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1776 Campaign
« on: June 29, 2017, 04:51:28 AM »
Advanced Classes
Changes to existing Classes

New Skills and Feats
As well as Campaign info

Sanity Rules

Spellcasting Rules

The Grimoire

Purchase DC's for Equipment

Informative Links


Those We Do Not Speak Of
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Re: 1776 Campaign
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2017, 08:33:48 PM »
Informative Links



Colonial America


Native Americans

Legends and Ghost Stories


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Re: 1776 Campaign
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Starting Point

The September 11th meeting on Staten Island by Franklin and others begins the secret phenomenon that will be the end of the war.

On September 21st what will be the first of many tragic fires erupts in New York, and many ships (British or otherwise) are destroyed or disappear around this time.  On the 22nd appearing pale and possibly terrified, Benjamin Franklin begin informing the public the war is over, though they refuse to go into specifics other than the cost was great.  Unknown to all, General Washington and all forces, American or otherwise, have perished in disaster at New York.  Ships begin to disappear if they go out of sight of land and there are rumblings of discontent.  The remaining British, uncertain of what to do after being cut off from their homeland, hole up and begin to plot and ponder.  The local Natives begin to go into hiding.  Franklin disappears on some unknown errand.

Hit Points: Max 1st Level, average after.

Stats: 28 point buy

There are some skill/feat/profession differences twixt d20 modern/past.

Here are some highlights for the Feats:

Advanced Firearms Proficiency, Aircraft Operation, Burst Fire, Double Tap, Drive-by Attack, Force Stop, Gearhead, Medical Expert, Strafe, Surgery, and Vehicle Dodge aren't available.

Personal Firearms Proficiency covers virtually all handheld firearms.  Cannons require exotic weapon proficiency.

Archaic weapons covers all bows

Simple weapons cover crossbows

Simple or Archaic will cover almost all melee weapons unless truly exotic

a few other feats have some differences  this should help some

Starting Occupations: Dilletante, Emergency Services, and Technician are not available, some others have minor differences.

Skills: Computer Use, Investigate, Knowledge (Behavioral Sciences, Technology), and  Pilot are unavailable, some others have changes.

New Skill

Knowledge (Reality)
This Knowledge skill has a variety of uses, is difficult to come by, and is dangerous to the possessor.  Human beings evolved to be psychically blind to reality, which makes them difficult to perceive to those outside sometimes.  Having ranks in this Knowledge skill means you have voluntarily given up the main defense evolution has provided you with as what you may perceive can now also see you, so you'd better learn more of the truth of existence (which is essentially what this skill is) if you want to stay alive.  But the more you learn the harder it is to remain sane, and eventually you may become other than human.  This skill has some overlap.  For example Knowledge (Theology and Philosophy) will give you information on world faiths (Anubis worship for example).  Reality also give you the horrifying truth hidden behind those beliefs, such as the actual entity Anubis is.  Physical Sciences covers astronomy, chemistry, physics, etc.  Combined with Reality, you learn how the rules of the universe actually work.  Arcane Lore tells you about the occult, monsters, and to some extent real magic.  Reality tells you the truth behind the legends of monsters, and explains magic is just another form of science that uses a set of rules reality is actually based on.  For each rank in Reality, your maximum possible Sanity is lowered by 3.  Should this ever lower your maximum possible Sanity to 0, you become an Outsider with the Native Subtype.

New Feats

Continuous Learning
You keep up with the times.
Prerequisites: Ranks in any Craft skill (Chemical, Mechanical, Pharmaceutical, Structural)
Benefits: You gain a +2 Bonus on a specific Craft skill of your choice.  Also, when new inventions come out with that Craft skill you keep up with them, and take no penalties in working with them.  For example if a new form of lock was invented, and your bonus was in Craft (Mechanical) you wouldn't take penalties in Open Lock checks because you were unfamiliar with it.  If a new explosive were invented, and you had ranks in Craft (Chemical) you wouldn't take penalties on Demolitions when using it.  May be taken multiple times, once for each Craft skill.

You were born sensitive to odd things.
Prerequisites: Must be taken at 1st Level
Benefits: You gain a +2 Bonus on Listen and Spot checks against anything Supernatural.  This means any creature withe Supernatural abilities or that has the ability to cast spells, or to notice any trap/event/whatever with a supernatural origin.

New Flaws

You have accepted a Wizard or entity as a teacher, and may whatever God you pray to have mercy on you.
Prerequisites: Must have made peaceful contact with a caster (human or otherwise) and agreed to the bonds of apprenticeship as it's student.
Benefits:  Instead of an additional Feat, time to learn spells is halved.  On the downside you learn what spells your teacher wants you to learn, and you have to be it's whipping boy/possible slave/meal.  The minute you disobey and manage to live through the experience you are cast out and lose the benefits of this Flaw until you gain a new master.  DM's should note having this Feat will likely put the PC in harms way quite often.

