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Crippled Mystic [Osteo PrC]
« on: June 22, 2017, 01:34:11 PM »
Crippled Mystic
"I may be frail of body, but my mind is far greater than your own."
- Bajha, Elven Crippled Mystic


Becoming a Crippled Mystic

Table 1: Crippled Mystic
Hit Die: d6

Level  BAB    Ref   Fort  Will  Special Abilities                        Osteomancy
  1    +0     +0    +0    +2    Weakened Form (1d6), Damaged Power +1    ---
  2    +1     +0    +0    +3    Mind over Matter                         +1 Osteoblast level
  3    +1     +1    +1    +3    Weakened Form (2d6), Damaged Power +2    +1 Osteoblast level
  4    +2     +1    +1    +4    Mental Reserve                           +1 Osteoblast level
  5    +2     +1    +1    +4    Weakened Form (3d6), Damaged Power +3    +1 Osteoblast level
  6    +3     +2    +2    +5    Ingenious Conviction                     +1 Osteoblast level
  7    +3     +2    +2    +5    Weakened Form (4d6), Damaged Power +4    +1 Osteoblast level
  8    +4     +2    +2    +6    Mental Health                            ---
  9    +4     +3    +3    +6    Weakened Form (5d6), Damaged Power +5    +1 Osteoblast level
  10   +5     +3    +3    +7    Body for Mind                            +1 Osteoblast level

Class skills (4 + Int modifier per level):
Autohypnosis, Concentration, Craft, Knowledge (Arcana), Knowledge (History), Listen, Search, Spellcraft, Spot.

Feats: Shattered Skeleton, Fractured
Skills: Concentration 6, Knowledge (Arcana) 4, Spellcraft 7
Ossein Level: 2nd level Osseins

Class Features[/size]
  • Osteomancy: The Crippled Mystic increases his prior osteomancy class at each level indicated on the chart above.
  • Weakened Form (Ex): Of body old and thin, the crippled mystic is far more susceptible to dangerous attacks. Creatures who threaten a critical get an additional +4 bonus on the confirmation roll, and he takes an additional amount of damage on critical hits equal to that indicated on the chart above. Fortification effects and other effects that would prevent critical hits do not function on the crippled mystic.
  • Damaged Power (Ex): A body frail often houses a mind of steely strength, and none more so than the crippled mystic, for he is of strengthed mind. By expending 5 hit points, he can add a +1 osteoblast level to the next ossein he casts, and increase the DC of that ossein by +1. At each marked level, he can increase the bonus to his osteoblast level and ossein DC, but must always pay 5 hit points per increase. Thus a maximum of 25 hit points for a +5 DC increase.
  • Mind over Matter (Ex): The crippled mystic loses 2 points of Dexterity. So strong has the mind of the crippled mystic become, and so weak his body, that one needs substitute for the other in many matters. He may use his will save in place of a reflex or fortitude save once per round.
  • Mental Reserve (Su): The crippled mystic loses 4 points of Strength. A mind of unusual strength and form powers a body of little mass and less strength. At will, the crippled mystic can delay any effect that is mind affecting or requires a will save by 1 round per 2 class levels, after which it takes its normal effect for its full duration.
  • Ingenious Conviction (Ex): Desire drives the creature onwards, and to places far better than his feet could carry him. He removes all modifiers to skills from physical stats, and replaces the modifier with that from his highest mental stat.
  • Mental Health (Ex): There are few things that make the mind more adept than enforcing its own survival, and to that end, the crippled mystic has devoted himself above all others. Whenever the crippled mystic is wounded, the round after he gains fast healing equal to his highest mental modifier. This fast healing lasts until he is healed, and then dissipates. This healing does not trigger when he uses his Damaged Power class ability.
  • Body for Mind (Ex): Draining the energy from his body, the crippled mystic places it instead within his mind, leaving it the glowing centre of a dissipating husk. The crippled mystic increases his Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores by 2, and loses 2 points of Constitution.
This class can easily be tweaked to use any form of casting. Simply replace the Ossein requirement, change the Knowledge (Arcane) and Spellcraft requirements to the appropriate skills, and the increase in Osteoblast level with the appropriate form of casting, and this class will function for any system.
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