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PhaedrusXY's Playground
« on: June 15, 2017, 07:26:53 PM »
(test thread to see if this works)

I'm going to use this thread as a workshop, storage area for builds and other things, and place to solicit advice and comments. It will be an extension of this thread, basically, but I doubt I'll port the old stuff over here (unless we get a warning that they're going to totally shut the old board down... or I get a stretch of free time and I'm bored... ).

Edit: an absolute gold mine of amazing fantasy pictures I stumbled across while clicking "related images" in google.

So right now I'm brainstorming for this:

My character concept is going to be based off a recurring dream I have where I'm a disembodied telekinetic who gets by through "stealing" the bodies of others. In the dream the only "powers" I remember having are being able to hurl and lift things via Telekinesis, possess others, and fly (by lifting myself telekinetically). So... I'll probably play a savage progression ghost of some kind.  ;D

    I'd like to add some battlefield control to it somehow, like the ability to Control Winds, use Wind Wall, etc (which would basically be telekinetically manipulating the air). So I'll have to figure out how to build that.

ECL 9-14 range, sounds like ruleset is somewhat flexible (or at least undefined).

I'm thinking maybe a savage progression ghost (2-4 levels) Warlock, or maybe even Stormlord if I could get that approved. I'd like for most if not all of his abilities to be "at will" and from a fixed list, so I don't have to fiddle around with preparing spells, etc. A ToB class might work also, if I could somehow get decent BFC/wind control from it.

Edit: Now I'm thinking a Psion, Ardent or Wilder might work better, with Psionic Reserve feats and a psionic version of the Stranger with the Burning Eyes PrC.

Psion (Telepath) 11/SwBE 1
Feats: Telekinetic Master

Telekinetic Master
Prereq: Knowledge of at least 3 Psychokinesis (Force) powers which must include Telekinetic Thrust, Telekinetic Force, or Telekinetic Maneuver as a power known or Psi-like ability.

Benefits: As long as your manifester level and power point reserve meet the following requirements, you gain access to the following abilities as Psi-like abilities using your ML and DCs as if you'd manifested them as a power known.

3: As long as you maintain your psionic focus, you may use Far Hand at will.
5: You may use Telekinetic Thrust at will as a standard action by expending your psionic focus.
7: You may use Telekinetic Force at will as long as you maintain your psionic focus.
9: You may expend your psionic focus to manifest Psionic Fly on yourself. Even in a round in which you don't move, you must use a Move action to maintain concentration on this power. Otherwise, you fall if airborne.
11: You may now manifest and concentrate on Far Hand as a swift action, as long as you remain psionically focused.
13: Maintaining your Telekinetic Force power from this feat is now a move action.
15: You no longer need to expend your focus to use Telekinetic Thrust from this feat.
17: ?
19: ?
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