Deific Bargain
You have agreed to some sort of horrific bargain with a Deity for power, or just to convince it to let you live, although life as a God's pawn can hardly be called a life.
Prerequisites: Must have made peaceful contact with a Deity, and accept it's bargain for letting you live as it's servant
Benefits:  Instead of a Bonus Feat you get penalties/benefits listed in the Deities thread (usually 2 ranks in a spell of the deities choice).  If you ever disobey your God and it can't destroy you personally because lack of access to this realm, it will direct it's minions to murder you at the earliest opportunity


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Re: 1776 Campaign
« Reply #3 on: June 29, 2017, 08:47:34 PM »
Purchase DC's for Equipment

Snaplock Pistol DC 20
Blunderbuss Pistol DC 19
Brown Bess DC 13
Ferguson Rifle DC 18
Compound Bow DC 10
Heavy Crossbow DC 11
Crossbow DC 9
Longbow DC 10
Sling DC 2
Club DC 4
knife or Dagger DC 7
Quarterstaff -
Sap DC 2
Sickle DC 9
Brandistock DC 8
Cutlass/machete/scimitar DC 5
Greatsword DC 9
Halberd/Spontoon DC 6
Hatchet/hand axe/tomahawk DC 4
Lance DC 6
Longsword DC 4
Pike DC 7
Spear DC 6
Rapier/Smallsword DC 10
Saber DC 10
Pistol-axe or mace DC +1
Bayonet DC 7
Sword Cane DC 9
Brass Knuckles DC 5
Cleaver DC 5

Musket shot and powder (10) DC 8
Pistol shot and powder (12) DC 8
Blunderbuss shot and powder (10) DC 6
Arrows (12) DC 6
Bolts (12) DC 5
Sling bullets (12) DC 3
Cartridge Box (leather or tin box on a strap holding flints, up to 30 rounds of musket ammo, and a musket tool) DC 4 (does not include ammo)
Powderhorn DC 2
Hunting Pouch (patch knife, loading block, charger and cloth) DC 4

Gunpowder barrel DC 12
Blast grenade DC 14
Mild Acid vial DC 6
Molotov DC 6

Buff Coat DC 11
Studded Leather DC 12
Breastplate DC 19
3/4 Plate DC 21

Haversack/Backpack, Empty Barrel, Empty Chest, Crowbar, Spade/Shovel  DC 7
Knapsack, Bedding, Wool Blanket, Fishhook, Pint of Oil DC 0
Tinderbox, Map Case, Flint and Steel, 50' Rope (hemp), Pound of sealing wax, Canteen/Waterskin, Magnifying Glass DC 2
Tent (2 man), Lantern, Small Mirror, 50' Silk Rope DC 11
Tent (4 man) DC 12
Tent (8 man), Basic Mechanical Tools kit DC 13
Chemical Kit DC 16
Deluxe Mechanical Tool Kit DC 20

Hunting shirt DC 1
Set of clothes (Common) DC 0
Set of Clothes (Professional or Traveler's) DC 2

Transportation (land)

Transportation (water)

Oar DC 7
Raft DC 20
Canoe DC 20
Corvette DC 33
Cutter DC 34
Dinghy DC 20
Frigate DC 38
Rowboat DC 20
Ship of the Line DC 44


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Re: 1776 Campaign
« Reply #4 on: June 29, 2017, 08:56:42 PM »
Changes to existing classes

Soldier Skills: Drive applies to coaches or wagons only (and watercraft).
Bonus Feats: Remove Burst Fire and replace it with Quick Reload.

Infiltrator Skills: Remove Investigate, Knowledge (Art), and Tumble.  Replace with Ride, Survival, and Swim.

Bodyguard Skills: Remove Knowledge (Behavioral Sciences, Civics) and replace with Bluff and Hide.  Drive applies to coaches and wagons (and watercraft).

Personality Skills:
Remove Knowledge (Behavioral Sciences) and Perform (Standup).  Replace with Knowledge (Theology and Philosophy) and Sense Motive.

Negotiator Skills:
Remove Computer Use, Drive, Investigate, and Knowledge (Behavioral Sciences).  Replace with Craft (Writing), Knowledge (History, Theology and Philosophy), and Listen.
Bonus Feats: Replace the Bonus Feats list with the following: Brawl, Confident, Deceptive, Defensive Martial Arts, Dodge, Educated, Iron Will, Low Profile, Renown, Stealthy, Studious, Trustworthy, Windfall.

D20 Past:

The Explorer Unchanged.

Frontier Marshall Prerequisites: Remove the requirement for the Close Combat Shot class ability.
Bonus Feats: Replace Double Tap with Secret Identity.

D20 Future:

Field Officer Skills: Remove Computer Use, and Knowledge (Behavioral Sciences).  Replace with Knowledge (Current Events) and Ride.
Bonus Feats: Remove the 4 armor proficiency Feats and replace with Archaic Weapons Proficiency, Educated, Quick Reload, and Simple Weapons Proficiency.