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Table: Will-O’-Wisp   HD: d8
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Class Skills: (8+Int Mod, x4 at first level) Bluff, Diplomacy, Disguise, Intimidate, Knowledge (Arcana), Knowledge (Planes), Listen, Search, Spot, Survival.

Proficiencies: Will-o'-Wisps are proficient with their Shock ability.

Class Features:
Translucent Body: The Will-o'-Wisp loses all racial traits and features, and gains the Aberration type and traits, along with the [Air] subtype. It is Small size and has no land speed but has a fly speed of 30’ (good maneuverability).

The Will-o'-Wisp gains a Deflection Bonus to its AC equal to its Cha mod.

Will-o'-Wisps lack the ability to perform fine manipulation, but can partially meld objects into their own body to carry them and perform simple actions like pulling levers and pressing buttons.

Will-o'-Wisp can use their body as either a head+neck slot or a body+belt slot. The Will-o'-Wisp can wear more magic equipment by having it crafted in the form of ethereal orbs that float around them like ioun stones, but said custom equipment costs double the normal market price.

If it multiclasses into an arcane or divine casting class it can count its Will-O'-Wisp levels as levels of that class for the purposes of CL and learning new spells and gaining new spell slots.

Shock (Su): The Will-o'-Wisp may make a melée touch attack that deals 1d8 electricity damage. This ability may be used with iterative attacks. Damage increases by 1d8 / 5HD the Will-o'-Wisp has.

Weapon Finesse: Lacking anything resembling real strength, Will-o'-Wisps learn to use their agility to impressive effect. They gain Weapon Finesse as a bonus feat.

Stat Boosts: At levels 1, 2, 4, and 5 the Will-o'-Wisp gains +1 Dex. At levels 3 and 6 it gains +1 Cha.

Deter Magic (Ex): At second level the Will-o'-Wisp gains Spell Resistance equal to 11+HD+Cha Mod.

Barely There (Ex): At third level the Will-o'-Wisp starts to lose its solidity. It now has a permanent 20% miss chance, and may become invisible (as the Invisibility spell) 1/day/HD. This miss chance is a displacement effect, and doesn't stack with any other miss chances except those granted by cover and from its own invisibility ability.

This invisibilty cannot be overcome by magic effects like see invisibility, purge invisibility, and similar, but still can still be detected through blindsight and other such senses.

To the Skies (Ex): The Will-O'-Wisp's fly speed increases to 50’ (perfect maneuverability).

Extinguish (Ex): From fifth level the Will-O'-Wisp's miss chance increases by 10%, and by an additional 10% for every 3HD it gains from now on, up to 90% miss chance.

It may also now choose to become invisible as the spell Greater Invisibility, though it may still mimic the normal Invisibility spell if it wishes.

Nullify Magic (Su): At sixth level the Will-O'-Wisp becomes the bane of Mages everywhere. It becomes immune to any 0th, 1st & 2nd level spells that allow spell resistance, except Magic Missile.
For every additional 2HD it becomes immune to the next level of spells, assuming they allow Spell Resistance to apply. It is never immune to the Maze spell, this is an exception in the same way Magic Missile is.

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Done by Kobold-Bard from GITP