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[PoC] Metroid - Items and Equipment
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Phazite material
Phazite is a stable and durable form of Phazon. It is highly radioactive, although less so than raw Phazon, allowing it to be safely handled with only minimal radiation shielding. It is among the hardest substances known, rivaling even adamantine. However, common Phazite possesses a crippling weakness that allows high frequency waveforms to pass through it as though it wasn't there. These frequency ranges are most commonly used in common corrosion inducement and molecular disruption technology.
Hit Points: 40/inch
Hardness: 20
Weight: Objects made out of Phazite weigh as much as a normal item made from iron or steel.
Weapons: Phazite weapons deal an additional 1 point of Phazon damage on each successful attack.
Armor: Phazite armor and shields apply half of the armor or shield bonus they grant to Armor Class, rounded up, against touch attacks other than acid-based attacks. Against acid-based attacks, Phazite armor and shields apply only half of their armor or shield bonus to normal attacks.
Special: Phazite is radioactive, but is fairly stable. It functions as a moderate Phazon radiation source that also causes acute radiation damage, but only causes radiation with direct contact. Direct contact deals 1d6 points of damage per minute of exposure (see the section on Radiation Dangers for more details). If a creature is subject to multiple sources of radiation, only the highest damage applies, as normal.

In addition, Phazite objects take only 1/4 the normal damage from acid (before applying hardness), and they do not block line of effect against acid effects. Phazite has relatively low reactivity with mundane acid, and acid-like waveforms simply pass through the material leaving it unharmed.
Cost: Phazite weapons cost an additional 1500 gp above the cost of a normal weapon (this does not include the cost to be made masterwork).  Phazite shields cost an additional 300 gp above the cost of a normal shield, Phazite light armor cost an extra 500 gp, Phazite medium armor cost an extra 1000 gp, and Phazite heavy armor cost an extra 1500 gp (these costs do not include the cost to be made masterwork). Other objects normally made of iron or steel can be made of Phazite at an additional cost of 50 gp/lb.
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