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Strata and other stuff, who remains about?

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So I messed up fairly badly with being tardy as hell, and I've been hurting my game undoubtedly.  Combine that with the nuking of the last board, and I face a problem.  Assuming I haven't killed interest, who remains of my group?  I've confirmed Psysama over email, but that's about it.  I'm seeking my players and posing a question if there is any interest still.  I have been suggested that I could start anew, either back in Strata or in a totally new game, but before I do that I need to deal with my tardiness problems first so I'll need to get back on that.

Still, I'd like some input.

Yo. ketaro is perpetually around.

We left off heading up river after banishing that mansion into the Shadow Realm.

Edit: Nevermind we did do that but we decided to head back to town first because wow we're dying and we were less than a day out.

I have lost the loot list though because that was linked in the Char Sheet thread and I didn't have a copy of the stuff on my mythweaver sheet...

Raineh Daze:
You've got me, too. We were arguing about trying to fetch a chest rather than bugger off, IIRC.

On the plus side, I remember I took the intimidation cape.

On the down side, I now don't have my character sheet. xD

If we could get our sheets and continue on, I'd be game for that. However, I don't have the time (or the will...) to rebuild from scratch.

.....We were only level 4....


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