Author Topic: Spells that save you from taking feats or investing skill points by Eviltedzies  (Read 933 times)


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I need to clean it up and post it as a handbook...

I am currently trying to find any spell that either duplicates/mimics feats and or spells that give bonuses to skills.
The criteria I am looking for in the spells is preferably flexibility and, in the case of skill points, spells that give bonuses to any skill.

Examples of spells I'm looking for include:

Psionic powers marked with an *

Spells/Powers that duplicate multiple feats:
Alter Self (Racial Feats)
Heroics (Extra Fighter Feat)
Mirror Move (Mimics a recently witnessed combat feat)
Polymorph Chain (Racial Feats)

Spells/Powers that duplicate specific feats:
Arrowstorm (Ranged Whirlwind Attack)
Beastland Ferocity (Diehard)
Bladestorm (Whirlwind Attack)
Blood Frenzy (Extra Rage)
Lion's Charge (Catfolk Pounce without the suck)

Spells/Powers that give bonuses to any skill:
Crown of Glory (+4 morale bonus on all skill checks)
Divine Insight (+5 - +15 insight bonus to one skill check)
Dream Casting: Rage (+2 morale bonus to any skill used in attacking the casting?)
Focusing Chant (+1 circumstance bonus to all skill checks)
Greater Heroism (+4 morale bonus to all skills)
Greater Skill Knowledge* (+10 competence bonus to a single skill check)
Good Hope (+2 morale bonus to all skill checks)
Guidance (+1 competence bonus to all skill checks)
Guidance of the Avatar (+20 competence bonus to a single skill.)
Heroism (+2 morale bonus to all skills)
Improvisation (+2 luck bonus/level to selected checks or attack.)
Major Action* (Allows you to take 20 on a single skill check)
Minor Action* (Allows you to take 10 on a single skill check)
Moment of Prescience (+1 to +25 insight bonus to attack, skill, opposed check, or AC vs single attack)
Prayer (+1 luck bonus on all skill checks)
Skill Knowledge* (+5 competence bonus to a single skill check)

Spells/Powers that give bonuses to individual and or some skills:
Alter Self (Racial and size bonuses to skills)
Appraising Touch (+10 insight bonus to Appraise)
Balancing Lorecall (+4 insight bonus to Balance)
Bears Endurance (+2 enhancement bonus to Constitution based skills)
Bulls Strength (+2 enhancement bonus to Strength based skills)
Cats Grace (+2 enhancement bonus to Dexterity based skills)
Eagles Splendor (+2 enhancement bonus to Charisma based skills)
Find Traps (Insight bonus to search and find traps like a rogue)
Find Traps* (2 or higher bonus to Search checks and can locate traps untrained)
Foxes Cunning (+2 enhancement bonus to Intelligence based skills)
Glibness (+30 unnamed bonus to Bluff for purpose of lying)
Gutsnake (Can use Balance and Climb skill of giant constrictor)
Invisibility (+20 to Hide checks)
Jump (+10 to jump checks)
Microkinesis* (Replaces need for tools for Open Lock and Disable Device. Also give minor untyped bonus to said skills for boosting the power.)
Polymorph spell chain (Racial and size bonus to skills)
Owls Wisdom (+2 enhancement bonus to Wisdom based skills)
Sirine's Grace (+8 unnamed bonus to Perform; also gives +4 Cha and Dex)
Snipers Eye (+10 competence bonus to Spot)
Spiritual Advisor (+4 divine bonus on Knowledge checks; may make checks untrained)
Surge of Fortune (+2 luck bonus to attack and damage rolls, saving throws, skill checks,  ability checks, AC, spell penatration checks AND take an automatic 20 once during duration.)
Voice of the Dragon (+10 bonus to Diplomacy)

Spells/Powers that negate the need for a skill completely:
Fly (Jump checks)
Freedom of Movement (Escape Artist checks or opposed grapple check)
Iron Silence (Removed Hide/Move Silently penalty from armor)
Knock (Open Lock)
Silence (Move Silently checks)
Tongues (Speak langauge skill)
True Seeing (Eliminates need for certain Spot and Sense Motive checks)

Special Comments:
*Using Alter Self or Polymorph to become a Midguard Dwarf grants Forge Ring, Craft Magic Arms & Armor, and Craft Wondrous Item as bonus Feats.

If you know of any other's please let me know. I want to see how cheap a character can afford to be when choosing feats and or skills
Sigh. Not again. :(