1d4 cold damage, increasing by a die each round the spellsong is maintained. So 2d4 on the second round, 3d4 on the third, and so on.
 White Flag: Target becomes dominated. Will negates.
 Blood Bound: Targets become linked together, receiving a +1 bonus on saves, skills, and caster (or appropriate) level for each other ally affected.
 Misanthropic Damnation: Target takes 1d4 bludgeoning damage and 1d4 fire damage, and is teleported 10 feet in a random direction. Fortitude negates the teleportation.
 Crimson Thunder: Target takes 1d4 electricity damage and 1 fire damage, and is paralyzed by the energy wracking their body. Fortitude negates the paralysis.
 Not in a Thousand Years: Target loses all spellcasting (or appropriate) ability. Will negates.
 Whisper in Your Ear: Target takes 1d4 sonic damage and must succeed at a concentration check to take any action. Will negates the concentration check.
 18 Skill Points Required
 We Didn't Start the Fire: Target is trapped inside a column of lava, taking the full damage for being submerged each round (20d6 fire). Reflex negates.
 You Shook Me All Night Long: Target is crushed by a fissure in the earth, with a 50% chance to be killed. Reflex negates.
 Rock You Like a Hurricane: Target is tossed into the air by howling winds, lifted 10 feet in the air and taking 1d6 electricity damage.
 Ice Ice Baby: Target is struck as if it was at the center of the Iceberg spell.
 Carry On My Wayward Son:
Target cannot keep from screaming, gibbering, and leaping about as though completely mad. They only succeed on Will and Reflex saving throws on natural 20s. Will negates.
 Invisible Touch: Target becomes an illusion, unable to affect or interact with the real world, but likewise unharmed by it. Fortitude negates.
 21 Skill Points Required
 Die For the Cause: Target becomes a fanatic of the spellsinger. Will negates.
 Crush 'Em:
Rocks fall, target dies. Fortitude negates.
 Damage, Inc.: Target takes 1 slashing, 1 piercing, 1 bludgeoning, 1 acid, 1 fire, 1 cold, 1 electricity, 1 sonic damage, 1 positive energy, and 1 negative energy damage.
 À Tout le Monde: Target is stripped of all immunities, special qualities, and magical defenses. Will negates.
 Hallowed Be Thy Name: Target gains all immunities, special qualities, and magical defenses of every other target of the spellsong.