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LA for LA:-- Templates
« on: June 15, 2017, 01:38:03 PM »
I maintain that the designers were just too scared to assign reasonable LA to many of the LA: -- templates. It haunts their dreams along with casters in heavy armor and other over powered munchkinry.

I'd like to remedy this. Here is a list of most (but not all) of the templates without LA. There will be none of those "But the PC has limited actions!" or "This only applies to animals!" or "Then PC can't move!" or "The PC will be enslaved!" or "The PC will be mindless!" objections. There are already ways to do this, so let's not worry about such little things.

Template starting list:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Bone Creature (BoVD 184)
Corpse Creature (BoVD 185)
Corrupted Creature (BoVD 186)
Effigy Creature (CAr 152)
Pseudonatural Creature (CAr 160)
Spellstiched (CAr 161)
Living Zombie (CR 128)
Arachnoid Creature (CSQ 124)
Half-Dragon Faerunian (CSQ 126)
Revenant (CSQ 127)
Silveraith (CSW 127)
Mob (DMG2 59)
Skeletal Dragon (Dr 192)
Husk Vermin (DrU 126)

Acidborn Monster (Du 111)
Dungeonbred Monster (Du 112)
Guardian Monster (Du 113)
Sentry Ooze (Du 114)
Hivenest Monster (Du 115)
Horrid Animal (ECS 287)
Living Spell (ECS 293)
Magebred Animal (ECS 295)
Corrupted by the Abyss (EDP 190)
Paragon Creature (ELH 208)
Pseudonatural Creature (ELH 212)
Worm That Walks (ELH 228)
Yellow Musk Zombie (FF 191)
Huecuva (FF 94)
Madborn (FN 125)
Zin-Carla (FP 184)
Chosen of Bane (FP 213)
Shade (FRCS 314)
Bonesinger (Gh 158)
Monstrous Vampire (Gh 166)
Mumia (Gh 167)
Yuan-ti (Gh 173)
Tainted Minion (HH 153)
Tainted Raver (HH 154)
Dread Warrior (LE 169)
Necromental (LM 112)
Revived Fossil (LM 118)
Swarm– Shifter (LM 123)
Umbral Creature (LM 128)
Elder Eidolon (LoM 146)
Pseudonatural Creature (LoM 161)
Crypt Spawn (Mag 184)
The Magister (Mag 185)
Spectral Mage (Mag 189)
Skeleton (MM 225)
Captured One (MM2 204)
Chimeric Creature (MM2 206)
Half-Golem (MM2 209)
Spellstitched (MM2 215)
Titanic Creature (MM2 217)
Warbeast (MM2 219)
Living Spell (MM3 91)
Web Mummy (MM4 165)
Thoon-Thrall (MM5 111)
Phantom (MM5 130)
Xorvintaal Dragon (MM5 43)
Beast of Xvim (Mon 85)
Curst (Mon 87)
Lich, Good (Mon 90)
Revenant (Mon 93)
Petitioner (MP 199)
Pennaggolan (OA 189)
Half-Elemental (RT 160)
Bone Naga (SK 73)
Quorbound Creature (SoS 150)
Quorbred Creature (Sos 151)
Gelatinous Creature (SS 116)
Gravewight (StS 31)
Warforged, Quorcraft (SX 84)
Blightspawned (Una 59)
Dread Warrior (Una 62)
JuJu Zombie (Una 66)
Arachnoid Creature (Und 80)
Half-Illithid (Und 89)

If you want to critique an LA, please do! But can you do one book's templates? Pretty please? Who wants to do Dungeonscape?

Templates with assigned LA and ability summary:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Bone (BoVD 184) LA+2 [Non-undead, corporeal w/ a skeletal system]->Undead, RHD d12s, flight->magical, size-based +0-10Nat & 1-2d8 claw damage if better, cold immune, Dex+4, Weapon Finesse.

Corpse (BoVD 185) LA+1 [Non-undead, nonconstruct, nonplant corporeal]->Undead, RHD d12s, fly->(clumsy), size-based +0-11Nat & 1-4d6 2-handed slam damage, Str+4, Dex-2.

