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[PoC] Metroid - Feats
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New Feats
The following feats are designed to supplement those provided in Power of Cybernetics and allow access or improvement to the new mechanics introduced in the Metroid adaptation.

Table: Feats
Phazon FeatsPrerequisitesBenefit
Improved Phazon TolerancePhazon toleranceGain +2 Phazon tolerance and ignore up to heavy Phazon radiation
   Greater Phazon ToleranceImproved Phazon ToleranceGain +3 Phazon tolerance
Phazite BonesPhazon subtype+1 natural armor, 25% fortification except against acid
   Phazite SpursPhazon subtype, Phazite BonesGain Phazite claw attacks, 50% fortification except against acid
Phazon Energy EfficiencyPhazon subtypeGain +1 Phazon energy and recover expended Phazon energy 1/day
Phazon Initiate--Gain Phazon tolerance 1 and access to Phazon feats and modules
Phazon RageRage or frenzy, Phazon subtypeGain 2 temporary Phazon energy while raging
System FeatsPrerequisitesBenefit
Phazon Energy ConversionPhazon subtypeConvert energy into Phazon energy

Phazon Feats
Phazon feats relate to the use of Phazon and Phazon energy.

Greater Phazon Tolerance [Cybernetic, Phazon]
Prerequisites: Improved Phazon Tolerance, Phazon tolerance.
Benefits: You gain a +3 bonus to your Phazon tolerance. This stacks with the benefit of Improved Phazon Tolerance (for a total of +5).
Special: You may select this feat multiple times. Each time after the first, you gain an additional +3 bonus to your Phazon tolerance.

Improved Phazon Tolerance [Cybernetic, Phazon]
Prerequisites: Phazon tolerance.
Benefits: You gain a +2 bonus to your Phazon tolerance. In addition, you are immune to Phazon radiation of heavy or less. This does not provide protection from other sources of radiation, nor from Phazon radiation equivalent to severe or stronger, including direct contact with heavy Phazon radiation sources and Phazon damage.

Phazite Bones [Cybernetic, Phazon]
Prerequisites: Phazon subtype.
Benefits: Your exposure to Phazon has caused it to start growing within your body, slowly transforming your skeletal structure and replacing it with Phazite. You gain a +1 natural armor bonus, or your existing bonus increases by +1 if you already have natural armor. You have a 25% chance to negate the extra damage from a critical hit or precision damage attack, except for acid damage.

Phazite Spurs [Cybernetic, Phazon]
Prerequisites: Phazon subtype, Phazite Bones.
Benefits: Your Phazite bones have grown beyond your original skeletal structure, and additional mutations to your internal anatomy have occurred to adapt to this. You can extend or retract a pair of claws from your hands as a free action. These claws deal a base damage 1d6 damage for a Medium creature, plus an additional 1 point of Phazon damage due to being made of Phazite. Additionally, your chance to negate extra non-acid damage from Phazite Bones increases to 50%.

Phazon Energy Conversion [Phazon, System]
Prerequisites: Phazon subtype.
Benefits: You can allocate energy to this feat as a System. For each point of energy allocated to this feat, you gain 1 point of Phazon energy.

You gain 1 point of energy.
Special: You may select this feat multiple times. Each time after the first the energy capacity of this feat increases by 2 and you gain an additional point of energy.

Phazon Energy Efficiency [Cybernetic, Phazon]
Prerequisites: Phazon subtype.
Benefits: You gain 1 additional point of Phazon energy. Once per day as a full-round action, you can recover all of your expended Phazon energy.
Special: You may select this feat multiple times. Each time after the first, you gain an additional point of Phazon energy and you can recover your expended Phazon energy one additional time each day.

Phazon Initiate [Cybernetic, Phazon]
Benefits: By exposing yourself to small amounts of Phazon under controlled circumstances, you safely build up a tolerance to its destructive, mutagenic radiation. You gain Phazon tolerance 1 and a +2 bonus on saves against effects that would make you sickened. You may activate modules and qualify for feats as though you had the Phazon subtype.
Normal: Many modules with the Phazon descriptor cannot be activated by characters without the Phazon subtype.

Phazon Rage [Cybernetic, Phazon]
Prerequisites: Ability to rage or frenzy, Phazon subtype.
Benefits: When you enter a rage or frenzy, you gain 2 points of temporary Phazon energy for as long as your rage or frenzy lasts.
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