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Breath Of The Wild
« on: June 22, 2017, 12:52:29 AM »
I figured we could use a thread on this given the first DLC pack comes out next Friday.

Reminder of what's coming in the "The Master Trials" release.
* Trial of the Sword: naked island part 2 - the dungeon, unlocks a "glowing mastersword".
* Hero's Path Mode: an already builtin feature is unlocked allowing you to see where you've ran.
* Hard Mode: "gold" tier enemies and floating rafts to shoot people, just in time for the arrow farm nerf.
* New Save Slot, yep it's been confirmed through your auto-save slots will be reduced.
* Travel Medallion: set your own teleport to waypoint at your feet.
* Majora's Mask: 1 defensed, certain enemies can't see you as well but unconfirmed which.
* Midna's Helmet: 7 defense & guardian resist.
* Tingle's Outfit: three pieces, each has a base of 2 defense.
* Phantom Armor: 8 defense, attack up. If enhanceable it's teir 4 bonus will be 44/each or 132 total.
* Korok Mask: 1 defense, controller vibrates near korok seeds.
DLC pack 2, named "Champions' Ballad", is supposed to contain a new dungeon and comes out in December this year.

Also as a reminder. Do not play the flipper's game and buy an overpriced Amiibo no matter how much you want the Fierce Deity Armor or w/e. NFC cards & stickers are pretty cheap, apps to program them are free, and google is a pathway to data codes if you catch my drift. Wait for them to be marked down before buying them for your mantle.
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I'm working on the rest, it'll be up soon.

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Re: Breath Of The Wild
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2017, 11:07:53 PM »
On the MMB I posted some information about buffs, armor, and weapons. I went a head and grabbed a copy of it tonight so here.

BotW Damage Buffs
The Master Sword deals +100% to evil/ancient-tech enemies.
Armor/Food damage boost is +20%/+30%/+50%.
Guardian weapons deal +30% to ancient-tech enemies.
Ancient weapons deal +50% to ancient-tech enemies.
Ancient Proficiency adds +80% with Guardian/Ancient weapons.
Radiant set adds +80% with bone weapons (includes stuff like dragonbone).
Of The Wild set adds +50% with sword beams (beam's base is 10 dmg).

Damage calculation is also (monster's inherent bonus + weapon damage) - (armor rating + 4/12/24 defense buff) with a minimum of 1 [1/4 heart].

Head Shot: +100%.
Thrown [breaks]: +100%.
Thrown [boomerangs]: +50%.
Sneak Attack: +800%.
Jump: +0~? & hits twice, damage bonus seems related to fall damage.
Two-Handed Slam (after spinning): +100%.
Lynel Mounted: +50% (unconfirmed)
Frozen: up to +300% (75dmg guardian +prof +mighty +vs scout +frozen should be 789 but only deals 606, and adding thrown still only deals 606 too).

Bonus elemental damage is not modified.

Armor Tiers & Upgrades*
1: starts at 1, doesn't upgrade.
2: starts at 2, upgrades +2/+2/+3/+8 for 2/4/7/13.
3: starts at 3, upgrades +2/+3/+4/+8 for 3/5/8/16.
4: starts at 4, upgrades +3/+5/+6/+10 for 4/7/12/18/28.
5: starts at 5, upgrades +3/+6/+8/+10 for 5/8/14/22/32.

Some Weapon Stats*
Urbosa's Fury: 150 & extra long stun.
Master Sword: 30 damage, 40 durability, unique 13 heart reward & self-repairing 10min cooldown.
Boulder Breaker: 60 damage, 60 durability, unique dungeon reward & repairable (if broken, or even lost, you can obtain a new one).
Lightscale Trident: 22 damage, 70 durability, unique dungeon reward  & repairable (if broken it can be repaired into a "ceremonial trident" which is nonunique but looks the same).
Scimitar of the Seven: 32 damage, 60 durability, unique dungeon reward & repairable (fine print?).
Great Eagle Bow: 28x2 damage, 60 durability, unique dungeon reward & repairable (fine print?).
Bokoblin Arm: 5 damage, 5 durability.
Lizalfos Arm: 12 damage, 8 durability.
Moblin Arm: 15 damage, 5 durability.
Dragonbone Boko Club: 24 damage, 18 durability.
Dragonbone Boko Bat: 36 damage, 16 durability.
Dragonbone Boko Spear: 12 damage, 20 durability.
Dragonbone Moblin Club: 45 damage, 24 durability.
Dragonbone Moblin Spear: 15 damage, 25 durability.
Dragon Bone Boko Bow: 24 damage, 34 durability.
Savage Lynel Sword: 58 damage, 41 durability.
Savage Lynel Crusher: 78 damage, 35 durability.
Savage Lynel Spear: 30 damage, 45 durability.
Savage Lynel Bow: 32x3 damage, 45 durability (can spawn with x5 burst after 1~2 divine beasts too).
Guardian Sword++: 40 damage, 32 durability.
Guardian Spear++: 20 damage, 35 durability.
Ancient Battle Axe++: 60 damage, 25 durability (technically a guardian weapon).
Ancient Bow: 44 damage, 120 durability.
Ancient Bladesaw: 55 damage, 50 durability.
Ancient Short Sword: 40 damage, 54 durability.
Ancient Spear: 30 damage, 50 durability.

Ancient Shield: 32 durability, 70 parry.
Hylian Shield: 800 durability, 90 parry.
Guardian Shield: 10 durability, 18 parry.
Daybreaker: 60 durability, 48 parry, unique dungeon reward & repairable (fine print?).

Fire: +0~+10 damage depending on target, +40~60 burning damage overtime.
Ice: +0~+10 damage depending on target, x3 (see multipliers) if they are hit while frozen.
Electricity: +0~+10 (20?) damage depending on target, can stun & disarm.

Bomb Arrow: +40~+55 shot damage depending on target, knockback and chance of burning.
Ancient Arrow: +50, special one hit kill for an eye shot on guardians.

Durability increase I think adds adds +14/lvl and attack increase is pretty self explanatory.
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I'm working on the rest, it'll be up soon.

Where is Bunkos?
In the One Stop Shop along with Class Boosters (including epics & teamwork) & ACFs.