Corrupted (BoVD 186) LA+1 [corporeal that is not an oustsider]->Aberration, +4nat (+8 if Huge+), natural attacks +1size, acid immune, +50% [20max] vile damage upon touch [noncorrupted, living, corporeal], +4DC special attacks, 50%RHD as Fast Heal [10max], +4str,-2dex,+4con,-2wis&cha

Effigy (CAr 152) LA+1 [corporeal Aberration, animal, dragon, giant, humanoid, magical beast, monstrous humanoid, or vermin]->Construct d10s & lose class HD, +2nat, size bonus HP & 3/4BAB, 0-2slams d2-4d6, con-based (Su) special attacks, HD-based 1-15DR/adamantine, bad saves, +4str,-2dex, no con&int, wis=11, cha=1, lose all but attack-helping feats

Pseudonatural (CAr 160) LA+1 [corporeal.]->Outsider, True Strike(Su)1/day, res5-15 acid&elec, 0-10DR/magic, Alternate Form=-1hit morale enemies

Spellstiched (CAr 161) LA+4 [corporeal undead with a wisdom score of 10 or higher] 4/day 2 1st, 4/day 2 2nd, 2/day 2 3rd, 2/day 2 4th, 2/day 2 5th, 1/day 1 6th conj, evoc, or necro spells @wis>18 CL=HD w/ permanent 'slot' choice, 0-5DR/magic and/or silver, SR=10+cha, +2turn res, +2saves profane. CR+1 (wtf??)

Living Zombie (CR 128) LA+0 [corporeal non-undead]animal->magical beast, +0-11Nat, 1-4d6 slam if better, no magical abilities or communication, age creator -1/2, natural healing -50%, int&cha=1, no int or cha skill use,  toughness, True Neutral

Arachnoid (CSQ 124) LA+2 [animal, beast, or magical beast]->Aberration 50%ms climb, +0-15Nat, +2limbs if had any, size-based 1-4d6bite+1-2d8str poison DC 50%hd+con+0-10 if greater, immune to mind-affects, +4dex, -4int (can become mindless), int*2+2/HD skills (hide jump,spot) & can have skills if mindless (NEEDS 3.0 UPDATE, PLEASE HELP) & +4hide, +6jump

Revenant (CSQ 127) LA+3 [humanoid]->Undead d12RHD, +d10 dam against its killer, killer 1st encounter paralyze 2d4rounds, Will DC10+50%HD+cha, DR5/magic, Turn Immune, Fast Heal3 can regrow fire-lost parts, acid, air, cold, elec & polymorph immune, knows killer's distance & direction, +4str, +2cha,

Silveraith (CSW 127) LA+2 [5HD magic-user]->Undead (incorporeal) d12RHD, fly30'(perfect) if better, 5+cha Defl, natural attacks->incorporeal touch as 3d8+1-10 inflict serious wounds DC10+50%HD+cha to halve, (Su) can ready action to absorb spell as rod -> d6/spell level negative damage w/ will DC & this creates another if kills, cannot cast positive energy or healing spells, cold, elec, polymorph, mind-affect immune, +4turn res, +2int&wis&cha, +8hide,listen,search,spot

Mob (DMG2 59) LA+0 [15+ crowd of Small, Medium, or Large] lasts 1d4+1, 30HD, breaks up like swarm, +0init, -10ms, 20' gargantuan sized but can move through smaller areas, BAB & saves are type-based, 5d6 bludgeoning if end in space no roll, ignoring concealment or cover, 0' reach, no attacks that require actions but carrier-affects work, no grab+attack penalty & can multi-grapple, 2d6+150%str trample if move over but not end Reflex DC=25+str or AoO to halve, immune to flank,trip,grapple,bull rush, +50%AOE, incapacitating an individual gives -2levels, reduce mental stats to 10, improved bull rush & overrun.

Skeletal Dragon (Dr 192) LA+0 [Dragon]->Undead +HD hp, no fly or swim, nat=0-10, no crush attacks, no Su or SLA or subtypes but keeps all immunities, DR5/bludgeoning, immunity to cold, no int & wis=10, no skills or skill bonuses, improved initiative.

Husk Vermin (DrU 126) LA+2 [vermin]->Undead, CE, all HD->d12s, natural weapons are magical for DR, 0-10DR/magic, 1 attack 1-2d4 str damage 24hr +5hp/hit, energy drain if Huge sized, +4str, -2dex, int=2, +2wis, +8cha, toughness
Sigh. Not again. :(


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Re: LA for LA:-- Templates
« Reply #1 on: June 15, 2017, 01:39:14 PM »
I don't even want to think about hitting Bhu's thread for this...

Maybe once its in excel, I can apply some basic formulas to give an initial, ballpark LA based off a half-assed formula. It would be a start.
Sigh. Not again. :(